I first published this video several years ago on my old blog before I was shut down for being a little too naughty. Imagine that. Naughty Angel was one of my most viewed and liked posts. For this new release, I revisited the source files and polished it up for your viewing pleasure. I do hope you find it pleasurable. 😈

Video: GQ Spain, Mine

Song: Portishead, Glory Box

Video Mix: Creamworks Studio

Feature imagine by Michael. More videos and digital art available here – Visual Arts

Lilah - Naughty Angel

162 thoughts on “Video: Naughty Angel (Dominant Cuckold)

  1. Great, hot and beautiful!!!

  2. Very hot video, I wouldn’t mind having an arrangement like this with a cuckold and his sexy petite white wife.

    1. Seems we share a common fantasy…from different angles of the experience. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the vibe of this video…a little different tone from the typical cuckold scene.

    2. Your comment is a couple of years old now are you still interested? Where about are you located.
      Lets talk sometime if you are or even if youre not maybe youd be interested in something one on one between us.

      1. I think this guy is gone now. Most of the comments from people with no pictures (gravatar) have left WordPress. If you leave comments though, I’m sure a well-hung black man will come across one of them and take you up on your dark cravings 🔥

    3. Id love an arrangement like this with you Michael or any other Black man interested in something new to unload inside

  3. Enjoyed your blog…glad you feel this one!

  4. Coolertemps

    It would be refreshing to have a relationship that open and honest.

    1. Hope you get to experience it one day. This is inspired by a relationship I had. She was submissive and I was somewhere in the middle struggling with cuckold desires and living as an Alpha. This video reflects the merging of our fantasies…and it was so very hot!

  5. WannaDoItAll

    So erotic, so sensual, and so hot!

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  8. Oh my … I have missed your words most sincerely….

    1. Thank you, Miss Agatha…I’ve missed yours as well. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and checking this one out. I suspect it might touch an erotic hot button or two for you. 😉

      1. I am lying on the deck of an old wooden boat in corfu… under a mozy net on hard wooden boards…It has been on one hand such a rotten holiday with my precious daughter’s father completely destroying her beautiful heart … and on the other … Oh the glorious heat of the med… How am I supposed to sleep after that video and behave at the same time? I long to know more about the gentle beautiful cockold… but I have no idea where to start? I shall read so much more carefully your words dearest Sir xxx

        1. So sorry about your ex and his behavior towards your sweet daughter. That sounds like a terrible situation. 😦 On a lighter note, it sounds like you are writing from paradise…I’m envious! Hope you are having a wonderful late evening AND misbehaving…. Beautiful Miss Agatha, you have now left me with very enticing visuals as I head into my evening 😉

  9. Dearest Sir … I have just woken from a dream …. Oh such a dream … it is 3 am and I lie under the stars … and have a quickening pulse …

    1. Dear Miss Agatha, has the video followed you into dreamland tonight and left you on edge? Perhaps sharing your dreams will help you process your thoughts…I would love to know them….

  10. Amazingly erotic! Loved it!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, glad that was 5 minutes well spent! 😉

  11. Um, excuse me while I change my clothes…damn! That video with your words accompanying it, was so freakin’ hot! I am not too submissive, I mean, in the right moments I am, but yum! And I always love your thoughtful words, Michael. I would really like a chance to explore some of this stuff.

    1. I saved you from the spam box, ha! That is crazy how that happens out of the blue. I LOVE that you found this exciting..truly a thought to savor, mmmm! :-* I must confess parts of me are really responding to that visual right now! :-)<3 Time doesn't show in this reply, but I just took an long intermission to free myself from the keyboard. I think you would be such a fun, creative, sexy, and adventurous woman to explore with…heaven knows I dream about it! I think fantasies between lovers are so intimate and unique. They may be grouped together in categories for discussion but each couple molds them into what works for them. Submission comes in many forms as does cuckolding. ❤

      1. I bet I can guess which parts. 😉

  12. T at Tickled Fancee


    You are definitely honing your skills of video editing here. I, too, had a very strong response to the video and post. Honestly, before I even saw the video, you had me at the use of Glory Box, a song I’ve used in a post about submitting to femininity. This song has a powerful way of pulling me into that desire to submit. Adding to the song and video, I still have many fantasies involving submission, cuckolding (as the sub) and MFM. So this was a very erotic and sensuous experience for me…

    This post was very timely for me, having read it just before meeting friends to go to an erotica poetry reading. As a “virgin” at this event, I surprised the crowd with my naughty poetry, especially while dressed much like a 1950’s housewife, pearl necklace and all. It was fun to see the change in the crowd as I read each piece, capturing the attention of many black bulls in the crowd. So it was nice to have some fiery images and imagery in mind from here awaiting my turn.

