After my successful get together with Jenna and Roman (American Gigolo: Rise), I decided to explore the lifestyle a little further. I set about trying to creating a virtual space that captured the dreamy, erotic world that swirls within me and the type of experience I offered to others. It was decidedly erotic rather than pornographic.

Music to accompany this story and enhance the vibe:

Amber, Spiritual Virginity

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions I received. Beyond the cuckold couples that contacted me, it seemed I was tapping into something that spoke to women on a deeper level…especially married women and middle-aged single women. I didn’t really understand “the why” behind this at the time but knew there was something there. I’ve since come to believe “the why” comes from the disillusionment of fading romantic love. I explored this in Romantic Love – Hearts on Fire.

The women who engaged with me held a dream that was fading away but caught its shadows swirling through my profile. I wasn’t trying to create a false impression. What I showed was my dream and my aspirations. It was sensual, thoughtful, and very naughty like this blog. The big difference back then was that I was posing nude (alone and with other women).


I log into my profile one day and there are a few messages and comments. One in particular is from a woman who has been commenting on my galleries and flirting from a safe distance. Now, she is interested in meeting. Her message reads:

I am seriously living on the wrong side of the state! So, just out of curiosity, is that you in the videos and pics? You could star in videos or even make them as a side job or even as a full-time business. Of course, you are way outta my league. But, damn…… Keep it up! I mean the good work… Is there a face pic to go with your yummy body? Sorry for the questions, just a little curious and very turned on! If you ever get up my way, please let me know. Have a great day!! – Mary

We message back and forth and arrange a date to meet for drinks just to make sure the energy is right. Since she is married, we plan to meet in a city about an hour away from where she lives. She emphasizes over and over that nothing is going to happen at this first meeting. This is only a meet and greet and our actual play date, if we have chemistry, would come later. She said this so many times that I actually believed her…almost. I reserved a room (just in case) and checked in before going down to the bar to meet her at 5:00 pm.

When she walks into the hotel bar, I am very pleased. She is wearing a cute little dress and has such a sweet, innocent demeanor. Oddly, I immediately imagine her at home with her kids making amazing meals and being the amazing mom all the kids in neighborhood love. The visual is a little disorienting given the reason she is here today.  

Mary 2

Our conversation is a good one and offers some interesting insights into the mind and heart of a woman that is hurting. I wondered out loud why she reached out to me? There are thousands of men in the local area she could have selected, why me?

“Yes, there are a lot of men but I have never seen or felt anything close to what I feel when I look at your profile. I can look through it over and over and even have to force myself away from it sometimes. You make me want to feel the same things you gave to those women.”

Mary is 20 years into her marriage and the passion is gone. She is no doubt an amazing mother but has become little more than a housekeeper to her husband. This is a shame because she is a sexy and vibrant woman. Easing gracefully into her 40’s, she is a soft, sensual being that wants to be touched and desired by a man. She wants to touch passion’s flame and once again feel the beauty and power of transcendent ecstasy.

There are many factors that can displace the light of love that once burned so brightly in a relationship. She shared her side of the story, but I’m sure her husband has a different version. Regardless of reason(s), Mary is sitting before me in sexy heels, freshly pedicured toes, and a summer dress highlighting her beautiful curves. Her eyes are dreamy and illuminated.

Time is flying and it’s getting close to 6:00 pm…the time she needs to leave. I let her know that I’m conducting some business in town tomorrow and actually spending the night here at the hotel. I’m just putting it out there for her to think about. Who knows, maybe she can come by tomorrow.

Mary 1

She doesn’t really acknowledge my comment and we keep chatting for a bit. Then Mary gives me a thoughtful look and asks, “Do you want to finish your wine? I’m ready.” I’m genuinely caught off guard. “Ready for what?” She looks down bashfully and slides her wine glass around on the table.. “You said you had a room here, right? I would like to see it.” I smile and slide my hand across the table. “Take my hand, let’s go.” Twenty years of marriage and a woman gets pushed so far that it comes down to this.

Entering my room, she is greeted with warm lighting and sensual music. She playfully pinches my side, “You are such a bad boy! You knew I was going to come to your room, didn’t you!?” We laugh together. I pull her in close and hold her for a moment as my hands press and flow across her back and downward to the small of her back. It has a calming effect and the energy begins to flow even stronger between us. I pull her hips into mine so she can feel my swelling passion…a soft sigh escapes her lips. 

The taste of our first kiss is still a mystery and I want it to be special…she deserves this. I whisper in her ear, “Mmmm, such a sexy girl…you feel amazing.” I push her hair away and expose the soft, warm skin of her neck. Her scent fills my being and elicits such a primal surge deep within me. My kisses trail along her neck with occasional soft bites. As our heat rises, the kisses become firmer and my desire more present and lustful. The low, warm light and carefully selected playlist accentuate the erotic trance-like state we are entering into.

