Welcome to another edition of the Cuckold Corner – The Interviews. In this series, I speak with men and women who share an enthusiasm for the cuckold lifestyle and explore the potential underlying psychological drivers of their fantasy. Joshua is a 30-something, white American male with sweet spot for interracial cuckolding. He is currently in a long-term relationship and moving closer to his first cuckold experience.

🔍The distinction between interracial relationships in general and interracial sex as a kink should be noted. The former refers to people falling in love without regard to ethnic differences and this, like all love, is beautiful. The latter sexualizes and eroticizes ethnic differences and is the focus of this exploration. The interracial fetish flows both ways from men and women alike.

Cuckold Corner With Joshua

Michael – Hi Joshua, I appreciate you taking some time to share your cuckold fantasy with me.

Joshua – Hey, you have such a fine collection of cuckold content. I’ve read some of your stories and you seem to be a highly educated man. I congratulate you on your work and hope to experience what you write about.

Michael – Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. I hope you and your girlfriend are having fun with the fantasy and, if you decide, are able to bring it to life one day.

Joshua – I hope we do too. We just need to find someone close to us. Do you like only interracial cuckolding or any kind of cuckolding?

Joshua - 2 v2

Michael – I enjoy the cuckold fantasy/experience in its pure form. A man and woman in love with one another, the woman giving herself to another man, and her man being turned on by this experience. Beyond this, everything else is a kink within a kink. Interracial sex can exist alone as a separate kink, but I like to layer it in within my cuckold fantasy. Regardless of the role I am playing (Bull or cuckold), I really enjoy all the mental layers of the fantasy. How about you, what are your thoughts?

Joshua – I share your view and have a fetish for black cocks getting into white girlfriends/wives. I find it so prohibited and lustful for a girl that loves her partner to succumb and submit to the seduction of a black man.

🔍 Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzed one billion sex-related search terms as research for their 2012 book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts. They found that cuckold-related searches rank #2 among most searched for sexual content on the internet. Drilling deeper on a popular cuckold erotica site, they identified “Black Cock” as the most common two-word search phrase. As we have explored previously, interracial cuckolding is clearly a popular kink.

Michael – Your thoughts about a woman feeling sexually liberated and embracing her lustful ways in whatever form that takes is exciting for so many men. When her liberation leads her to craving sex with other men while she already has a primary partner, we are hitting at one of the core elements of cuckolding.

Joshua 7

Joshua – Yes, and that video you made (Naughty Angel) about this with that song is so amazing! I have jerked off like crazy to it so many times. I may learn a thing or two from you.

Michael – Thanks brother, I appreciate that. It is always fun creating things that excite others. I identify with the journey you guys are on and have walked this path…several times. I imagine the video connects with you because it captures the love of the woman for her man and also her erotic sensuality with another man.

Joshua – Yeah, you should do some more, even sell them, lol! You are really good at it and could make some serious money. Anyway, I want my girl to try a BBC for the first time. We have reached a point where she is open to doing this. In fact, we are already looking. I’m hoping to get some intel from you before we cross the point of no return.

Michael – Regarding your fantasy, I’m happy to answer any questions and share my experience. I have a few questions for you though. Depending on your answers, I can give you some tips to make sure it works out just like you fantasized. Tell me about the interracial aspect of your fantasy.

Joshua – I have liked interracial and cuckold porn for as long as I can remember. It is a huge turn on! I like it even better if it is amateur. I enjoy watching people that are really experiencing it and not just someone that is paid to do it. I like seeing the contrast of woman’s white skin against a black man’s along with his dominance over her and her sexual surrender to him. It is an experience that seems so prohibited yet the facial expressions and sounds of the woman convey just how much she is truly enjoying it.

Michael – Yes, these are common themes – taboo, contrast, dominance/submission, your lover’s pleasure, and a woman’s sexual liberation – that seem to resonate with most cuckolds. There is nothing like seeing your lover with legs spread wide with her tight pink lips stretched tight around his long, thick, glistening black shaft…blended with the sounds of another man making our lover scream with pleasure. Yes, the visual and physical contrast along with erotic symphony will be intense for both of you. Based on your concern about any negative fallout, I imagine you love your woman deeply?

Joshua – Oh god, that makes me want to come just thinking about it! I do love her dearly, and that is why I want her to experience the best pleasure. We have been together about six years now and plan to marry. She is a good Christian girl and a little shy but is beginning to open up.

Joshua 5 v2

Michael – I’m sure she will make a wonderful wife, congratulations. You said you want her to experience the very best pleasure. How does she feel about this?

Joshua – When I shared my fantasy with her about a year ago. She didn’t react to it well. I challenged her, “If you love me, you should at least consider doing this for me.”

🔍 I don’t think it is ever a good idea for a man to tell his lover that “If you love me, you will do this.” We should be open to hearing about our lover’s kinks free of judgement. However, just because we find something hot doesn’t mean our lover will or should indulge our kinks. Hopefully, we can each indulge one another desires if only at the fantasy level.

She said she would think about it, but I wasn’t convinced. Over time, she at least agreed to watch some of my favorite interracial videos with me. I always showed her ones which involved a lot of touching, kissing, and passionate sex. The men were very large also. She liked how the men treated the women in these videos and the passion that was present. She often commented on the size of the black men and became somewhat fascinated by this realization. We would sometimes watch these videos as foreplay and she would be so wet when I entered her. Time passed and I bought her a black dildo that we used during sex. I love seeing the contrast and how it fills her up. I’m amazed how much she can take and how she stretches so tightly around it as I work in and out of her. It gives her incredible orgasms too.

