Erotic Humiliation is consensual humiliation that produces sexual arousal. This definition seems pretty clear, but it is much too superficial to satisfy my craving for deeper understanding. Therefore, it is time for another exploration of sexual psychology in an ongoing series I call “Exploring the Layers”. We begin this exploration of erotic humiliation with several objectives in mind:

  • Provide a thoughtful introduction to the psychology of erotic humiliation
  • Develop an understanding of why some people (including myself) enjoy this kink
  • Explore the influence of erotic humiliation using three of my favorite sexual kinks: Small Penis Teasing/Humiliation, Cuckolding, and Exhibitionism as examples

Erotic Humiliation & Masochism

Erotic humiliation can and does exist independent of other fetishes. However, it is likely that our awareness of this kink (if we have noticed it at all) comes from seeing it interwoven with other more well-known fetishes such as D/s, Cuckolding, and Femdom to name a few. There is typically an accompanying element of submission at play for the person being humiliated but this isn’t always case. Let’s consider the cock cage or male chastity device. Having a woman put me in a cage and giving her control over my ability to have an erection is a form of submission. However, it only becomes humiliating if she infuses it within the context of the caging. For example, she might say that my penis is small, doesn’t satisfy her, and deserves to be put away while she experiences a real man’s cock.

Most of us are familiar with masochism (the “M” in BDSM) which is said to elicit deeply satisfying (emotional and/or physical) release/pleasure through pain. Erotic humiliation is a form of masochism and can be psychological and/or physical. When administered verbally, it serves as a form of psychological masochism. In a sense, it is an emotional spanking. This emotional spanking is a sensation I often mention in my cuckold discussions. It burns to see my lover enjoying another man’s cock but it also wildly exciting.

Erotic Humiliation – Psychological Origin

Where might the masochistic desires for erotic humiliation or other forms of pain that generate sexual pleasure come from? Discussing all the possible answers to this question are a bit beyond my scope for this article. In general though, behavioral psychologists believe most of our behaviors (sexual and non-sexual) have at least some roots that trace back to our childhood and, perhaps, compounded by triggering events as young adults.

The masochistic desire for erotic humiliation could stem from feelings of abandonment, powerlessness, insecurity, inadequacy, rejection, detachment, emptiness, guilt, or shame. Even if we can pinpoint a significant negative childhood event or events, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily sexualized that feeling by transferring it into a kink or a fetish that now gives us control and pleasure.

If we have sexualized these feelings , we can go two ways with this negative experience. We might think about it in the context of phobic or counter-phobic reactions. For example, someone that felt powerless as a child may gravitate towards being a Dom or Domme to take control of that sense of powerlessness. In contrast, a person may sexualize that sense of powerlessness and find sexual arousal in tapping into it. This also provides a sense of control in that we are embracing our fear and finding pleasure in it.

I can think back to a couple early heartbreaks as a teenager where the impact may have been a bit more emotionally intense than expected when layered against the backdrop of my mother’s suicide. Well, that’s about as far as I want to peel that onion back for now. If you want to read more about the psychological impact of significant early childhood events, please check out my Shadows: Origin post.

Communication, Consent, and Context

Erotic humiliation, as with any form of sexual experimentation, requires context, consent, a high degree of awareness, and open communication to ensure the result is desirable, rather than abusive. For example, a man or woman may enjoy being humiliated in some ways but may be genuinely crushed and devastated if humiliated or insulted in other ways. Erotic humiliation can become extreme enough to be considered a form of edge play when emotional boundaries are pushed to their extreme.

Without caution, erotic humiliation can destroy a relationship and even a person’s self-esteem. Discussing boundaries, use of a safeword, aftercare, and easing into erotic humiliation is a always a good approach.

We should also remember that erotic humiliation is all about context and the mindset of those involved. What may feel humiliating and arousing to one person, may strike another as humiliating (not erotically) and hurtful. On the other hand, some folks may not even consider the act at hand to be humiliating at all. In most cases there is a triad of reactions to a particular act: 1) humiliating and arousing 2) humiliating and not arousing 3) not humiliating.

