Keisha is a beautiful massage therapist introduced in Keisha’s Temptation. Her touch, tempo, and pressure perfectly matched my inner rhythm and my first massage with her had been nothing short of fantastic. I had been a bit naughty and playful during that first visit which led to some “accidental” flashes. She had been a bit naughty herself and provided some extended “accidental” contact with my balls.

My second massage with Keisha was filled with anticipation but, to my surprise, it was an absolute dud. She didn’t do anything. I left the spa feeling a bit bewildered and decided to wait before booking my next appointment. I wanted her to think about it and wonder if I would ever return. I needed some time to think about it as well.

Why had she backed away? Maybe she realized she had gone too far the first time and wanted to stay within her professional boundaries. Another consideration is that Keisha is married and may have felt guilty about her behavior. Then again, maybe she was interested in more but needed me to be more assertive. The only part of this I can personally control is my level of assertiveness. This is a difficult line to walk because this isn’t a sex spa. I don’t want to offend her or risk being banned from the spa for inappropriate behavior.

Eventually, I schedule another a appointment. I’ll be more assertive but respect her boundaries. After all, the essential part of this becoming an erotic experience is for Keisha to have fun with it. There is no pleasure in the experience for me if she is simply tolerating me and feeling uncomfortable. Heading into my third appointment, my excitement is tempered but hope springs eternal.

Keisha is friendly as ever and says she is glad to see me. Walking back to the room she says she is glad to see me again because she wasn’t sure if I would come back. It is reassuring to know she had checked on whether or not I had scheduled another appointment. Our little dance seems to have her wheels turning too.

Similar to my last two massages, Keisha begins with me on my stomach. Right away, I can feel her energy and my cock swelling and struggling to expand beneath the weight of my body. I raise my hips slightly to allow room for my manhood to expand outward to its full length. I’m pretty sure my head and perhaps a portion of shaft are exposed. 


She is doing the same thing as my last massage but it feels so much more electric this time. One hand flows sensually down my side to my hip and is on course to brush against my exposed cock. I am breathless and my heart is racing with anticipation. At the last moment Keisha adjusts her path just enough to move above and around my swollen head to avoid contact. Soooo close.

She can obviously see my cock because hand flowed perfectly around my head to avoid making contact. I love the mental aspect of this. Does she know I am aware my cock is exposed? Does she want to touch me but not sure if I want to be touched? Is she having fun teasing me or only tolerating me? I raise my hips slightly with each pass of her magical touch and encourage Keisha by telling her how amazing her touch feels. She takes this as a compliment and returns to gesture by again making some flattering comments about the way I dress and my physique. Is she flirting with me and encouraging more?

Keisha works my legs and inner thighs but keeps a safe distance from my balls. I encourage her to get up higher like she did in the first massage but, disappointingly, she doesn’t. Keisha finishes with my back side and has me roll over. I only using a sheet for draping. I push it all the way down my abs and let it drape loosely over the base of my cock…the sheet is clearly past the “appropriate” line. I suspect a portion of my cock may even be visible under the loose sheet.

Keisha doesn’t say a word and begins working on my legs. My cock immediately stiffens again in response to touch. She is careful not to move too far up the inner side of my thigh despite my mention of some tightness juuuust a bit higher. Keisha ignores my request. Damn, things aren’t going anywhere. Asking her to go up on my inner thigh was pretty suggestive. What more does she need? Perhaps, she just isn’t interested in the becoming an erotic moment. Before throwing in the towel on what once seemed like such a promising dynamic between us, I decide to make one last bold attempt…very bold. If she rejects me now, I will know for sure that I at least opened the door for her.

I reach down between my legs to the upper portion of my inner thigh and push the sheet aside to expose my balls. I ask her to work on “this area” as I trace my inner thigh and then run my hand along my balls. Keisha’s reaction is swift. She obeys my request and immediately moves her hands up and inward towards the area on my thigh I identified. Why now and not a few minutes before when I asked? Her hand repeatedly brushes and presses solidly against my balls. I encourage her, “Mmmm, that feels REALLY good.” Encouraged, Keisha’s hand slowly shifts to my balls and, at long last, takes my them fully into her hand. Oh goddd, finally.

