Cuckolding was a kink you had never heard of before until I revealed my desire of wanting to watch you with another man. I remember your shock along with the questions and concerns you voiced. One by one, I addressed them and reassured you. Eventually, you allowed yourself to dip your toes into the fantasy. You were amazed with how the fantasy of another man joining our intimate pairing generated so much erotic heat between us and infused our relationship with something very powerful, new, and exciting. It was like you were high on life again.

The fire that had once burned so intensely when we were first falling in love was blazing once again. We felt more emotionally connected than we had been for some time. While I didn’t think my behavior was changing, you often commented how I was much more attentive, sexually and otherwise. Sexual competition works in funny ways and was causing me to elevate my game again. It is no wonder that cuckolding soon became your favorite fantasy as well. As the intensity of our fantasy grew, you finally decided you were ready to take the next step.

We set about trying to find the right guy to serve as our Bull. Each cuckold couple has their own unique preferences. One of our preferences was that our Bull to have a thick, 9”(or larger) cock. You had spent your life with men offering far less between their legs. The sex had been good, even great at times, but you were curious. Is bigger better? There were also other things you wondered about. Cuckolding represented a perfect opportunity for you to fulfill those fantasies within the emotional safety of our relationship and my full support, even encouragement.

Reality often pales in comparison to the perfect fantasy. I knew this and tried to manage our expectations. Perhaps this is why the actual experience was so shockingly good for you and so much more than you had even imagined possible. The sensation of a thick, 9” cock was was better and nothing before had even been even remotely close. You couldn’t believe it was actually okay to have all of this pleasure with no guilt. Of course, I was more than okay with it. I wanted you to experience this gift of pleasure, even though it came from another man’s cock.

Our Bull was definitely a keeper and you continued to engage with him. As the relationship evolved, you began to feel submissive to him. He thoroughly enjoyed dominating you and was always working on taking control and “ownership” of your pussy. You began to appreciate that when a man is spanking her ass while burying his long, thick cock inside your pussy, your submissive desires emerge in a very strong way. Sure, I spanked you on occasion and tried to tap into your submissive fantasy but, when it came time to fuck, my smaller cock didn’t command your submission like our Bull does.  It felt crazy and wrong to feel this deep desire to submit to another man. After all, you already had a man that you loved deeply, but your body spoke your truth. You were having the best sex of your life and truly experiencing a deep and genuine form of submission.

You were transparent and shared all of your confusing feelings throughout this journey. This included the exhilarating erotic rush of submitting to our Bull. I was supportive. In fact, it turned me on. Our cuckold play was evolving in an unexpected but incredibly erotic way for me too. My cock was constantly hard knowing another man was fucking my girl better and commanding your body in ways I am physically incapable of providing. My smaller cock was constantly wet knowing another man had taken ownership on of my girl’s sweet pussy – that you had willingly given ownership of your pussy to another man.

Sienna 92 v3

As your submission to him deepened, my cuckold experience was equally exhilarating and deepening. I saw how he made you scream with pleasure and how hard and often he made you cum. I entered you many times after him and experienced the far more muted response to my smaller cock and intense erotic humiliation of those moments. Sexually, he was a more physically capable lover and took ownership of my girl’s pussy. I allowed it happen too and encouraged you to listen to your body, it revealed your truth. I assured you that I was also enjoying this experience. My dripping cock spoke my truth. Eventually, it got to a point where you had to ask him for permission to have sex with me.

I remember the night things took on an even hotter dynamic. We were snuggled in on the couch enjoying some quiet, cozy time when a text comes in from our Bull. It seems he wants to stop by for a quickie. He wants His pussy. It felt awkward to interrupt our evening but you knew the only answer was, “Yes Sir, please come by…I’ll be waiting for you.”  It was such a hot mind fuck to be in space where another man could call my girl and tell her that he is coming over to fuck you. Your pussy was instantly soaked and, like a good cuck, my cock was throbbing. 