Consider this example: As a man experiencing a cuckold scene, I have just watched another man fuck my woman and he just released his heavy load inside her. She looks at me with dreamy, lust-filled eyes as she spreads her legs before me and shows me her overflowing, cum-filled pussy.

Cuckold - Creampie

She wants me to clean her up…with my tongue. There are three basic reactions here for a cuckold:

  1. Eating her creampie is humiliating and, because of that, the act is extremely arousing. I perform the act and the humiliation intensifies my sexual arousal.
  2. Eating her creampie would be humiliating and, because of that, there is no arousal associated with it. I pass on the “opportunity”.
  3. Eating her creampie is not humiliating and just a fun part of the overall sexual experience. I do it with no sense of humiliation.

I would select option “1”. As a straight man that fantasizes about cuckolding with a deep, slow burn of erotic humiliation running though it, the thought of eating another man’s cum from my lover’s pussy strikes me as incredibly humiliating and off-the-charts arousing. Clearly, erotic humiliation (in some forms) is one underlying driver of my cuckold fantasy. However, I have zero interest in another man’s cum outside this scenario and context. It is erotic humiliation that drives my sexual arousal in this scene. I share a personal creampie experience here – Amber’s Creampie.

Small Penis Teasing

Michael - Thinking 2

I mentioned earlier that erotic humiliation and submission are distinct sexual kinks and this distinction resonates with me. I actually have a personal example to illustrate my point. (Deep breath) So…here it is. I enjoy a kink known as Small Penis Teasing (aka, Small Penis Humiliation). I prefer to say “teasing” rather than “humiliation” because it better reflects the tone of how I like to experience it…a more sensual tone and phrasings rather than harshly spoken. Whether I actually have a small penis or not doesn’t really matter…this state of mind can always be created if desired.

While I do get off big time on small penis teasing (SPT), I have no real excitement around being dominated or bossed around by my lover or anyone for that matter. Femdom is not my thing. In fact, I fall on the dominant side more often than not. A possible exception to this might be my enjoyment of the “cock cage” discussed in Cock Cage – Male Chastity.

How does Small Penis Teasing work for me? I strive in my relationships to provide my lover with the most amazing sexual experiences of their lives. I want to activate her senses, body, mind, heart, and soul to create transcendent sexually charged, emotionally activating, light swirling ecstasy…and love. That is my goal, individual results may vary.

Once fantasy exploration begins, I want my lover to “admit” that my cock is small…shorter and thinner than she craves. I want her to tease me about having a little cock and admit that she craves a larger, thicker cock. Will she feel these things initially? Probably not. But, in time, I hope to make it feel safe and hot enough for her to express these feelings and desires. Then, I will fuck her hard and spank her sexy ass for be so naughty! SPT is exciting to me but it tends to elicit a more dominant than submissive reaction.

Humiliation and Cuckolding

Cuckolding is a sexual kink where the woman in an emotionally committed relationship has sex with a man (or men) outside her primary relationship. And, the man (cuckold) and woman (cuckoldress/hotwife) in this relationship find the arrangement exciting. Though it isn’t often expressed, cuckolding is about the couple…it is their naughty adventure together as a loving couple. Cuckolding is one of my favorite kinks and I have written extensively about it. You can my writings devoted to the sexual psychology of cuckolding here: Cuckold Psychology – The Essentials.

How does humiliation blend with cuckolding? It doesn’t take much to get the erotic humiliation juices flowing in a cuckold scene. Some cuckolds (not all) find the basic cuckold scenario to be humiliating. Just knowing another man is fucking and staking his claim deep inside your woman’s pussy is more than enough to elicit a sense of shame and humiliation for most cuckolds. The sensation is ramped up if it is clear our lover is really enjoying herself and the man has a larger cock.

However, not all cuckolds feel this is an humiliating experience. Some see the experience as a gift of pleasure to their woman and are instead filled with pride that other men find their woman so sexy and desirable. Most cuckolds enjoy both aspects – gift of pleasure and pride as well as erotic humiliation.

Beyond the basic cuckold scenario, there are many ways to amp up the intensity of erotic humiliation in cuckold play. In my post, American Gigolo: The Cuckold Contract, I included many examples of erotic of humiliation in the contract I prepared for Timothy and his wife. I won’t go into them here but encourage you to read that post if you are curious.

