Why should a woman bother with the male, cock-centric kink known as Small Penis Teasing? Ladies, if your man finds this kink arousing, you have the power to take him to heights of erotic euphoria he never thought possible. As the provider of his transcendent ecstasy, you become a sexual goddess with the power to lift him beyond this earthly realm. His devotion and attention to you and your needs will be like nothing you ever imagined possible. It can even open doors to your naughty desires. 

So, what exactly is this kink? Small penis teasing is a form of erotic humiliation (psychological masochism) – masochism is the “M” in BDSM. Basically, the man finds pleasure in being teased about having a small penis. When a man’s lover talks about it being small while stroking and sucking on it or expressing her desire to have a “real cock” inside her during a heated fucking are examples of small penis teasing. [Whew, I got hard just typing this out.]

I also enjoy  cuckolding (watching my lover with more endowed men) and small penis teasing merges nicely within my cuckold fantasy. As you might imagine, these desires can sometimes come across as a little confusing to women. This was the case with Amanda as she was browsing my content. Join me for another edition of the Cuckold Corner, as I try help Amanda wrap her mind around small penis teasing and uncover several common concerns women have with this kink.

Cuckold Corner – Amanda on Small Penis Teasing

Cuckold Corner Vol 10

Michael – Men often read or hear that women don’t think a lot about cock size and that size doesn’t matter. In our last discussion, you seemed to go against this by suggesting women are indeed curious about big cocks?

Amanda – What matters most is how a man treats a woman. I guess a big cock would be an enhancement as long as the guy isn’t a big prick himself. 

Michael – True, the whole person concept is very important. I think most of us want to be with someone that we feel excited about, treats us well, and would be proud to introduce to others. Assuming you are with a great guy that happens to have a large cock, would you feel an added sense of pride knowing your man is hung?  

Amanda –  I’m sure it would boost his ego but a sense of pride for me? Hmm, I don’t know. Up until now, I haven’t really given that much thought. 

Michael – I’ve always been curious about sexual conversations women have with one other. Would you say the endowment of boyfriends is a common topic?

Amanda – LOL! That is such a guy question! We do talk about men and sex but not so much about cock size. Girls don’t look at sex like men do. We are often looking for something more than just sex. 

If I actually did show show them a picture or told them about my guy’s big cock, I guess they might associate it with me being more satisfied and they would be happy for me. I would need to be careful though because it might be perceived as bragging or they might think I like him just because he has a big cock. 

Michael – Let’s flip this around. Would you feel embarrassed if your man had a small penis and even more so if your girlfriends knew he had a small penis?

Amanda – I don’t think I would be embarrassed. Men aren’t perfect after all. Besides, a man can’t control the size of his penis and there are some great guys out there with small cocks. If they happen to be big, that is just a bonus. If you are a good man, a woman will love and appreciate you and her friends will appreciate you too.

Amanda’s cock-size references are subtle but she associated a larger cock size with more pleasure/satisfaction and a smaller cock with not being “perfect”. In short, it is the essence of man that matters most. A big cock – even occasionally – would just be a “bonus”. She also makes a reference to societal/cultural norms by being worried other women would judge her negatively for craving a big cock for sexual pleasure.

Michael – This makes complete sense and is a very real-world perspective. There is much more to a man and your relationship with him than the size of his cock. I apologize for so many questions but they are purposeful. Let me run a scenario by you:

You are in a loving relationship with a good man that treats you well but he is on the smaller side of average. He shares a fantasy about wanting to watch you have sex with other men – more endowed men. You are free to experience big cocks as a purely physical experience without having to think about all of the other factors. How would you feel about cock size in this scenario knowing your man wants you to have more?

Amanda – Well, like I told you before, I have only been with a few men in my life and I think they were probably average size I guess. I am very curious about experiencing a big cock and would be open to that scenario for sure.

I find Amanda’s desire to experience a big cock fascinating. She has downplayed it throughout our discussion. When limiting factors (commitment, a man’s personality, societal expectations, perceptions of friends, etc.) are stripped away and all that remains is sexual desire, she wants to experience a big cock. This desire strikes me as a primal urge.

