Sienna’s sexual awakening and liberation is a special journey that I have the genuine honor of orchestrating. I’m not entirely sure how this came to be, but I see it as a loving, erotic gift she has placed in my hands.

Early on in our relationship, submission and exhibitionism are featuring prominently in her awakening. Interestingly (and very exciting to me), Sienna is also quite open and excited about the possibility of being taken by another man which is my favorite fantasy. While this plays as a cuckold fantasy in my mind, Sienna views this as a act of submission. She shared her thoughts about this in the recent post – Cuckolding – A Submissive Woman’s Perspective.

Sienna 103 angle 3

When Sienna and I first began sharing fantasies about another man joining in our sexual adventure, our favorite backdrop was a spa. These fantasies swirl through our daily interactions and keep passion’s flame burning hot while we are apart and navigating our long-distance relationship. Given her increasing excitement around these erotic vignettes, I feel she is ready for the next step in her sexual liberation – moving from fantasy to reality.

Sienna 77

I browse the internet for high-end spas in her hometown and checked out photos/bios of prospective male therapists. It is important to find an environment where she will, most importantly, feel safe and a therapist that the potential to spark some sexual energy within her. After a painstaking search, I settle on a spa and therapist that I believe will be a good fit for Sienna and purchase a gift package of massages.

My assignment for Sienna is simple. All she needs to do is relax and enjoy the body work. And, if the opportunity arises, I want her to subtly expose herself. Sienna is understandably nervous but also very excited about the possibilities. She is especially excited about having an assignment. This gives her a tangible way to experience her submission.

Sienna 79

Time passes and it is now Saturday, mid-afternoon. Sienna is in her first massage. Frankly, it is beyond me to think about anything else except for Sienna at this moment. My sexy girl is naked (except for a thin sheet) in a warmly lit room with a another man running his hands all over her body. One scenario after another flashes through mind and my heart is pounding. Every minute feels like an hour, and it is hard to steady my breathing.

What if she gets really turned on and actually fucks her therapist? Maybe she will just suck his cock? What if he cums? Where will he cum? We didn’t really talk about these boundaries – exhibitionism was the assignment. I think I would be excited if she did more but wished we had discussed this. The thought of her doing this without my permission and only because she was swept away by another man is making me uneasy. Then again, maybe nothing is happening. I pace around. I feel like I’m going crazy! My desire to know what is happening is damn near unbearable as I wait to hear from her.

Then, a text drops in:

“I’m out of my massage and can’t wait to tell you about it! Mmmm Baby, I’m Craving You!!!”

Oh god, her enthusiastic message causes my cock instantly spring to attention! I can’t wait to hear the juicy details. “Tell me about it sexy girl. Are you wet?”

“Yes, so wet!!! Daddy, he is totally the kind of man I fantasize about. You definitely know my type and did a great job selecting him. He is a big man, handsome, muscular, dark, and fit, mmmm!!! 

Sienna describes how shaky her legs felt as Duante came out to greet her. He had an incredible aura of sexual confidence radiating from his large frame and flowing through his deep voice. His warm smile puts her a little at ease in the midst of her uncomfortable blushing.

It is an interesting moment to consider how powerful the mind is in our sexuality. The therapist simply came out to greet his client like he has done hundreds, perhaps thousands of times before. Sienna, on the other hand, has a rich, multi-layered erotic fantasy framing her moment. The same moment was likely experienced in two very different ways.

Once in the room, Duante directs Sienna to undress to her level of comfort and lay face down on the table. As he steps out, she nervously removes all of her clothes including her bra and panties. The sensation that she is undressing for another man swirls around her. At first she is feeling bashful and has the blanket covering her entire body. Then, she remembers my instructions about taking opportunities to expose herself. Sienna adjusts the blanket and allows it to drape suggestively low on her hips.

Sienna Massage 14

We are just getting started and my cock is already rock hard. I praise Sienna for being brave and following my direction. I probe for more details. “When he came in, did he pull the blanket up?

“No, he left the blanket just the way it was. I was so nervous and jumped when he opened the door. I don’t know if it was my nerves or adrenaline but I was shaking!”

I have no doubt that Duante loved what he saw and can’t blame him one bit for not adjusting the blanket. He begins the massage with firm, relaxing strokes on Sienna’s back along with some casual conversation. His deep manly voice and strong large hands have a calming effect as her nervousness turns to arousal and anticipation.

Sienna Massage 15

I could sense the tension in his lustful strokes along my back. At one point, I peeked to the side to take in the sight of his strong, dark hands sliding along my body. Duante’s skin tone contrasted starkly with my now glistening pale skin and caused my pulse to quicken. The easing of muscle tension from my back and shoulders was quickly replaced by pulsing sensations between my legs. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by another man touching me. The realization that I was submitting to you by allowing this to happen was making me even hotter! 

