It is late afternoon and I’m returning to my upscale hotel after a business meeting. It is one of those days where I’m feeling extra alive and vibrant with a lot of sexual energy flowing around me. I’m feeling mischievous. Walking into my room, I’m surprised to see that housekeeping hasn’t been by to straighten up. They must be running very late or simply missed my room. A playful thought crosses my mind. If they are running late, I might have an opportunity for a little “accidental” exhibitionism.

I don’t make a habit of doing this, but there are times where I’m really feeling it and this is one of those times. I undress and consider the potential scenarios. There is always some uncertainty about how to stage these naughty moments. My primary concern is that I don’t want to scare the woman or in any way make her feel unsafe. Quite the opposite, I hope to provide with her with a sight that may even put a naughty spring in her step for the remainder of the day. There are other concerns. This moment has to absolutely come across as accidental and reasonably explained away, if necessary.

I have a lot of options. I could do something that involves my cock cage introduced in Achilles Last Stand.

It would be hot to have it buried in the blankets so she discovers it while making the bed. The thought of being present as she discovers my male chastity device and imagining her naughty thoughts puts a smile on my face. Then again, she might not even know what it is.

IMG_5918 Copy 2

Another option would be to stage a “coming out of the shower” moment? It would need to appear that I was turning off the water as she was knocking and didn’t hear the knock. As she enters the room, I step out of the shower with water dripping off my body and engorged cock. The timing has to be tight, but I’ve pulled it off before. This particular room though isn’t set up in a good way for this. What to do, what to do?

There are a handful of additional options but one feels especially intriguing today. The room has a modest hallway. You have take about eight steps down the hallway before the room opens up to a view of the bed. I could lay nude and pretend to be taking a nap. She would enter and peek around the corner. After a passing recognition that the room is occupied, she would be able to leave immediately…if she wants. Or, after seeing me naked, she might decide to be a naughty girl and stay a little longer. I like the idea of putting control of the moment in her hands to enjoy as little or as much as she desires.

I opt for the napping scenario and decide to knock out some work while I wait. About thirty minutes pass before I hear a “tap, tap” on the door of a nearby room. I jump in my seat as the adrenaline rush hits me. Ah, housekeeping was running late and my room is next. I move over to my bed and prepare to stage the moment. As each minutes passes, I begin to feel increasingly nervous and consider bailing on the whole plan. In the midst of my internal go/no-go deliberation, I hear the door of the other room close and the faint sound of the cart moving in the hallway. Damn, she’s coming to my room next. The pressure is building. I can call it off at any moment by just getting dressed or putting the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door. The tension is tortuous.

There is a “tap, tap” on my door followed by a short pause. Too late to turn back now. I take a deep breath and steady myself as the adrenaline courses through my body. There is another “tap, tap”. Let me tell you, it takes nerves of steel to remain calm and pretend to be asleep in this moment. The door squeaks as it opens and silence follows. You could hear a pin drop. I close my eyes and listen intently over the pounding of my heart. The sound of soft steps seep through the room as she moves down the hallway.

Then, there is silence. Five seconds, ten seconds, thirty seconds….no sound. My eyes remain closed, my body is motionless, and my heart is absolutely pounding! Damn, what is she doing? She has to be at the hallway corner looking right at me. I feel her presence and energy in the room. Every passing second of silence seems to flow in slow motion. She should have seen me by now and left the room. Is she standing at the corner staring at me? Is she really being this naughty? It is so hard to ride this erotic tension out. I wasn’t expecting this. Now what?

She knows it is wrong, but she is taking a moment to indulge her inner voyeur and savor the nude male form. After what feels like ten minutes but probably only two minutes of real time, I just can’t stand it anymore. I have to see this woman before she turns to leave. I gently stir and pretend to transition into wakeup mode. As I slowly stretch, she taps on the hallway wall as if pretending she just walked in. I open my eyes.

I’m immediately struck by how attractive she is. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting to see her. She is standing at the edge of the hallway just I imagined. “I’m sorry, Sir. I knocked on your door but there was no reply. Would you like your room serviced or should I come back?” I’m tripping out in a good way. I mean, I’m laying here completely naked and her eyes are still upon me. She doesn’t cover her eyes, look away, or tilt her head down. She doesn’t move around the corner where she would be out of sight. No, she stands right there looking at me naked in the bed.

