It seems like a lifetime ago…

I am a newly commissioned military officer at my first duty assignment. The ratio of men to women on military bases and in remote military-dominated towns is terrible for men. The balance of the world seems off kilter. To make matters worse, I am an officer and it is against regulations for us to fraternize with enlisted girls. My “pool” of women is more like a puddle. The rule against fraternization feels like an archaic class system but one that is essential to protect the chain of command, sustain morale, reduce bias and preferential treatment, maintain confidence in leadership, and to ensure the mission isn’t compromised.

The regulations around fraternization are specific when it comes to subordinates but offer a little wiggle room for those not in the same chain of command. Overall though, it is frowned upon and I wanted no part of it. Women are definitely my weakness, but I have been good about keeping myself out of trouble and plan to keep it that way.

It is mid-morning on a Saturday when the doorbell to my off-base townhouse rings. I’m naked as usual. I slip on some shorts and answer the door. Laura, an enlisted girl from my unit, is at the door. She is casually dressed but her outfit is hot. The time she spent on her makeup and eyes was time well spent. It is really a striking moment to see her like this compared to how she looks in uniform with minimal makeup. While Laura is in my unit, she is not in direct chain of command. Still, she is enlisted. She is also a cute 19 year old girl with a tight little body.

Officer and A Gentleman 2

Laura explains she is heading out for some shopping and apologizes for waking me up. “I was in the area and thought I’d stop by to say hello.” I had no idea she even knew where I lived. Being a gentleman, I invited her inside.

We sit on opposite ends of the couch and have some small talk. Slowly, she begins to turn up the heat. She compliments me on my body and asks about my love life. It feels really awkward and I can feel the sexual tension rising. She acknowledges it must be hard to be a handsome officer in such a small town. She is coming on really strong and far more aggressive that I’m used to. I’m starting to sweat. My urge to carry her up to my bedroom and pound her pussy is instinctual. I am designed for this. My mind is still in control though and I fight my manly urges.

I deflect her subtle advances and suggest she must have hundreds of guys hitting on her all of them. She says something to the effect that they are immature boys just after one thing. Hmm, let me see. They just want her pussy which bothers her but here she is serving it up to me? Laura works herself to my side of the couch. My heart is racing, and I’m in trouble. The pressure to restrain myself as she becomes more overt is becoming unbearable. She says, “I have fantasized about kissing you a thousand times.” As those words escape her lips, she leans in to kiss me. I stop her.

Officer and A Gentleman 6

“I can’t…we can’t do this.” She doesn’t like it my reaction. “Why? Because you are an officer? Because you think you are better than me? You don’t like me or think I’m pretty enough?” Her words sting. Everything she says is the opposite of what I feel. I come from a very modest upbringing and never had anything given to me. I certainly don’t harbor any “better than” or privileged attitude. As for women, I want every woman I touch to feel beautiful and adored. But…I can’t touch her physically or emotionally. Keeping the distance between us isn’t my idea…it is the regulations.

She continues to press. “I don’t work for you and you aren’t my officer in charge. You are a man and I am woman…that is all that is real!” She tries to kiss me again, but I hold her back. Undeterred, Laura is now up on the couch and on her knees pressing her heavenly body against me. It is such a ridiculous scene. A woman is sexually attacking me and I am trying to hold her off.

She finally sits back and pouts. “Fine, you don’t have to kiss me.” There is some awkward silence. “What, would you do if I rubbed your leg?” I didn’t respond. A girl’s sensual, curious touch…it has been too long. The five-knuckle shuffle only goes so far. Even when I switch hands to make it feel like a new woman, it only goes so far. Laura slips her hand on my thigh and massages me as she talks about other stuff. It’s as if she thinks her conversation will cause me to not notice she is touching me. Her hand finds its way under my shorts and is soon touching my bare thigh. My cock is doing its best to rip through my shorts.