Erotic Humiliation and Exhibitionism

I’ve previously explored the psychology of exhibitionism and my interest in this kink (independent of any erotic humiliation) in the post – Exhibitionism – Exploring the LayersThis has been one of my more popular posts, and I hope you will check it out. Exhibitionism can exist alone as a kink, and it can also be layered into erotic humiliation and cuckolding. We can increase the intensity of erotic humiliation and arousal by experiencing our fantasies in a more public manner with others witnessing our “humiliation”. Whenever I share my cuckold and, now, small penis teasing kinks here on WordPress, I feel an erotic rush. This isn’t the highest level of exhibitionism because I am still somewhat anonymous. Yet, I feel a great connection with many of you and, in some ways, you know me on a deeper level than most.


Erotic Humiliation is consensual humiliation that produces sexual arousal. It is a form of masochism (physical and/or psychological) and falls within the realm of BDSM. Erotic humiliation can exist as an independent kink or be layered in with other sexual kinks (e.g., D/s, small penis teasing, exhibitionism, and cuckolding). Erotic humiliation, as with any form of sexual experimentation, requires context, consent, a high degree of awareness, and open communication to ensure the result is desirable, rather than hurtful.

One request before you go. If you enjoyed this free story and art, please return the erotic energy by clicking on the “like” button and/or sharing a brief comment. If the comment section asks for your email, just ignore that (your comment will still come through). Thank you ~ Michael 💫

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  1. I had to imagine holding your hand through this one..I was a little lost with the desire your describe. This is all different for me but I love reading about it and you. We could be sharing a bottle of wine while talking about all of these desires and imagine us talking long into the early hours…
    I don’t like to dominate…I like to be taken…hard, intense and slow. I love the thought of you wanting me so much you pin me to the wall as I gasp and you tell me I’m yours… You know last night… I couldn’t resist…I touched myself and thought of us in hot, sweet, lust filled situations…never taking our eyes off eachother while you hand explores me..
    I want you Michael… inexplicably

    1. what a take-away!!

  2. JaneCuckoldress

    Another great entry! I am really enjoying your blog. I can relate in the last part about the excitement and arousal of sharing your kinks here on wordpress. I am really enjoying sharing my own sexual desires and experiences here, and even though it’s annoymous I’m recealing so much more of myself than I do with friends or family.

    1. I have been so hesitant to share these thoughts. In fact, I backdated the post when I released it so it would be buried in the archives for a while. I’m glad you came across it and enjoyed it! ☺️I can imagine it must be hot for you sharing your naughty desires…I know I like reading them 🔥It is interesting how we make connections in this little community all get to know one another in much different way compared to our day-to-day lives. I should say interesting AND exciting when sharing naughty secrets 😃

      1. JaneCukoldress

        Yes writing and reading here on wordpress is great. I’m learning a lot about kink and myself. I especially love yours because you put serious intelligent thought into each piece you write. Most blogs I find are just journal entries really. Do you know of any other blogs to recommend?

        1. So sorry about the slow reply, I could have sworn I replied to this. It must not have gone through.😁Really appreciate the feedback on my writing and I feel the same about yours. I’m behind but have seen some very interesting posts from you that I’m excited to read and comment on. I think you are going to make a man with cuckold fantasies very happy one day. As for other blogs, I’ve started what I consider a “second-tier” blog where I am posting things that I may never share here but are focused on cuckolding. It is more dialogue based vignettes I had with past lover that cuckolded me. I’ll send you a few links.

          1. JaneCuckoldress

            Thank you so much 🙂 it really means a lot to me that a great writer like yourself likes my blog too ^_^
            I’ll definitely check out both of those blogs. Thanks!

