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After my successful experience with Jenna and Roman (American Gigolo – Rise), I decided to offer my services to other couples looking for an Alpha or Bull to sexually service the hotwife. In a world flooded by men with cock shots as profile photos and profiles that were even worse, I offered a something distinctive that seemed to capture the erotic imagination of some women.

Ashley was one such woman (along with her husband, Timothy) that successfully engaged me. A couple months into our relationship, I prepared the following contract to set my expectations more explicitly and presented it to Ashley and Timothy for signature.

The Cuckold Contract

I. Parties to The Cuckold Contract

This is a binding document between the Hotwife (Ashley), cuckold (Timothy), and Alpha male (Michael). To ensure a mutually enjoyable experience, each party agrees to fulfill his or her agreed to responsibilities and terms of service.

II.  Background

Ashley and Timothy are in a loving relationship with a deep emotional connection which has strengthened over time. This closeness has led to increasingly open communication about their relationship and sexual fantasies. While their sensual, emotional, and creative connection is electric, the balance of sexual power and control in the relationship never seemed quite settled. Timothy and Ashley have come to realize that Timothy, while wonderful in so many ways, is not satisfying her sexual needs the way a real man should satisfy his lover.

Indirectly and delicately the loving couple addressed this tenuous sexual issue. They came to understand that as much as Timothy offers in other areas as man, he doesn’t offer much between his legs. Ashley is a beautiful, sexy Hotwife and craves mind-blowing orgasms. She wants passionate sex that leaves her pleasantly tender for days…a lingering reminder that she knows what it means to be truly fucked and satisfied. This is a feeling Timothy is incapable of providing Ashley.

Ashley also has an assertive streak that over time has increasingly manifested itself when she is not dominated and fucked into submission by her man. As Timothy repeatedly failed in his manly duties, the sexual power shifted in the relationship. The Hotwife became more assertive and dominant while Timothy became more submissive. Ultimately, he came to accept he was never going to provide her the deep, fulfilling sexual pleasure she craved. This realization has led to him accepting and even wanting another man to satisfy her sexually. He desires to ensure his wife’s pleasure–even if her satisfaction comes from the cock of another man. Of course, Timothy will not be able to take on new lovers. If he can’t even satisfy the woman that matters most in his life, why would he be worthy of wasting another woman’s time and energy.

This leads us to the scope of this contract. In determining and detailing the contract scope, parties to the contract were interviewed and terms of service negotiated.

III. Terms of Service and Sexual Privileges

A.  Ownership  When Michael is present, he owns Ashley and will fuck her like he owns her. The cuckold (Timothy) is never allowed to have sex with his wife in Michael’s presence. When visiting the cuck’s house, Michael will sleep in the couple’s marital bed with Ashley. Timothy is expected to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. When Michael is not present, Timothy is only allowed to have sex with his wife when expressly approved by Michael. If for some reason the Hotwife feels like her cuck deserves sex, Timothy must contact Michael directly and ask for permission. The cuckold should expect “No” as the most common answer. Ashley should always confirm with Timothy that he first asked Michael’s permission.

B.  The Cuckold’s Orgasm While this contract is in effect, the Timothy is NEVER allowed to cum inside his wife. In the rare instance where Michael approves marital sex, Ashley will repeatedly remind her cuckold that Michael owns her pussy and the cuckold must pull out before coming. During sex, Ashley is encouraged to remind Timothy how little his cock is compared to Michael’s, that his sperm is of low volume and inferior quality,  and how much better Michael fucks her. Timothy is encouraged to have a paper towels near the bed and should use one to capture his release so it can be quickly discarded with the rest of the garbage.

C. The Alpha’s Orgasm As the Alpha, Michael can cum wherever he desires. This includes: all over the hotwife’s beautiful face and hair, all over her gorgeous sexy body, and deep inside her pussy and ass. As a point of emphasis, only the Alpha’s creamy potent sperm will be inside the hotwife’s fertile pussy. At Ashley’s discretion, her cuckold will be encouraged to clean Michael’s cum from her body. This may require use of a warm washcloth or, preferably, his tongue. Ashley may also direct Timothy to lick Michael’s cum from her pussy. Finally, Ashley may also request that Michael cum on Timothy’s little cock as a show of dominance. In this scenario, the cuckold is expected to lay on the bed and stroke his little cock. Ashley will stroke Michael’s strong cock and target his creamy release all over her cuck’s little penis and balls. The cuckold is then expected to use Michael’s seed as lubricant while he continues stroking his little cock.

C. Dress and Ceremony  There are times when it isn’t enough for the Hotwife to fuck another man in the cuckold’s presence. She may also want to show the Alpha how much power she has over her cuckold. This may involve having the cuckold strip and display his little penis. The Hotwife may also choose to restrain her cuckold in a male chastity cage for a duration of her choosing since it is of little use to her. She may also require her cuckold to wear clothing that is less than masculine. For example, after Michael removes the hotwife’s panties, Ashley may direct her cuckold to put them on. Further, at least once a week and with a bold magic marker, Timothy is required to write “Michael’s” across his wife’s mons pubis. Similarly, the Hotwife should write “little penis” across her husband’s pubic area.

D. Private Visits Ashley will meet with Michael alone at times for a night or weekend  getaways. The cuckold should realize that watching his lover being fucked by a real man is a privilege and not an expectation. Timothy must accept there will be times when Ashley just wants to be fucked by her Alpha and feel like a real woman without worrying about her cuckold’s needs and distracting behavior. That said, Michael is a kind and generous Alpha. He will ensure Ashley at least sends photos of her erotic adventure to Timothy so he can masturbate.