I haven’t said yes to anything but I’m not moving her hand away. I just can’t resist anymore. Laura takes care of freeing this tension by opening my pants and my hard cock springs free. Laura grabs my manhood. “Wow, lieutenant…very nice…I knew it would be.” How much can one man take? With my hard cock in hand she leans in again to kiss me. Again, I mount a ridiculous defense. “You can touch me but I’m not going to kiss you.” I say this like I am upholding some military decorum. Meanwhile my cock is standing at attention and presenting a full salute. Ready to serve or be served.

Officer and A Gentleman 8

She pouts and asks if kissing is too personal or emotional for me? As my circulation centered elsewhere, my ability to think clearly and resist was fading. I make one last attempt to resist.

“Look, you came to my door wanting something. This is all I can give. You can leave at any time.” She didn’t like my answer, “You don’t have to be an asshole…Sir. You are making me feel like a slut and I’m not! I like you! What’s so wrong about that? This isn’t what I wanted…not like this.” I reiterated, “Like I said…” Laura stands up and seems to have grasped my not-so-subtle clues. Instead of leaving, she begins to take her clothes off.

Officer and A Gentleman 3“I know you’re excited, I felt your cock. You are still hard and you want me, don’t you?” Wow. I can’t believe a woman has basically just walked up to my door and is now stripping for me. As a teenager, I dreamed of moments like this. What would be like to have women practically throwing themselves at me? I wanted to be “that guy”.

Officer and A Gentleman 4

After fully undressing, Laura gives me some to time to take in her beautiful form. It is a very bold move. If there was ever any doubt that I wasn’t going to fuck her, it is gone. She walks slowly back to the couch. I anticipate her trying to kiss me again but she doesn’t. Instead, Laura settles in beside me takes my cock in her mouth. Damn, I can’t believe how determined she is.

Officer and Gentleman 11

I have been so passive during this process which is completely uncharacteristic of how I flow in these moments. Now, I’ve surrendered to my primal urges and this wild child of nature before me. I place my hands firmly on her head and begin slowly fucking her mouth as I work more and more of cock into the back of her throat. Sensing that I have joined her in this journey. She slips off the couch and onto her knees.

Laura removes my pants and is soon worshipping my cock like it was the first and last one she will ever have.

Officer and Gentleman 12

There is a difference between a blow job and cock worshipping. I once heard it said that a blow job is something a woman does for a man. Cock worship is something a woman does for herself. Laura seems so happy and content as she savors every bit of my family pride. She inhales my scent while studying, licking, kissing all around my shaft. She moans with sighs of pleasure as she takes me deep inside her lustful mouth. I feed her my balls to make sure they aren’t ignored.

Laura sucks one ball into her lips with a hand wrapped tight around my cock. Her eyes are filled with lust. I don’t know about other men, but I enjoy having my heavy balls savored almost as much as being deep throated. It is a feeling of being completely devoured and I am mesmerized by the moment. Laura then sinks lower and I feel the warm flicking of her tongue on my ass. Daaamn…ohhhh god that feels good! She is too young to be tonguing a man’s ass like this. Still, I grab her head as I spread one cheek and pull her in deeper. Eventually, she is tongue fucking me good! My eyes are rolling and my toes are clinched so tight my feet start cramping! I push her away for a moment.

Laura wants to go to my bedroom but I refuse. “Anything we do, happens here.” With my last remnants of self-preservation still floating through my clouded judgment, I want to be able to say with conviction that I never kissed her and didn’t want her to be able describe my bedroom in case this all goes wrong. Uncharacteristically, I provide her with little foreplay. Instead, I bend her over the couch with her ass and pussy arched high. As she has demonstrated already that she is willing to take what she can get and she is going to get it now.