After working on her shoulders and back, she slides the blanket up over her back to expose her legs. He had asked earlier if there were any areas she wanted him to focus. Just as we had discussed, Sienna told him that her thighs and gluts were sore from cycling and might need extra attention.

I was still on my stomach when he started on my legs. He went up high on my inner thigh and bottom MUCH closer than he should! I think he must have felt my wetness on the sheet or maybe he could even see it?!  His breathing was very, VERY heavy, I could actually hear him! I just tried to act normal and laid still.”

Sienna Massage 12 (alt version) v2

At this point, I am dying as each erotic detail is revealed. I have pulled out my cock and am slowly stroking it. This is a point where men will have different reactions. Some men would be pissed off at the therapist and/or his lover that this was happening. Other men, like myself, find extreme arousal in this moment. I’m aware that I probably shouldn’t like this but I do. My body is speaking my truth. My cock is rock hard and straining…I’m literally shaking with excitement and immersed in an erotic swirl.

I love that Sienna’s sweet, pink little pussy was soaking the sheets. I can also imagine how turned on Duante must have been as his fingers were sliding through the juices now soaking her inner thighs. His heavy breathing seems to indicate he was indeed very turned on having my Sienna stretched out before him. He must have been on high alert for one sigh, an arch of her hips, or words that beckoned for more. Holding my breath, I ask if she encouraged him to go further?

“Mmmmm Baby!!!! I was purposely thinking of you there with me and it was more of a mental experience for me. I did NOT want to give him the slightest hint I wanted more. That would have made it even crazier for him and me! 

I’m somewhat relieved by her answer as it seems this particular visit will remain in the realm of exhibitionism. This, however, doesn’t lessen the ache of my cock and pre-cum which is now dripping heavily from my swollen head and flowing down my firm shaft.

As I turned over from my stomach to my back, I “accidentally” let the sheet slip off my chest. It barely covered my left nipple and my right breast was completely exposed!

I lean back in my chair and pump my manhood a few good times. Damn, she is so hot! How would Duante respond to my sexy girl exposing her breast for him to savor?

He left me that way!!! I sort of froze and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I knew my breast was exposed. I was so curious to see how he would react and it made me hot imagining what he might be thinking…  It was just like we envisioned in our fantasies. I felt such a rush being exposed like that!

After massaging my shoulders and neck, he did something that was sooo amazing!!! He wrapped his large hands around my tiny wrists and pulled my arms up and behind my head. Baby, he put me in that same submissive position you did the first night we were together. Oh my gosh, my pussy gushed when he did that! Moving me around like that caused the blanket to slip off my other breast. I was totally exposed and felt so submissive! It was like he knew. 

Sienna Massage 1 (alt v1)

The genuine excitement and erotic rush Sienna felt during her massage is making this even hotter for me. Her pleasure is the first erotic trigger for me. Her sensation of feeling submissive when “he” pulled her arms back beyond her head was an erotic layer I would need to explore later. I’m aching to cum but will wait for the rest of details. Once she was exposed, did he work on her chest?

Sienna - Massage 4 (newer)

Yes. After stretching me, he put my arms back down and then massaged my shoulders and high on my chest. I was absolutely paralyzed! He was high on my chest and at the base of my breasts but I didn’t know what to do or what he was going to do! My nipples were straining and my my heart beating like crazy! I thought I was going to pass out!!!  

As it turns out, Duante fully didn’t cross line and the rest of the massage was rather uneventful. It seems Duante had been distracted and hadn’t managed his time well, and it was almost time for his next client. Instead, he left my girl dripping wet on his massage table.

When the massage was over, I reached down between my legs… Oh my god, I was sooo wet! In just a couple minutes, I made myself cum three times! The sheets were so wet I was able to slide off of them! 

Sienna Massage 16

I praise her for being such a good girl and completing her assignment.

Yes Daddy, I did it!!!! Your girl exposed herself to another man just as you requested. I was so envisioning you in the room with me, mmmm!  I had so many scenarios running through my thoughts about what you would’ve done or said if you were there with me. I was thinking of the fantasy we recently shared about the therapist coming to our hotel room.  My mind took off and you were right there with me directing the whole scene! I was so wet…soooo wet! It was crazy!!!!”

I know therapist typically come back to see their client after the massage and walk them to the front desk and was curious how this went.