E. Public Displays of Affection Michael realizes there is a time and place for public displays of affection. Ashley and Timothy are well known in their community and it wouldn’t be in the couple’s best interest for others to know Ashley is cuckolding her husband. However, when meeting at locations outside the married couple’s hometown, every effort will be made to ensure others understand that Timothy is Ashley’s husband and Michael is her man. Prime locations for ensuring this happens are interactions with the server while at dinner, sitting at bar and interacting with the bartender and those around us, or with hotel staff while checking in and during delivery of room service.

G.  Terms of Address Timothy should always address Michael as Sir. Michael may address the cuckold in anyway he deems appropriate with a preference towards terms that signal Michael’s dominance.

This contract serves as a well-defined relationship between the Hotwife, cuckold, and Alpha. Should disagreements or points of contention arise, this document is a binding point of reference to remind all parties what was willingly agreed too for a mutually pleasurable sexual liaison.


Cuckold           __________________________ Date _____________
Hotwife           __________________________ Date _____________
Alpha Male     __________________________ Date _____________


The contract was signed and executed.

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  • American Gigolo  – In this series, I am detailing my erotic adventures as a man engaged (no fees) by women and couples for sexual services and a bit of erotic theatre. It also includes serendipitous experiences with women.
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136 thoughts on “American Gigolo: The Cuckold Contract

  1. Carly Quinn Author

    Gotta take a minute to gather my thoughts. So many hot ideas.

    1. Mmmm, glad you found this juicy! 🙂 They were very happy with it as well. There are some pretty erotically intense requirements throughout the contract. Is there one or two you found most exciting?

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        Honestly, the most exciting aspect is what his reaction would be to something like this. I’d love to watch him jerk off covered in another man’s cum. I wonder what, if any of this would be too much for him. I get excited when I learn/read something I’ve never thought of. It excites me.

        1. Thank you, Carly…this is a really hot comment! I think this is why I enjoy cuckolding so much…it is truly a hot “mind fuck”. Then, there are moments like you pointed out that are much more tangible for cuckold. I going to write more about this couple and he seemed to love every minute of it. He was living his fantasy and his wife was mesmerized by it all.

  2. Carly Quinn Author

    I can readily understand the mesmerized part. The fascination, for me, comes from watching the unabashed freedom to explore things you’ve always felt you needed to hide. I want to grant him that freedom.

    1. So well said! I place extra emphasis on cuckolding being about the couple and their journey together. Whatever pleasure I experienced in my role was fleeting in the larger picture. She was pleasing him and he was pleasing her and it only made them hotter for each other. I’ve been cuckolded as well and it was a special gift from my lover. Thanks so much for your comments…you definitely get it and that is HOT! 🙂

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        Thanks for sharing with us!

        1. Exotic Nita

          It’s really hottt..with every first time experience. It’s really fun for me learning the art of cuckolding. You are giving me new insights and a whole new understanding of sexual satisfaction and gratification.

      2. Exotic Nita

        What a love ❤️ connection that is… I’m just in awe. Lesson learned for me.

        1. U can read my blog on cuckold , i have followed all this rules

          1. I look forward to reading your work, how your fantasy plays out, and how you like to be cuckolded. Thank you for your visit and joining the conversation on this highly erotic fantasy.🔥

  3. Liverpoolmunkey76

    Found this sexy as fuck and very exciting

    1. Thank you, brother! So glad it gave you a rise. 😉 Is there a particular aspect you most exciting from my point of view or Timothy’s?

  4. Liverpoolmunkey76

    Thank you for posting this

    1. I was digging around in the archives…came across this and thought why in the heck haven’t I posted this one before? It was very hot to present this to the couple…even hotter when they signed.

      1. Liverpoolmunkey76

        Glad they signed 😁

  5. Liverpoolmunkey76

    I found it interesting that timothy had responsibilities to Sir Michael. That he would have to clean up, or use Sir Michael’s cum as hand lubricant.

    1. Yes, the lubricant was an erotic hot button he didn’t even know he had. I like the “Sir Michael hand lubricant”…that could become a fun item for adult stores. 😉

  6. This sounds very interesting. I wonder besides the satisfaction of being a “gigolo” do you wonder about the after effects for yourself that is in relation to doing this type of work. Do you think about the consequences for yourself?

    1. Thanks for checking this out, Lavender 🙂 That time in my life is long past and nothing more than fun memories now. It sound intense but it is really just helping people (that will become friends) live their fantasies and fulfilling a few of mine along the way. 🙂

      1. I see you’re writing this in the past tense Michael. At times I find myself fantasizing and wondering how these fantasies serve me as a human being going forward. They are fun yet deadly and dangerous.

        1. You know what, you bring up an interesting point. Though all of my posts are true stories taken from the past, I try to write them in the present tense because I feel like it adds more intensity and urgency to the story to tell it as it unfolds before me rather than through reflections. As you know, living them and fantasizing about them are different levels of commitment. You should never have fear of your sexual fantasies. Acknowledge them and celebrate them…they mean something to you on a deeper level and are like dreams.