Officer & Gentleman 13 copy 2

I grab her hips firmly and, begin coating my shaft with her juices as I slowly open her up, deeper and deeper. After getting balls deep, my tempo starts to rise and soon I am pounding her from behind – deep and hard! I take great pleasure in spanking her ass too and do my best to redden her cheeks while gaping her tight, little pussy. She had been the pursuer, but now I’m in control. I want her to know it and feel it! I grab her head and palm it as I push her into the couch while exploring the depths of her garden. Laura is really getting into it. She mentioned earlier her frustration with “the boys” and based on her orgasmic reactions, she is really enjoying being fucked by a man. This moment is our escape from the world where we connect with our wild nature and are free to just be. This magic moment.

Officer & Gentleman 14

It is odd but in the midst of sexual release, I am feeling a bit outside myself. I am looking in on the moment. Is this what she really wanted? What dreams fill her thoughts? Does this fill a void? How will she remember me…will she even remember me? I think about her future husband and how he will never know she once walked into a man’s house, proceeded to strip, and then fucked him without even kissing that man. He will never how much I enjoyed bending his bride over on the couch, jamming her face into the cushion while plowing her tight, little pussy from behind, and spanking her hot ass.

Officer & Gentleman 15

Thoughts about how naughty Laura is being combined with the tightness of her silky wetness pushes me over the edge. I grab her hips and begin power fucking her! Every ounce of my being and consciousness are centered on the primal space where we connect. We are now both screaming with pleasure as my eruption gathers deep in my balls. I gather myself enough to pull out and jettison multiple heavy ropes of my creamy essence all over her back and sexy ass. I rub my cock through my cum and spread it all over freshly spanked, red ass and over her asshole…marking my spot.

Being a gentleman, I grab a warm cloth to clean her up. Laura wants to stay. “I can go out and get some groceries. We can watch movies and hang out if you want. I’ll fix you dinner and we can do this again…anytime you want. We’ll stay in bed and I’ll take good care of you, I promise.” I do want her to stay but need her to go.

Officer & Gentleman 16

Decisions. It didn’t bother me at all that she had been so aggressive. In fact, I admire her courage and desire. Really, we are kindred spirits. I recognize her on a deeper level and I think she knows this. I would have love for her to stay the day or even longer. I’m certainly not drowning in pussy at this godforsaken base. Our connection is more that just sex. I believe this in my soul. We share an energy or light that draws us to one another. I think she felt it and that is why she came to me. This could be very, very good for both of us. A whole new world for us to explore together.

In my current situation though, she is very dangerous. I can’t jeopardize everything I have worked for and potentially sink my professional life that is only just beginning. Well, I did put it as risk…once. I was weak. I just can’t push my luck. I explain the situation to her gently but don’t close off the future entirely. However, I am careful not leave her with unrealistic expectations either. She is an enlisted girl and I am an officer. Believe me, I don’t like it anymore than she does. As awkward as all of this was, I want her to feel special because, while I am an officer, I am also a gentleman.

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  1. Tosha Michelle

    Oh my goodness

    1. I was minding my own business and she took advantage of me. 😉

      1. Tosha Michelle

        Uh huh. Poor you! 😉

        1. Thank you, I needed someone to share some empathy and feel my pain. 🙂

          1. We all felt your ‘pain’ 😉 and I think I felt hers too! Poor thing only wanted another official send off… pout!

          2. Oh Robecca, thanks for making me feel better 🙄😄 I know, I know…I still feel bad about this but I was under a lot of pressure during that time, ha! Believe me, I would have loved to have had her come by frequently. 😈

          3. Yes yes that! ‘Come frequently’

          4. You are so sweet and so naughty! I think you enjoy torturing in me…in the very best way. 🔥

        2. Tosha..

          I know you would love to take advantage of Michael too.. I know I would..

