As a physically active man, I find massages to be very therapeutic. As a naughty boy, I find spas to be a great backdrop for a little playful exhibitionism. In Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers, I explore some of the underlying psychological drivers of exhibitionism as a sexual kink and consider the reasons I enjoy this kink. That post was more theoretical; this post is more experiential. Step inside and join me for Keisha’s Temptation.

I’m waiting patiently for my first massage appointment with a therapist named Keisha. As always, I’m hoping to have a little fun with the massage. I enjoy creating erotic tension and moments for a woman to find herself unexpectedly aroused. During a massage this fun could come several forms. It might be her general reaction to my energy and how that transfers through her touch. It might be an unexpected erection beneath the sheet that sparks her fire. Perhaps it comes in the form of a visual through accidental exposure. First and foremost though, I never want a woman to feel unsafe or offended by my presence. Instead, I want to engage her in the experience and create something together. If she shows no interest in becoming part of my naughty experience, I’ll respect her wishes…no big deal.

The waiting room door opens and jars me from my tranquil visions. A very attractive, young woman enters and introduces herself as Keisha. I catch a sparkle in her eyes and smile that seems to almost immediately intensify in the initial seconds of our meeting. I don’t know what it is, but I sense this very sensation every once in a while when meeting a woman for the first time. The feeling is almost tangible.

Keisha guides me out of the quiet waiting room and towards the massage room. She exudes a tranquil aura which I often associate with thoughtfulness and sensuality…or innocence. During this brief walk, my thoughts quickly turn to the excitement of the being stretched out on her massage table with her hands flowing sensually across my body. I am realistic though and appreciate that this will likely be a very typical massage and any naughty fun will be minimal, at best.

Keisha opens the door to the room which is basked in a low, warm light. She says, “Dress down to your level of comfort and lay face down on the table under the sheet and blanket. I’ll return in a few minutes when you are ready.” With these words Keisha leaves the room. I quickly strip down to my level of comfort…which is nude.

The table has a sheet with a heavy blanket over it. I toss the blanket to the side and only use the sheet for draping. Thin fabric is much more conducive for “accidental” flashes and for showing the outline of my cock if I become aroused. If she asks about the blanket, I will just tell her it makes me too hot and that should suffice…it usually does.

I slip under the sheet and place it low on my ass—just beyond the line of appropriate but not so low as to be obviously inappropriate. I have two options for positioning my cock so it can stretch out if inspired. I can push it down along my balls so that, when aroused, it will move downward along my inner thigh. Or, I can position my cock off to the side. In this position, I am able to lift my hips slightly to make room for my cock to stretch outward if the urge strikes me.

Getting situated on the table, I’m thinking about the initial rush of energy I felt with Keisha. I feel like I made a good first impression and really like her vibe also. Hopefully, having me nude and mostly exposed on her table will make an even better second impression. There is a knock at the door and my pulse quickens as Keisha returns to the room. I anticipate a question about the heavy blanket being removed, but she doesn’t ask. I thought she might pull the sheet up a little higher on my hips, but she doesn’t. I would love to be in her mind right now to know what she is thinking.

Keisha begins working on my back first and her touch feels sensual and instantly electric. Her hands and our conversation flow easily. I answer her questions about what I do for a living, hobbies, and other small talk. I learn she is married and completed her massage therapy certification about six months ago. Keisha is such a pretty girl in the prime of her young life with a rewarding career ahead.

Keisha’s hands flow from my shoulders down to the small of back and fade outward as her hands glide across my ass. Her pressure and tempo are perfectly synchronized with my internal rhythm. Slowly, the sheet begins to slip off my glutes as she repeats these sexy, sweeping motions across my back and ass. I am definitely getting turned on and surprised at how fast it is happening. Hopefully, she won’t mind this playful exhibitionism and actually seems to be participating in it already. Maybe we can both have a sprinkle of naughty, innocent fun today.

As she turns her attention to my legs, the sheet remains low on my hips. Keisha takes the material covering my left leg and folds it to the side. The entire left side of my body is exposed including most of my ass. I can feel material down between my legs but I’m not sure if my balls are covered. She works on my inner thigh but, disappointingly, doesn’t come remotely close to touching my balls. Perhaps I can help her with this.

I describe a tightness high on my inner thigh and reach back to show her the location. As I pinpoint the location of my tightness, I brush against my balls and excitedly realize they have been in clear view. Mmmm, sweet Keisha is being a naughty wife and therapist by leaving me exposed like this. I trace my inner thigh showing her where I need additional work.  The erotic tension is mounting. How she will she respond to my playfulness?