Joshua 4 v2

Michael – I think you just laid out the perfect approach for easing your lover into this fantasy. This way, everything around this fantasy becomes part of your sexy adventure as a couple – the true essence of cuckolding. If I may ask, is the dildo you purchased larger than you?

Joshua – Yes, it is much bigger. That is part of the excitement. I want her to have more than I can give her. When we are making love, I will ask her what she thinks about black men. She will tell me about their big black cocks and how much bigger and fulfilling they must be compared to my little one. She will tell me how black men deposit such heavy loads of semen in their women and how she wants to feel that too. She says a lot of hot things like this and it gets us both really, really hot! She likes to suck the black dildo while I fuck her from behind and she admits to now fantasizing about being with a black man. Sometimes when she is home alone, she even masturbates with the black dildo while imagining she is being taken by a real black man.

Joshua 2

Michael – The size comparison of your smaller cock to a larger cock for your wife’s heightened pleasure is another common theme in cuckolding. I think we may associate a woman’s desire for larger cock with her accepting and embracing the fullness of her sexuality. A woman’s sexual arousal, whether we are the cause of it or not, excites us. Some cuckolds (myself included) also find it intensely arousing when our lover begins to recognize and acknowledge that we have a small penis. Small Penis Humiliation/Teasing is a separate sexual fetish (erotic humiliation) but is often found in cuckolding and FemDom. I see this as a form of psychological masochism.

Joshua – Yes, I think you get me. I shared my story, do you have any tips for me?

Michael – It sounds like you have taken her to a point where she is onboard with making it reality. I do have a few suggestions as you move forward.

Appreciate that she is in an awkward situation. She loves you, and you are her man. You made it safe for this fantasy to take flight and you should never make her feel any guilt around this. She could have done this any time in her life but hasn’t. She is doing this now because she is accepting and admitting to herself that she does find this exciting and believes it also turns you on. She trusts in you that this will add to your relationship, not destroy it. It is you she loves.

Secondly, make sure you share with one another the key moments you want to experience and discuss your boundaries and limitations. Share those with your Bull. You can’t choreograph the experience to your perfect vision. However, if you all are aware of key desires and boundaries, things will go smoother and more closely approach your ideal fantasy.

Finally, it will burn emotionally to see her sexually and sensually experience another man. Your heart is going to race and you may even feel sick at first. Remember, she loves you and it was your idea. Find moments to connect with her during the experience and savor the intense pleasure of what you are experiencing as lovers. After your Bull leaves, you and her are still a couple and the afterglow is yours to share as a loving couple. Make sure it is a special afterglow.

Joshua – Wow, you make all of this sound sooo hot! No one understands the fantasy like you do. There is something about you that makes me feel excited to see you with my girlfriend. Can I send you a photo of my girl? Will you consider being with her? I want her to have a great first experience and think you will give it to her.

It was hot to think about her sexual awakening and the erotic journey she was embarking on. And, as you might image, it was also flattering Joshua wanted me to play a role in her sexual liberation…and tempting. Joshua did send me a photo of his very lovely fiancé, and we continued the conversation. As it turns out, the prospective Bull’s sexual savvy around cuckolding mattered most – erotic humiliation and skin tone were secondary layers.

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9 thoughts on “The Cuckold Corner with Joshua

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  2. […] Interview with Joshua – Joshua shares his cuckold fantasy and explores how he is trying to get his lover into it. […]

  3. […] Interview with Joshua – Joshua shares his interracial cuckold fantasy and explores how he is trying to get his lover into it. […]

  4. […] Interview with Joshua – Joshua shares his interracial cuckold fantasy and explores how he is trying to get his lover into it. […]

  5. Very insightful! Some of your themes you’ve listed towards the end I’ve done. We should talk! I did an interview for a UMASS grad student a month or so ago regarding sugaring, but also sex play as well (innocent to naughty, fem dom, and a few others).

    1. Sexy girl, you have my wheels turning! I’m fascinated by the “themes towards the end” you’ve experienced. That would have been super hot to watch/participate in…🍆😘

      1. 🙈🙈😃 mmmm…super fun to participate and watch!

  6. I enjoyed the article. It’s great to read about other people who are also turned on by interracial sex and interracial cuckolding.

    I found this quote interesting:

    “Watching some tasteful and erotic interracial videos is a great idea.”

    It was definitely a good idea in our relationship. My best friend Sarah was the first person to tell me about interracial cuckolding. I practically didn’t know anything about it. But that was going to change.

    Sarah cuckolds her husband with an African American man with her husband’s full knowledge and encouragement.

    When Sarah told me about her black lover, I literally got very wet. I didn’t know that it was possible to have sex with your husband’s accept and even encouragement. And if I had only read about it online, I would have considered it pure fantasy.

    I started borrowing IR DVDs from my friend Sarah and watched them with my husband. We were both very excited and had very passionate sex after watching the movies.

    After some weeks, I asked my husband to imagine that I was the white actress in the movies. This gave my husband Hans the biggest hård-ons that he has ever had while he has been my husband.

    If you want to read a more detailed report on our way to a fully-fledged interracial cuckolding couple, please read my blog. I don’t want to go into too much detail here even though I love to talk about the blessings that we have from interracial cuckolding.


    1. Always fascinating to see how women get into this lifestyle. It seems most are introduced to it by their lover. I imagine it could be very hard for a woman to bring it up not knowing how her lover would respond. It could be shocking for a man to hear his girl wants to have sex with other men. However, just because it is a challenge, this doesn’t mean women don’t have these desires…as you did.🔥 I like your approach of easing him into it by using Sarah as your cover….like you are borrowing some things from her for you and Hans to have fun with. Then you were able to gauge his excitement around it in a safe way. Love how you did this 😈

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