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There is a special aura swirling around us as we stroll hand in hand along the bustling downtown streets. It really doesn’t matter where we’re going. I am with you and that is all that matters. Any given moment is as captivating and meaningful as the next. Perhaps our journey is actually the destination. Who are “you”? You are the transcendent angel of love (my anima), and you have returned to touch my soul.

We tour an art gallery, but you are the only work of art that touches my soul. I struggle to notice the world beyond our intimate, sensual space and completely incapable of processing complete thoughts. Your presence lifts me away from the ordinary world…your spirit illuminates me.

Later, we are looking for a little privacy as our hands search hungrily under one another’s clothes trying desperately to quench our burning passion. We slip away into a series of walkways beneath the city streets and find ourselves in what seems to be an underground mall. We walk hip to hip in perfect synchronicity…your hand on my hip while mine is busy working under your top or handling your ass.

Then, in a dreamlike sequence, a lady appears from around the corner and appears to float past us in slow motion. She looks directly at us and smiles brightly as she says “Love” while passing by. A complete stranger felt compelled to say that word after looking at us. Even others can see the magical lights swirling around us and it makes me smile.

Throughout the weekend, you treat me like a king, your King, as you always do. Your inner Aphrodite is intoxicating. Each morning I awaken to you massaging my large, heavy balls while taking my stiffening cock into your sexy lips. And, while you prefer your coffee black, I ensure you begin each day with a bountiful serving of cream. I love going about our day knowing the memories of our morning will be dripping from between your legs.

In the evening, your nurturing spirit continues to flow. We are seated outside savoring a gorgeous summer sunset with a glass of wine and gentle breeze kissing our skin. I am sitting beside the most beautiful woman in the world to me. There is no one I want more than you, and I feel like most fortunate man in the world. You snuggle in close and want to tend to me. You begin cutting up small bites from your plate and feeding them to me. You tend to my lips with your fingers and kisses. You take great pleasure in fulfilling the goddess Hestia that swirls within your soul.

I am a bit lost in nurturing, decadent swirl of being feed and having my lips licked and kissed. Out of the corner of my eye, I’m aware that a gentleman is passing by. It would have been a quickly forgotten impression if he hadn’t said, “Man, you have it made!” We both break from our intimate bubble and start laughing. We must have been quite a sight to anyone that enjoyed “people watching” or even those that didn’t want to see it. He spoke the truth though. I do have it made and savor ever precious second with you.

Our weekend getaway, like all our visits, ends much too quickly. All the beautiful colors that seem to flow around and through me in your presence being to fade and lose their vibrancy when we part. The distance is like clouds blocking my my sun-filled, vibrant blue sky. Fortunately, the weather man is forecasting sunny days ahead. Angel of love, I’m waiting for you.


My blog, while not always apparent, is a memoir that I dig through in a journey for deeper understanding. What you just read is a 2021 interpretation of an experience that happened long ago. I’ve come to appreciate that this type of love is one of the Seven Forms of Love known as Romantic Love. For better or worse, it is a feeling I have always sought and one I long to experience…again and again. The art in the video is a bit dated but hope it still captures the spirit of the message and song.

The rest of what follows describes the original version of this post and provides context for many of the comments that are already here from that period. The original featured a gallery of erotic photos featuring Sienna frolicking in white satin sheets. It was an exciting moment because we both had a little exhibitionist streak running through us, and I loved showing off my sexy girl. Out of respect to Sienna, I obviously can’t share those photos here.

Sienna Says:

I was just looking through the Nights in White Satin photos…they are so sensual! You have once again done an amazing job capturing the moment!!!! You have such an artistic way about you and have whisked me away to relive the moments we spent together. Today was very busy, yet I found myself lost in memories and fantasies of being with you! I miss you and miss being with you, I crave your touch and can’t wait to see you!!!!! Your loving Sienna! xoxoxoxo

Michael Muses:

Sienna is beautiful as always…the lens captures only a fraction of her beauty and sensuality.  I love the softness and sensuality of this gallery and how it hints at the memory of how our love was expressed and deepened during our time together.  These sensual memories are juxtaposed with those of me strapping Sienna face down to the bed, spanking her ass, and fucking her hard and deep as she lost control and came again and again!  The audio of this moment was captured in the post Press Play: Again…Again which occurred this same weekend.

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30 thoughts on “Video: Nights in White Satin (Sensual Erotica)

  1. LarryArcher

    Sienna is so erotic and your photography is so good. Love your site.

    1. Thank you, Larry! She is so gorgeous and I love photographing her…it’s just hard to stay behind the camera for long! 🙂

  2. oceanswater

    Hello, Wow!!!