  3. I love how you put so much thought into sex. Often, and especially in the American culture, it’s just something you do behind closed doors and you barely speak of it. Which is sad because it’s a really important part of a lot of our lives. I guess not everyone loves it as much as me (and you, apparently 😛). This erotic humiliation is an interesting kink. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of it as arousing but I’d definitely be more toward the teasing vs humiliation side. Anything can be fun if it arouses your lover. It must be a semi nerve wracking thing to bring up though. Takes some courage to ask to be teased. But a good partner is receptive to anything and will be thoughtful instead of shutting it down.
    One thing that caught my notice is that you said it’s a dominant thing for you. That seems like such an inversion of what humiliation feels like but I can see how this particular humiliation can be turned around. Both because you get to then offer your woman another man’s (much bigger) cock to satisfy her, and because you also get to punish her for desiring someone else. So you’re still dominant- it’s your idea to get her a bigger cock and you can spank her while she “confesses” her naughty ways. It’s a novel approach to things as far as my experience goes. Fun, sexy, and everyone is happy and satisfied.
    What an interesting and sexy blog you have, Michael. I’ll be back! 😊

    1. Hmmm, I never really thought about it but I DO put a lot of thought into sex, ha! I like to be mentally engaged and this is a lot more stimulating than reading the latest business books that are spinning recycled theories with new labels. You seem to have a great attitude about sex…making it fun and doing things to please your lover. I hope that same open mindedness is returned to you. The small penis teasing can be a tough one to get out there. I suspect some women may have a sense of pride around the endowment of their man and this kink might work against that sense of pride. As for the dominant-cuckold vibe, it isn’t the most variation of cuckolding but it works well in the world of kinks because there are more women with submissive fantasies than dominant fantasies. Besides that, I can only take so much erotic humiliation before asserting myself! 😛 Glad you enjoyed your experience and hope you’ll stop by again.☺️

      1. You can only take so much teasing before asserting yourself…this puts some images in my head. 😈I know what you mean though, it’s more fun to be multifaceted. And yes, I’d say your blog is a whole lot more fun than reading business books. Thanks for the kind wishes. Open mindedness is one thing I really value. Especially when it comes to sex. Hope you have a nice weekend. 😊

        1. Thank you Lola…you have a sweet soul and seem to be a bit curious and naughty as well☺️🔥Hope you had a great weekend.

          1. I’m definitely curious and more than a bit naughty- but very sweet. 😉😇 I sense a kindred spirit. ☺️

          2. Since my wife began getting the sex she deserved our marriage has improved totally.

          3. Thanks for the sharing your experience. I’m an advocate for cuckolding within healthy loving relationships as a way to enhance the erotic energy for the couple. My experience is that women are often hesitant at first (for a variety of reasons) but often love the lifestyle after getting into it.

    2. My wife & I were having terrible fights over our sexual incompatibility. We had been married for 14 years & have had very little sex for over 5 years. We finally went to a sexologist & he got us to open up about our problems. My wife said I was inadequate. My penois was too small. I came too fast & she had not had an orgasm during sex in 10 years.
      He asked if either of us had cheated & we both admitted that we had both had other sex partners while married. I admitted that my 3 one night partners were never satisfied & did not want to see me again. My wife on the other hand said that both of the men she cheated with gave her orgasms.
      Our Dr then suggested that we find men we could accept as bed partners. Essentially telling me I had to accept being her cuckold. He told me that it was not my fault but I just had no ability to do sex correctly & needed to watch how other men did it so I could learn,
      My wife knew exactly who to recommend. A black man she works with who had fucked her several times. He stareted coming over & spending the night in our bed withy my wife & I watched how he fucked her & how she sucked him,
      There is no way I could ever do what he does for her. I finally let him take me too and he gives me the best sex I have ever had. I now accept that I am really gay.

      1. Thanks for sharing…your fantasy.

  4. Fascinating post…would love to see your “little” penis…

  5. I’m learning so much from reading you… Glad you reposted this. 😉

    1. Thank you, this one was a little embarrassing to put out there.☺️ It sets up some of the things I’m going to write about in the Sensual Shadows series so I needed to have a reference point instead of trying to explain the kink with each post. It will be interesting to see if you discover anything like this in your erotic journey.