I act like I’m still a little groggy and make no effort to cover myself. “Ummm, it’s okay, I thought you guys had missed me today. I do need service.” She smiles and continues to have a conversation with me…while I’m naked. This is crazy! She’s giving as good as she is getting in our little game. She is absolutely turning this around on me and blowing my mind! I can handle it though. She continues, “We had a large number of checkouts today and my staff is behind. I’m one of the hotel managers and just trying to help out.”

With that, she turns to retrieve some items from her service cart in the hallway. At this point, I know any guise of “accidental” exposure will be lost if I don’t put on some clothes. I imagine she is going to be a little slow getting her items and give me some time to get dressed, but she is back…in a flash. Unbelievable, she is genuinely having fun and it is fantastic! I’m still nude but now standing by the bed near my clothes.

We make some small talk as she continues to not-so-subtly look at my package as her eyes roam freely up and down my body. The tension of this moment is electric and, oddly, downright hilarious. We are complete strangers and both of us are acting like we are completely unaware I’m standing here naked and she is talking to a man she just met…that is completely nude. Oh man, I love it!

Very reluctantly, I yield and eventually slip…slowly into some shorts. She introduces herself as Maria and we chat nonstop  while she straightens the room. It is all lighthearted, flirty talk and we are really connecting. There is no denying the sexual energy flowing between us though. She asks about my frequency in town and interests. Maria then asks if I’ve visited the hotel spa? “I haven’t but I would make an appointment right now if you were the therapist.” She laughs, “Trust me, there would be no appointment needed for that massage.” Okay, if it wasn’t clear already, I think she likes me.

As Maria is wrapping up with the room, I pay tribute to Captain Obvious by commenting on the energy flowing between us. She feels it too. “I know, it’s crazy! What I’m feeling right now was the last thing on my mind as I came to your door. It’s like I stepped into a different world.” Before leaving, she asks to give me a goodbye hug. She makes it somewhat intimate by pressing in closer than a friendly hug and leaving a soft lingering kiss on my cheek. She then asks, “Can I give you my number? How long are you in town? I’d be happy to show you around if you want to get out. I don’t want this to be the last time I see you.”

We exchange numbers, and I assure her that I will reach out soon. Surreal. What happens next with Maria is beyond exhibitionism and is a story for another day.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try this at home, you may end up in jail. This outcome is not a typical result and not meant to encourage exhibitionism. This scene was staged and executed by a highly-trained professional with years of experience, a particular skill set, and a sincere desire to never make a woman feel scared. Rule #1: Never, ever make a woman feel unsafe with these antics. They should always have an easy exit path…should they actually want to leave.

Exhibitionism is a kink I enjoy and share as an ongoing series here on The Dionysian Experience. You can find those stories here –  Exhibitionism.

13 thoughts on “Exhibitionism: No Appointment Needed

  1. My my, thrusting for more of this story

    1. She was being so naughty right? ☺️ I like the the thought of your hips gently thrusting for more… 🔥

  2. Michael Micheal Micheal I thought you and I had an agreement that we wouldn’t build each other up like this. Tsk tsk I suppose you can’t help it. Now I’m all hot and bothered shame on you 😉

    1. Mmmm, I don’t seem to remember that deal 😛😈 The arousal of your mind and body is why this place exists and you couldn’t have left me more encouraging and hot feedback 🔥✨This was a fun moment…

      1. Maybe it was just me. If that’s the purpose then you are definitely dong your job well. 😉 As for the feedback, I believe in saying whats on my mind

        1. I really like that about you…and what is one your mind is often very hot too 🔥

          1. Aw well I appreciate it

    1. Oui 😈😇

      1. C’est Beau, et cela semble étonnant de voir cet Ange genré…, un Ange genré!

        1. Mon français n’est pas bon. Vous aimez le style d’art et d’ange sexy? Je vous remercie. J’aime créer de l’art sensuel et érotique. Merci d’avoir visionné ☺️🔥

          1. Would love to show off for you and your girlfriend

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