I Believe is a dreamy, sensual video with an erotic current flowing through it. I am somewhat amazed that it even exists. For a long time, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to breathe new life into this faded but incredibly special dream. The artistry and emotional investment would need to be worthy of the magic that first inspired it.

Fortunately, the muses recently paid me a visit and inspired (what I believe) are a few of my best best digital art creations and one of my best videos to date. When I sat back to watch the completed video, my heart was racing and I had a huge smile on my face. It was worthy – it touched my soul.

The original version of I Believe first appeared on the I shared with the lovely Sienna called Sensual Shadows.  It featured a video mix of Sienna performing a sultry dance in the front of the camera (nude) to one of our favorite songs – Miracles by Jefferson Starship. The dance was a sexy surprise and ooooh what a delicious surprise it was. She had made it during a recent visit and left it on my computer for me to open later. Sienna stepped right in front of the camera and for several minutes did the most incredibly erotic dance I have ever seen.

You might suspect from my artwork that Sienna is attractive. Honestly, at the time, I believed she was the most beautiful woman in the world, inside and out. I was completely mesmerized and engulfed in the magic of us. She was feeling my energy in the same way.

Sienna - Believe 10

Sharing the video on our blog was an incredibly erotic experience for both of us. She was exploring her exhibitionistic side for the first time in her life. Enjoying a bit of exhibitionism myself, I really appreciated the erotic rush she was feeling and did my best to accentuate that swirl within her.

There is no way to pinpoint my favorite segment of the video – every second is special to me. In terms of exhibitionism, there was one point where she really pushed the boundary. After rubbing her breasts, swirling her hips and shaking her sexy ass before the lens, Sienna sat back on the bed and worked her fingers into freshly fucked, cum-filled pussy…and then slipped her fingers into her mouth. She smiled and gave the camera a kiss. It was an incredibly hot thing to do, and it was even hotter that she was okay sharing it with others. The comments from that first release are included below and give you a feel for the impression the video made.

Sienna - Believe 9

Thinking back on this moment, I think the energy flowing around this moment also tapped into my cuckold desires (my desire to watch her with another man). We had some men following us, and I believed this would fuel their rising desire for Sienna. Knowing these men wanted to fuck Sienna made us both hot. This was a big deal for me and worth emphasizing. Sienna was beginning to find some real erotic energy in the fantasy of experiencing other men within the emotional safety of our loving relationship. Simply put, her rising openness to this possibility this made me rock hard and took my breath away in the most erotic way.

Beyond our deep loving connection, the exhibitionism, and cuckolding, I felt a great sense of pride in having Sienna as my lover. Looking back, I think I found some level of satisfaction in showing her off. One of followers in particular tapped into this part of my psyche with this:

Our hands are clapping and we applaud the magnanimous, highly-charged affinity you have with your inner beast. We raise our wine glasses in your honor like a toast to the gods for allowing us to share, in whatever way you choose, the deeply aesthetic, erotic, and lascivious appreciation of your very own woman. – BK

The above comment is an excerpt from “A Love-Lust Toast” that BK penned shortly after watching this video. It is an exceptional read, and I hope you will check it out.

The post as it appeared all those years ago on Sensual Shadows…

I Believe

I tried over and over to capture in words the powerful emotion I felt around this video, but my words fell short. After showing the video to Sienna and getting her reaction, I realized there was nothing more that needed to be said. She captured it perfectly.

This is about me giving myself to you completely. The sultry dancing is symbolic and its true meaning extends much, much deeper than the physical expression. It symbolizes how I want to please you and fulfill us through our fantasies and, most importantly, through our dreams while protecting and nurturing US!!! It is you that fills me with this energy – you are dancing inside me. My hands are your hands touching me. This song and these lyrics have such special meaning to us and are so powerful. I feel you in the dreamy music and lyrics. I feel US!!!!!  So, so sacred is our connection!!! – Sienna

Our sacred connection aside, we hope you have fun watching with the video– it’s fucking hot!!! ~ Michael

[Video Removed]

Sienna - Believe 5

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42 thoughts on “Video: I Believe (Sensual Erotica)

  1. I have rewritten this comment five times but you’re right — there are NO words. Perfection.

    1. Desiree, you have a way with words and couldn’t have left a more flattering comment. We both appreciate it! 

    2. Thank you! xo

      1. No, THANK YOU for sharing so much!!!!

  2. You called it. Fucking hot! Thanks for sharing so much of her in this way.

    1. I wanted to be more eloquent but that seemed to capture it. Like most of us on WP, Sienna and I are exploring the layers and having such hot fun with the naughty and beautiful alike! Thanks for engaging with us…

      1. Exploring the layers is the most fun EVER! Glad I can share your journey with you.

        1. The layers are the most fun, Michael and I especially like peeling them back one … By one…By one… Savoring each delectable petal with deliberate exuberance! 