  7. I’m amazed. Very interesting

    1. Thank you, Vegas 🙂 I’m sure there are plenty of scenes playing out like this your city right now…I used to have quite a few requests from there, ha! You don’t have to answer of course, but I’m always curious about any particulars a woman finds exciting. Is there one part of the contract that stands out or was it mostly just shocking..or interesting. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment.:-)

      1. Just the whole thing was interesting to me. But I liked the idea of being with someone while the other person watched, I guess the dominance part of it 🙂 got the imagination open

        1. Thanks Vegas, getting your dominant streak fired up isn’t surprising, ha! I think you could be a great Hotwife/Hot girlfriend. Also, I’m so looking forward to listening to your audio for all the juicy details of your deflowering 🙂

        2. Exotic Nita

          That’s the part that grabs my attention too…

  8. Thanks! It’s posted 🙂 wasn’t all that juicy lo l!I think you should come here 😂😂

    1. Ha!☺️If I knew you were there waiting…that is a trip I would make for sure🔥🔥🔥

  9. Exotic Nita

    That’s the part that grabs my attention too…

    1. Mmmm, I like that being watched makes you hot…you are a sexy exhibitionist I believe🔥I wonder, how would you feel about the man you love wanting to watch you with another man? This scenario would be cuckolding…

      1. Exotic Nita

        Never before now, have I ever thought about doing that. But the more I read your stories and have you explain the act.. the more curious I am. And the more I thought of it the more it
        excites me.

        As long as it’s with a man of your caliber

        1. Mmmm, love how this fantasy is making you hot🔥It is such a turn on to imagine taking you while your man watches and then he goes down on you afterwards to clean up…💦😉

  10. Exotic Nita

    Mmmmm….you make it sound so gooooood and soooo hottt 🔥💥

  11. Copper Cranes

    Michael, this a beautifully written post and a cleverly worded contract. I see there’s no escape clause, did I miss it? 😉 I hope you’re having a great evening. ~ Mia

    1. Hi Mia, the escape clause and end dates were misses on my part and a great catch on yours. 🙂 I have a lot of old notes and emails around this particular adventure to sort through as I build this out but, as I recall, we did set a start and end date with plans for a second contract. I’m not sure this type of writing is your “sweet spot” but I appreciate you checking it out and the comment. :-*

      1. Copper Cranes

        Michael, you’re so kind, thank you. 🙂

  12. Wow! I have so many questions! 😋 This is so much hotter knowing it’s real and was signed and executed. This goes beyond what I thought of as cuckolding but you do explain there were more fetishes involved. I’m surprised about the fact that you could have sex with her without him present. I suppose they had some really particular fantasies. It’s amazing that they could find someone to play them out with. Imagine if this kind of thing could be done more openly. Though maybe that’d take away some of the thrill… I have a hard time with humiliation during sex so I wonder if I could do that if my partner wanted it. I’m a pleasure giver so maybe… You always give me so much to think about with your wonderfully thoughtful posts. 😘

    1. Wow, you always share such engaging reactions and I love it!💖 I appreciate you calling out the distinction between the essence of cuckolding and and the additional erotic layers at play here. As you know from my writings, I’m somewhat protective of this fantasy and how it is often falsely portrayed.☺️Being able to see her alone is probably 50/50 for men in this fantasy and the reasons differ. Finding someone to bring the fantasy to life would seem to be easy given the wealth of men available and marketing themselves on the Internet through different sites. Most guys don’t appreciate the dynamics at play or their role and just want to get laid. And, that is why most guys don’t😉 He was into some humiliation and that layer can run from hard to sensual teasing. I have a bit of this in my preference too–sensual teasing🔥☺️You are a giver and I think you would warm up to the idea after seeing how it excites your lover and the passion you feel him returning to you.😘 This may have all been more interesting to you rather than exciting. Was there a particular element of the contract you found arousing?

      1. I didn’t know there were places you could advertise services like this. I’m not especially versed in things like this but I’m always open to learn. I definitely would try anything to make my partner happy. What are some things that fall under sensual teasing? A lot of this is arousing to me but not necessarily from the perspective of the Hot Wife. Well, except the getting to have hot sex with Michael. 😉 But I realized recently that I’m aroused by all things “asking permission” so him having to ask to fuck his wife or come is hot to me. The entire sternly worded contract arouses me because I like rules. The Michael lubricant, but maybe because I like to watch two men together. I know that’s entirely not the point but I like cum and I like two men and that kinda ticks that box…a little. 😄

    2. Exotic Nita

      In total agreement here Aurora. The humiliation of Timothy was a little concerning for me too…

  13. Hot, hot, and HOT!!!:D So, I’m on a flight and finally get some wifi. I come to this comment…Oh My Goodness! Before I can even get to the end, my cock is so damn hard and trapped all in my slacks and under the seat belt. I can’t fully extend and the pulsing is intense. My thoughts were running a little wild to say the least! 🙂 I sit my phone down and make some manly adjustments…hoping no one notices (okay, hoping it is noticed). I rest my head in my hands and close my eyes to take it all in. I read it again. Yep, sooooo damn hot, mmmm! I actually had to wait to reply until after I landed. Your openness to trying new things to please your partner is so very special. You asked about sensual teasing… A man may have something that is erotic to him but causes some embarrassment. In Timothy’s case, it was his cock size and he got off on his wife addressing it. How she handles it can be thought of as a scale from teasing to humiliation. Humiliation is hard, cold, and condescending (but still comes from a place of love). Teasing involves a more sensual, sexy, playful tone but still hits the same erotic hot button. I prefer teasing because I’m not really into the Dominant female scene. Of course, like you, I’d try a lot of things to please my lover and fulfill her wildest fantasies. 😉 Your disclaimer about the Hotwife’s perspective…you gave me a taste of heaven on earth there, seriously! <3:-* Regarding asking permission, rules, and firmness…with the right man, you may have more of a submissive streak than you think. Then (as I see it) you mention your fondness of cum and fascination with watching two men together and scamper off with a smile, toss of the hair, and shaking your sexy booty. Hooooold on young lady! 🙂 One question (I know my reply is a long one, ha!), is it hotter for you if one of the men is your lover…imagining the man you love sucking another man's cock…maybe you and your lover sucking another man's cock together? Just putting it out there, you are always welcome to pass. Well, I am off to the shower to finish what I wanted to do on the plane. :-*

    1. Exotic Nita

      Ooooh my goodness Michael, you are so damn awesome and amazing 😉 With your Answers, I had to stop ✋ and take a Deep breath.. trying to calm my desires down…you are so hottt.. talking about adjusting yourself.. and the intense reaction you have..