Over the course of several minutes she focuses on massaging my heavy balls. I can’t believe I am in this room and she is gripping and massing my balls. It is so wrong and so very naughty. With my balls in one hand, she rests the other on my stomach just to the side of my straining cock. She asks uncertainly, “Do you like this?” I smile and say, “Yes, this is exactly what I need.” Keisha’s free hand moves along my hip and lower stomach and then frees my manhood from the sheet. I’m breathless as she wraps her hand around my straining manhood. Ohhhh fuck.

It is such an amazing moment to have gone through this teasing journey and to have this woman finally holding my cock and balls. I don’t want her to feel like she is on an island alone. I also want to please her. I lean up to kiss her, but she gently pushes me back down. Keisha seems to be taking in a moment to enjoy the view and sensation of my hard, straining cock in her grasp. I stand hard and proud as she caresses my length. All too soon, she releases me and covers my hips with the sheet. Keisha then moves behind me and begins working on my shoulders and sinking her hands into my hair.

She tells me she loves the feeling of running her hands through my hair. I’m not sure why, but I get an unusual amount of positive comments from black women about my hair – both color and styling. Keisha seems to be enjoying running her hands through it. This oddly timed “head” job feels great, but it isn’t the kind of head job I’m craving. I slide the sheet off my hips again and slowly reach for my engorged cock and begin to slowly stroke it. No words are spoken.

What is she thinking and feeling? Does she like watching me stroke my manhood? Is she wet? Why had she denied my kiss?As my thoughts swirl, I’m startled to feel her breath against my ear followed by a soft kiss with her tongue exploring my ear. I turn my head towards her and pause before our lips connect…she seems so dreamy and wanton, lost in the erotic energy swirling around her. The angle is awkward so I sit up and spin around to the side of the table and guide her between my legs. I want to pull her close and kiss her, but she has other ideas.

Keisha kneels down before me and takes my straining shaft and heavy balls in her hands. Her eyes seem wild and lustful. She licks the length of my shaft several times before swirling her tongue and pressing her full lips against the underside of my head. Then, she engulfs me. Holding my balls firmly, she moans while taking my cock deep again and again. Apparently Keisha finds it hot to suck a man’s cock before she has even kissed him. Or, maybe she feels like kissing is too intimate and wants to save her lips for her husband.

She pulls my cock out of her mouth and takes a long  look at my manhood. It is such a rush to see a woman taking me in like this…looking, touching, assessing, and tasting.

She says, “I don’t normally think of a man’s stuff as looking good but you have a beautiful cock.” She then runs her tongue along the underside of my shaft several times before again focusing her lips and tongue on my plump, dripping head. I drift into the erotic layers of the moment. I bet the last thing her husband thought his wife would be doing today is sucking another man’s cock.

Keisha has more in store for me though. She gently lifts my balls and looks at them with a lustful gaze before giving them the attention they need. Her skin tone contrasts vividly against my straining cock and, one at a time, my large balls are completely enveloped in her full luscious lips. It can be a daunting task for a woman to get both of my balls in her mouth at the same time but Keisha doesn’t struggle at all. She then lifts my heavy sack upward as her tongue flicks softly below along my smooth, hair-free bottom (courtesy of waxing). She must have seen this smooth area several times while massaging me and the thought of having her tongue there must have crossed her mind. Now, she is acting on it.

I lean back onto the table and raise my legs to give her better access. With my legs lifted, Keisha licks underneath my balls. Her mouth trails slowly downward as her lips and tongue work their way towards my clinching, smooth opening. Keisha’s attention settles here as her tongue licks and probes my exposed tight space. This may very well be the most intense sensation in the world. She is so into this, and I am mesmerized. Drifting back to my earlier thoughts about her husband…I realize I was wrong. THIS is probably the last thing he thought his wife would be doing today. Keisha grabs both my cheeks and pushes them apart before plunging her tongue deeply in and out of my ass…my toes are clinching and my eyes are rolling…it feels sooo amazing!

As incredible as this feels, I didn’t want to run out of time and miss the opportunity to fuck her. I don’t know…maybe having her tongue plunging in and out of my tight space is even better. The sensation is causing my toes to curl which is starting to cause my feet to cramp. I can’t take it anymore and pull Keisha up off her knees. I savor the weight of her full breasts and make quick work of her top. I then pull her yoga pants down below her hips and slip one, then two fingers into her soaked pussy…and I do mean soaked.