    While I have written some on the perspective of a dominatrix, my primary (and most comfortable) fantasies revolve around being submissive. What fantasies I have seem to play off of the man with whom I am interacting, whether physically or etherically. I keep seeing that I can tap into his desires and create erotica around that. In January, I saw myself going to my lover as a virgin one night and then a slutty vixen the next. The cock tease fantasy was similar in that I was steeped in the energy of a different etheric lover who desired to have done to him everything that I wrote. When the energy between us shifted, I was unable (or unwilling) to tap back into his energy to write a second piece to the series. So it seems one of my gifts is tapping into a man’s fantasies and bringing them to life through my words.

    This post also gives me more insight into the gift of submission that the sub gives to her lover by offering herself to the Bull. She is his slut to control on several levels: her actions, her pleasure, her body are all his. The concepts of how she is chained to him in love & where they travel the journey together pulled on some different strings.

    All this to say, Michael, this was very hot and thank you for sharing your gifts & talents!

    Hot & Very Wet. ~T.

    1. Mmmm Tiffany, your reaction captivated my attention and has me at “attention”…so hot! Your description of the poetry reading is fascinating. Loved the creativity you showed in your appearance, your courage to read your erotic poems in front of others, and the men that caught your attention…very naughty and delicious! I’m sure you fueled their fantasies into the evening. Tapping into a man’s fantasies is a special talent and a gift you clearly posses. I always hope you have that same desire to please and energy returned to you. Your closing comments truly capture the essence of this video. Each sexually adventurous couple will have their own spin on fantasy exploration and fulfillment. Coming from a loving space, the sexual adventure touches something much deeper and fulfilling than the sexual play. Thank you so much for the thoughtful (and very sexy) comment.<3:-*

      1. You’re very welcome! I enjoyed it. 😉

  13. This was a very interesting read. I think everyone may have a fetish of something some more than others. I being the passionate person i love to be in control of taking a man’s body in deep erotic throbbing sensual lust with gentle licks soft biting with a kiss left behind every bite. Keeping him inside my pulsating affection luring him father into impassion moist stimulating desire until his entire body screams in pleasure no letting him go until every part is satisfied no matter how it takes.

    1. I’m having a “hard” time thinking and typing after this juicy comment! Did you happen to see the video? 🙂 I think it adds a little more sizzle to what I wrote. :-* I agree with your feelings and desires around passion, sensuality, and lust. The sexually aroused mind cannot be underestimated as a pathway to such intense and enduring sensations of the body. I explore this in Cuckold: Mind Bender. Your right though, not everyone has the same erotic hot buttons. Thanks so much for checking this video out…one of my personal favorites posted so far. ❤

      1. I am sure you are having a HARD time. I love your erotic excitement. I did see the video and it was very good. As always your work is good. I enjoyed it very much.

  14. That was definitely a hot and sensual video Michael. I have had cuckold thoughts and fantasies and I have seen my partner with another man. It had turned me on but at the same time I had mixed emotions about it. It is an issue that I am working on getting over. I love seeing my partner happy and she has become in the last few years been able to open up and be her sexual self. It is a wonderful sight to see her. Your posts have always got my mind going in such a way that it stimulates me both mentally and physically.

    1. Hi Sid, as always, I appreciate you stopping by and sharing such meaningful comments and contributing to the discussion. Sorry to hear about the mixed feelings around your experience. Have you written about it on your blog? If so, I’d love to read it…please feel free to leave a link here if you wish. On the other hand, it is exciting that your partner is sexually blossoming and you have helped her release her Aphrodite. Love that you find these posts mentally and physically stimulating. That is the highest form of feedback I could receive and is sincerely appreciated.:-) The mind can be such a powerful force in our sexuality.

      1. I’ve started to write about it but I have so much going through my head that it is taking longer than I thought. When I am done getting it all out I will post it for all to read. I do look forward to your comment when I do.