      You are truly on a different level than anyone I have come across and I truly enjoyed coming here and exploring your stories and you comments!!

      1. I love how you visit and read the post…and check out the comments from others. There is a lot of fun, learning, and super-hot naughtiness that takes place in comments and you are adding to it 😈😇Thank you so much for the flattering comments too…they are very special and mean a lot💞💖

        1. Exotic Nita

          I love super conversations that fueled my interest and stimulates my imagination..
          I love to see what others think and how they think. It sometimes makes me feel good 😊 that I’m not the only one that possesses a filthy sexy imagination…

  14. Nita, you are not alone, sexy girl 😈😇

  15. Wow! Now that is a contact! Gave me all sorts of naughty ideas! But it also made me think of what kind of partner i am/could be.
    I get off on giving pleasure making my partner cum
    If I was a guy I would be a horrible sub I wouldn’t be able to wait standing around, I would have to join in.
    As a woman, the thought of making the cuckold do as he was told by my lover, is a turn on.
    Such a conflict😉

    1. What a fun and hot comment!😘🔥The great thing about this fantasy is that your “conflict” works for you in this sex play. As this couple wanted to experience it, she is giving her lover pleasure through denial and some humiliation/teasing. His arousal comes from the mind fuck and it is intense pleasure. 🔥🔥🔥

  16. You and your erotic mind and life. This is very interesting Sir. You have a hell if a interesting life. I am far too selfish to share. Once someone is mine I will ride them all by myself there will be no room for anyone else

    1. Hi beautiful, so great to see you here💖 I think many men and women would the same reaction to sharing as you have. Many sexual fantasies/fetishes aren’t fully understood by the majority…if they were, they would become the norm and then we’d have to create new fantasies/fetishes, ha!😊 So, I understand that you wouldn’t want to share but what if your lover wanted to share? What if he wanted to watch you pleasing and being pleased by another man and this also have your lover immense pleasure? I have to admit the “Sir” reference has me filling out my slacks right now🔥🔥🔥

      1. I can see how it would be a thrill to have someone watch you as you please and get pleased by another. I am sure the sexy Sir would definitely feel the exciting thrill and ache of passion being lost in sucking that makes you feel alive licking that makes your heart race deep penetrating causing moist bliss. I would enjoy being lost in pleasing and as far as being pleased it might be just as exciting as pleasing

  17. I have always believed learning never ends but sometimes I am literally astounded with what I learn. I didn’t know what cuckolding was until you commented about it on one of my posts. Since then it always puzzled me a little bit because I didn’t understand it almost at all and I haven’t read the America Gigolo stories and even more about cuckolding from you blog. I really thought this was immensely intense, something that is worth a try in life, and damn you have had such an adventurous and spontaneous erotic life! It’s super hot!

    So just as you say, I think this is something that most women might like than men, because when you mentioned the part where Timothy had to sleep on the floor and ask permission to bang his wife… I personally thought he might have felt emasculated but as I read on I realised it was such a fun, hot, intense and god damn erotic thing to do.

    I think I will be reading one of the American Gigolo stories today. In fact how do you pronounce ‘gigolo’ it seems simple lol but I always pronounce some words wrong cause English is probably my 4th to 5th language.

    1. Wow Samantha, this was such an amazing comment! You are showing yourself to be a quick study in cuckolding 😀 If you haven’t already read the related posts, I think “Cuckold: Mind Bender” and “Sperm Wars” are probably the best two. Your initial reaction to Timothy sleeping on the floor or having to ask me if he can fuck his wife is a shocking situation and definitely emasculating. But, as you picked up on, this is exactly what made it such a hot mind-fuck for him. Most men would have been more than happy to fuck his wife but Ashley and Timothy wanted someone that understood the mental play and could keep it hot for Timothy too. This contract was a gift of seduction to them both. I use “gigolo” in this series as a reference to movie American Gigolo. We really don’t use the term much here anymore. If I were to spell it like it sounds. jig-uh-low Btw, your English is REALLY good! The use of emasculated, adventurous, astounded, immensely, etc… you are writing at a very high level, young lady :-* So appreciative of your comment and thoughts about my erotic journey…it has been quite a ride and fun reminiscing! Turning others on is very rewarding :-*:-)

      1. Oh thank you For saying my writing is really good, it is such an honour to hear from someone who writes as good as you do. And I will be reading the cuckold info because I am interested in knowing more about and I wanted to ask, can women do it too?

        1. Just to make sure I understand the question… Are you imagining watching your man with another woman? This does seem to be a hot fantasy for some women. The women are known as cuckqueans. Does it make you hot thinking about it?🔥😘

  18. It kind of does make me hot thinking about it. And yeah I meant watching my man hit it with another woman. 😀 it’s a hot image when I think about it.