    1. Thank you! ☺️

  3. ErrantSatiety

    Sienna, you are so gorgeous, it is delightful that Michael captures your beauty in this way and with his words. Michael, you honour your muse. Delicious couple I love seeing this blog celebration of the stunning relationship that you have 🙂

    1. Thank you ErrantSatiety 🙂 I’ve never really thought about the muse aspect of my writing and photos of Sienna but you are so right! Her beauty and love are truly inspirational and bring out a desire to create that I never knew existed.

      1. Thank you Errant, and beautiful words again Michael…my sweet love! I’m happy to be an inspiration of your creativity, yet it is truly “our” inspiration that lends itself to the creativity of such fun projects 🙂

  4. BEAUTIFUL Photos! 🙂 and, should Sienna ever need a black dildo with a pulse lol 😉

    1. Thanks Jalen, love taking and sharing photos of my sexy girl! As for the second part of your comment, we both know that is exactly what she needs! 😉

      1. Hmmm, okay you two…don’t start teasing me!!!!!!

  5. astraltravler

    Dearest Michael & Sienna,
    These photo’s capture Sienna’s sensuality, and her beauty as a woman. I can hear Nights In White Satin by the Moody Blues in my mind. I have Always Loved that song, and its the perfect musical accompaniment for these beautiful pictures.
    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you Anastasia, love that you felt the sensuality of the photos with the song floating through your thoughts as you viewed. As I looked at them and remembered that day…it was this song that captured the magic of the moment. This was a special comment, thank you 🙂

      1. Baby, I loved that you named the gallery “Nights In White Satin”… We’ve made love with that song playing so many times! Mmmmmm! As I listen to the song and reflect on our weekend together, I melt!!!!!

  6. Mr. Modigliani

    I am always so very impressed with the both of you. The sensuality is one thing, but just the purity of the relationship and its perfection is what strikes me the most. I love the song as well. One of my all time favorites.

    1. Thank you for this wonderfully touching comment, Mr. Modigliani. I may not say it enough here but I feel truly blessed to be the man she has given her heart and love to…she is a gift from the heavens.

      1. Oh Sweetheart!!! I feel the same about you…You are my prince and my blessing from above! My heart overflowing with love and gratitude xoxoxo

  7. AngelMorals

    I always enjoy how you capture the beauty of this wonderful relationship as well as Sienna’s beautiful pictures. I can see and feel the love in the lens as you capture her so beautifully.

    1. Thank you AngelMorals, love this comment! 🙂 “The love in the lens”…such a beautiful thought. I love making love to her in many ways…physically, through writing, and trying to capture the dream-like visions of her with the lens. Thank you for noticing this in the photos. 🙂

  8. What an amazing feeling to have someone else recognize the power of your connection? “Love”

    I mean seriously, how many times can you say you’ve seen it or felt it strong enough from another couple that you feel compelled to say something? It’s such a beautiful thing and you both do a wonderful job of sharing your love for one another with us all. 🙂


    1. I’ll never forget that lady saying that word…it was truly surreal. Tis…you are so generous and engaging. Seriously, you have made this blogging experience so much fun for us with your comments…so insightful, hilarious, sincere, beautiful, and naughty! We appreciate them all! 🙂 Then, I get to witness it again through the posts you and B share. I know you each have a new one up and can’t wait to read them tomorrow…time for sleep.

      Before I shut down for the night, your comment on the Shadow post made my eyes water. I need to sit with it a bit before replying…it is beautiful.

      1. Awww, thanks Michael! The same can be said for you. 🙂


      2. And people wonder why I don’t throw the word “Love” around. It truly means something and deserves to be cherished

        1. Very well said. I’m with you in trying not to overuse that word and diminish its impact. So odd though to have this woman seemingly appear out of nowhere and say that. I think people have a special glow about them when love is alive.☺️

  9. This was a gorgeous post. Everything was perfect, especially the video. Bravo.

    1. Many of my upcoming posts about Sienna are close to their original presentation, but I had to work this one over a bit. I’m glad the video seems to have captured the spirit of that time and really appreciate your kind feedback.

  10. Michael Michael Michael. Definitely missed your work on my break and this doesn’t disappoint. Hope all is well with you and yours -Lili

    1. Lili!😃 So happy to see you again. I think my break may have rivaled yours. I’m still easing back into this and looking forward to reconnecting. Glad you enjoyed this one…it is an older piece (from days passed) but is a fun story to share.

      1. Definitely easing back into the flow. I haven’t been writing much so I think my style has been altered in the process haha. Definitely have some stories to share though, when I get around to writing them and they actually make sense. Blame Theo for that one

  11. It’s lovely and so much beautifully explained.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment 💫

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