Mary 5

Mary’s breathing is more urgent as she presses her hips…against my straining cock. She is swept away in the erotic fire of a man craving her womanly essence. My lips trace her neck and then to her cheek…the anticipation of our first kiss reaching an even higher level. Our lips…teasing and soft at first…finally touch. I can literally feel her shaking. Slowly, I part her lips with mine as we ease into and quickly flow into a passion-filled kiss. It is exactly how I’m going to open her up with my cock. One might even say I’m in the process of opening her up right now.

Her hands are soon on my chest and opening my shirt which slides off my wide shoulders and falls to the floor. Her hands find their way to my smooth, muscular chest and stomach. She says, “Omgosh, you are so hot! I’m so excited and nervous…like a little girl!” I spin her around to open and remove her dress. I hold her close from behind to warm her newly exposed skin as I kiss her neck and shoulders. “You are a gift and it is so exciting to open you.” I free her breasts as her bra falls softly at her feet. I slowly remove her panties and savor the sight of them slipping to the floor. There is something about slowly removing a woman’s panties or watching her slowly remove them that makes me crazy hot! Mary leans her head back against me as I handle her breasts and tweak her nipples. 

I spin her around again so she is facing me. Mary kisses my neck and works down my chest. Slowly kneeling before me, she kisses my stomach and the “V” of my lower abs. She fumbles with the belt and then opens the zipper. My slacks fall low on my hips as she kisses and licks each area of my newly exposed man flesh. “No underwear, mmmm.” Mary slides my pants off as my cock springs free and hard for her. She looks at my straining cock, “You are even more beautiful in person.” She savors the feel and scent of my arousal as she brushes my heavy shaft and wet head across her cheeks and lips.

There is something very surreal about this moment. Sure, Mary likes me but I am just a vessel for her journey. I’ve really done nothing to warrant such lavish treatment. She is experiencing something beyond me. Sexually pleasing her husband had become a chore and Mary longed to be in a state of mind where pleasing a man was something that actually turned her on. This is the difference between a blow job and cock worship (see Dionysus – Cock Worship). What she is experiencing in this moment is about her pleasure and about satisfying something deep in her soul. The intensity of this sensation creates an aura of transcendence and, hopefully, transcendent ecstasy. Ironically, as she kneels before me, she is actually ascending.

Mary 3

I can feel Mary’s excitement as she works my cock into her mouth and tends to my large, heavy balls. “Your cock is beautiful…so large and hard…god, I’m soaked!” I place a hand under her chin to tilt her head up so I can look into her eyes. Placing both hands on her head, I begin to slowly pumping my straining manhood in and out of her mouth while looking deep into her eyes. The moment is absolutely mesmerizing. She has such an angelic presence and does indeed seem like a very sweet girl. Yet, here she is on her knees in a hotel room looking into my eyes as I slowly pump my cock in and out of her sweet mouth. Oh yes, now I’m entering the dream with her.

The rest our evening is magical. Mary is soaking wet throughout the night and highly orgasmic. We fuck each other with such honesty…the passion spilling from the dreams of our souls is real. At times, it is slow and sensual. During other moments, our bodies are soaked and dripping wet as we slip and slide across one another lost in wild, bestial abandonment. At all times we are cloaked in the dreamy haze. 

Mary is working against the clock and has to be home at a reasonable hour so her husband doesn’t get suspicious. She has orgasmed multiple times this evening and wants to ensure my final release. “I want you to cum inside me…I want to feel you with me all night.” I LOVE when a woman asks…or begs me to cum inside her. It really lights a fire! I flip Mary over on her hands and knees and take her from behind. Leaning down at times, I begin filling her mind with naughty thoughts that will also fuel my release.

Mary, you are so beautiful and sexy…I am aching to cum inside your sweet pussy. My balls are so heavy and full for you. You drive me wild and I’m going to cum so heavy and deep inside you… I want you to feel me dripping heavy and seeping into your panties tonight while you’re driving home to be with your husband. When you are laying in bed beside him, you are going to feel my cum dripping from your naughty pussy.

This had the effect I hoped it would. Mary starts fucking me even harder and begging me to cum in her pussy as another orgasm grips her body.

Yes I want that! I’m going to kiss him when I walk in the door…knowing I had your beautiful cock in my mouth! I’m going to lay only inches away from him tonight and slip a finger in my pussy so I feel your cum and lick it off. Fill me up please, cum in my pussy, baby!

I summon and focus every ounce of my energy and power around my cock and hips as I thrust wildly inside her! My tempo is a tempest of wild energy…my body pounds against this naughty angel as I fuck her so hard and deep! Finally, it hits… I begin to moan loudly as she grips the sheets and pushes back into me to get every ounce of the creamy ropes I’m exploding deep inside her. Unbelievably, this triggers yet another orgasm for Mary! 

