It has been almost 10 years since my time with Joy unfolded. All that remains are fragments of memories jotted down in my journal, a few saved chats, and some sexy photos she had sent me. I kept them all like the special gifts they were. In sharing this true story, I’m forced to approach it in a different way. Unlike some of the other angels I have written about, my journal entries about Joy are light…compelling but light. It strikes me as somewhat remarkable that something so steamy could be nearly lost to time. In my own defense, this was a period of great abundance. Even so, I knew Joy was special and suspected there would come a day when I would want to revisit those memories. Seems that day has come. 

There is something about spas that brings so many of my erotic interests together in one space and time. Whether anything sensual occurs or not, I savor the seductive dance as an experience unto itself. What do I like about getting massages? Well, I am physically active and do actually appreciate and benefit from the body work. It also presents opportunities for some subtle exhibitionism which I enjoy immensely. There is also the mystery of the encounter. I am meeting a woman I have never met before. Can I tempt her or at least create some playful interactions that put a naughty smile on her face?

In the midst of my playful antics, not going too far to make the therapist uncomfortable or mad is always top of mind. I am always subtle and inviting. I leave space for her to join me in the erotic dance or pass. I suggest, she controls. My tempting behavior is juxtaposed against the therapist’s professional code of conduct which is put in place to discourage sexuality. This is like a microcosm of society’s larger drive for sexual repression. These artificial constructs work against our natural desires. The friction between these two opposing energies (nature and societal constructs), if balanced appropriately, can become a Dionysian experience. It was my ongoing quest for a Dionysian experience that led me to Joy.

Based on my journal, my first appointment seemed to have been relatively uneventful and more about assessing the situation and Joy’s playfulness. She was a relatively recent graduate of massage therapy school and had just received her license. Instead of joining one of the large spa chains, she took the courageous step of renting a room in an office building and opened her own private practice. I also learned she was recently divorced with one child. She was quite young and, though I never asked why, I imagine she became pregnant at an early age with marriage following soon after. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for her.

I also noted that Joy had a very sensual aura about her and seems to have a sharp mind. Suggestively, Joy said she was entering her second sexual prime. Knowing how naughty I can be, it isn’t surprising that sexuality seems to have risen as a topic of discussion during this first appointment. I’m sure I was asking her to work on my inner thighs, glutes, and lower abs. I suspect she probably saw my raging erection pressing against the sheet or perhaps pushing out the side under my hips. Fortunately for me, sex was on her mind and, as she suggested, she was primed.

I must have been feeling some great energy from that first massage because I returned for second session only two weeks later. Joy is dressed rather provocatively today which is a big change from the somewhat bland attire during my last visit. It is usually a good sign when I’m seeing someone for the second time and can tell that have paid additional attention to their appearance. She says there has been some issues with the air and that she gets really hot. I’m sure she does. In fact, I’m feeling rather hot too.

Joy leaves the room as I undress and has me start on my stomach under the sheet. Things start to feel sexual rather quickly. Maybe it is just my imagination, but she seems to be rubbing her breasts on me quite a bit, and there is a lot of general sex talk which I am certainly encouraging. 

After starting on my back, she arrives at my legs and ass. She parts the sheet to expose one side of my body so she can work on me. Some therapist are very detailed about folding the sheet over carefully and tucking it in to ensure there is no chance of exposure. Joy’s draping is carefree. It feels like my balls are exposed, and I always thoroughly enjoy that bit of exhibitionism. When her hands glance across my heavy plums a few times while massaging my inner thighs, I know for sure they are exposed. She doesn’t say anything, and I don’t say anything. The silent tension in these moments of “accidental” contact is mouth watering delicious.  

After finishing both legs, she lifts up the sheet and asks me turn over. Then, Joy makes an incredibly bold move. Still holding up the sheet, she asks me if I want the sheet. Wow! I calmly say no, of course. She tosses the sheet off to the side and just like that I am completely naked. Joy then massages my chest and eventually starts working on the front of my thighs. Near the end of the massage, I ask her to work on my lower abs. Being naked and aroused, Joy is going to have to work around my straining hard cock to massage my lower abs. I have this overwhelming sense that what she would like to do, more than anything at this moment, is to take my cock into her mouth but she is holding back. Maybe she just needs a helping hand?

This is where I make a bold move of my own. I slowly and sensually place my hand on hers as she works on my abs and then guide our hands to my straining manhood. She doesn’t resist. Joy wraps her small sensual hand around my rock-hard cock and starts stroking me. Unfortunately, her touch is electric and the hour-long tease has me on the edge of coming far too quickly!  I again place my hand on hers to stop the motion and let her know I’m about to cum. I want to give myself a chance to recover so I can enjoy the moment longer. Also, I wanted to be considerate. I didn’t want to blast my load all over her expensive sheets. Maybe she would like grab a towel…or something.