Amanda – I have a question for you. 

Michael – Sure, fire away.

Amanda – Some guys like this kink even though they are actually average sized. Where do you fall in with that? I would like to see if you want to send me a pic.

Melisande - Inches 2

Michael – This is a great callout. There are plenty of men with “average” cocks that enjoy this kink. The thing is, there are always men with larger cocks and your man will be small by comparison so there is plenty of space to play in this fantasy.  As for why I like this kink, I wrote a post – Erotic Humiliation – which explains why this fantasy makes me hot. I’d rather not go through it all again here other than to confirm that it does make me so hot. What do you think about the small penis teasing kink? If you knew it made your man hot, could you get into teasing him about his little penis and even letting him know you are craving a more substantial cock?

Amanda – I don’t know. I’m not sure I find this kink exciting and don’t think I’d want to do that to a man. Maybe it’s more exciting for men?

Michael – You mention doing this “to” a man like it is against his will and desire. Cuckolding and small penis teasing are sexual kinks that excite some men. If your man has these desires, you aren’t doing it “to” him, you are doing it “for” him or “with” him. If you were to fall in love with a man and he shared this fantasy, you might feel differently about it knowing it turns your man on.

Amanda – Okay, I get it. You didn’t answer my question though about your cock size or the pic.

Michael – Ah, you noticed that? You are curious about the size of my cock?

Michael 6 (Ruler Version)

Amanda – Yes, actually I am! I’m curious now! I’ve seen portions of you on your blog and I find myself wanting to see your cock.

Melisande - Inches 3

Michael – Amanda, you are being such a naughty girl. You want to know the size of my cock AND see a cock shot?

Amanda – Omg, you are really teasing me about this picture! I could share a picture with you. What kind of picture would you like from me?

Michael – Do you typically ask men for photos of their cock? Does it make you feel excited and filled with anticipation as you wait?

Amanda – It’s so odd, men usually send them to me and I don’t ask or even want to see them. I feel embarrassed asking you, but I am so curious and – yes – waiting with anticipation! I want to see your cock!

Michael – Would you prefer that it be hard or soft?

Amanda – Hard, please…

Michael – I will share a photo in the future and you are always welcome to as well. I’m genuinely flattered and aroused that you made this request…thank you.🔥

Amanda – OMG! Stomp, mmmph!!!

(Mmmm, this was super hot! We did end up exchanging some photos)

Michael – I’ve brought up sharing things with your girlfriends a few times. Small penis teasing in the privacy of a relationship is one thing but there is an added erotic burn when it becomes more public. It adds to the erotic humiliation when it becomes more public. Here’s another scenario to consider:

Imagine we are a couple and small penis teasing and erotic humiliation is part of our sexual play. We are hanging out with your girlfriends and you make a small penis reference that catches their attention. You snuggle into me all loving and playful and say to them, “Yes, he’s a great guy and has a cute little penis.”  They giggle with you. I would find this public teasing to be super hot. What are your thoughts on this?

Amanda – I do like teasing. If it made you hot, I could probably draw a girlfriend or two into what is happening and tell them you have a little penis or something. It would be important though that they knew how close we were and that you liked it. I wouldn’t want them to think I was being mean.

When introducing the small penis teasing kink to our lover, we need to anticipate she will see it as something that feels mean and hurtful. She loves you and doesn’t want to hurt you. Plus, she wouldn’t want you to say mean, degrading, or humiliating things to her about her or her body (unless she was also into erotic humiliation). Be prepared to offer a lot of reassurances about how much it excites you.

Michael – I appreciate your real-world perspective in answering these questions. Mmm, the thought of you sharing such a naughty little secret with a girlfriend or two is very steamy. Every time I would see them, it would give me such a hot rush knowing they know our little secret. I have one more theme to explore if you can indulge me?

Amanda – Of course, this is fun! 

Michael –  Great! Is it a special feeling to know the man you are in love with is giving you the best sex of your life?

Amanda – Ah, I think this is the question most women can answer more clearly. Yes! It is amazing to be in love and feel like you are having the best sex of your life. You have this one man that is satisfying all your desires – emotional and physical. He is perfect for you and fulfills you in every way like no one else can.  