  2. Tosha Michelle

    And, rolling my eyes again. 😉 xx

  3. Well I can hardly blame the young girl Michael. I can remember like it was yesterday how hard it was to resist all the officers coming in to my trainer. They all strut in looking all sexy in their flight suits and smelling like men do. As a woman I’ll just say I think you served your country proud by giving the girl a little cock. 😉

    1. Hmmm, it even solidified my sense of duty. I can live with that! It was trip though what she did even as I resisted and refused to kiss her. I guess it wasn’t the kiss she after, ha! If you were knocking on my door…they would have been looking for me on Monday wondering where I was! :-*

      1. well not Michael, that’s because i’m a woman and she was just a girl. i’d have brought the groceries with me that way there would have been no reason to leave. 😉

        i like learning new things about you Michael and you are definitely showing us a new side to you on this blog. i’m really enjoying that. 🙂

        oh and i forgot to mention. the visuals you created are super hot. you are quite the talent in many ways. xo

        1. Mmmm, you are definitely ALL woman and I wouldn’t have been even thinking about food. I would already know what we were having for dinner! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback on the visuals…I get rather fired up making them. It is hot trying to recreate a memory…especially when there are no photos. Glad you are enjoying the more expanded writing…you can understand why much of this had to be kept under wraps. 😉

    2. Hahahaha. Kristi. He definitely served his country proud…and she was quite happy 😊 with what he has offer

      1. Nita, you are so naughty and sexy! ☺️💖She was a persistent young lady.😉

    3. Totally agreed

  4. i think you do a damn fine job pulling on your memories and recreating them, no wonder you get all hot and bothered. and yes, i understand completely why you weren’t able to share previously. i’m just glad you are now. i’m really enjoying this new side of you. you’re much more… ummmm, what’s a good word? randy! yes, that will do. you are much more randy than i had remembered. haha xo

    1. Randy…I like it. I should have used that as an alias for blogging, ha!

      1. It would have fit but I’m partial to Michael so no switching now. 😜

        1. I think Michael sounds like a good fit too… 😉

  5. Hahaha!!! Good God man you are on a roll today!!! 💋

    1. Where is this magical place you speak of Kristi? Have vacation days, will travel. 😉

      1. oh there is this little town in the middle of California called Lemoore that sits between cotton and alfalfa fields and smells like cow. it has some of the worst air quality in the state and there isn’t a damn thing to do there but the eye candy from all the pilots… well it made it all worth it. 🙂

  6. Tosha Michelle

    forgot to add. I’ve never heard of the Five Knuckle Shuffle before. Of course, I’ve heard of masturbation and its other colorful terminology. This one was new to me. Thanks for the education.

    1. Really? That is an oldie but goodie, ha! I suppose it is a guy comment that we don’t typically share with the ladies. You’ve been granted special access. Well, I guess I’ll be shuffling along. 😉

      1. Tosha Michelle

        Ha-ha. Everyday your shuffling. 😉

  7. Well you tried to be the gentleman. For awhile. 😉 I suppose one can only be expected to hold off for so long. I’m sure she felt empowered as well. Having been able to command the response she wanted from you, even if not exactly as I’m sure she’d pictured it happening. She got to walk away feeling the accomplished seductress. Your graphical depiction of her ass (and other assets) was, of course, beautiful. Though what 19 yo girl doesn’t have a beautiful ass? Oh to have a 19yo ass again. I loved the “five knuckle shuffle” reference as well. And the thought of you having to switch hands so it feels like a different woman. It’s (unbelievable) humble and humorous. Yet another fun, sexy, read. Well done. Yumi’s story???

    1. Miss Evelyn

      Yes, where is the rest of Yumi’s story?

      1. Miss Evelyn, thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to comment…seems Yumi is a favorite? I am savoring her story just as I savored my appointments with her. I will have more soon and glad you have connected in some way to her journey. 🙂

        1. Miss Evelyn

          Well you left us all on a cliffhanger. Not as much as a connection as a distraction. Your stories serve as a distraction to all of us here. 😉

    2. Unbelievable? Hey, those were tough times…I became quite ambidextrous! 😉 She was quite the enchanting seductress…like someone else I know. Glad you enjoyed the art work…always get a rush when you comment on it. I try to recreate what I have in my memory and get surprisingly turned on during the process. So, you want more on Yumi? Yumi has definitely been the most well-received story I’ve had. While the stories are true, I genuinely want to be a better writer and tell the story in a way that is engaging. I wonder why Yumi is relatively interesting among my posts? Anyway, I will have more on her soon. 🙂