        1. I’ll be waiting🔥😊

  15. Sensual and erotic, beautiful!

    1. Love that the vibe you felt with this… 😘

  16. NaughtyAngel22

    Can I jus say u took something I wrote and made a vid about it? I am torn between submittin and accepting nay confessing. Its not the exact but its thoughts I’ve been playing with. And thanks for the ode (lol) even its before my time. It means to me its destiny

    1. Mmmm, looking forward to your exploration of this and the posts you share😘🔥🔥🔥

  17. good heavens…. how the hell am i supposed to go to sleep after watching that? ughhhh… i knew better than to visit your blog before bed. of course it won’t stop me from checking out your next post. 😉

    1. Glad you like this one… It was very arousing pulling this one together!🔥🔥🔥 I spend a fair amount of time pulling these together and when I’m done I usually need some space from them for a while. I didn’t need much time before I started watching this one again. Hope it fueled a naughty dram or two 😉🔥🔥🔥

  18. LiverpoolMunkey76

    Sensual, poetic, arousing an moving. Fantastic video,

    1. Thank you…really appreciate it😊 I find myself watching this one quite a bit🔥😉

      1. LiverpoolMunkey76

        I’d be interested in seeing her time with the other guy too

        1. I had another version of this but too sexually explicit and didn’t want to cross the WordPress line on nudity and sex. I’ll have some stories and visuals that feature moments with the other guy too.

  19. LiverpoolMunkey76

    Glad to hear

  20. Wow, that was some naughty and sensual stuff there. Need a shower now.

    1. Thank you, Vinnieh! 🙂 It is always hot to know when others find these works stimulating. Hope you had some fun in that shower too 😉

  21. You want a sex song? Easy by Son Lux

    1. This is a hot tune! I definitely had erotic images and desires floating through my thoughts as I listened.

  22. Isn’t it?!! Love Portishead

    1. This song brought them to my awareness. I’ve since explored their catalog and they have created some really great music. 🙂

      1. Yes! I cannot say how much I enjoyed that video. I like that it’s tasteful and sensual

        1. Thank you ❤ I’m not sure how it happened but I seem to have a preference for how I craft these videos. There are the images (moving or still) that inspire me, a perfect song that matches the emotions I am feeling, and floating narrative that guides the story a little closer to my intent. Erotic exploration and sensuality was definitely the goal with this one. For it to connect with and stimulate a woman such as yourself is very rewarding and…exciting! 🙂

  23. Michael, It’s Grace in my other incarnation. This is the other blog I mentioned. The naughtier side of me. Hope you’ll come visit.

    1. Oh yes! I’ve been waiting patiently for this invite 😀

      1. Wonderful! Welcome, Michael!

  24. Buona domenica Michael 🙂

    1. Mmmm, made my Sunday great knowing you were watching this! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend, beautiful Simona 😘

  25. Can I be that naughty angel? Please?

    1. Sexy girl, just by watching this and craving that fantasy, you are already that Naughty Angel, mmmm!🔥

  26. I love this song and your video is beautiful. The dynamic it builds is compelling and very sexy! And now I get to go to work with those images in my mind!

    1. Thanks for checking this one out…one of my personal favorites. Love your reaction to it too 🔥Mmmm, it is hot imagining a sexy woman like yourself heading off to work with such naughty images dancing through her thoughts!☺️

  27. Sooo , exploring your blog… I find this to be very intriguing… I wouldn’t dare type what I want to type… yeah, sitting here with the visuals replaying … interesting 😉

    1. Oh Jenn, you are being a tease. I would pay money to know what you are thinking about this, ha! You are creating some hot visuals here as I even consider the possibilities. It is definitely a kink of mine that I write about on occasion as I try to understand it. You are always welcome to email. Thanks for giving this a read and leaving just enough of a comment to get me all hot and bothered, ha! 🔥

      1. 😎 I promise that was not my intent! 😋 I told you i hold back all the time! Lol but maybe I will be in touch… 😉

        1. Hmmm, we’ll have to see what we can do to set you free…at least a little. I can sense the naughty angel in you aching to be set free 😈😇 Or, maybe you are like a butterfly…ready to spread your beautiful, vibrant wings😘

  28. 💞💞💞

  29. Love it Michael! The title led me to believe it was a must see. It did not dissapoint. Digital art was great. Love the song. Very hot. Favorite part was the 1st line that was sprung on me. “You want more cock…” Delightful!!! A triumph;)

    1. This is awesome! It reads like a movie review…a good movie review at that. I’m with you FilthyDee on your favorite part. Up until the “You want more cock…”, the video was female submission. At this point it became cuckolding with a unique twist of female submission. I was sporting wood the entire time I worked on this one.