    1. MmmmHmmm, it is a burning hot visual for me thinking about this scenario too! 😀

  19. By the way, I like how Timothy has to say ‘Sir’ to you, it’s submissively a turn on and it’s damn sexy.

    1. Well, that was the least he could do since he had to bring me in to satisfy his woman. Eating my cum out of his wife’s pussy was a nice gesture of appreciation as well. 😉

      1. It sure is a nice gesture haha, besides ‘Sir Michael’ sounds super good

        1. It sounds even hotter when I imagine you saying it sexy girl🔥😘

  20. Damn Michael, I would say it all the time because I would be knowing how much you like it

    1. You are so pretty and talented…and comments like this truly reveal how damn sexy you are, mmmm! You have such a great attitude about your sexuality and how you please your man. Things are even hotter for you if they make him hot. Sexy girl, you definitely have my erotic fire burning HOT now! :-*

      1. It makes me happy to know I am fueling your fire to burn so HOT. And thanks for saying I am pretty, damn sexy and Talented. It means a lot to me.

  21. Omg, Michael! I just had this image lodge itself in my head from the last thing you said. It made me shiver. 😀 I have never had a lover who wanted to share a man. I would love that. Yes I would.
    I love that you had such a strong reaction and you were on a plane. That makes me smile imagining you having to try to make yourself more comfortable. hee hee!
    I do think I have a strong submissive streak if the right man were to bring it out. Or in the right situations. But something I know about myself is that I wouldn’t be happy being only submissive. Doesn’t mean I want to be dominant- but I want to do what I want sometimes too. I like to be told what to do, moved, positioned, restrained, etc but sometimes I want free rein so to speak. But the teasing thing- yes. I like that. Especially if the reaction from my partner was one of arousal. I feed off that. mmm. I hope you enjoyed your shower! 🙂 I might need one myself… 😉

    1. Oh, you mean the shower comment? That wasn’t a random thought on my part, ha! 😉 Glad it made you shiver :-* Your fantasy is so sexy, Aurora…I hope you are able to experience that one day and share the story! 🙂 I wonder if that is a popular fantasy among women? As for my flight, I was in dire straits, ha! I’m with you on power play. Being a Dom or sub as a lifestyle isn’t really my cup of tea. I like the freedom to move in and out roles or leave them all together and play in another space or no play at all. If we are eating everything but Vanilla ice cream, sometimes vanilla can be quite tasty 😛 I’m heading to sleep thinking about you in the shower (with me) 😀

  22. WOW! I mean WOW!

    As sexy and erotic as this is, the thing that struck me the most is how this couple was able to turn a part of their marriage that was less than satisfying into a deeply fulfilling part of the relationship for both of them. It’s not often you can find a partner who is so selfless and is able to see beyond themselves without taking it as a personal failure of character that they can’t be the others end all be all. Kudos to them for turning a negative into a positive AND to you too Michael for being a part of something more.

    1. Glad you liked it! 😀 Kristi, this (along with all of your comments) is an interesting comment. Cuckolding can reignite passion in a relationship in a way that brings the couple even closer together. Even when the sexual relationship is already great, cuckolding can take it to another level. On the other hand, as you know, it is a fantasy that some men aren’t comfortable with and their reaction is societally endorsed as “normal”. As you say, it would be great if men (especially in relationship where intimacy and passion have faded) could get over this initial negative reaction. It was fun and hot to be a part of their journey. I’m looking forward to telling this story followed by Sienna cuckolding me. 😉

      1. It’s a big step for a lot of men and women to take. One thing I’ve learned is that it takes a lot of confidence in oneself to enter into this kind of dynamic as well as faith and trust in your partner.

        I’m looking forward to hearing more about both experiences. 😀

        1. That trust, faith, and communication are so important. You have unique insight in this realm, lovely lady 😘💖

  23. Sir Michael,
    Another provocative piece that brings up many hot issues and things to consider for me.Being late to the party (agin, somehow I missed! my apologies), it was quite interesting to pursue the comments from other readers. You have amassed quite a lovely array of flowers for your garden. What I find intriguing is how much Aurora and I seem to be consistently similar both in our responses and our fantasies. One of my deeper MFM fantasy involves interactions between the two men…and while I crave more experiences as a sub, I also do not see myself being relegated to that role. I enjoy being able to do what I want when I want… what Dom fantasies I have lead to a role reversal; I’m only playing Dom to satisfy His fantasies and what he wants for and to Him. Ultimately, He truly controls the scene…as long as I am willing to agree. That’s layered. So it’s as if the role play fantasies continue.
    Regarding the contract, I’m amazed as to the amount of power and control you had in this agreement. The Michael Lube was quite hot, too. The teasing and humiliation were also quite intense.
    In my sub explorations, I crave a man I can trust to take Dominion over my sexual needs, releases and even over some of my daily activities. Yet I do not know where that boundary is for me. Again, I have a need for creative expression and so being a slave does not appeal to me. For me, a hot date would involve being told where to be at what time, wearing clothes He chose to please Him. He would order my meals and drinks, that is all very hot to think. I usually don’t plug my posts, but wrote about much of this in Father Figure this week 🙂
    Hot & wet, T

    1. That’s funny T. We do seem to think on similar wavelengths. 🙂 I think it’s similar to me for being in charge. I only want to do what I know he wants. It doesn’t excite me to push someone’s boundaries like it does to have my boundaries pushed…but I still have a lot of exploring to do around anything like this so I don’t know…I’m already far from where I thought I’d ever be. 🙂

      1. Aurora, yes, I agree on all accounts, especially the need for further exploration as well as being further than I ever imagined, too. INFP? Hard to know, but that’s interesting, too!