      1. Do you think the interest level in Yumi’s story is maybe due to the fact it has been more slowly taking shape? I mean we, your readers, all know the gist of how it will end but we’re fascinated in how it plays out in between as well. I suspect you would have had as much interest in Keisha’s story had it progressed beyond 2 installments or if it had been published at this point when you (I presume) have more followers. The stories are equally hot as are the graphics. I don’t think there is anything more special to Yumi’s story. Just my thought.

        1. Thanks Amy, this is helpful. I have struggled with pace and word count of my posts. I hate to drop a 4,500 word post on people…huge investment in time to read and covers a lot to digest and react to. Yumi stretched across years (her posts won’t) and I genuinely savored the anticipation of each visit and our progression. Seems only fitting to tell her story this way. Totally agree on the followers growing as well.

  8. Love being a purveyor of naughty, fun distractions! You’ve inspired me to move the Yumi story along. 🙂

    1. Miss Evelyn

      Yes of course 🙂

  9. I can understand what you mean about making each post smaller, more easy to digest and respond to. And the time investment is such that would turn many readers off. From an entertainment stand point, and gaining (and keeping) your readership, your approach is best. I’m actually intending to use this approach for a collaborative fictional story I have coming up. It will be in parts, both to build anticipation and to not bore the readers with too much at once. 😉

    My philosophy as to those long 4500 word posts… Sometimes the heart bleeds words that need a home. Those posts are not for entertainment sake, they aren’t for the convenience of your readership, you’re not thinking of their time investment to read, they are for you. They are your time investment. If people read so be it. My posts are sometimes long, as are my comments. I have no expectation from you (meaning anyone) to either read, or reply. That investment is your gift to give as you choose.

    1. Amy, just so you know, I was not making any reference to lengths of your posts. I think you do a great job with this. As for your comments…our comments back and forth…they are my favorite part of blogging and I savor each one. I love your comments! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your “fictional” story…hope it is a juicy one! 🙂

      1. It is 😊

  10. And once again you have me saying DAMN! (Giggle)

    1. She was a naughty girl and I can see you slipping into that scene quite easily! 😉

  11. Oooooh myyyyy….dammit Michael…I shouldn’t have read this at work!

    1. Mmmm, you are too kind sexy Valerie! Glad you enjoyed it and hope it wasn’t too distracting 🙂

      1. You are distracting…period! But I luv it😏

        1. The feeling is definitely mutual! 😉

  12. Well a man in uniform is awfully hard to resist now, isn’t he??? Poor girl, she probably couldn’t help herself….just too much!!!

  13. Slightly awkward reading this on my break at work! I was squirming!
    Very hot!
    What a wonderful post

    1. Thank you Rebecca, glad you enjoyed 🙂 I like the thought of your sexiness all squirming in a seat…panties hopefully experiencing a tinge of wetness… 😉

  14. Ummmmm. I needed to read this a few times!!! Michael,,, are you real? 😉 The pics are so intense. I could stare at them for hours!!! Smoking ❤

    1. Mmmm, sexy Carisa…it is a real turn on to imagine your reading and enjoying this. It was crazy…too bad moments like this don’t happen every day, ha! As for the pics, I tried to recreate what I remembered and it was hot seeing them take shape. That said, I could stare at YOUR photo for hours! Happy Valentines Day, pretty girl! <3:-*

  15. GraveyardNight

    Not being a military man, I find this story intoxicating. Glad you got to nail her, Michael. Hope it doesn’t cum back on you.

    1. This was an oldie but goodie memory. I’m long into the clear now (service days are behind me) 😉

      1. GraveyardNight

        Oh, okay. Phew. Lol

        1. Oh, and glad you liked it. It was definitely surreal! 🙂

  16. I got so turned on reading this story.

    1. We need more naughty girls like this!

      1. SexualDespondent

        Oh wow Michael! I don’t think that I could have held out like you did. Well, maybe nowadays but not when I was younger. I do have to ask, did the both of you ever get together again?