      1. Ha! It is a movie review…that shit was great man! I was intrigued from the beginning, but that line hit like a hammer, I laughed very hard and it was also wood-worthy:) I can’t imagine how fun/hot it must be to be a part of creating this type of work. I envy you brother.

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  32. […] me and represents a blending of fantasies. I explore this idea of a dominant cuckold in the video Naughty Angel (Dominant Cuckold). In another post, A submissive Woman’s Perspective on Cuckolding, a former lover describes […]

  33. WHY does it ALWAYS have to be a black bull?? That’s my only problem with the whole cuckold scene on here, it’s ALWAYS a BBC. Are they the only ones who know what they are doing or have a big cock?

    1. Hi Cincy, thanks for the comment. I agree cuckolding is heavy on BBC. I have written a lot on cuckolding and somewhat defend what you are saying here. I am a strong believer that the essence of cuckolding in a healthy relationship is based on love and is all about the couple and their mutual satisfaction. Interracial sex, Small Penis Teasing/Erotic Humiliation, and the Sperm War theory are layers added onto cuckolding. However, they are not essential elements of cuckolding and cuckolding often exists without it as you point out as well. I’ve been a “Bull” for several couples and had my own cuckold relationships. In both roles, it was just sexual fun. Even as a cuckold, these moments didn’t dominate our relationship…just fun moments interlaced within loving relationships that were richer and encompassed far more than sex.

  34. The dominant black male makes cuckolding a reality for the husband and wife. He ignites in the woman a taste for a different cock that makes her orgasm like never before. Her lust and desire feels stronger than ever before and, even if her husband is present, his presence fades from her consciousness and is solely directed at her black bull now. The cuckold is also overwhelmed with pleasure and pride knowing his beautiful and sexy woman can entice such a strong masculine lover.

    1. Dartman, I love your comments here and throughout my posts! I know we have different thoughts around love, control, and power in cuckold relationships…maybe we just have different twists on the cuckold experience that drive us. I really enjoyed your interpretation of the video and that you took the time to share. Your description was erotic and intense!

    2. mmmmmnnmm yes I agree with you. As a woman who prefers sex with men any shade from olive to black the who racial aspect of a cuckhold relationship it has just always had more or a 3way aspect in an open relationship mainly because Ive never not been satisfied with a partner and the whole dominance aspect has been reserved for myself and the person I was closer too rather than a stranger.
      Ive always fantasized about the concept but having it layed out before has me realizing my adventurousness has had me going at it completely backwards.
      Now Ive got some food for thought for the next time I find myself late at nite laying in bed awake and some type of way for sure😉💦

      1. Such a naughty Kitty, thanks so much for browsing my blog…there is a lot cuckold content for you enjoy on those late nights when you are feeling that craving 🍑💧This can play out many ways of course with the Bull being dominant or your man being dominant…all about what makes you hot as a couple.

  35. I really like the artistic touch, you put on all your videos and galleries… Very good high quality stuff.

    1. Thank you, Leglicker…really appreciate that! 🙂

  36. Beautiful dreamy yet intensely erotic. You remind me of Warwick Saint’s beautiful video of Marloes Horst to the song Paradise Circus.

    1. Wow, I’m humbled! Beautiful dreamy and intensely erotic…love those adjectives and the sexual tension found in the contrast of the word pairings. I just checked out the video you referenced and loved it! I wish it was about 5 times longer, ha! The whole adult arts channel on Vimeo (where I found the link) is quite an erotic discovery. Thanks HangDog!

  37. I very much enjoyed your mix. The tone of Portishead and the slow erotic aspect was refreshing. How odd is it to say that I enjoyed masturbating to a higher level of clip.

  38. I could not resist! I had to watch it again and again. I myself am very interested in cuckold lifestyle but there was never any content for a dominant cuckold. I have never like the husband to be humiliated. I myself am a very dominant male who just happens to like to see my wife other males too. I am proud of her and want to show off. I want to strut my stuff but it is always MINE! She belongs me! I OWN her, and this video captures the sentiment very well!

  39. PervyHubby

    Very…very…very hot! It’s not often that I share porn with my wife, but she is going to see this for sure. She’ll love it!