        1. INFP- Yes! 😀

  24. 😉 perhaps that is the link? Hard to know. Hope your weekend is going well 🙂

    1. I think there are quite a few of us on wordpress. My weekend is good. Lots of rain but we could use it. I hope you’re having a great weekend too. 🙂

      1. Yes, the rain. 9″ here in less than 24 hrs. Several friends have lost their cars. Luckily, I moved out of the last place I lived in the spring. It flooded when we got ~9″ in September. Over it!

        1. So, I’m browsing through a string of messages between two VERY sexy women and start catching flashes of 9″ and my interest is piqued. Then, I realize it is rain 🙂 In this one instance, I hope you are remaining dry and not overflowing. ;-):-*

  25. Yes, I’d much have a different type of 9″ to keep me wet 😉

    1. You ladies have me taking sexy notes here! 😀 I seem to have a particular fondness for INFPs. INTJ here…seems the contrast of FP to my TJ is like a magnetic pull :-*

      1. I can see that pattern and how it would work for you. Though I can also see how FP feelings might drive NTs over the edge, as well. 🙂This seems a fitting quote from what I can see through the interactions: “INTJs are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about.” I also feel this was clear in the contract, as well. It’s good to know who we are in life, for that is the battle, it seems.
        Lovely to know you, INTJ

        1. I forgot what the N stands for… That’s interesting though. I saw a compatibility chart for them once but forgot what it showed.

  26. Tickled Fancee


    1. oh yeah. Maybe the feelings get balanced by the logic. That could be good as long as no one is trying to change anyone.

        1. Oh how I love MBTI! 😀 I think we delved into this a little bit with Amy a few months back before she left the WP world. Regarding the INTJ quote, I think it is fair in general. For me, I would add a lot of warmth to the assessment along with good intent. I hadn’t thought about this in relation to the contract. This is an interesting observation, pretty girl :-* For some reason, this playful call out has me blushing 😀 Hope you are having a wonderful night ❤

  27. Tickled Fancee

    Interesting that the MBTI also mentions that soft core, not readily seen for INTJ. Hmmm.

    1. You are an MBTI guru 😃 We are learning a lot about one another😘 I’m a little behind on WP…two full week of business travel. Hope you’re having a great weekend ☺️

  28. Tickled Fancee

    Google university guru is more like it 😉
    Yes, holding my own right now. Some moments better than others. Hope you’ll have some down time now. No worries re WP… 😉

  29. Aurora, I admire your openness to exploring your lover’s erotic edges. I feel the same way to a degree. If I know something turns you on, I absolutely open to at least considering it and probably doing it. I suppose I would push boundaries with this fantasy because most women aren’t aware of it and I would introduce it and push their boundaries of acceptance. Of course, if she never got to a place where she found it exciting, I wouldn’t continue exposing her to it.

    1. Yeah that’s a good point. I have pushed for things but I back off if they are not well received. Like anal play. Lots of men are opposed, vehemently opposed, and I try to explore why but it’s just this thing a lot of people can’t get past. That frustrates me because I’m so open to trying things but then, there are things I would never want so I suppose I understand. But then again, if my partner really liked something I might try… is this rambling? I feel rambley. 😁

      1. Ummm, my computer is melting right now from the heat coming off my body! 😉 thinking about you receiving and enjoying anal play or giving and enjoying the same…those thoughts will tops on the list of erotic triggers tonights as I relieve some of the day’s built up tension! 🙂 Thank you for that erotic gift :-* You weren’t rambling at all…makes total sense and very sexy!

        1. oh no, you should get in the shower and cool off. 😉 Can’t have your computer melting. 😀 I wrote a poem a long time ago about helping a tense man relax at the end of the day. I will link it. I think it was before you followed me.

  30. I can barely remember my world before following you. I’m going to change my calendar…BA and AA 😄 Send the shower link naughty girl🍆🚿😘

  31. T, you Aurora have similar fantasies around men touching each other in a MFM scenario is very naughty and hot! If a woman is willing to do something to please her man, it only seems fair that her man would at least consider the possibility to turn her on… I really appreciate your thoughts around the power flow in some of the scenarios you shared such as playing a Femdom to satisfy his submissive fantasy as a form of role reversal. This type of play is all so layered and nuanced. I think this is what makes it so erotic and you clearly understand this dynamic. We are experiencing our sexuality in a different way and playing on our erotic edges. As for the contract, we had shared some emails and I think I had a good grasp of what type of experience they were looking for. I pushed it though and there were places where I wondered if I had gone too far. Glad you like the Michael lube, I am quite fond of it. I suspect it might make for an excellent skin care product, ha! 😉 I read your post “Father Figure” and commented. It was a very sexy exploration…loved reading your thoughts as you explored your erotic mind. I’m providing a link here should anyone be browsing through the comments to this post https://sexshadows.wordpress.com/2016/10/05/father-figure/ Thanks for such a wonderful comment sexy girl <3:-*

