I’m in the process of sharing my loving, erotic journey with Sienna is a series called Sensual Shadows. The name comes from a blog we once shared together. This brief 200-word post (Stop the World), penned by Sienna, is something of a keepsake for me. It certainly isn’t anything that is going to get your juices flowing. Still, it takes me back in time and serves as a timely reminder to focus now on what is most important and truly meaningful in one’s life. We may not have forever.

STOP the world! I want to slow down!

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My sweet Love, Michael

Life has been busy, crazy, and insane. Yet sweetheart, you need to know how much I adore YOU!!!! It’s a crime that we allow the world to swallow us up in a sea of swirling nothingness. You need to know how much you matter to me! You are loved and needed by your girl! And, YOUR girl needs to be loved, needed, and FUCKED!!!!!! Fucked in every good, naughty, and loving way possible! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sienna


Postscript: Sienna’s busy life, her exasperated plea for more time, and title “Stop the World” made me think of the Modern English song – “I’ll Stop the Word (Melt with You)”.

My rejoinder is here – I’ll Melt With You.

14 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Stop the World

  1. Sweetheart, I am missing you so! I can’t wait to see you and love each other deeply…. It’s been a crazy month! Your girl is OVERDUE!

    1. Mmmmm, Baby…I Love You! We’ve had some long weeks recently and this was such a special love note in our sensual shadows. My love for you is expanding like the universe…it is more than I ever dreamed and more than I can fully comprehend. Still, it continues to flow and expand. A lifetime with you will never be enough…I will always want one more day…more…more…more! You are the love of my life ~ Michael <3

    2. You two are unreal!! Sometimes I just SMH at how in love you two are 🙂 :)

      1. Jalen, we are in…. “Deep”! It’s a connection and love beyond words… We miss our WP time! 

      2. Well I want to shake something! Mmmm my Man! Michael…you know what I mean! Thank you for the message Jalen, I am so in love with my yummy sexy Man! He makes me want more, more , more… Every day!

  2. Sienna, I love your love note. Jeez between your Winnie the Pooh reference and JK’s Jungle Book reference I’m thinking i need to bust out some Dr. Suess on my man. 
Seriously though, I love how deeply you love and are connected with one another. It is truly special and an awesome thing to witness. 

    1. “Oh the places we’ll go”!!!!! LOL I love this Tis! Thank you! We are so busy and yet missing each other so much! XO XO break out that Dr S on your man! I’m a big fan of Suessisms!

      1. Maybe I’ll surprise him with a little rhyme time tomorrow morning when he wakes up. lol xoxo

  3. Such a lucky man…

  4. Wonderful words for your man… Makes me melt.

  5. Michael and Sienna – just a note to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to the both of you!

    1. And a Merry Christmas to you both! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog! xo

  6. CPMandara

    Now that’s a yummy fantasy… would the reality be as good, I wonder? ~ beautiful words and beautifully phrased – thoroughly enjoyed reading it! ~

    1. Thank you! YES! I believe it would be even better then yummy!

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