    1. Thank you Perv-Hubby! Hope you and your wife had some fun with this…maybe opening up a few fantasies as well! 😉

  40. Damn that was hot as hell!!

    1. Thank you M. Dawg, glad you enjoyed this! Always appreciate your visit.

  41. Back again to strike that chord of erotic tension and feel it in my own erection ….

    1. mmmmmmmm very nice💜

      1. I think it may have struck that same chord of erotic with you 🔥

        1. mmmmmmm you know it did and now Im laying here reflecting💦💦💦💦

  42. MargieHank

    A wonderful piece of work,you have a talent. You dug deep into my brain and soul with this. Very erotic and exciting…. I myself am not into cuckold but this was one hell of a vid!

    1. MargieHank, loved this comment! “Dug deep into my brain and soul”…there were a lot of layers explored in this one and I went through a similar journey of the mind and soul as this one came together. It is about power and control. How far will she go to please him? This element is often missed in cuckolding. It always seems focused on a dominant female and submissive male. Yet, the cuckold often holds the power.

  43. The lover wants to make sure the white wife has the long erotic sex that will make her body tremble with erotic pleasure that will make her so glad she is cuckold her hubby with a man with a super long thick cock that rouses every erotic pore in her body.

  44. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks for checking it out and the comment, Joe.

  45. Excellent work!

    1. Thank you JackyL, glad you enjoyed it!

  46. CocoaKisses

    Interesting video. Nicely done

    1. Thank you CocoaKisses, appreciate your comment.

  47. Wanderlust

    Very artfully done. Excellent work.

    1. Thanks WanderLust, really pleased you have enjoyed some of these videos… They are a little different but it feels good when it resonates with kindred spirits.

  48. GigliBianca

    Best cuck video ever!

  49. I’m a dom cuck. Shame there aren’t any videos like it. Too many sissy sub cucks into humiliation. People don’t realise the power a cuck has.

    I’m not into all the humiliation thing… Anyone have any video suggestions that match this video? Doesn’t have to be bbc either, just a cuck with the power of telling his woman who to fuck, preferably with the cuck joining in.

    1. That’s not cuckolding, that’s it’s cousin fetish of hotwifing. Cuckold relationship is female led, whereas hotwife marriages are husband controlled.

      1. Thanks for the comment, but I disagree. Femdom is female led. The cuckold (whether dominant or submissive) is always in control. In fetish play, he is cuckolded because he wants to be cuckolded. To think otherwise is to be lost in the fantasy rather than real-life experiences.To that end, is the cuckold always in control…even if “acting” like he isn’t. We are inundated with submissive (even pathetic) content passed off as” cuckolding”. More often than not, what we are really seeing is Femdom as the primary fantasy with a layering of humiliation and cuckolding mixed in. The video depicts a dominant male that is experiencing the cuckold burn.

  50. MoreThanEyes

    Very well-presented, and thoughtful in a way I found surprising… if you’re a man in this situation, with a woman who both shares this and herself with you honestly, you’re a lucky MF!

  51. Wow, just wow…nice work man. I think all wives should see this video..

  52. MisterFingers

    Beautiful video. Very sensual. I like how it focuses on the love aspect. I think too many cuckolding videos focus on humiliation which is fine but for me cuckolding isn’t about that. It’s about love and sex and sharing in erotic pleasures together as equals. It should be a positive experience for all involved. And sexy as hell of course, which this video was. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Been away for a bit and catching up on some comments from the Dominant Cuckold video. Yours, no surprise, is very insightful! The humiliation often focused on may still be present but wasn’t the centerpiece of the experience. Instead, the focus in the video is on the the love, passion, and mental play between the couple that drives the experience. Awesome comment, my friend! 🙂

  53. Sexy! Well done.

    1. Thank you Cruzin, this one along with “It Burns” are two of my favorites…they seem to really capture some deep themes with the cuckold experience.

  54. Just excellent! A piece of erotic art

    1. Thank you Leonardo, really appreciate the artistic and erotic references…means a lot! 🙂

  55. LibertySex

    On aime beaucoup ! merci

    1. Thank you, LibertySex…so glad you enjoyed 🙂

  56. SubWhiteWife

    WOW, Thanks for such a hot clip !!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this SubWhiteWife, hope it touched a few erotic hot buttons for you 😉

  57. She is so pretty & is acting the way a woman should be. Doing what your man wants her to. Awesome!

    1. Thanks SubRamie, you touch on something that isn’t often spoken about in cuckolding… We tend to bury the reality that the cuckold often holds great power.