After arriving, he quickly whisked you away into the bedroom. I was amazed by how quickly the night has changed course. One moment my girl was tucked in my loving arms. Then, in only a matter of minutes, another man had you bent over in our bed and was pounding your sweet pussy from behind. At the time, I still had the freedom to participate as I wished and decided to slip in under you in a 69 position. You were able to suck my cock while I licked your clit as he fucked you.

Sienna 93b

Down below a dynamic situation was unfolding. For the first time, I was getting an up close look at the source of all your pleasure. I was mesmerized by the sight of another man’s thick veiny cock sliding in and out of your pussy and the vibrations of you moaning around my smaller shaft. Baby, your pretty little pink lips were stretched sooo tight and formed an erotic “O ring” around our Bull’s manly shaft. The contrast of his size and skin tone still felt so unfamiliar and visually intense. I began to match his rhythm by thrusting into your mouth as his powerful cock pushed deeper inside you.

My line of sight was intermittent because most of the time, our Bull’s heavy, slick balls were dragging along my face and covering my eyes. As I tried to lick your clit and add to your pleasure, my nose and face were constantly in contact with our Bull’s cock – now wet and dripping with your juices. Occasionally – accidentally – my tongue slid fully along his thick, meaty shaft. I’m sure he felt it and it seemed to make him even harder. I imagined him smugly laughing knowing he was making you cum so good while, at the same time, savoring the erotic rush of dragging his heavy balls all over my face.

This had to be a huge power trip. He knew he fucked my girl better, and you had readily admitted this to him many times. This is why your pussy is his now and why he can have it whenever he wants – like tonight. I realize there is an obvious level of acquiescence inherent in surrendering my lover’s pussy to another man. Was it submission though? Up to this point, I had remained on the fringe and removed from much of the power dynamics. He had commanded your submission, but I sensed he wanted and needed more – my submission.

As I continued to lick your clit, our Bull took this moment as an opportunity to assert himself. He pulled out and allowed his huge bulbous head, covered with your juices, to rest at your gaped opening…inviting me to taste and lick off your juices. My mind was spinning, and I couldn’t resist his invitation. My tongue flowed around bottom ridges of his juicy head. He pulled out a little more until his heavy shaft dropped onto my face, resting on my lips. I was faced with two options: turn away to avoid contact or part my lips and fully acknowledge his status as the Alpha. This was the moment of truth.

Unable to resist this irresistible primal force, I parted my lips and ran my tongue along your Bull’s dripping, flared head. I slowly flicked and swirled it across his hole to taste his sweet, salty arousal…to taste his dominance. You know from experience how big, smooth, and juicy that head is…how you almost worship it and love having your lips wrapped around it. He pushes downward a little more so his head passes the threshold of my lips. I think he knew I would be sucking his big cock one day.

I open wider to accept his superior cock in my mouth. It was done now. Your Bull has asserted his dominance over you and now over me. He pushed deeper in my mouth as I struggled to handle more of this man’s overwhelming cock. He gave me a couple short thrusts before pushing deeply in my throat and holding his position. I was gagging as my eyes widened and filled with water. I was choking on his cock before he mercifully pulled out and then buried himself back inside your pussy…His pussy. 

My little cock was straining like never before. My mind was spinning. I had never fantasized about men and had never had any interest at all in seeing a man one-on-one. I don’t consider himself gay or even bi-sexual. Yet, I had just sucked a big cock and liked it. I really liked it. The moment lasted only seconds but a genuine power shift transpired. The man pounding you into divine bliss became more than the Bull, he became the Alpha male. I had acknowledged his status as the Alpha by sucking his cock. As you continued to cum all over our Bull’s cock, I licked and gently and gently sucked on our Bull’s large, heavy balls as he enjoyed his fill of your pussy – his pussy.

You will become aware of what happened soon enough. I wonder if you have fantasized about watching your man suck another man’s cock? If so, you will soon witness your fantasy. Perhaps you find the thought of another man dominating you and your lover incredibly erotic. You will get to live this now. On the other hand, you may find the whole thing a bit unsettling. You may be worried that your man may now like men and find it troubling. Don’t worry. 