I move off the table with intention of pulling off her pants and going down on her. Instead, she quickly pulls off her pants and bends over the table. Keisha doesn’t want to be kissed or to have her pussy eaten. No, she wants to be fucked and she wants to be fucked right now! I rub my dripping head along her ass cheeks as I savor the contrasting skin tone and then slide it up and down between her pussy lips…before easing inside her. There is a river of arousal flowing between her legs…completely saturating my shaft as I work deeper and deeper into her pussy. The visual is intensely erotic. I can’t even believe I have this lovely young black woman bent over her own massage table with my cock inside her.

Our passion is exploding but needs to be contained. On both sides of our room there are other massages going on and I can hear people and soft voices moving up and down the hall outside our door. The swirl of the moment and the need to be quiet only enhances the naughtiness of our secret adventure. I lean back to take in a good view of the scene below. I squeeze her ass and spread her cheeks as I watch my rock-hard shaft moving in and out of her clutching pink walls. Keisha’s long ebony legs look are spread wide and flow perfectly into her amazing ass. I am one very fortunate man.

She pushes against me while slightly rolling her hips and whispers how incredible it feels. I wonder how things are at home for Keisha and her man. Is her relationship strained? Is she sexually deprived? I can feel pressure on the tip of my head as I penetrate her depths. I press harder and deeper as she struggles beneath me before fully relaxing and surrendering to the fullness of my conquering invasion. Keisha is clearly enjoying herself and getting off as she pleads with me to never stop fucking her and to cum inside her.

I realize that our time is short and there is no need to delay my release. My balls already feel tight and heavy as the swing against her clit. She again urges me to cum inside her, “I want to have part of you with me all day.” I grab her shoulders and drive her like I own her and her pussy. For a moment in time, I do. I want my creamy load so far up inside her that she would feel me dripping out her for days.

Vignettes of her husband unknowingly tasting my come or having my seed coating his shaft dance through my thoughts. I fight my release but Keisha makes it impossible. She is pushing back into me and clenching tight as she milks my cock…pleading with me to cum inside her. I can tell that she is getting off on this and enveloped in her own orgasmic release. It is all too much. All of it…the entire scene. I lose the ability to resist and jettison endless white-hot, creamy ropes deep inside the lovely Keisha. I hold her ass steady as she continues to spasm beneath me. As my softening cum-soaked cock finally slips out, I smack it against her sweet ass and milk it as I spread a few creamy dollops across her sexy buns.

The visual of her beneath me with my spent manhood resting between her amazing ass is seared into my mind.

Our appointment has gone long so we clean up and quickly dress. She is a bit giddy and can’t believe this actually happened. She only says that I made her feel so crazy inside. Leaving her room, I appreciate that what we shared together is one of those unique moments in life I will always remember. Who knows, maybe one day I may even write about it. For now though, Keisha has left me with a bit to ponder. What is missing on the home front for her? Did Keisha explore and experience some of her own fantasies today? Perhaps she will share more next time.


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32 thoughts on “Keisha’s Surrender

  1. I have missed your writing so much!

    1. Thank you Dana 🙂 It is hard “coming back” and feels so good to have a friend with some history to share with. Btw, this was an awesome massage! 😉

  2. Omfg, I’m so aroused right now.

    1. Mmmm, and you just made this one so worth it. You are sexy! I hope you were able to take care of things… 😉

      1. It made it interesting.. Hehe

  3. Tiffany Being Free

    This is really hot! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you found this story erotic. I sometimes wonder what women think about this one…the therapist was a very naughty girl. 🙂

      1. Tiffany Being Free

        I treated a woman today that reminded me of Keisha, threw me off my center for just a moment. =)

  4. Ok, I have never had a massage like that! Wow! Kinda makes me want to be a massage therapist…but I think I’d get myself into trouble…

    1. Glad you found the body work stimulating! 😉 Most of my appointments don’t end up like this one but it happens often enough to keep hope alive, ha! I think she was definitely concerned about the risk but once she felt comfortable, she really let go. I suspect you would be awesome esthetician and massage therapist…certainly fun thinking about visiting you! Thanks for giving it a read.