    1. Tickled Fancee

      You’re welcome, Sir, it’s my pleasure to share what I’m learning. Yes, there is certainly more to be explored. When I think I’ve reached a new limit, I reach into a new territory.
      Funny, I had a conversation with a local friend who spoke w me about fetlife. Still of no interest for me… I’m enjoying the unfolding of my own understanding as I heal seemingly unrelated aspects of me. It’s time for me to move at my own pace, not ready for Mach nor light speeds. Also, as you allude to for yourself, I’m more interested in exploring and am not the type who wants to live a completely D/s lifestyle. I trust the Universe to bring me what I need. No longer will I seek on dating sites and will remain away from special interest sites. 🙂
      Thank you, Michael, for your help in my uncovering of my own explorations and understandings. 😉

      1. Thank you, Beautiful :-* I am also learning from you. ❤ Totally get and appreciate the fantasy (even when living it out at times) vs. fetish which is a lifestyle. I’m a sensual, romantic man at my core. Like we share with one another at times, we just need to get on the edge occasionally to balance things out. 🙂

  32. So incredibly late to this conversation… Michael, there is no way that I’d ever be able to return to a cuckolded man after experiencing an Alpha. I find my mind whirling after this post. I crave that possession, that passion, yet I wonder about domination. I’m pretty headstrong. Maybe a balance can be achieved somehow. And just so you know, my initial reaction, was “someone pass me a pen….”

    1. Hi Grace 😘 Thanks for checking this one out! I love that your thoughts are whirling after reading this☺️ As usual, you left some thought-provoking statements 😊 Given your “headstrong” ways (something I also confess to), you might find submission within boundaries to be very erotic. A lot of Alpha men get off on submission through Femdom or cuckolding. The pull of opposites and perceived loss of control can be really hot! I’m sure you would find the perfect balance. And, your loving cuckold would be waiting eagerly to passionately reclaim his lover with an erotic fire that’s almost beyond comprehension. In the mean time, once you’re done signing can you slide that pen and contract over here!😃🔥🔥🔥

  33. Hey Michael I saw your hot comment on my latest story and i have never felt the way I felt.🔥 I haven’t approved it because I feel like it’s private it’s for me and so I don’t know how to respond because I have a lot to say. Can I email the response? 😊Have a good night

    1. Mmmm, I’m excited to see your response! :-* I was wondering if you liked it or not. My email: [deleted]

      1. Like would be an understatement Michael, it distracted me the whole day. In a good way

        1. Sexy Samantha, I’ve been checking email… You’re being naughty for making me wait. Naughty girls get punished…in a good way! 😉

  34. I apologise Sir Michael, my phone has been acting up but I just sent the email. You always have me thinking 😊 how I am thinking about my punishment and after that comment, my mind is running wild with possibilities

  35. Hi Sexy Sir, due to wordpress I had to create this blog because the other one wouldn’t allow people to recieve my replies. I think because wordpress wanted to be a cockblock. Haha, but anyways this is my new blog with more erotica on it that shows just how nasty or naughty I really am if you would like to them.

    1. Mmmm Morgan, you are sooo hot, delightfully nasty and naughty🔥🔥🔥 Sorry WordPress was a cock blocker…cocky blockers are never good, ha! I’ll be exploring your blog later this evening😘

  36. Exotic Nita

    Wow 😳!!! Seems so harsh.. Michael..
    Timothy is reduced to non existent.. in the relationship..
    But again it was his idea..
    so I guess it’s all good.. for them…
    I can’t see his pleasure Of being ridiculed ..
    but what do I know…
    very strange people are out there…
    That find agreements like this exciting..
    hmm 😒???

    1. It is sort of like any other kink or fetish. If we all understood it and it made sense, it wouldn’t be a kink/fetish and, instead, it would be “normal”. The thing to remember is that she ultimately does it to please her man (Timothy). It is about them having fun together. He is getting a hot “mind-fuck” out of this even though he isn’t getting a physical one. A that may fuel him even more. When you have some free time and are curious, you should check out Cuckold-Mind Bender and Dominant Cuckold – Naughty Angel at some point. I explore my own cuckold fantasy in those two posts. ☺️🔥

      1. Exotic Nita

        I kinda understand Michael. You are so right about kinks is really the abnormal feeling that only you get pleasure from. Great explanation. You are so educated and versed about the subject and I like that. Thanks for taking the time to explain it all to me.

  37. I have received a number of contracts. This is the most interesting and the least self serving. Cheers!

    1. True, not exactly and the typical contract we are often exposed to. ☺️It was a fantasy for Timothy though, and it may sound funny but I was honored to be the one to bring it to life for them. It was like erotic theatre.🔥

  38. Has there ever been a marriage that has fallen apart because of cuckolding in your experience, Michael?

    1. This is a fantastic question. Allow me to give a disclaimer here: as I write about cuckolding, I always frame it as kink being explored within a healthy and loving relationship. If a woman isn’t genuinely in love with her man and enters into cuckolding with an ulterior motive, it can definitely lead to problems…including divorce. The couples I have played with (and it is a good sample) where the love is strong have been amazingly fun and sexy. The women were so thoughtful about their men getting what they needed out of the experience too. The reality (and they know it) is that I will be leaving afterwards or in the morning and they are the two that will carry on as a couple. These couples were always my favorite. I have played with couples where the relationship wasn’t strong and the woman has fallen in love with me. The reality is that the relationship was broken before cuckolding began and the women had ulterior motives. Obviously, this is a bad situation. I’m going to have a multi-part story about a couple where the wife fell in love (and I did too). It is the reason I left the lifestyle as a “Alpha”. On the flip side, I have been cuckolded and let me tell you…it was all good afterwards. It all comes down to the relationship. Are you adding spice or trying to fix a problem. Sorry for the long reply, but this is important question for those considering the cuckold lifestyle.