What happened wasn’t about sexual preferences – it was about submission and/or erotic humiliation. I liked it because, along with you, I found power play very erotic. It felt submissive and erotically humiliating to suck the cock that gives you the level of pleasure I am incapable of providing…to physically acknowledge his sexual superiority. The height of my erotic humiliation will come when you become aware it – when you see me submissively servicing the Alpha’s cock. This is erotic humiliation in its full splendor for many cuckolds. However, the erotic rush of this experience completely disappears without your presence.

Sienna 93

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27 thoughts on “When Your Cuck Submits (With You)

  1. There really is nothing like it… both submitting to the mutual fantasies. Bringing both closer together for mutual pleasure and satisfaction (and a craving for more). Excellent piece. Seriously, very good.

    1. Tara, your comment made my day! I was beginning to think it was a dud but I’m glad you enjoyed it. It has had me on fire all week thinking about it and writing. You captured the essence of this so well…it is about the couple and that craving for more is powerful. 😈🔥

      1. Michael, I don’t know why WordPress NEVER shows me your comments. It’s highly frustrating. But yes, the craving, the connection found in the craving, a powerful, sexy, invigorating thing.

    2. I am sorry, I am not in the market.

      1. Anonymous

        Nothing to be sorry about but appreciate you stopping by.

  2. OMG Michael. I think I have made this same comment on another one of your posts too. I don’t know what else to say because I am lost for words. Imagine me being speechless. Ha ha. Sending you lots of love.

    1. What comment? “OMG”? 😛I take it you found something exciting in this? Good 😈🔥

      1. Your posts are always very exciting and not just that either, I always learn something from you every time. OMG is appropriate 😁❤️

        1. Haha! You are so sweet, and so very naughty! 😇😈

  3. I found this fascinating, stimulating and left me with a strange curiosity about the subject, often an effect of your writing.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. The idea of the lady being the one who watches was again fascinating

    1. Fascinated, stimulated, and curious… I couldn’t have hoped for a better effect. Thank you for sharing that…it inspires me. 🔥 I must say, this one had me feeling very excited too. I couldn’t shake it from my thoughts. This all happening with the woman you love being present and watching her man submit to another man…whew. I think all three people get an intense mind fuck out of this.

      1. Anonymous

        I would love to partake with you.

        1. Anonymous

          By the way it was me guy

        2. Dennis loukeris

          Yes I am glad you indicated and I showed my big boss that is what I have to call my wife that she should think I am gay when I suck her bulls cock I only do it because it makes her wet obviously when she is happy I am happier

          1. When you suck the Bull’s cock, do you feel a sense of embarrassment that for some reason makes the experience feel arousing to you?

  4. I like this second person style of writing. Putting us right into the action. I can just imagine watching the man I love kneeling in front of my bull, opening wide to take his big cock down his throat just like I have many times before. He’s such a good cuck for taking his turn. I bet his stomach is swirling with the humiliating heat of it all. Maybe next time, he and I could share… 😈

    1. I guess I did sort of…thrust you into it. ☺️It was definitely a change of pace for that POV and I liked the freedom I had with it. As for the rest of your reaction – WOW! I’m finding it hard to keep my hands on the keyboard 🍆🔥 Seems you get this all in a reallly hot way! 😈Thank you sharing your reaction – I sooo enjoyed it 💫

      1. Hmm… I wonder where your hands are… 😈😘 I do get this. I might have some firsthand experience with this… 😉

  5. Very sexy, Michael! They are so many aspects to this fantasy that you’ve brought to mind. But most of all mutual pleasure only enhances the experience. Cuckolding, whether watching or actually participating alone is erotic. Add in submission and the entire experience is pushed to another level. You captured that brilliantly! Another great post.

    1. Robecca, such wonderful feedback is enough to make a man’s head swell… ☺️You definitely picked up on what I so enjoy about this kink. There is are so many possibilities, different types of erotic adventures savor. All the erotic layers are intense. The best part though is that you share it with the one you love and all the naughtiness is just part of your sexy, loving fun.