I dressed quickly before Duante came back with a bottle of water. Just minutes before he had been looking at my breasts, and I’m pretty sure he had a nice view between my legs earlier on too and knew how wet I had been. I was still flushed and shaky from what had happened and my orgasms. I felt like he knew everything that was going on inside of me! When I left he said, ‘Make sure you get scheduled with me regularly. You seem a little tight and it will be good for you.’ I felt so embarrassed and could barely make eye contact, but told him I would definitely be back. After that, I practically ran out of the spa! 

I share a few photos with Sienna showing the effect her naughty behavior is having on me. This fires her up even more and she begins working me up for an incredible orgasm. She whispers in her sensual, sultry voice about all the naughty thoughts she had about Duante and, as she imagined, his massive cock doing to her. All too soon, I blast a heavy, creamy load with the first ropes reaching my chest and then soaking my stomach as pulse after pulse spills from my manhood. All of this because of her heat with another man…and her submission.

Yes, the first appointment had gone even better than we had hoped. There’s no doubt we will have a lot of hot fun revisiting this over the next few weeks as our thoughts gradually turn to Sienna’s second sensual massage.

Michael, the deeper realm in all of this naughtiness is the spiritual connection we share. It is evident to me now through the trust and security of our love – the fantasy, even if experienced, is always just a fantasy. It exists only as a shadow and is not our true nature and form. Sweetheart, I love you more than ever! I’m developing a deeper understanding of your desire for me to submit and connect with you in the depths of our Sensual Shadows. – Your Loving Sienna ❤️ 

Part II is available here: Sienna’s Sensual Massages – Part II

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42 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Sienna’s Sensual Massages (Part I)

  1. That is so awesome! I wrote a naughty Spa story like that and it is a PERFECT setting for a sexual fantasy. You two have created your own perfect fantasy. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Hotwife! 🙂 If you have that story up on your blog, I would love to read it! Feel free to post a link to it if you like. I’m going to roll this story out from beginning to end with little or no interruptions. There are some super hot moments! 😉

      1. Mmmmm My sweet love Michael! This is such a hot and amazing story for us! I’m loving you and every minute of us as I read our excerpts from past! xoxoxoxox I Love You sweetheart!

        1. Baby, it is so hot going through this with you again and reliving this incredible erotic adventure! As hot as these moments were, it was only a hot naughty excursion…because you Baby are my destination!

    2. I also wrote a hot wife fantasy with a masseuse, but this one is way hotter 😊

      1. I have a feeling your’s is very hot! If you get this reply…please feel free to share a link. I’d love to read it 🔥I don’t think this lady (hotwife) is still around…she was a follower of my Sensual Shadows blog years ago.

  2. I love the revelation from Sienna of what this fantasy meant to you Michael. What it could, did and does mean to both of you once recognized. The emotional connection, the submission, the trust, the fire that is built transcends that of it just being a sexy fantasy.

    Even if it is one hell of a sexy fantasy. 🙂


    1. Thanks for giving this one a read Tis! At over a 1,000 words, it’s…a lot to swallow. 😉 I really like your summation of this post too. Actually, I may borrow it, ha! This one was more about the meaning and framing of the fantasy…the next few posts are about the naughty fun within it! 🙂

      1. It wasn’t hard to swallow at all Michael, even if it was sooooo long. 😉

  3. So hot to read, and so much fun to read the interaction between the two of you as you both stick your toes in the water of this fantasy-turning-reality. Such a seemingly small thing, the exposure of a breast to a massage therapist when all of your readers have seen her breasts many times. But it’s not a small thing at all, is it? It’s huge when it’s in real life, and when it’s a part of such an electric fantasy you both share. Thanks for letting us enjoy the experience with you.

    1. Thank you JK, so many great points in your comment that are right on target–as always! We (especially me) enjoy posting photos of Sienna and I do still get a hot rush from it. As you suggest, presenting her on the computer screen is different than someone seeing her in person… I often think about what you and Sofia must have been feeling during the photo shoot when you had those men so close to her. The photos were super hot but it became erotic to me thinking about what both of you were feeling and thinking as well as the thoughts you have shared in previous posts. I’m recalling the one where you took photos of Sofia on a couch in a hotel lobby…where anyone could have come around the corner…soooo hot! Back to this post, you may have read some of this before. This is a prequel of sorts and will build up to the 5:15 Another Man Touching Sienna conclusion. I know…”about damn time!”, ha! I’m glad I waited though until now. I think I can package it a little better now with more context and, hopefully,…build up! 🙂

      1. I never thought that people might be wondering what was going through our heads…. Maybe one day, soon, I will write them down. 🙂
        As for exposure and others watching… On this last post there were more than a few times where people saw me… I just about died but stayed in place and buried my head deeper into my shoulder. 🙂
        I think he was happy I did.