Keisha moves up higher on my thigh and is painstakingly close to my balls but doesn’t make contact. I can feel my cock stiffening and beginning to extend from underneath my stomach, pushing outward beyond my hip…my head is now swollen and likely in Keisha’s line of sight. Ahhhh, the torture and tension are fantastic! She has done nothing to cover my exposed balls and her hands are soooo close to contact. All too soon, she covers my left leg and moves to my right side to repeat the process. Damn!

I go through the same dance with Keisha on my right leg including once again exposing my increasingly heavy balls. Standing on my right side, Keisha rests her left hand on the inner side of my leg which makes my breath hitch. With her left hand anchored on my inner thigh, her right hand flows the length of my outer thigh, over my ass, to my lower back, and returns by flowing along the underside of my stomach causing my abs twitch. If she had done this on the other side, she would have brushed across my exposed, plump head. Then again, maybe that is why she didn’t do this on the other side.

I raise my hips slightly with each repeated pass. In a low, sensual voice I encourage her by telling her how amazing it feels. She returns her focus to my thighs as her hands “accidentally” brush across my balls several times.

Whew…I’m breathless and gripping the table for more! I look back at Keisha and reassure her that she doing amazing work and giving me exactly what I need. It is a completely surreal situation to be in. This woman I just met less than an hour ago is making far more than glancing contact with my balls and not saying a word. There is no “excuse me” or acknowledgement of any sort. Outwardly, we are both acting like this isn’t happening. The erotic tension is divine.

Keisha has me turn over for the remainder of the massage. She lifts the sheet as I turn beneath, and it falls high on my chest. This coverage feels extreme and simply won’t do. With a playful smile, I tell her that I am feeling very hot and push the sheet low on my stomach…just above my cock.

Keisha returns a lingering smile and lets the sheet rest right where I placed it as she begins to work on my left leg. I am lost in her languid, sensual strokes. Her hand flows upward along the top of my thigh and across the side of my stomach returning downward under the bottom of my ass. She repeats this process as she compliments me on my physique and the outfit I was wearing earlier. Men often fail to appreciate the effect we can have on women by dressing well, and it is nice to know Keisha noticed. She seems to be enjoying my second impression – without clothes – as well.

Keisha covers my left side and then begins to work on my right leg. She is more cautious with this leg since my cock is positioned on this side. I’m becoming aroused and an outline of my cock is beginning to form against the sheet. I wonder if she is excited too or just tolerating me? Will she do more if I encourage her? I gently spread my right leg and once again point to the problem area high on my inner thigh. Keisha works my inner thigh and her hands once again make brief passes across my balls. Whew, she is being so playful and hot!

Keisha then begins her now familiar flow along my thigh and lower stomach. I can barely breathe as her hands move up my thigh and “bump” into my cock as she moves along my stomach.

With each pass, her hand bumps up against the thin fabric covering my hard on. My cock flexes beneath the sheet as if personally begging her to take hold. I can tell that the fabric has me gripped in a way that is preventing my cock from springing free. I so wish it would pop out naturally so I could see how Keisha would respond. Each time she approaches my manhood I gently arch my hips to invite her touch. Oh god, this slow tease is so amazing!

Disappointingly, Keisha announces our time has reached the end. She asks if I enjoyed the massage? I assure her that I definitely enjoyed this session. She says she is looking forward to seeing me again and requests that I schedule my next appointment on the way out. Keisha had been so quiet after our initial chit chat and her being proactive about my next visit is a great signal that she was doing more than just tolerating me and may have actually enjoyed herself. Of course, her “accidental” touching my balls over and over was an even better signal.

Even though I have had more than my fair share of fun in legitimate spas, today surpassed my expectations. If I’m lucky, the moments that happened today might not occur until the second or third visit. Keisha and I have some great energy flowing between us, and I’m feeling very hopeful about the next massage. I still need to remain realistic and keep my expectations grounded. After all, this spa is a professional place of business and therapists do have a professional code of conduct to adhere to. Plus, she is married. That said, erotic energy can be a powerful force.

How far will Keisha go? I will tell you this for now…if it wasn’t going to get really hot, I wouldn’t be sharing this true story.