Mary 4  

As we drift along in our afterglow, we lay intertwined in bed resting and talking. Mary’s hair is wet and has that delightful “just fucked” look. She tells me she would love to see me again. I quickly agree that this is a great idea. She gives me a skeptical look. “You have so many girls don’t you? I bet you have one in every city!?” With that she gives me a playful thump on the chest. She continues, “When you are here again, please let me know…I don’t want this to be the last time I see you.” 

After Mary leaves, I lay in bed thinking through what just happened. I want to remember the details and jot them down in my computer. I have a dream that one day I will share my stories and try to make sense of it all…maybe even write a book. A text drops in and interrupts my train of thought. It’s from Mary. “You are AMAZING!!! Thank you!”

In the distant afterglow, I look back on my moment in time with Mary. I’m humbled that she would reach out to me to quench something that burned so deep within her soul. Mary was a wonderful gift but it is the dream that is amazing, not me.

I only see what you see and feel what you feel. Take my hand and step inside the Dionysian Experience. Your spirit illuminates me.

Michael - Pose 1

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  1. This was really quite wonderful.

    1. Thank you ☺️It started off as an erotic post but the psychology of it all kept popping up…along with other things 😛 It was a long one but appreciate you giving it a read.

      1. Hey Michael. As a I side-note, ever since you had to switch to the new site, I’m not getting any notifications. You’re not in my reader nor do your comments show up. It’s super frustrating when I look and see you’ve commented (like this one) and WP isn’t telling me.

        1. Hopefully, I have that sorted out now. If you receive this reply, please let me know. Hopefully my next post will show up in the reader too. Thank you for watching out for me ☺️

  2. Ay papi, im flushed, red, blushing and panting and mmm
    My goodness🙈

    1. Sexy girl, the visual of you in that state of need has my pulse racing… It is very exciting to make you feel such a hot womanly reaction🔥

  3. M—That was so hot! I’m going to mentally replay it when I have the opportunity to worship my breakfast guest’s beautifully sculpted cock…mmmm XO DWD

    1. Mmmm, I’m am feeling hot and flushed now just imagining that scene of devotion…possibly going down right now 🔥

  4. Sometimes you hit too close to home for me to be able to comment. It is beautiful writing.

    1. Hi Carly, you share a lot with little here.😘 I have no doubt many women feel this…I think it is the appeal of Yumi (which will be coming soon – maybe a week or two).

  5. You have a knack for understanding women’s needs, their psyche, what turns them on and what ultimately motivates them. You are very astute Michael. More men should take the time to thoughtfully evaluate the women in their lives.

    P.S. This sounds like a lovely evening!

    1. My apologies for the late reply. Your reaction to this is such a special gift, thank you.✨ Ah, I must admit that thinking about your assessment of this as a lovely evening, has me having some very lovely thoughts this afternoon.🔥

  6. Absolutely fabulous!!

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed🔥

  7. Sensual, beautiful. Very you ❤️

    1. Thank you for the flutter and heat you just generated, beautiful.💞😘

  8. Micheal Micheal Michael. 1.You switched sites while I was gone. Took me a second to find you.
    2. I’m not going to lie. I missed your writing while I was out. This was a nice treat to come back to. Though thirdly I’m glad I’m at home reading this because damn, I think you got better while I was out pour l’amour. I got wet more quickly then usual.

    1. What a lovely treat to find a comment from you 😘 I’ve been away also… My blog was closed down and now I’ve rebooted but find myself with two blogs and not sure what to do, ha! You can always find me here though. I took a peek at your blog and see you were in and out but haven’t been back in a while. I hope you return soon. I’m really enjoying the thought of you once sitting back to give this a read…becoming wet. I’m thinking about what you read and wondering what excited you. Of course, now my fantasies take flight and the pressing within my slacks is strong…

  9. Micheal. I was so worried 😟 that we had lost you…

    But here you come with a brand new story of Mary..

    And it’s as hott and stimulating as every other one..

    And Mary was very happy 😃 and you didn’t disappoint…

    you may be god gift to women

    1. Thank you so much, Nita 😘I’ll never leave for good without at least saying goodbye and leaving a way to stay in touch. Glad you enjoyed this one, I was happy to lend Mary and helping hand and…. 🔥 Your last thought about being a gift…I’m not worthy of that but sure appreciate the sentiment behind it 😘💞

      1. To me.. and ladies like Mary…

        You are truly a beautiful gift 🎁…

        Life sometimes gives beautiful gifts 🎁…

        It gives us you…

        On a another note…

        Glad you found your way back to us..

