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12 thoughts on “The Cuckold Corner – Interview With KC

  1. I think this is a very insightful piece. I find the dynamics in this kind of relationships fascinating

    1. Thank you, that makes two of us and I appreciate the comment. 🙂 I backdated this one and haven’t yet featured it as a “new” post. Glad you found it though and enjoyed it. I think this interview may help people understand the variations and psychology driving driving the fantasy.

      1. I love your writing……………..

        1. Thank you so much, I genuinely appreciate you kind feedback.

          1. well deserved

  2. There were a couple of things in this that really caught my attention. The first was the bisexual bit. It’s interesting when you talk about the different ways it can fit in to this kink, because I always think the only way it could is with FemDom. I like how easily you put that to rest and point out other ways it can be explored. The other thing was her wanting him to be in the room. From a safety point of view, as the woman, I like that a lot I wouldn’t want to do it without him in the room. It adds a layer of security and peace of mind and just comfort I think to the situation. A key part for me would be being able to see his face and his body and his reaction to what was going on.

    1. Well young lady, you are digging deep into the archives for buried treasures.😃I backdated a lot of these so they were never a “new” release. These are more for the ghost cuckolds that hit my blog quite often and never leave a sign they were here…other than in my stats. Regarding bisexuality, I’m often amazed how folks try to make such absolute statements like – “If you suck a cock it means your gay”. Humiliation play doesn’t even cross the minds of some. I just wanted to shed a little light around it. I have a post called Erotic Humiliation where I go through the same thought process of a man licking another man’s cum from his woman’s well-fucked pussy. You wanting your man in the room is why you will be a great Mistress and/or Cuckoldress. The safety makes sense of course. And, to you, a big part of the experience is the pleasure you’re man derives from the experience. That is best judged if he is present and makes it more about your experience as a couple…even if another man is having his way with hot sexiness🔥

      1. Yeah, it lights up all these weird spots in my brain! I like it when synapses are firing it means Michael’s touching something I LIKE!

        1. I feel that way too when I read your naughty stories and comments… You light me up!💡💖

  3. Such an amazing blog! Hot and insightful at the same time!

    1. Thank you brother, I love arousing the mind and body…hope you enjoy 🔥

      1. You are an amazing writer…

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