Amanda shares a central belief here that so many women want to have about their lover – he is the best man for her in every way.  Cuckolding and small penis teasing work against this vision. We are asking our lover to tease us about being “less than” with small penis teasing. We then add cuckolding to the mix and encourage her to experience bigger cocks and, potentially, the best sex of her life…with another man. This also works against her emotions initially and might not be an appealing place for her to go. Men need to make this fantasy emotionally safe and erotic for our lover. The strength, love, and emotional safety of the relationship must always be protected.

Michael – You excitedly share this vision of one man fulfilling all your desires but there is something about cuckolding and big strong cocks that excite you. If you and your lover are into cuckolding, you will likely come across a man that actually does give your more physical pleasure than your lover is capable of providing you. What do you think about that possibility?

Amanda – Oh wow. I’m just reading what I wrote about having everything in one man but being intrigued by cuckolding. Maybe the other guy wouldn’t be as good?

Michael – Hmmm, would you be thinking about other men with an expectation that sex would be less fulfilling than what you are already experiencing?

Joshua 7 v2

Amanda – No. You’re right.

Amanda is experiencing the disorienting erotic swirl that flows through the minds of men and women in cuckolding. This mind fuck is the erotic elixir. We have a vision of how things should be – instilled and reinforced by society – but it isn’t our dream. We have other dreams…naughty dreams that fill us with heat when we think about a woman in love with one man while surrendering her body to another man. It feels wrong but our arousal reveals our truth. This place of love, erotic heat, sexual liberation, joy, confusion, ecstasy, and irrationality is the archetypal energy of Dionysus – patron god of my blog, The Dionysian Experience.

In parting, I’ll leave you with a chart that allegedly reflects research based on women’s cock-size preferences. Not sure if this preference is for a one-night stand or for daily use because legitimate studies suggest those two scenarios may have different answers. Initially, I thought this chart was probably developed by a man that enjoys small penis teasing. Over time, and through personal experience with women that have cuckolded me with more endowed men, I’m beginning to think there may be some validity to it. However, I do believe the lower range (length/thickness) rating of “not enjoyable” is too extreme. Even a small cock can be part of a magical experience.

Penis Chart

Cuckold Corner is an ongoing series of interviews with men and women who are interested cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle and other kinks often associated with this lifestyle.

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24 thoughts on “Cuckold Corner – Amanda on Cock Size

  1. I know this may sound strange, but the best sex I’ve ever had was with a man with a tiny penis. I was surprised by how good he made me feel because I’d always been with average sized men, and I didn’t think a small penis would feel as good. I guess we tend to have preconceived notions about things like this. I think it comes down to the connection that you have with the person more than anything else.

    1. Michelle, I must admit that when I saw you commented on this…it had my heart racing a bit. I had no idea what to expect on such a naughty post. 😈 And, what a hot comment to read! 🔥 You know, I tried to be thoughtful about this discussion and always anchor to the couple. This whole cuckold kink is ultimately about the couple’s hot fun together. Hopefully, they have amazing sex (even if the man has a small penis) and the other men (if they go that far) are just part of the fun adventure but they aren’t replacing anyone. The connection, as you shared, is what makes it all work. Okay, your use of small and tiny have me distracted 😛🔥

  2. Excellent post/interview. I also believe the kink can spring from a desire to see your beloved in a state of ecstasy from sex. This might be more of a “hotwife” fantasy and include threesomes (MMF) and possibly group scenarios as well as cuckolding. When one is secure in their relationship it makes it easier and less threatening to indulge her.

    1. Hi Rushmore, thanks for adding to the discussion. I’ve enjoyed your writing over the years and appreciate your perspective on the psychology flowing through this and related fantasies. Having our lover achieve transcendent ecstasy (even with another man) is something I also appreciate and would want her to experience. The hotter it is for her, the hotter is for me too. As you point out, we can have all types of hot fun with different kinks but it is essential that the energy always comes back to the couple. The erotic journey ultimately belongs to them.