  6. Too bad that several links/pages of the « Sensual Shadows – Chronology & Links » no longer work. The whole Sienna adventure must have been mind blowing

    1. Thanks for the comment, your message came through as “anonymous”. I am in the process of creating digital art for many of those memories with Sienna. I’ll be releasing many of them during the year and will activate or re-activate the links. I’m glad you are enjoying what is available so far. It was definitely mind blowing…in the most erotic way. 🔥💫 Even more so because I loved her so deeply. More to come…

  7. this is one of my favourite posts of yours Michael, the power transfer from Alpha to beta for you in this is exceptionally erotic to read. How you admit that even though you had never considered going male on male ever, the feel of his cock dominating your mouth turned you on like nothing else could. In that moment your submission to his dominance of both of you was mind blowing. Your submissive acceptance that her pussy was now his pussy to play with and not yours. Such an erotically charged moment, the images you painted with your words and of course your beautiful art work stay with me. Erotic thoughts of my own swirl and want to escape…💋😈💋💖

    1. Mmmm, sweet sexy Gem 🔥💞🔥You are a very dangerous woman in the very best sense of the phrase 😘 I’ve been really busy today but saw this comment and was instantly rock hard…and I mean HARD 🍆✨ I shook my head with a big smile, took a deep breath with an extended sigh then went back to work. I revisited this a couple hours later with the same result! And, then again. There are so many ways one might respond to this post and your reaction stroked my mind like it was a cock being worked over. Damn, this was fire! You know, I wrote this a while back but used a different point of view and made the man somewhat anonymous to test the waters. I decided to finally ownership of this highly charged, decadent moment 😈😋 I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sexy girl, I will be spending some time on your latest series this weekend. I need to immerse myself in it and truly looking forward to seeing how many times I can pay tribute 🍆💦💦💖

      1. Ah Michael, you know I love to push hard on your erotic senses, you respond so wonderfully each and every time I come to play. Such a beautiful naughty mind how could I resist?
        Your post turned me on deeply, I actually moaned softly when I saw you were claiming ownership of such an erotically charged cuck moment Michael, you tasted the full worth of your status as cuck and you admitted you liked it. I was HOT and deliciously wet during the reading, which made me wonder how hard you were during the rewriting of this post? 🍆💦
        If you’re intent on reading the Top Hat & Tails series this weekend wear loose fitting trousers beautiful man, or none at all…
        It is my hottest work to date, I wouldn’t want you too uncomfortable while you read… but perhaps I should remind you, it is (NO)Vember… 💋😈💦 as always 💫 💎Gem

        1. I love this vision of you wet and softly moaning in all manner of scenarios 🍑💧…even when inspired by me taking another man’s much larger cock in mouth and fully acknowledging my cuck status. I was extremely hard writing this as I am now reading your comment. As I look forward to getting into Top Hat and Tails this weekend, I am aware that it is NOvember and the powerful force you exert on my cock and ability to control it like one of your little toys. Would you like for me physically tribute to your incredibly erotic posts this weekend or, given that I opened up so wide for another man to bury his cock in my throat, that I should be denied my release? 🍆🚫💦 Hope you have a wonderful day, you’ll be hearing from me again, sexy Gem 😘💝💫

          1. Ooooh choices!! We know I love to make things hard for you michael! I think as you’ve been missing from my posts for a while you should give me your tributes physically this weekend, but… I do think you taking that cock so deeply down your throat…not to mention enjoying it so much… mmm … sorry… distracted … fingers need to play while I visualise that scene … mm mm mm … should incur some sort of denial don’t you think?
            There is something thrilling and darkly exciting about controlling a man’s releases, either by outright denial or by continual stimulation and then denial of his release until I say so… you are very much like one of my little toys darling, I do so enjoy playing with you, especially when I have my big toys out to play too. I hope you enjoy the Top Hat & Tails series, but don’t get used to the freedom to tribute too much gorgeous, your denial status is imminent post weekend. 💎😈💋🍆💦💦💦💎💫💞

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