      1. I will admit that I sought this out for the picture of your ass that you mentioned somewhere else. 😬
        If I were giving massages, I know I’d “accidentally” brush a lot of cocks and balls. I have an issue with touching people. I do it a lot- friends, nice looking strangers- I may need an intervention. Lol.

        1. Mmmm, it is hot that you did that… I hope you search was worthwhile and you liked the photo. 🙂 I may start sprinkling more in…if the curiosity is there. As for your “issue”…I think it is fantastic. You’re just being naughty and sexy and there is nothing wrong with that 🙂

  5. It was worthwhile. I think you should sprinkle. 🙂

    1. Blushing…along with other circulation issues… 😉

  6. I like it so much but I don’t know if I should say why

    1. Mmmm, please do share why you like it…I would love to know what hot buttons it push for you :-*

      1. Let’s just say The scintillating movements that are described, exotic caresses of bodies together, stimulating kiss and sensual desire it has everything that i love. This is the cleanest way i could describe why i like it so much.

      2. And we’ll I’ll say a certain Part of me maybe you could guess which part was silky and pulsating

        1. I love knowing it had that effect on you… It makes me wish I was in that room again and you were my massage therapist. A certain part of me pressing strong and firmly against the thin silky sheet…aching with the passion flowing through me. :-*

  7. That would have been a much more enthralling exotic sensual throbbing moist scene.

    1. MmmmHmmm, I would have needed to extend the appointment into the evening and then the next day…and again…and again :-*

    1. Thank you 🔥Glad to see you around again…hope life is treating you well.

  8. You’re an incredibly sensual, descriptive writer.

    1. Hi Cassandra, I really appreciate this. I have posted this before and updated it a few times…never happy with it. The tension in the little details as this unfolded are what I’m drawn too. But, it makes the story too long. I’m missing the emotional energy and ability to connect readers with Keisha. At this point though, she was closed off and I had no idea what she was feeling or experiencing. Sorry about the long reply but I think you are an extremely talented and sexy writer and probably noticed these things as well. ☺️

  9. It’s so erotic and naughty and perfect it’s hard to believe it happened. I’m glad it happened to a great writer. Lol😉👍🏽❣️

    1. I know, right? I wish all of my massages went like this one. 😋🔥So glad you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane 💫

    1. Haha, I think flopping is a good thing and hope there was plenty of it going on… It was hot for me to revisit this moment too. 😈

  10. this right here: “No, she wants to be fucked and she wants to be fucked right now! I rub my dripping head along her ass cheeks as I savor the contrasting skin tone and then slide it up and down between her pussy lips…before easing inside her.” 🥵🥵 Is magic, so good I could envision it and only desire it for myself.
    I loved reading this Michael, as a black
    Woman myself I enjoyed your art so much, and the contrast… this whole encounter with Keisha has me excited 💦💦 🔥🔥

    1. Mmmm, your reaction is delicious 🍑💧I find myself imagining you in that situation too…and suspect you would thoroughly enjoy such an experience 🍑💦 I must say, the visual contrast was definitely adding to the experience for me as well as how forward she was with getting what she needed. I was really a lucky man to experience that with her and will never forget how hot it was to be behind her sliding my cock all over her ass and then watching my shaft lowly sink and disappear inside her tight pink. 🍆💦 Btw, I’m not sure how much longer I am going to be around here…may go silent for a while. You were always very interested in Yumi but I never finished writing about our journey. We fucked many, many times in hotel rooms…with sessions that often lasted half a day. I was patient with her and taught her a lot about sex and different positions. She even grew to love having her ass spanked and my hand around her neck while we fucked and made love. She learned to love having her pussy eaten and spanked. Eventually, I took her ass too and she loved having my cock buried in her ass as I reddened her bottom as she rubbed her clit. She seemed to love coming while I was in her ass and she always wanted me to fill her pussy with my release. She loved having soaked panties after we parted our sessions. We fell in love…I became absolutely smitten with my “China Girl” and she loved me with great intensity and passion too. We’ve had some up and downs with moves we have each had to make, but the book of Yumi is still open…💝

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