  58. Great clip! And, I love this song…

    1. Glad you found the song and clip to be a good pairing 🙂

  59. Val and Jayne

    It isn’t really about the BBC, it’s about her pleasing her cuckold hubby /partner (mind fuck) and satisfying her cuck’s needs and desire.

    1. In the case of a submissive female (with a dominant cuckold) your take on this rings true. Now, she definitely enjoys herself (hopefully) but the experience is about her and her real lover, not some guy that is just passing through for sex. I have a post on cuckolding from a submissive woman’s perspective and how the fantasy plays out for her. Hope you will check that out.

  60. So erotic…

  61. Yes, it’s nice to watch.

    1. Yes, we seem to have a few things in common 😈

  62. I throughly enjoyed that Michael 😈 ❤️

    1. I hope that means what I think it means…. 🔥💦

      1. Always 😈😘

  63. Thatb\ video was smoking

    1. This is the best kind of reaction, thank you 🔥

  64. My blog is private but if you click request invite I’ll you in.

    1. It looks like I am in…never a good thing when a woman doesn’t know 😛Why are you private?

      1. It’s been a rough last two week, i found out a close friend has cancer, my uncle past away and then a few days ago I saw a man jump from a high committing suicide. And it all has my anxiety going crazy so I only wanted to be around a few people. At least until I feel more relaxed to communicate with more than a few.

        But, you just gave me a smile and made me blush once again with that naughty joke. I liked it 😃😊🙈

        1. I’m so sorry…this has been a really tough stretch for you. 😔 Never a bad idea to tighten the circle when you are feeling angst so you can center and calm yourself. Glad I could make you smile and even happier to make you blush ☺️😈

          1. You’re a sweet charmer

  65. Ciao Micheal 🙂

    1. Ciao beautiful Simona 😘

  66. Damn… Got me in the mood.

    1. This is high praise from such a sexy hotwife 🔥

  67. Not only is this one of my favourite song, you have embedded it in my mind with a whole new vision.
    This video is 🔥🔥 I love it

    1. Being a naughty angel yourself, I’m not surprised it inspired some delicious heat 🔥☺️ This song IS amazing…one of my all-time favs too ✨

  68. Absolutely!

    1. Glad you felt this 🔥

  69. Onlooker2022

    From this time, unchained
    We’re all looking at a different picture
    Through this new frame of mind
    A thousand flowers could bloom
    Move over and give us some room, yeah

  70. FreeLove4All

    Best video!!!

  71. NewNorthEnd


  72. Top!

  73. Best definition ever. Fuck this humiliation Sissy crap they try to show as cuckold. Usually is a man’s fantasy to see his wife doing that…this video is empowering. Great job!

  74. Wonderful portrayal.

  75. You just received your first two tributes from me Michael, that was beyond hot! 💦💦💋💋💖😈🔥🔥🔥

    1. Gem, I sooo enjoy the thought of you watching this…the rising heat and fingers drifting lower. Even once is amazing to know. Twice though? That is extra naughty and hot! 🍑💦💦😈 Now I’m feeling inspired 🍆🔥

      1. hmm… I confess, I was feeling a little bit naughty anyway and what better place to visit than your blog for inspiration, the first tribute was quite quick, the second, oh… the second was deliciously slow burning… almost painful, but when it arrived it was ….mmmm💋😈 🔥💦🔥🔥😈💋💦

  76. So hot! So sensual and a powerful display of shared pleasure. Love your video 🔥

    1. Hi Robecca, always love when you stop by to share some of your sexy energy ☺️There’s a lot of naughtiness going on but, as you stated, it is ultimately about the couple’s shared pleasure 🔥 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 💫

  77. Michael. I feel like I hardly know you. This was not only professionally done but was hot as hell. The hot part I get, the professional video part astounded me.

    1. Hey brother, so glad you enjoyed this!🔥 I love making these videos and appreciate your encouragement. I may need to make another pass at something like this 💫

  78. Too hot I love it. I watched this twice lol I love all your work

    1. Two views? You may have needed a little extra contact time 😈 This is one of my personal favorites…the music feels intense and erotic with layers of submission and cuckolding swirling throughout. 🔥

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