As my journey with Sienna unfolds, there is an increasing amount of discussion about our cuckold fantasy – her sleeping with another man. Though I probably don’t mention it enough, our relationship was overflowing with loving, sensual layers. We savored the steamy, sensual interludes when we are only thinking about one another and longed for those moments. Our deep, soulful connection was the foundation from which everything else flowed and made our naughty adventures even more exciting.

Once we reconnected in our sensual shadows, our naughty desires would then took flight and the fantasy of her being with a well-endowed black man often entered our erotic play. I loved sliding my hard cock in and out of her sweet, soaked pussy while deeply whispering a naughty story about another man fucking her. As much as I enjoyed this, Sienna seemed to love it even more and nothing made her cum harder.

Increasingly, the big black dildo I had purchased for our naughty exploration began to feature more prominently in our sexual play.  Where she had once been intimidated by the size, she now craved the full sensation it provided her. Initially, she was hesitant to request the toy. It was difficult for her to tell me that as good as my cock felt, she was craving a bigger cock to push her over the edge for her next round or orgasmic bliss. Understandably, she worried that requesting something inside her other than my cock might hurt my feelings or make me feel inadequate. Experiencing my excitement to her requests for more, Sienna quickly learned this gave me an incredible erotic rush. It felt to me like she truly was desiring a more endowed man, and this desire was leading us closer and closer to making our fantasy a reality.

While she loved having her pussy filled with the large dildo, she missed having my body against her and feeling my weight against her. I eventually figured out a way for her to experience both by wearing a strap on. If you have been reading my journey, you know I enjoy a bit of erotic humiliation. Strapping on a bigger cock to please my woman, at her request, filled me with such erotic heat.

And, after she was fully satisfied by her large black dildo, I would spank her ass hard for being such a naughty girl and fill her in a different way – with my creamy load.

During each of our getaways, I carved out time for an erotic photo shoot or two with my sexy girl. As the source of so many toe-curling orgasms, the big black dildo became one of our favorite props. Sienna loved posing for me and began to anticipate the galleries of her I shared on our blog. Her latent exhibitionism was beginning to surface, and she enjoyed putting on a little show for others to watch.

🔍I dig a little deeper into the psychology of exhibitionism in the post Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers

The images below (and older comments from followers of our blog) are inspired by photos I took that day:

I recall how turned on I was during the photo session and how hard it was to keep my hands off her and on the camera. Sienna posed and frolicked with the large cock. She would tease me about much bigger it felt in her hands than my smaller cock and how exciting it was to struggle taking such a big cock in her mouth.



Where she had once been overwhelmed by its size, now she loved the sensation of how it filled her so deeply.

My own excitement (not to mention Sienna’s anticipation) around the sharing of this gallery was much more than the rush of sharing nude photos. It also made me hot thinking about the other men that would be seeing my girl and knowing they wanted to fuck her. This definitely tapped into my cuckold fantasy. Also, by posing with a black dildo, Sienna was clearly communicating that it was another man’s cock she was fantasizing about. Having the woman I love sharing her naughty desires for another man in such a public way had me literally dripping with arousal.


Sharing Toying with the Fantasy (the original version had actual photos) on the blog I once shared with Sienna was an incredibly erotic experience. As I was importing and reading through comments from the original post, it really took me back in time to the moment we posted the original gallery. Sienna was excited but still a bit bashful in some ways. She didn’t know what to do with comments from the men and didn’t want them to think in any way that she wasn’t crazy about me. That would change in the future when she became more comfortable with what we were doing. Behind the scenes, we were discussing the reactions of the several men who commented and, privately, she did find it really exciting.

As for myself, I seemed to be a bit on the defensive in my replies to comments. I didn’t want things to get out of hand and scare Sienna, but also didn’t want to discourage or shut down any hot comments. I needed to ensure Sienna felt safe and comfortable with what was happening. Our north star in all our posts was to ensure that others understood our true love for one another…even when we fantasized about other men joining us.

It is also worth noting that Jalen made his first comments on our blog after we posted this gallery. I checked him a little and simply ignored some of his comments. Sienna didn’t engage with him at all but that would change as we get to know him better. Our interactions with him are notable because he will eventually become the first of the “other men” to sink his big cock deep inside my sweet, sensual girl.

