Early in our relationship, like many sexually open-minded couples, Sienna and I went through a period where we revealed our sexual fantasies to one another. Mine was to watch her with a well-endowed black man. Her fantasy was to submit to me as her Sir. Cuckolding and female submission don’t always go hand-in-hand, but we were able to create a shared framework for a fantasy that worked for both of us. This is how we dipped our toes into cuckolding. How it would play out in real life might be something quite different.

Cuckolding is often portrayed as a dominant female/submissive male relationship, but it doesn’t have to be (and often isn’t) that way in real life. In my popular Cuckolding vs. Femdom essay, I untangle these two fantasies and show how each is distinct and often exist independent of one another. Essentially, I make the case that if any power play exists in cuckolding, it exists an additional fantasy layered within – a fetish within a fetish.

Ultimately, labels really don’t matter – a couple finds their erotic sweet spot and simply enjoys what they enjoy. That said, a significant part of my blog is devoted to educating women about cuckolding, correcting misconceptions, and helping them understand why it might be a fun kink to explore with their lover…even if just as a fantasy. This is why labels are important to me – they help frame and define the discussion. 

If a woman were to google cuckolding or check out cuckold videos on a porn site, the sad reality is that what you will find probably isn’t the type of cuckold experience your lover (if he wants you to be with other men) desires.  Frankly, it probably won’t be appealing to you either. What you will likely see is Femdom, male submission, and erotic humiliation masquerading as cuckolding. The deep emotional connection of the couple and powerful erotic swirl of another man joining their special union is completely absent. Porn’s false projections of cuckolding, without fail, miss the true essence of cuckolding – the couple’s loving, erotic connection as the evening unfolds.


Anecdotally, it seems to me that most women who are into power play tend to fall on the submissive side of the equation. However, being a submissive female doesn’t rule out cuckolding for the couple. For example, the cuck could be submissive and his lover could find a dominant bull to help tap into her submissive desires. If a woman prefers that her primary partner be dominant, there are plenty of Doms that get off thinking about their lover with another man. And, it isn’t unusual to find submissive women who are intrigued by the thought of being with other men within the boundaries of a D/s relationship. Cuckolding, whether admitted to or not because of its often misplaced negative connotations in the BDSM community, is at play in these situations. It may be secondary to D/s, but it is there.

My early experience with Sienna is a great example of how cuckolding can play out for a woman with submissive fantasies. In the remainder of this post, Sienna will share her perspective. It is worth mentioning here that I also enjoy a bit of erotic humiliation (especially small penis teasing), and you will see Sienna pushing on this erotic hot button a few times in her writing below.  

My Submission is to You-1

Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective

Sweetheart, you are my amazing, sexy Man and I LOVE you! And, I LOVE your cock…MY sweet, little cock! Baby, this is why we are so perfect together. Well, it is one of many, many reasons but one of the physical reasons we are perfect together. Your little cock fits my little pussy and tight space so PERFECTLY!!! Yet, you make me yearn for MORE – a bigger, longer, thicker, and darker cock! Of course, this yearning is only for the contrast and our naughty fun.

Sweet Love, it is important to me that the other man knows how much I love, adore and respect you. I want him to know that you are not “less than” in my eyes. This is one of the big reasons I’m so uncomfortable about having some random guy with a big cock taking me. Yes, he will fuck me and it will be hot, but it isn’t about me and him. It is all about OUR experience…it’s about you and me! This is why I’m so, so, so excited about Jalen. [Jalen was a prospective Bull we were engaging with for our first cuckold experience.] He knows how special and amazing we are together and what all of this naughtiness means to us. He has read our love stories and understands our deep connection. He knows and understands the passion, lust, and love we have for one another. It’s so important to me that the other man knows this. You are my Man, and I am YOUR girl, not his!

In living out this fantasy, I submit to YOUR desire for me to be fucked by a tall, muscular, and well-hung black man. I could have experienced this at any point in my life before you but didn’t. I want to experience this now as an act of submission to you…for US. It makes me so hot thinking about you telling me to take out his huge cock and the other naughty things that you will tell me to do or direct to have happen.

Sienna 103

My deepest form of submission is to you – you are the man I love with all my soul! You are the one directing and telling your girl that you want me to have a bigger, thicker more fulfilling cock. Experiencing a bigger, darker, thicker cock will be such a contrast to your beautiful but smaller cock and just thinking about it makes me gush with silky wetness! Whether I am sucking his big cock or he is fucking me good, I am submitting to your direction. You are allowing another man to stretch and fill my pussy to the max! To please you Sir, I am allowing another man to thrust and bury his big black cock deep in my pussy and give me more than I have ever experienced before. I do it for you, not for him. I do it to him, to please you. You are in charge of my sexual pleasure even if you bring in another man to give it to me!