  6. I had a guy who wanted me to dominate him. He didn’t tell me this until after we spent a night together. He said he had a fantasy of being dominated and me making him “my bitch”. He explained he wanted to be humiliated and expressed interest in the kink of Small Penis Humiliation (even though in reality he wasn’t small). At first I laughed to myself as he text me. But then I started to thinking back on an old conversation with a fellow blogger over dinner where he told me I would make a great Madam or FemDom; having men do my bidding at their own will. I have to admit, the idea is intriguing. I know I can be a tease, that’s for sure. But I don’t know if I can get in the zone to humiliate someone for their fantasy. I think those scenarios offer a lot of prepping, communication, and after care. I honestly don’t think I would mind do all that, but it’s definitely something I would have to truly get in the mind frame and zone for.

    Suffice to say we never got around to meeting up again, but he would e-mail from time to time to tell him the thought would cross his mind.

    1. Love this comment, thank you 😘I don’t know the percentages but the FemDom kink seems to have a strong community. It doesn’t really do a lot for me…though I would explore it if a woman found it exciting. It would find pleasure in exciting her. It sounds like you had a similar reaction to your friends revelation. Admitting my small penis teasing kink here was a little embarrassing but I needed to explain it because it is going to come up in some upcoming stories. Plus, I’ve been making subtle references to it throughout many of my previous posts. For me, it is more of a teasing, sensual type experience with my lover craving a bigger cock vs. someone communicating like a harsh dominatrix. Does that make sense? You have an erotic mind and I’m sure you could get “in the zone” for someone you care about. I like to think about this as erotic theatre and everyone is role playing. Then, the show is over, and we step back into the reality of a loving relationship.

      1. That totally makes sense, yes!
        I agree it being a “show”, I think that’s what I was trying to get at as well.
        How wonderful you stepped out of your comfort zone to share that with us and be a tad vulnerable! Thank you for that 🙂

        1. No, thank you for being supportive of this revelation 😘☺️

  7. As always. I enjoy reading your post. They are so informative and provide great insight to a new perspective. Very thought provoking 🖤🖤

    1. Whew, I was really feeling a lot of angst putting this information out there. Not so much about Erotic Humiliation in general but the more personal information about how I like to experience.☺️ Glad you found it to be interesting exploration. 🔥

      1. I love how honest you are in your post. I myself enjoy a little bit of humiliation 😉 who doesn’t.. many won’t admit what they like directly outright but with enough coaxing .. they drop their guard. I’ve come to realize I have my limitations …boundaries so to speak… but with the right environment … connection …those boundaries become bendable.. they become catalyst to new heights versus becoming a restrictive shackle preventing me from experiencing true pleasure. Your post help me be free in many ways. Maybe its the commonality of another with similar wants..desires …conquest so to speak .. or maybe it’s the charismatic balance of being a gentleman and man captivated by erotic pleasures … I can’t be sure but I do know; I love to read your work. I love to explore and ponder on what excites me or sounds remotely “unconventional.” 💋💋 keep them coming 😉 in many senses.

        1. Mmmm, I would love to coax out your erotic humiliation fantasies…so curious to know 🔥Love your mention of being freed from shackles and transcending to new erotic heights when properly aroused. Jenn, you left me so many teasers in this comment… wondering about your fantasies and erotic hot buttons 😈🔥As for more, how can I deny a sexy woman’s request to keep it…coming 😉

  8. “Eating her creampie is humiliating and, because of that, the act is extremely arousing. I perform the act and the humiliation intensifies my sexual arousal”. That would also be my choice. I have a small penis, but my wife never complains…I wish she would.
    Great post.

    1. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion. So many folks read this post but never say anything one way or the other. It seems to take a lot to get a woman comfortable with small penis teasing…goes against everything they have been told. But, kinks don’t always make sense, ha! For me, I’m not sure there is anything more erotically humiliating that licking another man’s cum out of my lover. Not only did he fuck, he came inside her, and now I’m… Thanks so much for giving this a read.

      1. So far the only creampies I get to eat are my own, and from the fantasy bull, Reggie.

        1. Hot that she is at least open to fantasy play. That is a lot more than most men get.

  9. Sorry about that, my blog has been shut down a couple times and I’m importing the posts to my new site…they must be showing up as new. I’ll go back and try to change the date or I can make yours anonymous. Sorry if it caused you any problems.