You can more images and uncensored versions from Sienna’s Big Black Dildo sets on my Patreon site – Dollhouse Studio.

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30 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Toying with the Black Cock Fantasy

  1. Wow! So beautiful, I love the contrast of the black cock against your skin. Gorgeous! Also, I don’t know which one of you is the photographer, but Damn! I’m so jealous, your pictures are always perfect. 🙂 As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Michael is the photographer extraordinaire! When I see the photos He takes, I am always amazed and wonder how He captures these epic moments… Then I say, wow is that me/us?! Yummy!

      1. Well it’s obvious he has a Fantastic subject to work with in you. I love how fearless you are, Yummy indeed!!! xoxo

        1. It’s funny because everything he shoots is “in the moment”. Nothing is ever staged or unreal… What you see, is what you get!!! Unedited … Real… Raw… Us! This I Love!!!!

    2. I’m glad you liked this gallery 🙂 I agree that the contrast of the black cock against my sexy Girl is soooo hot! There are so many layers to this fantasy that we enjoy playing with, and Sienna definitely knows how to push my hot buttons! She makes it impossible to take a bad shot. However, I do have one challenge taking photos – trying to stay behind the camera 😉

  2. Poetic Passions

    Beautifully sensual photos…

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad the sensuality of this gallery come through…despite a somewhat naughty first impression of the photos.

  3. Sex in Chocolate CIty

    really sexy photos…thanks for sharing…
its clear you were really getting into the moments and fantasy

    1. Glad you liked the gallery! 🙂 Yes, we were both really turned on…it was hard to stay behind the camera, ha!

      1. Sex in Chocolate City

        Let me know when you guys are reading for a real one…haha

  4. Cameron Cuck


  5. You called?

  6. Cameron Cuck

    Back for another visit before going to bed. This is so beautiful and exciting.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the gallery, Cameron. It was such an erotic experience to have Sienna posing and exploring elements of our fantasy. As you put it, it was so exciting, naughty, an incredibly beautiful!

  7. Will gladly offer my services for a one-on-one photo shoot 🙂

    1. Glad you liked the gallery. The waiting line for that photo shoot (which would be a two-on-one, not one-on-one) is rather long…thanks for offering your services though 😉

      1. Oh I’m sure it is! And I speak purely from experience meeting with couples in a 2-on-1 setting. Enjoying this blog – great work!

  8. Baby, so hot and naughty…opening up, taking that thick black cock into your sexy lips and mouth…imagining what it could feel like…

  9. Cameron Cuck

    Those lips are made for BBC

    1. Sienna’s silky folds were made for me, but I do agree…she should know what it feels like to have them wrapped around and taking in a big black cock as he opens her up so fully!

    2. A dark cock – along with a chiseled frame, thick muscled legs, bulging arms, and a nice ass to grab on while I’m thrusting 🙂

    1. Thank you ☺️🔥

  10. If possible, would like to hear more about using the strap on. That was an exciting idea and a good middle ground

    1. Your message came through as “Someone” so not sure if you are a man or woman which sort of shapes how I should respond. For me, it was exciting to know Sienna was craving a bigger cock. This pushed a lot of my erotic hot buttons. I think for Sienna it allowed her to have that extra fullness she craved and to also be able to feel my body on her and for us to still be able to kiss and share a sensual experience. I loved feeling her moaning on my lips in response to the larger cock.

  11. Why a strap on and not a cock extension?

    1. Thanks for giving this a read and commenting. I never really enjoyed the cock extension…not enough sensation. The strap on pressed against my pubic bone and that area is sensitive plus it presses on the base of my cock and, when aroused and pushed down, adds more sensation. This is especially true in the missionary position because my head is also sliding along the bed.

  12. Trying to convince my GF to try them but no dice so far. Any advice?

    1. By “them”, do you mean a black dildo or the real thing? If she understands the fantasy makes you hot and is open to pleasing you, introducing a black dildo into your sexual play is a great start. Leave at that for a little while but always make sure she knows how hot it makes you to see her with a black cock inside her. Over time, she may get more comfortable with the idea and may start to really enjoy the size (assuming her dildo is bigger than you).

  13. She thinks the size will hurt. Dildo definitely bigger than me but I want her to enjoy the size not fear it. Can’t get her over that worry. Plus I think she’s worried about hurting my feelings.

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