Sienna 103 angle 2

It’s an exhilarating rush of naughty submission that I never imagined possible as you push my submission and sexuality to new limits. This is such a naughty contrast to my reality too. People me would be SHOCKED to know I have such naughty dark cravings and there is something about that too makes me so hot!

Sienna 103 angle 3

There is another erotic twist in this fantasy that is also such a turn on. This new man will think he has it all and is controlling the scenario. He knows he can provide me with the deep, physically fulfilling pleasure I have been craving. He will think he has me now and may even believe that you will become inferior in my eyes. He will be so wrong! The impetus for me is what it is for US! It’s all about OUR pleasure seeking for US! He plays a role that is not about the intimate, adoring love, and deep connection we have. He’s only there for our fun, captivating naughtiness. What can’t be taken and won over is the deep, heartfelt, and connecting love we have fostered and treasure. Mmmmm, this is my secret and real depiction of our fantasy and our true love, Baby!


This post characterized the way the fantasy for Sienna and I initially framed our Dominant/cuckold fantasy and set the wheels in motion for these kinks as part of our sexual adventures. As our story evolves, you will see that Sienna’s mindset around cuckolding and submission will continue to evolve.

If you enjoyed this story, I invite you to visit my Patreon site The Dollhouse Studio. Patrons will have exclusive access to a more extensive collection of my 3D art (some explicit) and erotic stories not available on my blog. The site is relatively new, but I’m adding content daily. Hope you enjoyed your visit ~ Michael 💫 

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72 thoughts on “Cuckolding – A Submissive Woman’s Perspective

  1. I can really get a sense of what Sienna was going to get out of this event and how it would fulfill her desire to be submissive to you. It’s interesting to read her words to you on it as well as see how she was able to feed your particular kinks and erotic yearnings even if they weren’t initially her own. Fascinating to get taken back in this way.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and blessings for a bright New Year! 💋

    1. Thanks for checking this out, Kristi😊It’s kind of hard at times going through these, but I still find myself very turned on as remember how it felt in the moment. Hopefully, I will do this story justice and arouse a few folks along the way🔥☺️ Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday😘

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes when I revisit older pieces and am taken pack to that time or person in my life it brings back all the feelings and sometimes amplified. And you are doing it justice at least from my end anyway. Oh, you don’t have to worry about not arousing folks Michael. That has never been a problem for you. 😘

        1. Arousing others is something you certainly excel at, sexy one ☺️🍆Hope you will share some of your naughty adventures and fantasies in 2017😘

          1. Mmmmm, we will see. Just need to find more time! 😘

  2. I found this deeply touching and arousing. Her love for you is very clear throughout

    1. Thank you, she was an incredible lover… I still find it surreal to read her thoughts about being with another man and how sensually she was able to still express her feelings for me at the same time…such a turn on. She was special.

      1. The line about you being in charge of her pleasure, even though another man was providing it got me hard, I don’t mind telling you

        1. I like it when you share… I enjoy knowing what turns people on and how it matches up with my erotic spots. A loving, submissive cuckoldress is definitely in my erotic sweet spot.

          1. Also there’s a voyeuristic element that is also arousing

          2. Great call, it’s like our personal erotic movie playing out in real time. We get to watch and they get to be exhibitionists…

          3. And you get to play later

          4. Yes, not as tight but even more delicious…

          5. I wonder, how would it feel if there was a third man involved?

          6. I always enjoy these conversations

          7. Thank you, my friend…I really enjoy the interactions with you too.

          8. Looking forward to reading your next post

  3. Lovely written, very arousing!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this. There were several fantasies merging here that may appear to conflict at first pass but it ended up being hotter than either of us ever imagined. Thank you for the reblog, my friend!

      1. I re-blog when I read something that I feel is genuine and real……and more people should be able to read it…..bringing you a wider audience……when a voice is something to be heard and pondered…..thank you for sharing so honestly……

        I have thought about this issue of cuckolding from both sides….I have seen my ex with another man in the past and been so incredibly aroused….and yes it was a bit of a “cuckolding” experience…..but I’ve had a few “relationships” where I was the bull as well…….this issue can be be very conflicted…..so arousing to see your wife being satisfied so completely……and then the danger of losing who you both are…..been there done that…..

        1. I hope you will share some of your cuckolding and bull experiences. I’ve done a bit of both myself. As long as it is framed as sexual play and boundaries are respected, it is all good fun. But, as you suggest, people are emotional and unpredictable…everything can’t be controlled like a lab experiment.