  3. Two days in a row now that I’ve been left speechless. Ditto to the above, what she said and he said.

    1. Speechless? That is high praise! Thanks for giving the video a view

    2. Thank you Tis, funny thing about this sneaky video… I secretly taped the dance on Michael’s computer just being playful… Then BAM!!!! he turns it into this beautiful work! Sienna

      1. He did a beautiful job assembling your dance with the music. But quite frankly my dear you are the STAR of this show. What was it the guys said? Fucking Hot? Yeah, it was that an a whole lot more.

        1. xoxo Back to you Thank you!

  4. OHOOOOHOOO MY GAWD! I mean……Wow.
And, at the last second….the glimpse of the oh-so heavenly ASS, saying ‘see u soon, big boy’ (at least, that’s what her ass said in MY head lol) – Stunned.

    1. We’re glad you could visit! BTW according to your blog reference… How do I rate? (Ass Matrix) LOL. We thank you for the comments! 

      1. hahaha….Seeing you in that video reminded me of none other than…my SASHA. And, you’ll have to pardon my vivid imagination, as it has already performed quite a few acrobatics with you and that Grade A+ ass. 

        1. Stirring memories of Sasha? You did enjoy Sienna! The Sasha posts are such a great collection of memories…I’m really enjoying moving through the progression. Although…not looking forward to the final chapter. Good times though:-)

    2. Awesome comment! Great catch on the details at the end. She comes out of her hot, sensual groove and swishes her hips as I enter the room…soooo F’n hot! Sienna was about to give me an even hotter dance after that one…

  5. Amazingly wonderful. I have seen great blogs from one person, but from two that are in love? Simply perfect.

    1. We really appreciate this feedback! We have some rather naughty elements spread throughout but, ultimately, this is about us celebrating our Love for one another and hope that always shines through. Thanks for visiting .

    2. Thank you! This was a joint effort, my sneaky video to surprise Michael…which he turned into this beautiful fusion of US!

      1. The beauty certainly comes through!!

  6. WOW!!!

    1. Thank you!

      1. You are so welcome. :)

  7. You celebrate your love and perhaps push buttons unseen by others , while sharing so much that anyone may appreciate. Beautiful. Artful. Sexier than all outdoors.

    1. Chris, thank you for the incredibly thoughtful comment…really appreciate it! Your insight on celebrating and hot buttons is right on target, too. Appreciate to nod to beauty and art as well…with Sienna, it could be nothing less! We want to this blog to reflect our experience…loving, sensual, and at times naughty. I’m glad this comes through.

  8. Back for another viewing. Sienna’s expressions about the dance are just as erotic. I enjoy how she expresses herself about it.

    1. Thank you, JK. Honestly, the way she described her thoughts are every bit, if not even more meaningful to me than the video. I don’t think many folks got past the video…thanks for delving deeper!

      1. In fairness, Sienna’s dancing makes it very hard…to move beyond the video.

  9. I wanted to share this to celebrate the love-lust of Michael and Sienna. They are two beautiful individuals that through their love are in the prime of delving and exploring the Lustful arena. I will let their post speak for itself. But you have got to explore the site there!
I think it is amazing that:

    1. Sienna is liberated (in her confidence and strongly in touch with her inner-slut) to bless us – the voyeur – with the privelege to partake and share (in whatever way they choose) our deeply aesthetic (and erotic, lascivious) appreciation of Sienna’s magnificent feminine form and beauty, thereby attaining some semblance of saintly bliss. What if we told you that the more we see (any part) of Sienna in this lewd fashion, the more you evolve us toward a greater sense of experiencing our own sublime consciousness.