To be continued…

36 thoughts on “Keisha’s Temptation

  1. You describe events with such a strong erotic pulse, this is sensual work.

    1. Thank you Vinnieh, really appreciate your reaction to the tone and vibe of the writing. I do want you and others to feel excited as you read it. I want everyone to cum again and again! 😉

      1. I think everyone who reads your stuff cums multiple times.

  2. And by the way, is that your bum on the picture leading to this post?

    1. It is…nice catch 😉

      1. You got a good butt.

        1. Hahahaha..

          Totally agreed with you vinnieh…

          But coming from you it is so hilarious 😂

  3. 😘😘😘😘😘i really wanna do something now….with u

    1. Sexy Sameera, you have left such arousing comments today. Thanks for exploring my posts and sharing your feelings with me. 💖

      1. By the way… that your body in your profile?

        1. Yes, of course…☺️

        2. Hmm…it’s really hot body!!

  4. As a massage therapist I find these encounters haunting because I work hard to make sure I’m a professional in the massage room, but also to deter people’s thinking from stereotypical “happy endings”. However, the erotic fantasy that is playing in my mind is trying to take over…

    1. I can respect that. I know massage therapists get annoyed with aspect of their work. It’s funny though, something seems to happen to them when I am on their table. I’m not expecting a rub and tug. I am thinking about them as a woman…not as a passage for a hand job. Being naked on the table before them…there hands working me…warm gently flirty conversation from me…something seems to happen between a man and a woman rather than a therapist and client. I can’t believe you are a therapist. I know this is your profession and respect that…still, it is making me HOT! 🙂 :-*

      1. 😉
        I definitely need a massage though…the muscles are tense!

        1. Yes, I am feeling rather tense as well…some serious swelling I might add that needs your attention. I would like to relieve your tension as well…getting in nice and deep and causing a nice release of tension points 😉

  5. I need some strong hands. Hope you’re up for the challenge.

    1. Yes sexy Vegas, describing me as “up” for the challenge is a perfect description! 😉

  6. Carly Quinn Author

    I’m always holding my breath by the end of your posts….you need a Mistress to put a collar on you and make you play nice for all these poor women! You’re too tempting for your own good. Then again, you’ve probably not change a thing in hopes your Mistress would beat that gorgeous ass. tsk tsk

    1. A collar, ha!😛I love the inherent irony of the cock cage. As I’ve mentioned, it begs the question, who is actually being denied? Sorry about my mischievous behavior in the spas. 😄I don’t do it much anymore (Yumi excluded) but I always enjoyed trying to infuse the room with an erotic swirl and seeing how they would respond. 😈 I only gave them what they craved…passion💞🔥

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        You never know…you might like it😈

        1. If it makes you hot, I will love it!😃😘 Although, I still believe you (deep inside) want the collar around your sexy neck…🔥Loss of control for you is inversion and that fuels the erotic swirl.

  7. Carly Quinn Author

    Interesting theory, we’ll just have to see who ends up holding the leash 😘

  8. Aaaah micheal…

    Keisha… was definitely thinking of drinking from that vine..
    just like I was holding my breath rushing to the end of the story in great anticipation .. hoping she was brave enough and turned on enough to take hold of that flexing manhood.. And give it a few strokes of massage …

    I guess we just have to wait to find out if she will be gamed and how she actually responded to your erotic playfulness…
    I enjoyed . Keisha’s temptation..
    And I got a little buzz to ease my cravings…but you know it won’t last too long before..
    I’m lust hungry 😋 for more…. more of micheal stimulation…

    (Biting an licking my lips 👄 with the thought)

    1. Mmmm, thank you Nita 🔥😘I was hoping the selfies might hold you over for a bit ☺️I liked the phrase “flexing manhood”…you have me flexing now with your reaction 🍆 I’ve added a lot of backdated posts (never released as new posts in the reader) in my archives if you ever want to explore… 😘

  9. I don’t think I read this one before.
    But, Oh my you naughty man you
    That last photo was a nice visual 😊
    Me gusta

    1. Hi Cinnamon Girl 😘 I’m glad you like that particular visual… 🔥I have a feeling that if you were standing there, one part of the image would be shifting upward and to the right as you often cause me to do☺️

      1. papi, me gusta eso. también tienes un toque efectivo.

        1. Mmmm, I like when you speak in Spanish…it really lights a fire! It is you that has a special touch 🔥

  10. Love this! Very erotic….can’t wait to read what comes next!

    1. Thanks so much, Nora…hope this next edition has a much more satisfying ending. Been a way for a while but glad to be back and look forward to catching up on what I’ve missed with your naughty adventures. 🙂

  11. You are so poetic, so sensual in the way your words and story flow. Arousing in exactly the right tempo. Lovely. ❤️

    1. Hi Cassandra, thanks so much for stopping by to give this a read and the generous feedback. I tend to write imagining that I am writing to a woman and knowing this story had an arousing effect is very flattering.💫 You made my day. 💖

  12. Keisha is beautiful. I love your word play. I can stay in your world forever.

    1. Hi Livia, thank you for the generous feedback. I hope that if Keisha were to ever see herself in my art that she would be pleased too. I like when you visit my world and stay a bit…your presence makes it a better place. 💫

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