  10. Not sure if I was signed in on my last reply. I fixed the date. My apologies…working on transferring my site to a self-hosted site. It will be worth the effort but there is a lot of cleaning up to do. It looks like all of your others are dated back in May for the most part except for a few comments your left a bit more recently while I was away. Hope things are going well.

  11. My goodness I’m squeezing tightly as the naughty things I feel and think after reading this rush through me.

    1. Mmmm, love that you had some naughty sensations rushing through you 🔥 The thought of you clinching and squeezing tightly is causing a very tangible hot rush for me. I’m always curious about what part you found especially exciting if you want to share a detail or two. If not, I understand ☺️

      1. The thought of being cleaned up be a lover’s mouth. Is the part I find exciting 😊

        1. I already thought you were sexy but this takes it to another level, mmmm!🔥 I’m imagining my mouth somewhere very hot and delicious right now… ☺️

          1. Ay papi. That is a sexy thing imagine and You are one naughty sexy man 😄

    1. Appreciate it. Is there a particular part of this that you also enjoy?

  12. […] via Erotic Humiliation – Exploring the Layers — The Dionysian Experience […]

  13. Great topic! I am enjoying your site and the organization. I am on a similar path in terms of organizing my thoughts.

    One resource I have found useful is: “Enough to Make you Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation” by Princess Kali

    1. Glad you enjoyed this and appreciate you engaging and sharing your reaction. I will check out your reference. I have a few erotic humiliation hot buttons and when a lover presses them…wow! 🔥

  14. Where does it come from, this kinky need we enjoy, this desperation to express what makes us who we are? I don’t think we learn it, I think we’re born with it. I can’t remember ever not being fascinated by humiliation, either mine or whoever I had my youthful crush on at the time. I felt it years before I had a clue what sex was. My childhood was flawless, my parents loved each other and me, I suffered no traumas and yet I still have this ache to be controlled. Have I evolved that way? Did it serve some primal purpose I no longer experience in my modern life? Why does the threat of humiliation thrill me the way it does? I’ve never read an answer.

    1. I so enjoyed your reaction this exploration. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I took a first pass at it here but I feel like I’ve learned more since writing this. Still, the answer can be only be, at best, a theory. Spirituality has probably existed since the first humans. The early gods were the original dreams of mankind – they had different names but existed in cultures all over the world even when those tribes had no contact with one another. Humiliation and submission, I believe, comes from the rush of inversion – becoming what we are not. Inversion was an important emotion and state of mind to the ancient Greeks…presumably passed onto to them from Crete and civilizations before them. This state of mind was important enough to them that they attributed it to one of their gods – Dionysus. The wearing of masks (to allow freedom of expression and inversion), humiliation in general, and submissive states of mind were all ways Dionysus was worshipped. Some people were drawn to wild, ecstatic Dionysus and others to Apollo the voice of order, reason, and the rational mind. In many ways, the world is still drawn to one of these two early dreams of humanity. I show my card with the name of my profile – The Dionysian Experience. It is nice to have a kindred spirt stop by. 🍇🎭

      1. Logan S.

        I hope you are well and in a good mind space. Your discussions are so informative and clarifying. And only some special people, which you have attracted, found here, are able to engage in an intelligent discussion concerning this very special topic. Only this special few can possibly understand these feelings. These special individuals, who choose to explore what others run from. Michael thank you, for making this happen and for your guidance and understanding.

        As far as humiliation, for my wife and myself, it is actually a discrete kind of humiliation, which I am constantly exposed to. The humiliation is present, even when she and her lover totally ignore me, and totally focus on their sexual chemistry. As I observe her lover and my wife, a discrete kind of humiliation is being sent my way.

        And with this, comes additional feelings, some difficult to feel. As I observe these two individuals, I struggle with envy. Usually she gravitates to younger men, like in there early 20’s, and she especially enjoys those with a larger penis than mine (I am little more than 4.5 inches); more muscular than me; better looking than me; and, more confident than I have ever been.
        She insists on a guy who is truly intelligent and well spoken, in spite of his young age. He must be a gentlemen and likewise polite. With my envy of her lover, comes humiliation. He does not need to outwardly put me down, nor, does my wife want this. He is what she desires, much younger, respectful and incredible attracted to her. Although I am not gay, she knows that I totally appreciate his beautiful body. And, she enjoys knowing, that I wish that I had this kind of body, how I am really envious of it; and, how much I really envy his ability to attract my wife. She knows the pain that I feel and the excitement too. She fully understands the conflict within me and how I struggle to manage this.