    2. Michael – you are a great man. I wanted to salute you for a) winning the love of such a beautiful creature; b) congratulate you for everytime you look at her, everytime you stroke her cheek, everytime you kiss those succulent lips of hers, everytime you make love to her and fuck the rough out of her till you are completely spent, and you rest yourself upon her gently naked, sweating, shivering torso, heaven-sent. Our hands are clapping. Our glasses are raised in your honour like a toast to the gods; and c) your magnanimous, highly-charged affinity with your inner-beast. to allow us to share (in whatever way you choose) the deeply aesthetic (and erotic, lascivious) appreciation of your very own woman.

    You both are like prophets to a new state of loving in our hyper-modern world. Trend setters, if you like – in that you just might popularise your beautiful lifestyle because of the glamorous nature of your physical form together with the intelligent, witty, sharp-mindedness that characterise your blog…

    And be rest assured that by sharing your conquests / fantasies of her, (Michael), by sharing your submissions (Sienna) you assist us in tasting a part of Sienna – and thereby commune with the divine (albeit it in a more limited fashion) when we toy with that bodily/spiritual part of us that is intensely aroused with the deepest affection for her. You thereby release our spirit into the world and remind us to breathe, and help us to be.


In terms of the dance sequence, what can I say?
 Sienna imagine our hands upon you, closing in. And each hand belongs to an anonymous lover of yours that desires to carress away you fears, your tears, and bring you into a state of unbridled orgasm, legs wide open, free, let the whole world see. You compel us to stare as you orgasm before us, wantonly.

    Michael, you are the orchestrator like the conductor on the biggest orchestra performing a piece of art for eternity…

(I have inserted one or two pics of Sienna and have deliberately not posted more explicit ones as – I feel – visiters should go to your site to get their desperate hands on them, there. The following poem is an anthem dedicated to (what I am calling) your Love-Lust. Please click here

    1. BK, what an incredibly flattering post! On a chilly snow-filled morning, I am savoring the opportunity to bask in the heat of what is without a doubt the most spectacular feedback and comments we have ever received!

      Sienna and I were talking about what you have shared and really appreciate the multitude of layers you tapped into through your comment and then the post it inspired on your blog.

      You begin by sharing that “through our love” we explore the lustful arena. That is so on point. It always begins with and is about our love and connection – our experience together. Loved your description of Sienna’s beauty and “magnificent feminine form”. As Plato would define the essence of forms, I have no doubt he would have been more than pleased to present Sienna as the essence of feminine beauty and and sexuality. She is all of that and more. Aphrodite would be jealous!

Sienna has been willing and excited to pose for me privately but she isn’t a natural exhibitionist. It took a lot to make her comfortable with me posting her photos and feedback like yours is why I want to share these visions of my beautiful, sexy Girl! Keeping her to myself seems almost selfish.

      Each paragraph in your post is layered with mental, physical, and soulful stimulation – a work of art in its own right! Your final paragraph…brother, that was fucking hot!!! There is too much richness to absorb with a single reading…we will be taking this in many times! Thanks for taking the time to write this…it is a unique and meaningful gift that I, personally, will always cherish ~ Michael

  10. CP Mandara

    That’s what I call y.u.m.m.y. What a great way to start the New Year! x

    1. Thank you Christina, glad you enjoyed Sienna’s sultry dance! Hope you’ll come back to check out some other posts and we look forward to exploring yours as well ~ Michael

  11. I don’t have the right words to express my appreciation for your digital art and these erotic videos. Beautiful and beyond beyond. Thank you for sharing. Sending you love. ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Awww, thank you so much for this generous reaction 😘❤️ I’m glad a sense of beauty came through 💫💖

  12. Love this very sensual pic of you…

    The Dionysus title does suit you well…

    1. I was hoping you might slide up beside me and have some juicy fruit…🍇💫

  13. Such perfection 😍😍 had to watch it again and again. Beautiful

    1. “Again and again”…love that 🔥I’m glad this came across as beautiful to you. I wanted it to be sexy for sure but, more importantly, I wanted the sensuality and beauty to shine. 💖

  14. It’s really hot, as I always I’m speechless. Both of you are so sensuous and liberated individuals, peeling layer after layer allowing us readers a great experience, even to shy ones like me 😐I’ve never explored this side of mine.

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks so much for giving this a view and sharing your reaction. ☺️These stories of Sienna are from my past but I enjoy sharing and revisiting the sensual, erotic journey we shared. You don’t strike me as shy but I am grateful to be part of you opening up to new experiences 💫

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