  39. Michael , first of all hats of to u for such a lovely contract. I m also in cuckold but i m timothy in this case. You can read my stories and guide me. Cuckold fantasy of wife part 1,2,3

    1. Thank you for admitting your fantasy…there are many men that share your desire. I’m not sure, but I believe you write from India? Outside of the US, I get so many views from India on my cuckolding stories. It seems to be a popular fantasy there too. I’ve always been curious if themes around cock size and wife being with a man of a different ethnicity /nationality (English, African, etc.) are common desires of cuckolds in India.

      1. Yes there are lots of ppl here also

  40. […] part of their experience. In reality, it was my mind that was the most desired erotic organ. The Cuckold Contract is something I prepared for a couple (which they signed) that set out my expectations […]

  41. […] there are many ways to amp up the intensity of erotic humiliation in cuckold play. In my post, American Gigolo: The Cuckold Contract, I included many examples of erotic of humiliation in the contract I prepared for Timothy and his […]

  42. This was …a tempest to read. I read it a while ago… I think I’ve read everything now, even though I haven’t commented on everything..😏

    I see the allure…you know i do. But this is …another side to what we’ve been …sharing in private.

    It’s hot, sensual…it’s so wrong it’s right and yet…I couldn’t do it. Not in my situation now. Because if this contract were with you, as in you NOT being Us but the You who will leave in the morning…I couldn’t. I would have ulterior motives 😈
    And if you were the You who would be Us…I still couldnt do it. I am…enamoured and ablaze with the fantasy we’ve shared privately…I would do anything you wanted in that bedroom (or anywhere)and I can’t stop thinking about that. But I couldn’t so this. Am I making sense? My mind is a mess… you’ve reached inside my head and cast a spell. Sigh…
    Just wanted to share my thoughts.
    I miss you

    1. Love this reply 🔥This fantasy plays out in different ways for different couples. My cuckold fantasy has some overlap with their’s but there are a lot of differences. Through my interactions with them, I knew what buttons to push and this contract was tailored to their fantasy. If you were the woman in this contract, I would like your ulterior motives 😈🔥This is an interesting point too where the fantasy and reality can get confusing and dangerous. Some women in this world of cuckolding aren’t in health loving relationships and are doing this for the wrong reason…it becomes something different…something other than an erotic journey with their man. While their are elements of this contract that I find really exciting, there are plenty of aspects that I could never do and wouldn’t want to expose my lover to. All of that said, it is such a turn on knowing you find this form of erotic adventure exciting on some level…you are sooooo sexy and hot!💖🔥

      1. Okay…can you please stop giving me minor heart attacks at the sight of you in my comments box? I can’t breathe!
        Or don’t stop…please.

        I love when you talk about this fantasy…I feel like I am hanging on your every word, wanting more and more, I can’t get enough of listening to you talk about this…because it’s all.so new to me but… I’m sharing the whole enlightenment with you.
        I’m sexy and hot….god Michael…you have no idea.
        I bet you WOULD enjoy my naughty ulterior motives, gorgeous. The angel in me would definitely be taking a break …until you wanted her back.
        Still can’t quite breathe…what are you doing to me…
        What do you want to do to me…is a more steamy question 🔥🔥🔥💋😍🍌🖤

        1. I love how you are embracing this fantasy with such open mindedness…you have no idea (well you are learning) how hot it makes me. What do I want to do to you? That is the more steamy question and I do have a lot thoughts which I am spreading around throughout our interactions. ☺️🔥

          1. ………………..
            With a little
            And of course bursting 💜💜💜💜💜
            Oh I am embracing it Michael. And you. Which leads to…so much more. Touching, kissing, tasting…mmmm… can’t get enough of you 💋

  43. Wow, that contract is my erotic fantasy. For the most part, I am not allowed to cum in my wife’s pussy…only ruined orgasms on her pussy, and no blow jobs…a dominant wife does not give her submissive husband blow jobs. Those are things for her fantasy bull.

    1. I have been fortunate to be able to walk in the worlds of both Bulls and Cuckolds. Being a cuckold actually made me a better Bull…I had a great sense of what the cuckold needed and also what the wife wanted for her man…and herself. I wrote this for a couple and lived it with them. It was so intense to cum inside his wife and then for her to go to him for clean up.

    1. I’m thinking (hoping) this is a good reaction 😈 A bit edgy after Mountain of Dreams. 😇

  44. Very interesting concept having this all written out in a formal contract.

    1. It was hot and I was pretty sure (hoping) he would like it. He seemed to be into erotic humiliation as part of his experience and I thought it would be very humiliating to sign away his privileges to his wife right in front of her. She liked signing in front of him too 🔥It set the stage for a lot of fun afterwards.

  45. I’m undone. My brain is on “WTF did you just read“ overload and I’m dying for more, especially the idea of being outside of their community where the couple acknowledges Sir Michael’s dominant status… at a bar, hotel, room service!! Fire. Just fire!🔥

    1. You came through as “anonymous” but I love your reaction! 😈🔥This contract offered a lot of scenarios to explore. You seem to especially like the more public displays of dominance…other people seeing the couple in such a situation. Me too. 🍆 Thanks so much for stopping by and the hot comment!

  46. Wow. The comments are as interesting as the post…

    1. Haha, so true! ☺️This is an old favorite of mine and seems to tickle the erotic imagination of women.

  47. Wow you caught my attention

    1. Thank you 🔥This was quite a post to step into for a first look at my blog, ha! Glad you enjoyed though and hope you will return. ☺️

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