        1. Hi Sofia, welcome back from your trip! I imagine you are physically tired but spiritually refreshed! 🙂 As for the thoughts behind moments, you can probably tell from my writing that I am ALL in on that! I savor the details while some may prefer the high-level view. I enjoy this “behind the scenes” look in the writings of others as well. JK does this quite a bit and you did a wonderful job letting us into your thoughts as you went through your first date story. I’d love to hear all the fun and naughty things that happened during that latest shoot…it was magnificent!!! I’m so impressed with the way you and JK have been able to move the shoots outside…I’m dying to do this with Sienna! 🙂

  4. A deliciously steamy morning read to accompany my coffee… and it’s nice to see you both growing within your relationship. Can’t wait for part II!

    1. Thank you for the great comment! 🙂 There was a fair amount of setting context in this post…the others will be a bit more steamy and, hopefully, equally savored with some hot morning java!

  5. Larry Archer

    Sienna don’t think too deeply into it, keep it on an emotional level because we guys love to show off our things so everyone can appreciate how sexy and beautiful they are. I know how he feels as i feel the same way when wifey shows off her hot body and teases some guy or girl.

  6. Oh Sienna, I love how you are able to to do this for Michael. Isn’t exhilarating to do something (or in your case not do *smile*) for him.
    I know how this feels because when it comes to exhibitionism I can only do it with JK is with me or while he is in my thoughts.
    It pleases him and I love that I am able to please him.

    Ok getting sidetracked… Sorry.

    Michael I just love your response to her and your enthusiasm and how you described this whole post…. You are right that these things bond you and bring you guys closer. *puffy heart to you both*

    I love that you both are sharing and exploring things together and it’s working out so well.

    Can’t wait to read part two… I see it’s posted already.

    1. Hi Sofia, thanks so much for checking this out. It is always wonderful to have the perspective from one that has lived similar moments within a relationship filled with that same transcendent passion.

  7. Angel Morals

    Words can not express how Alan and I could relate to this for our fantasy had this same work up. We made the fantasy come true, it brought us closer but I honestly don’t think he appreciates as you would.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angel. I really enjoyed reading about how you and Alan went through this journey together. I am so turned on and excited about every new step Sienna and I take in our naughty adventures. I would really like to read the story about the night it happened for you and Alan with more detail around what you were feeling and the flow events… You now have a request for a post, ha!

      1. Angel Morals

        I guess I must comply now, my first request. It was a adventure and actually one I wont forget it.

  8. I am always blown away by you two and your incredibly sexy fantasies brought to life! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!!


    1. Thanks for paying us a visit! It’s so fun to live the experience and get to relive it by sharing the story and interacting with others. We always enjoy you sharing your reaction. 🙂 Part II will be coming soon–hope you enjoy! 🙂

  9. You managed to describe this story so erotically that I was able to put myself in Sienna’s situation and experience it along with her. Then flipping back to your own perspectives and reactions, that was really well done.

    1. Cassandra, I so appreciate this feedback. Your reaction alone makes every ounce of energy I put into this worthwhile. It is a special story but a hard one to shape. The way you experienced it is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for sharing your reaction and I’m glad you enjoyed your time on the table too. ☺️

  10. Wow! Your writings always leave me wanting more as they’re always so beautifully expressed. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Michelle ☺️It feels special to receive such a positive reaction. I never want these memories to feel superficial or pornographic because there was and will always be much deeper layers at play. ❤️

  11. Again Michael your art and writing is superb. I understand my Divine Masculine so much better by reading your words. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Summerhill 😘 I’m glad this speaks to you and provided at least a little more insight into the male sexual mind (some of us anyway ☺️) I’ve been gone a few months but look forward to reconnecting with your journey and art 💫💖

  12. Batgirl1969

    WOW!!!! I think I need to schedule a massage there!!!

    1. Yes, I imagine you must be feeling quite tight and some body work would really loosen you up… 😈

  13. Beautiful and enticing!

    1. Thank you, glad the beauty and erotic vibe came through 😈

  14. Sienna looks radiant. A jewel. As always.
    Its great to see her enjoying another life-adventure and living to the full 🙂

    1. As you know from your own experiences in this lifestyle, it was very intense for me waiting while knowing she was in that room doing who knows what…I was feeling tortured!

  15. OwnThatKinky

    I just want him to grope her tits so baldly. His property after all.

    1. I know…sooo close! Things will go further in following massages…more to come.

  16. CaptNelson

    Her expression is a masterpiece!

    1. Thank you, Captain. Her expression alone almost tells the story… Appreciate the callout on the details.

  17. BustedBallz

    She’s gonna get drilled, lol!

    1. We were hoping that would be the case. This moment is actually inspired by a true story and Sienna was very nervous. It would take a few more visits, but he would eventually be inside her…in a very big way. 🔥

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