  4. Reblogged this on myarousal and commented:
    This is lovely written, arousing, passionate….

  5. Well hung . Oops , meant ‘well done ‘ !!

    1. Haha! Well said!😃

  6. Lucky girl 😉

    1. Mmmm, so glad you discovered this one and love your reaction!🔥

      1. I´m a bit jealous tbh 😀

  7. I have so little to offer any woman. My poor wife!

    1. Well Pete, I’ve checked out your blog and your statement is undeniable. Fortunately, I’m sure you have a great personality and that is why your wife loves you. Still, you can’t neglect her physical needs. I’m sure you understand this and will allow your wife the opportunity to experience a real cock every now and then. It may hurt your feelings but a woman has needs. You can provide them…through the cocks of other men. Btw, check out my cuckold gallery…I have more content you may enjoy while stroking your tiny penis.

  8. Absolutely Delicious! I am so jealous of her!

    1. I imagine you would like to be on your knees with a large black cock to serve? Our kinks are a bit different but flow around some similar themes. I have a cuckold gallery that has some content you may enjoy…or imagine yourself in. 😈🔥

  9. Gorgeous girl

    1. She was a very sexy woman and, perhaps, never looked hotter than when she knelt before him in a pose similar to this as I snapped photos.

      1. It’s a really pretty pose and lovely lady, really is

  10. Great!!!!!

    1. Thank you Rick, so glad you enjoyed this. It still makes me hot every time I read it. 🔥

  11. Very intense!!!

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  13. LoveBoth Sexes

    Omg…beautiful sexy posts…mmm 💦💦

  14. It seems to really resonate with a lot folks…myself included. Thanks for sharing your reaction 🔥

  15. Where she belongs.

    1. She envisioned it as a form of submission to me. Time will tell how it evolved and played out in reality.

  16. You just know she will submit, and her new lover will want more than her delicious mouth. He will eventually invade her inner sanctum, and if left without barrier or protest will deposit himself deeper than you can get it out. Such an erotic image, journal entry, and fantasy.

    1. OH MY GOD!!! wow…I have not heard anything hotter recently than this comment! I can’t tell you how much I love what is going on here.

    2. This is a super hot comment 🔥This woman – Sienna – is actually a former girlfriend I used to share a blog with. She wrote most of this while trying to explain how the BBC fantasy played within our relationship. She wanted a big black cock but didn’t want to be dominant towards me. Your thoughts about how it played out are delicious 😈

  17. I wonder if she’d like a huge white cock as well (About 8.7 inches with great girth and loads of veins popping out.)

    1. It’s a bit of a long story (which I am currently sharing) but yes, she only wanted BBC – it made her feel extra naughty and turned to be with with hung black men.

      1. Oh okay… And you were fine with it?

        1. Yes, I wanted it for her. It was our shared sexual adventure.

  18. 6inchpleasure

    I dream of watching my gorgeous wife suck a huge black cock

    1. I have been fortunate to experience this and it lived up to expectations 🔥I hope you fulfill your fantasy one day…😈

  19. I want to be in her place

    1. I would enjoy being there in person…as a casual observer!

      1. You wouldn’t want to participate? Watching is fun too and I definitely enjoy being a voyeur in these moments.

    2. I believe there are a lot of women that would agree with you…and some men that would like to see their lover kneeling in a similar position before him too 🔥

  20. Eroticism of the highest level!

  21. DarthSparrow

    Cuckolding and female submission can go well together. I believe it is hotter to find a bull that becomes your girl’s Dom. It is exciting to lose “control” on your girl as she submits to another man.

    1. You are expressing a theme I often see in cuckolding…seeing our woman dominated by her bull…her being submissive to another man and him treating our girl like his own personal fuck doll. Each relationship has its own unique texture. Sienna wanted to cuckold me but also wanted me to still be in control. That was the way she saw it initially. Time will tell if it played out that way.🔥

      1. DarthSparrow

        My own girl and I both have the fetish of submission. I just added the fetish of cuckolding. So we searched for a master for my girl. Having your girl writing on her soles she is someone else’s slave can’t let you unaffected.

        1. I can see how that would be very hot for both of you. It is hot evening reading about it, much less experiencing it 🔥

          1. DarthSparrow

            Yes! 🙂 We are at the beginning and I hope it will last years and go really far

  22. Sienna sees this as an act of submission to you but how do you see it? If I did this, I don’t think I would see it as an act of submission. I would think me and my cuckold would be equals. I would want to make him hot and fulfilled AND I want good sex. I can accomplish both by fucking other men. Maybe you see it as an act of submission if Sienna chooses her other man with you mind (big, black, and hung)?  A lot of women already have this desire anyway, myself included, so this isn’t really an act of submission. The fantasy is as much mine as it is his. I could even flip it around by being a dominant woman having my cuck submit to my desire for more men, bigger cocks, and better sex.