        1. Thanks for comment. 🙂 It was damn tough to resist but I had my career potentially at risk. Despite that risk, I caved in anyway under the guise of plausible deniability, ha! I enjoyed it but had to get out of that situation fast before I got burned…no repeat visit despite wanting one REALLY bad! 🙂

  17. It’s pretty dope how the visuals go with the story, very nuanced and detailed. peace ✌

    1. Thanks for giving it a read, M 🙂 I created those 3D renders for the post…and appreciate the detail you noticed. My technique has hopefully improved some since this work…I’ll have some newer renders soon. Hope all is well ~ Michael

  18. I like this, great description is like making sure every part of a person does not go untouched. Satisfying with willing generosity to please. That’s what great details are to me. And your writing is full of sultry sensual mouth watering erotic details I enjoy that

    1. Oh Morgan,”sultry, sensual, mouth watering”…you have me feeling very sensual and dreamy here. I am beginning to think that enjoy torturing me with your sexy ways…please don’t stop! :-* Your analogy of passion and writing has me feeling the desire to pop the top of my “writing” instrument as my creamy ink wells are much too full…

      1. I look forward to reading more of your sexy suave and enticingly stimulating writing. I have plenty of mine own saved up waiting for the moment I am in the mood to share.

        1. Erotic words wouldn’t be so erotic if they didn’t have a effect on someone. I mean words are nothing without a purpose or meaning. Touch is to be felt softly gently like caressing or stroking causing stimulation. Words should be the exact same way. Feeling excited or aroused by words some words than others like suck or lick is not a bad thing. Is it Michael?

  19. Your messages seem to set my computer on fire, whew! 🙂 Imaging the words suck and lick sensually rolling off your tongue…arousing would be an understatement :-*

    1. Erotically stimulated maybe that could those words instead

  20. What a hot story 🔥

    1. Thank you Samantha, so glad you enjoyed this one! 🙂 She was a sexy and very naughty girl, mmmm!

      1. I just liked how naughty she was if I was a man too I would have liked her

  21. NaughtyAngel

    My inner most desire some where I can read. She was blinded by list n wanted someone who she knew would put her in check. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for checking out a few of my posts, Naughty Angel :-* Seems I even named a post after you (inadvertently), ha! Like the contrast of naughty and angel and all the delicious spaces in between. She was quite the temptress and resistance was futile. 😉

  22. Sleeknsauve

    Well taken, as every gentleman should have – to deliver an earth-shattering moment which she would continue to shudder at the mere thought of it.

  23. I want to be her. I want to see you in uniform now. I grew military so I enjoy the look of a uniform on a well built body. So many fantasies run through my head now…damn i want to be her.

    1. I want you to be her! 😘 I still have my uniforms. Though, with you I would prefer to have it off☺️🔥I do come to Vegas for work a few times of year and would love to meet you…you have my thoughts filling with fantasies🔥🔥🔥Thanks for passing along your email…

      1. This is a meet that needs to happen!
        I’m blushing…stop it! 🤗☺️

        1. I am already fantasizing about it…fantasizing about you, mmmm! :-*I don’t mean to act all full of male bravado but this won’t be like your first experience…I can promise you that! 🙂 :-*

  24. I’ll hold you to that

    1. Email sent 😉

  25. An officer 👮…maybe.. 🎤…

    But definitely nothing gentle about you…

    She was not going leave that apartment without experiencing you.. even if it meant holding you down a ravish you..

    I understand your reluctancy.. been where you were and the consequences of being found out…
    But I know you enjoyed her as much as she enjoyed you..
    nothing is better to us women than some really good loving.. from a man who knows how to give it really good 😊…
    I do admire her bold and brazen attitude..