I ask if I should just cum on my stomach. She replies, “Where do you want to cum?” Well, that is one very loaded question. I joke that there are a few places I would like to cum. Sometimes I just can’t believe how fortunate I am or how I get into these crazy, hot situations. Inside, I often feel like an innocent boy and it’s like I’m getting away with something very naughty. Joy is still holding my cock and asks again, “Michael, where would you like to cum?” At this point it’s time to release caution to the wind. 

“In your mouth,” I reply.  

Joy smiles and says, “I was hoping you were going to say that.”

She flips her hair to the side so I can see her face and enjoy the sight of manhood sliding in and out of her sexy lips. Without hesitation or any tease, she hungrily stuffs my cock into her mouth and starts sucking. Wow, wow, WOW! She is definitely entering her second sexual prime. Besides the absolute physical pleasure I am feeling, I am also experiencing one of my favorite erotic mental pleasures. I haven’t even kissed Joy yet. Our first truly intimate contact is her taking my cock in her sexy lips. Mmmm, mmm, mmm…there is something about this happening that drives me absolutely wild! Between the long tease, her magic hand job, and supreme cock sucking skills, I am on the edge again far too soon. Almost instinctively, I begin slowly pumping my manhood deeper and deeper in Joy’s mouth.

I think men must have some type of genetic wiring that drives us to push as deep as we possibly can when coming. This is likely by design to ensure our sperm is left as deep as possible inside a woman. My balls tighten, legs are shaking, and I begin thrusting with more urgency until I finally succumb… erupting long, strong, creamy pulses in her mouth. Mmmm, yes, yes, yeees, yeeeeees, yeeeeeees, yeeeeees, yeeeeees!  Joy holds on like she is fulfilling a personal quest and continues stroking and sucking my cock until she has drained and milked every last drop from my spent shaft. 

As I am freshening up and getting dressed, I’m feeling a bit dazed. We have some amazing energy swirling around us, but I can’t even believe this gorgeous woman just sucked my cock and swallowed my load. Joy seems a little embarrassed and apologizes for what happened. I reassure her that she is amazing, and I thought it was all fantastic! She describes being in a sexless marriage for so long and how there is a whole new world of sexual experiences she wants to explore. She adds that doing this during a massage wasn’t something she ever thought she would do, but there was something about me that made her feel really safe and sexy. She adds that she had been fantasizing about this nonstop since my first visit. Well, that makes two of us. 

Considering that Joy is now content with a tummy full of cum and my cock is spent, this is probably a good place to pause. Let me take a look to see if there is at least one more story here in my archives… I’m kidding, of course there is more! Joy is a gorgeous, sexy, woman entering her “second sexual prime”. There is no way I would have this type of experience and not come back for more!

7 thoughts on “Joy – In Your Mouth

  1. MMM mm yum michael! I adore how she asks you where you would like to cum. Not once but twice, sliding her mouth down onto your hard cock would have been delicious for her, there is nothing quite like that first contact between a man’s cock and a woman’s warm inviting mouth. Especially given that it is literally your first contact before you’ve even given the prerequisite kiss. Deeply erotic moments like this are what make the world a fabulous place to live in. I do hope you post more about the delectable Joy… 💋💦💎💫🔥

    1. Thank you, sexy girl 😘🔥The way you described this I feel like I just experienced it all over again…except given it is November, I’m not allowed to release 🍆🚫💦 That first contact (before sharing a kiss) is such a steamy thought and experience. Then again, that first contact even after a kiss is also divine 🍆👅💫

      1. Poor michael, denial of one’s pleasures is character building especially when you know how much pleasure you are giving me by doing so. At least it isn’t for the entirety of NOvember, you only have two weeks till the end of the month. Although I seem to recall it continued well past the cut off point last time… just sayin… possibilities are endless darling man! 💋👄🍆💦🚫💫💎

        1. Joy found such anticipation of my release while you find such joy in my denial…I so enjoy your pleasure and control over my manhood. The possibilities are quite juicy (or not) ☺️🍑💦🍆🚫💦💞

          1. That’s where the attraction lies, it’s in the power transfer. Your Alpha status in normal life (and I have no doubt that you are most definitely an Alpha male) is taken control of when you come to me on these pages and through these words. That alone gives me such a rush of power and energy, it fires my erotic thoughts and spirals around us, the things I would have you do… we should definitely keep this public so I reign in some of my really naughty thoughts where you’re concerned my gorgeous little cuck. 💎🔥😈👄🍆💧🚫💫💞💎

          2. Sexy Gem, I am thoroughly enjoying the public aspect of this…please share your thoughts as they come, unfiltered. You know I adore you and feel honored that such a sexy woman finds pleasure in having me as your little cuck 😈💫💖🔥😘

          3. Ah michael, be careful what you wish for my gorgeous little cuck…😈💫💖💋💎

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