        Sure missed you…

  10. While I do enjoy the eroticism of the story, I can’t help but see the psychology behind the encounter. There is almost a pain, or sadness in Mary. She needs to feel validated as a woman of not only being seen as sexual (or sexy) but as having a worth as well. That void needing to be so greatly filled she was willing to cheat on her husband to fill it.
    But I guess that’s the thing in our world isn’t? I’ve met many men who tell me their stories of not feeling worthy or something lost in their marriage, yet don’t leave cause of the years put into it. It’s interesting.
    Not saying Mary used you in a negative way (as in she got what she wanted and left), but saying she was exploring a part of herself & departed before bing discovered herself. How wonderful she shared that part of her with you? I always cherish the little moments I’ve had with the gentlemen whose paths I’ve crossed; even if it was just a dinner or casual conversation they open and share a part of themselves with me. It’s a connection we keep. It forms a bond; a trust. How wonderful Mary could trust and bond with you on that psychological and thrilling level.

    Any plans to meet again? Or was this a story from your life travels long ago?

    1. Vegas, your depth never ceases to amaze me. I’m actually glad the psychology played such a prominent role in your reading of this. I try to avoid soulless sex stories and instead weave in the emotional and mental layers which are so important to my experience. You mention Mary’s sadness and it is something I see so often. Unfortunately, I believe that even if Mary left her husband, she would fall in love and have the transient transcendent experience of romantic love. Then, the crushing descent of romantic love. There is a place beyond romantic love where couples can find happiness. It just requires awareness of what is happening during the romantic love phase and that it isn’t the final destination. We can revisit and touch it in moments with our long-term lover but we can’t live in that space because when romantic love burns brightest all else ceases to exist. Regarding the timeline, Mary was from long ago. I can see how men open up to you. You are very engaging, thoughtful, and have me opening up to you as well. 😘

      1. Very true. Do you ever wonder why women find you intriguing or drawn to you? I often wonder why men are drawn to me. We are so use to our looks and mind we don’t see why we are exotic to strangers. I once asked a cameo lover (aka: one night stand) why he was so drawn to me. He said it was because of our conversation we were having in a group that he felt I was smart, educated, and mature; he felt he could open up and was attracted by my intellectual self. I never heard that before and it put so much into perspective for me- that I can be seen for my mind rather than large assets (if you get me).

        Interesting isn’t it?

        1. I can see how your cameo lover and many others are drawn to you. You are all of the things he mentioned, and I would add that you are also attentive and caring. As a bonus, you have quite the erotic mind🔥😘

          1. Aww you’re too kind! 😘😘

  11. This post is everything, psychologically and erotically beautiful. The visuals had me feeling moist 💦💦 hot and all bothered. She looked so gorgeous too and you in these visuals 🔥🔥🔥 damn delicious looking 🙈. The story itself is just everything I needed this afternoon.

    1. Hi sexy Samantha😘 Mmmm, the energy I’m feeling from your reaction to this is setting me on fire…thank you! 🍆🔥I’ve often thought it would be hot to make some digital art of you. I’m afraid though that I would have to put you in some very naughty positions because those scenarios often drift through my mind 😉 Glad this post hit the spot. I’m coming to read yours most recent post and can’t wait.😘

      1. Your digital date amazing the way you construct them Michael, it would be nice to see how you imagine me. 😊

        1. I am happy to do this ☺️ It may take a little while but I will let you know when it is ready. I remember a little how you look from your past blog when you would occasionally put up photos. You should do that again 😃🔥

          1. I seldom put my pictures on my blog for a number of reasons however maybe I will do it one day.

  12. Wonderful post! Very… descriptive 😉 I enjoyed it very much. I definitely see psychology aspect to the post. It resonated with myself in so many ways… loved it!

    1. Thank you, Jenn ☺️ I am always so excited to see comments from you. I like it when you are floating through my posts and sprinkling angel dust 😘This one did have a heavy dose of psychology flowing through it. I’m really fascinated with how so many of us (myself included) end up disillusioned with love when it once seemed so magical. Hope there were some fun distractions here too 🔥

      1. I love to read your post! I don’t get to often these days .. so much to do … never enough time. But I love how I’m never disappointed. Curling up with a glass of wine .. relaxing…being engulfed by your words. To me thats a perfect evening👌😊

        1. You are so kind, thank you 💞 I’ll slip way from this comment dreaming of a slightly different variation of this perfect night… ☺️🔥

  13. So hot!! 🔥 “Mary was a wonderful gift but it is the dream that is amazing, not me.” That is sooooo not true. YOU are amazing. Nobody brings a dream to life like you. You’re aware of every detail, every moment that could be special, and you care enough to make them special. Just the fact that you understand the dream and can get lost in it with another soul is special. She would have had a good time having good sex with any man, but I can guarantee after having experienced you myself, that she couldn’t have had the same transcendent experience with just anybody. You tap into that dream and you make us feel safe enough to let go and immerse ourselves in it with you. That’s what makes you so special and so amazing. 💖💋

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