  3. I had a lover who was into this. He wanted me to have better sex than he could provide. And you’re right, at first I was so worried I’d hurt his feelings. But he loved it and it made him really hot! But I do talk to my friends about penis size 😋

    1. I love your openness about these type topics! 😃 It is always a special treat when a sexy woman weighs in with their perspective. Sounds like you did experience more. I’m imagining it was worth give it a try? Thanks for sharing about you and girlfriends talking about cock size 😛I’m a little surprised but think that is hot…especially when it comes to SPT and cuckolding 😈

      1. It definitely helped me to realize the possibilities out there and what I like. 🙂

  4. I’ve never been able to enjoy a small penis, Michael. They bore me (and not in a good way!). But, then, most of my partner’s penises have grown over the months and/or years of being with me, so it’s never really been much of a problem. 🙂

    1. Mmmm, I figured you would have a preference a big strong cock that taps into the fullness of your sexuality 😈🔥I can attest to your special power to make men larger, it is happening to me right now!😃😘

      1. M….. *slurp* 😉

  5. Due to the size of vagina itself (before reaching the cervix), a man who is 3 inches can still fully pleasure a woman; since about 3-4inches of a penis will only actually be inside the vagina. Those who can typically “take it deep” are the one (like myself) who have not had children and have their cervix high up.

    I think girth is more of the culprit/antagonist here. A bigger girth can account for more arousal on both ends since all of the vaginal walls can be felt by the shaft. A small in length penis that has a big girth can equal, if not outrank, a large in size cock with a small girth. (If that makes sense).

    Maybe it all comes down to preference? I like 7”+ with a good girth, the kind that almost doesn’t fit my hand when I close around it. To me, it feels full and more erotic. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Vegas, this was such a delicious comment…read it many times!🍆💧Being the hot woman you are with a preference for a 7″ plus, thick cock, it is a good thing that you can take it deep and also appreciate the fullness of the girth 😈 Your openness here is hot! 🔥If you happen to fall in love with a smaller endowed man, cuckolding might be a hot way for you to enjoy “more”. Did I mention how much I enjoyed your thoughts on this? Thank you 😘

      1. Lol!!

        Cuckolding is a strong interest of mine. The thought of being something a person can’t have or enjoy is erotic. I knew a guy who was into being submissive and humiliated; he was a VP for a company and always in control, it was his release to be the one controlled and called pathetic. That was fun! Lol

  6. Missed you Michael and hope you are well. Amazing post as usual but I don’t recall letting you into my head haha

    1. It’s funny, I could totally see you having some of the same fantasies, concerns, and questions Amanda did. Although, I don’t think you’ve ever asked about my cock size 😈🔥That same big cock and BBC curiosity was there though which is very arousing 🍆

      1. Maybe I havent maybe I have😈. But definitely there

  7. This is an intriguing post. And I missed reading you!! You always have something interesting and alluring in store! 😛

    1. “Intriguing post”…I like that from such an intriguing woman. 😘 I’ve missed your sexy energy as well and look forward to catching up a bit on your works…I know the book has been keeping you busy as I recall. Congratulations on not feeling compelled to weigh in on topic at hand 😛

  8. It’s a nice write-up. My husband occasionally enjoys small penis teasing, which I had a hard time with at first because (a) I didn’t understand it and (b) he has a pretty big dick. I get it now, and I learned that with relativism, he can still have a “little” dick because he isn’t the biggest that’s ever been inside of me.

    “Not sure if this preference is for a one-night stand or for daily use because legitimate studies suggest those two scenarios may have different answers.”

    Another good point. I really like my husband’s size for long-term, but from time-to-time, I just want something really, really big. When I get that giant dick to play with for a night, I’m usually set for a few months.

    1. Whew, loved this comment. Always special to get a woman’s perspective on these topics. Small penis teasing is powerful and easy to do because it relative. 🙂 As for the daily use vs. occasional size preference, you are in a special place when you can make this distinction and act on your desires. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding to the discussion.

  9. […] Cuckold Corner – Amanda on Cock Size […]

  10. Turns me on

    1. Glad you like it. Was there anything particular you found arousing?

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