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13 thoughts on “The Cuckold Corner: Interview with Henry

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  3. […] Interview with Henry – A 40-something, married British male shares his cuckold fantasy and explains why he fantasizes about his wife cuckolding him with black men. […]

  4. Very interesting! Was/is this part of a degree thesis? If not it very well could be in the field of Psychology; specifically Marriage & Family Therapy, Sociology, and Sex Psychology. Even in my field of Kiniesology. It definitely plays on a “Masters & Johnson” field of study 🤔. I think it’s interesting for a person to explore outside their race, or explore deeper into their sexuality and the role-playing / cuckold genre.

    1. Oh, you dug deep into the archives here and found this series.☺️ I’m extremely flattered that you appreciate the academic vibe around these interviews/research. Really, I’m just a “thinker” personality (INTJ) trying to connect a few dots and better understand one of my favorites fantasies. As you can imagine, I would love to know your thoughts…even if given anonymously. For one, it would be very hot to read. 🍆🔥Secondly, I’m trying to get a better feel for what women find exciting about this. Men discuss it quite a bit but getting a woman’s take is a rare gift.

      1. Haha I did. Some late night reading.
        I’m INTJ as well!
        Yes, the other perspective is always interesting! I think it also dives into a cultural taboo that makes it so appealing to have a kink involved with the opposite race. I also liked the post regarding the wall; women and her SO on one side and the men on the other side of the wall. There are places in Las Vegas that allow for those fantasies to be lived out. Everyone meets and “interviews” each other for some time (usually a week or so) to see if personalities and such match. Then, they settle on a date for the cuckold experience. It’s quite interesting.
        I am intrigued to read more of what you discover.

  5. This is very helpful for me as my partner is interested in this

    1. Thanks for the feedback Heidi. While I do try to make these somewhat erotic, I also want them to be informative. Cuckolding is one of the most common male fantasies and it can be very confusing for women to understand. I’m glad you found it helpful.

    2. It’s great that you can find help online. My husband benefitted a lot from this in the early stages of our cuckolding relationship.


  6. Very interesting read. I love your blog. You have so many things to say about psychology and cuckolding. It’s great to read something informative. The internet is full of rubbish when it comes to cuckolding. Here you learn something.


    1. Amen to the cuckold rubbish on the internet. I tend to imagine myself writing to women in a way to help them understand the male mind when it comes to cuckolding and write in a way that is realistic and something that could actually be experienced in a hot way. As you said, this is not how most cuckold content is packaged.

  7. Henry wants his wife pregnant with another mans seed, that’s the definition of cuckolding. the cucko bird left it’s fertalized egg in an already established nest of another ?race? of bird. I guess “true” cuckolding would be to raise an adopted son. But to call cuckolding merely a wife sleeping with other men is a stretch. Though the writer doesn’t actually define his idea of what cuckolding is, just that Henry’s definition is wrong.

    Henry’s pov is accepting that most black males are larger, from his POV it’s true, but from a simple math example, it’s more pronounced than true. assume a populace of 1 million white males vs 1 thousand black, both have 10% of their pop with larger cocks, that means 100 black males are well endowed, where 90% of all of them are below this limit. We ignore the 10% of large white males since well, white privileged isn’t popular, and we have more large black males in our media, on our conversations, posted and shared online. not to mention the other ?10%? of black males physically taller than the rest being highlighted in movies, sports, etc.. so this 10%+ is now representing the “defining” black males. sounds like american democracy to me.

    if interracial cuckolding isn’t a thing, then why is the title’s first three words summing it up? not only is it “click bait popular” but it’s media approved. If interracial meant non-caucasian, why did he say black? then mention in such a back pedalling way about other social groupings?

    would luv to hear a proper representation of Henry…

    1. Hi Shelli, thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful reaction to this interview. I did the interview with Henry and also tried to provide some analysis. My goal in sharing all of my cuckold content is to serve it up in a way that makes it more accessible for women and stimulates their interest in the lifestyle. Cuckolding is my favorite kink but so much of what we see and read about cuckolding is written by men creating masturbation fodder for themselves and other cucks. Very few women would be remotely interested in pursuing cuckolding the way fantasy so many cucks often portray the lifestyle and Henry, in my opinion, is one example of this extreme portrayal of cuckolding. Shifting gears, I’m not sure I’m tracking your thoughts on the IR aspect of this. I stated up front that it is very popular (I also enjoy it). It does extend beyond black and white, but I narrowed the focus for the interview and because while I am familiar with it in other cultures, I don’t know the dynamics as well. Overall, it didn’t seem like you enjoyed this or fair to Henry but I do appreciate your take on it. After all, my opinion (while thoughtful and informed by experience in the lifestyle) is still just the opinion one person. I hope you’ll find other interviews that you find more enjoyable.

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