Much of my digital is centered around illustrating the true stories, many of them erotic, that I share on my blog. These images are attempts to recreate memories or replicate photos taken during some of my naught adventures. This portrait gallery comes from a different creative space. They are like free flowing dreams not anchored to any particular moment. Some are impressions left by former lovers while others must be dreams surfacing from my soul. I’ll add to this gallery periodically and republish. Here are a few of my favorite portraits:

Ebony Eyes

Celebrating ebony beauty. I’ll be featuring a gallery of black women at some point and will provide a link here when it’s up.

Dragon Queen
Over The Hills And Far Away

This image is a tribute to Yumi, a beautiful Asian lover that captured my imagination and heart. Yumi – Chronology.

No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love is portrait of Sienna. My vast catalog of our loving, erotic journey is available here: Sensual Shadows.


Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

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