    1. You make completely valid points. One of the things I love about cuckolding is all the variety within the kink. The couple being in love and bringing another man into their sexual play is the core essence cuckolding. The power dynamics you discuss are really about D/s or Femdom and they are kinks layered on top of cuckolding. Sienna’s kink was being submissive and mine was cuckolding. We merged this into a shared fantasy in a way that made it comfortable for Sienna to cuckold me while still being submissive. We both played into one another’s desires. I think you will find that plenty of cuckolds enjoy being dominated. As for myself, being dominated doesn’t do much for me. That said, a little erotic humiliation can be quite enjoyable.

  23. Michael, could you make digital art of erotic fantasies from my real image?

    1. I would be honored. What is your fantasy and what image would you like me to reference?

      1. My fantasy is to be part of an interracial threesome, being bisexual myself … Can a character in your art have my figure?

        1. Of course. Please provide a link to the image you would like me to reference. Also, please describe what is happening in the scene. This will be exciting for me to read and also gives me an idea about what scene to create for you. You can do that here and I will delete the comment after I read it.

          1. Thank you, I spent some time today working on this. Not ready to show yet but good progress on the scene(s). 🔥

          2. Her body was permeated by the honey of her tissues, her hands held to the chair by her own net buccaneers that had become jailers of palms and fingers that longed to touch what her eyes saw, but could not. Her breasts in the air showed the desire that emerged from the internal volcano that mixed all the desires, ignited in the corporal hell, catapulted to the heavenly paradise by lips that run through every vein of her body. The bottom underwear still survived, shorn between furrows of passion, when their lips melt and a hand begins a journey south of the dunes that exude that unique and so particular sweet sweat. She moves on the chair wanting to escape from her own body. His legs open and close trying to put out the fire when, without waiting for it, he feels the hand that lands on the runway that takes him to know all the senses ever felt. She can’t contain her moan, even though her lips are still glued together. Like a storm, that body of fire begins to turn and is placed behind him; his hands catch her breasts and his tongue travels her neck from side to side without compassion, seeking the total fire of her body. In vain he tries to escape from the ties causing more surrender, more desire, more longing for what the brain begins to project as happening, but which is still desire, fantasy. The weather becomes slow, hot, humid, the instant his legs surround a body that, unfailingly, travels to the hottest point of its plain. The erotic sounds of his voice are transformed into words of supplication to melt the bodies without waiting, at the precise moment that the last garment that remained in his body crosses the border of the feet and, delicately, travels to that maddened, sensual mouth, feminine, to silence his words and request his surrender without any conditions. The lips of that prophet of pleasure find the channel of the most ardent of passions, ready to reach the end, until the volcano erupts, starting the game, which has just begun.
            light the torch that the sweet sea cannot put out. The moment becomes eternal, the light grows intense, every muscle stopped and the hot air gilds every inch of skin. An angelic sigh follows; total relaxation, the end of the trip.
            The padlocked beard brushes the folds that put symphonic rhythm to the verbal muscle that explores the source where sweet waves are born that moisten the beach of Venus, and even the sands where all the gods of carnal Olympus awaken. The frenzied and shocking body movement brings down the damp and tiny piece of cloth that was trying to contain the desperate words, releasing the roar that summons the climax, a scream that echoes in the four walls of the room. The strength of the legs that imprison the head do not prevent that boneless demon from descending, settling in, and beginning to knock on the forbidden door that lies between those two dunes crushed against the chair that holds his hands prisoner, soaked in the moisture that has sought freedom, lubricating each gear so that the harmony between panting and movement are perfect. The forbidden door, always closed with a thousand padlocks, contracts, preventing the visitor from achieving their mission. The key that combines ecstasy and desire begins the search for the combination that opens the door. A ray of pleasure destroys all resistance, the dunes of the chest feel that a hurricane wind erodes them, the ties are tightened before the attempt to break free, a great wave from the upper open interrupts the scene; the forbidden door gives way and the visitor lights the torch that the sweet sea cannot put out. The moment becomes eternal, the light grows intense, every muscle stopped and the hot air gilds every inch of skin.
            The door opens slowly, the dark-skinned figure approaches the lovers. Her heart begins to beat by the hundreds like a galloping galloping horse when she sees his erect member like the burned trunk of a tree. But her cadence is interrupted when she sees the man who had subjected her to his sexual whims, kneel before the new visitor, and receive the dark phallus between the lips that crown his beard.The submissive man obeys the order of his new master, and before her gaze, still tied to the chair, he leans as if holding the adjoining wall. She begins to gasp without being a participant, at the precise moment that the black carnal arrow pierces the submissive sodomized ring of the white knight …

          3. This was very HOT fantasy to read – erotic and inspirational – thank you 🔥I will start working on this soon and hope to have several images for you over the next week or two.

          4. Here are a couple photos…I will have more for you – your story is inspiring 🔥 You can find them at the link. Please feel free to download and I will remove them after you have your copy. Hope you enjoy 😊 https://dionysianexperience.com/2018/02/26/digital-art-these-dreams/ (scroll to bottom of linked page).

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