        My wife knows me well, she knows my internal reaction to what I see and hear. She knows the feelings generated within me.

        She knows the power of this low key discrete humiliation.
        My wife knows the discrete humiliation which I feel as I assist her with getting ready for her lover (or first time meet). She enjoys the anticipation she feels for his arrival, and how excited I get, as I too, anticipate his arrival and what may happen.

        She knows of my embarrassment, before he arrived, as I help her get ready to be with another male, 18 or more years younger, as is usually the case, than her (and me), My wife gets it; just how this sneaky form of inadequacy works, and how it is felt inside me, as intense envy, and as, jealousy and humiliation.

        As I observe this couple sitting on our sofa, as they begin their kissing, my wife in the bra and panties which I bought for this occasion, and with her young friend sporting a beautiful and giant erection, I realize my powerlessness, and my feeling of being inadequate is validated. My wife will often glance my way, and this will add to the pain in my mind, and to my excitement and confusion.

        As they kiss, I will feel kind of lost and ignored. And I will miss her.
        As there tongues sometimes meet outside their mouths, I will want to engage her in a deep kiss, as he is ignored. But, I remain ignored. I will want to push him away, as the jealousy cuts through me, but, instead I listen to the sounds of him kissing the woman I love. And, all too soon, he will move his lips to her neck and then to each breast. But first it is the bra he is kissing. And he will actually place his lips back on her cleavage, once he had covered all the material. This 21 year old, will continue those kisses and offer his licks to that special area, which has teased him at parties and weddings, on the beach, and, too often, at school. Within two minutes, my wife will reach behind and remove what I helped place. He will kiss each “D size” breast. And then he’ll return to each nipple. My wife will hold his head close, her hand at the back of his head as he begins to suck. He will stop for a moment, maybe two, and again kiss that breast, and my wife will take her free hand and cup the breast, and push his mouth onto that nipple. He will nurse, and she will moan as she holds the back of his head. As he is nursed by my wife, he too will moan. He will suck deeper. Now my cuckold feelings will become exacerbated. The woman who I have loved since high school, is physically, now attached to another guy, as if they are long lost lovers. And I feel alone, as one who has been abandoned, as tears come down my face. My wife and he are a couple. And I am the outsider.

        My penis sees it necessary to betray me, as I continue to observe. It is hard and leaking. I decide to remove my pants and undershorts. My erection looks larger than ever, but still not large enough. He now has switched to sucking her other breast. And I listen as they both moan in enjoyment, while she holds his head to her body, and as he locks his hands on her back.
        It is as if they are in love. And, for me, this is discrete humiliation, and this is, what comes with it.

        1. It is always our erections (small as they may be) that reveal our truth. What you shared is a very hot story about your wife that had me aroused throughout. Personally, I identify with the humiliation you felt and also the sensual feelings and love you expressed for your girl. Those feelings juxtaposed against the reality of her being with another man are such a powerful force in cuckolding…in real-life cuckolding. I am aware that not all cuckolds experience the erotic rush of humiliation in moments like this but some of us clearly do. Thanks for sharing this with all that will read this in the future. The love and emotion you express for your wife is something I will take with me in future explorations…along with your little cock and your wife’s desire for “more”. 💫🔥

  15. I like the way you explore thought proces behind sexual pleasure as it is psychologically rooted, physical part comes later that’s what I think

  16. I like the way you explore thought proces behind sexual pleasure as it is psychologically rooted, physical part comes later that’s what I think.

    1. Thank you, Klear. Really appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts, and it is a pleasure to virtually meet you. It seems we look at physical pleasure in the same way – it becomes deeper and even more pleasurable when the mind is engaged. Delving into the psychology of “why” isn’t always easy but well worth the work.

  17. Anonymous

    “Erotic humiliation is a form of masochism and can be psychological and/or physical.”

    That’s pretty good comparison. I never have thought of it that way.

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