My first two months with Sienna were a love-lust whirlwind. We were both fully ablaze with the fiery heat of romantic love – that feeling that no one else could have ever loved another with such intensity. Unfortunately, we were in a long-distance relationship. I’m no stranger to such geographical challenges and appreciate the unique challenge these relationships face. Tending to our erotic flame and love light between visits was always top of mind for me.

With this in mind, the camera and pen were essential tools. I loved having photo shoots and making sexy videos with Sienna. Mostly, this was because she was absolutely stunning. Sienna found it flattering that I wanted to photograph her and loved posing for me. Planning these sessions gave us something to think about before visits as we discussed sexy outfits and scenes/props for those shoots. These shoots became very hot moments that we looked forward to when together. After the visit, I would edit the photos and we had fun with those galleries in our afterglow.  Then, we would start the cycle over with ideas for the next shoot.

We also spent a lot of time writing inspired loving vignettes and steamy fantasies. We quickly accumulated quite an impressive collection of photos, videos, and erotic stories. It seemed like a shame for these moments to pass and never be seen again or, even worse, lost or forgotten. I made it my mission to safeguard our special memories. Still, I knew there had to be a way for us to have more fun with our ever expanding collection of loving, erotic moments.

The idea of a blog quickly emerged as a potential platform for tending to our erotic flame. Living our moments was hot, reliving those memories by writing about them extended the heat, and sharing it with others would create a third opportunity to dance in our erotic flames. Maintaining a blog would also allow us to build something together, the ability to interact with like minded people, and also serve as our own scrap book. This would be fun to visit one day far in the future…like a time capsule. I proposed the blog idea to Sienna, and she loved it.

I took it from there and created our blog – Sensual Shadows. If you are writing about sex, it never hurts to have a few sexy photos or art to compliment the story. I asked Sienna how she would feel about having a few discreet images of herself on our blog? She was okay sharing nude pics with me in private and was, in general, open to sharing some of them publicly. However, she did have had one concern. She didn’t understand why I would want other men to see her naked?

It was a fair question. I have lived inside the cuckold mindset (wanting my lover to sleep with other men) for so long now that I have become very comfortable with the fantasy. Even to this day, I have remind myself frequently that this is not the norm. Cuckolding is not the way women typically think about relationships, sex, and male behavior. Most men would be jealous if other men were seeing their girlfriend nude. It works in the opposite way for me – I find it extremely arousing.

I reminded Sienna that one of my biggest fantasies is to watch her with another man. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise her that it would turn me on to have other men looking at images of my sexy girl and lusting after her. There was also an element of pride. I was proud to have won the love and affection of such a goddess and wanted to show off my naughty angel. Also, I enjoy exhibitionism and hoped she would also feel the same erotic tingle I experience with this kink. If so, it could really open up some additional naughty adventures for us in the future.

After getting Sienna somewhat comfortable with the idea and ensuring she felt emotionally safe, I turn up the heat by tapping into her submissive desires. I become more assertive and remind her that in the end, the decision is mine…just like her sweet, little pussy.

“Yes Sir, you own my tight pussy!”

“Why is this the case, young lady?”

“Mmm Baby, because my heart overflows with love for you and you fuck me sooo good with your yummy cock!!!”

“Good girl. I am a fortunate man.”

“No Sir, I’m the lucky one!”

I go on to explain that since I own her pussy, I will decide when and if she shows it to someone else and who fucks it. Sienna squirms with excitement.

“Sir!!! It makes you hot knowing other men to want to fuck YOUR girl?

“Yes it does, pretty girl. You know it makes my cock so hard for you! Does it excite you knowing other men want you?”

“Honestly, I could care less what other men want or think about me! You are my Man and you are the only one that matters to me! I want to excite you and want you to crave me!”

Sienna slips into her submissive space rather quickly, and we find ourselves navigating two fantasies that don’t often go hand in hand – D/s and cuckolding. She will sleep with other men but finds it hot as an act of submission to me. D/s is unchartered water for me, but I do the best I can to blend both of our desires into a shared fantasy.

“Well, in that case, perhaps you will enjoy an assignment?”

“Yes Sir! What would you like for your girl to do?”

“Go through our photos and pick a few of your favorites. Crop them to your level of comfort and load those images into a draft post. Pick the title, add any writing you want to include, and post it.”

“Oh my god. Sir, really??”

“Yes sexy girl, do it!”

“Yes Sir, as you desire.”

Sienna works through her inner swirl and completes her assignment. 

Photos for Sir

Sir, these photos are for you! xoxoxoxoxo – Your Loving Sienna

Looking back, it must have been awkward for Sienna to be falling so deeply in love with me (as I was with her) and then being directed to expose herself publicly for the viewing pleasure of other men. Despite her awareness and own excitement around our cuckold fantasy, she was hesitant to flirt with or come across as enticing other men. I understood that it was going to take some time for her to become comfortable openly flirting with other men in my presence, but this was a great first step. 

In terms of submission, it was a powerful gesture for her to complete this assignment. Sienna was very matter of fact though about the intent of her photos – they were for me. She did exactly what I requested as an act of submission, not to entice other men. Of course, any savvy viewer might have wondered why she would need to post these on a blog rather than just sending them to me? I could have added some of the cuckold context in her post, described how Sienna was completing an assignment, or even how it excited me for her to show off her exquisite form. This would all come in time.

Our blog was in its infancy at that point so engagement was minimal. However, this moment remains as a milestone in our erotic journey. My sexy girl had taken her first steps into exhibitionism and was now on display for the viewing pleasure of other men. She had taken a step deeper into submission and one more step towards embracing the fullness of her sexuality. As I navigated our erotic waters, protecting her heart, filling her with adoring love, teaching her, disciplining her as needed, and doing whatever was best for my sexy girl as she blossomed before my loving eyes would always be my guiding lights. 

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17 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Genesis – Photos for Sir

  1. Sex in Chocolate City

    Wow sienna you are stunning! Not only does it sound like you 2 have a great relationship, but he is just a fortunate man…keep posting

    1. Thank you… only wish we were together…always

    2. She was hesitant to post these and we both appreciate the positive comment! I am indeed a very fortunate man and she’s my once-in-a-lifetime Girl!

  2. Sienna, any time you want to post photos, you know, “for Michael”, you go right ahead. I won’t mind. :)
Pleased to meet you both.

    1. Our pleasure

    2. Nice to meet you JK, so glad you enjoyed her photos! Hopefully, there will be more to come. 🙂

  3. I can understand the hesitation but I also know that Michael is amazing and he cares for you very much. I enjoy reading your guys work

    1. You are too sweet! 😘 I’m writing this in present tense but this was from about 6 years ago. I’m only sharing the story now (again) ☺️

      1. Ah that makes sense. Lots of love to you 😘

  4. Damn…she´s so sexy that it hurts!!

    1. So glad she has that effect on you 💫🔥

      1. She´s too perfect, if that expression is possible.😊

  5. She looks very gorgeous and sexy sweet! ❤️😊😉

  6. What a woman :love: If this model looks remotely like her she must be a gorgeous woman 😉

    1. This is close…perhaps I haven’t done enough to fully capture her beauty and spirit. That may be beyond my reach but always aspirational 💫

  7. What can we say ?
    Really love this outfit, as what’s ‘in’ it.
    Awesome job you did there
    Shame she just appears in my dreams
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Willeminge, really enjoyed your play on words too. She is based on a real woman…a past lover. She still stars in my dreams as a muse. Glad she appeared there for you. She would have been flattered. 💫

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