    1. Mmmm Nita, you are getting me all aroused again imagining you coming to my door… She knew what she wanted and needed. I must admit, it felt so odd to be pushing her away and trying to dodge her advances. But, there was only so much temptation I could take before taking her. It was taboo and that is always hot 😈🔥

  26. I’m back near a military base and I always think of this when I see an officer 😘

    1. Maybe you should knock on a few doors and work your magic.😃I would have let you in…and kissed you deeply among other things…😈😘

  27. *wew* 😎

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed ☺️🔥

  28. That was so hot! Can’t wait to read more!!

    1. Thank you Lucy, so glad you liked this! 😊I will definitely have more from this journey in the future…🔥

  29. 10 out of 10 as per usual. Trying so hard not to binge read your stuff……

    1. Thank you so much…this is such wonderful and hot feedback ☺️🔥 Please, keep going…😉I’m a little behind on my reading but will be catching up on yours tomorrow for sure. Hope you have a great evening🌌✨

  30. I just started letting guys lick my asshole, and I have to admit that it really gets me extra hot and ready 🙂

    Love your story!!! But now I’m super horny!

    1. Whew Jenny, you come in hot and blazing 🔥🔥🔥Thanks so much checking out the story and for sharing you sexy desires. A tongue in that zone does feel amazing… Since I started waxing down under, it seems to women love following that silky smooth slope from my heavy balls to down below. I agree with you…it is an intense sensation.☺️🔥

    2. Hot………

      1. Yes, she really dropped an erotic bomb…then scampered off. 😛

  31. Hot… so hot… but I don’t like to feel…rejected. I love to feel unique and desperately wanted…

    How many times I’ve envisioned myself on my knees..looking up at you. Worshipping you and you hard, smooth cock…giving me its full attention.

  32. Oh my, spicy situation to be in
    Blushing and flushed

    1. Sexy Cinnamon Girl, love the thought of you being flushed…even wet.☺️ If this had been you, it would have been much different vibe…even more fire and passion🔥

      1. That thought is lip biting 😄
        Ay papi, you make me blush and your spicy words make me feel a few other words😄

  33. When you have your own memories of men in uniform…nice one

    1. I’m thinking about you at that door… Your reception would have been much more welcoming… 🔥

      1. I do have a tendency to want to change the narrative 😛

        1. Yes you do 🔥Happy New Year ☺️

  34. Oh this brought back so many memories for me! I used to be in the Army, and I was chased all over the office by a captain who was married. I wasn’t married but was pregnant at the time, and I had to climb on top of the desks to escape him. He said he’d never been with a pregnant woman and wanted me to be his first. I still laugh at the thought of his feeble attempts. He never could catch me. Lol. This was a great story, and I’ve met plenty of women like Laura. My roommate Lori was just like her!

    1. Haha, such a fun comment! I must say, I can empathize with the good Captain’s pregnancy fantasy – very much so 😈 Such a difference in his perspective though. I was trying to be good and he was running wild without a care in the world. I think your roommate must have awesome, and I’m certainly not judging Laura in a negative way at all. 😃 I have a couple more stories from this period – eventually they started wearing me down – serving takes many forms 😋

  35. Very hot…quisiera conocer a Laura…

    1. She was hot for sure 🔥 Necesitaba un hombre para tomar mi posición… 😉

  36. Smoking’s hot post!🔥🔥🔥

    1. Thank you Nora, so happy that lit a little fire today…not that you need any help with that, ha! 😄

  37. Just off for a cold shower now… Sooo HOT!! x

    1. Mmmm, thank you for the very encouraging reaction…glad it touched you 😈

  38. Hey Michael..

    Always love to see your presence…

    Thanks for visiting me

    1. You too sexy girl 🤗😘 I’ve been a bit on and off here but you have been writing quite a bit. Great to see your sexy, creative juices are flowing again 🔥

  39. Ahh I remember this one. 😘

    1. Yes, this is where I became “LT” to you 😛 I’m mixing some oldies that haven’t been shared on this current version of my blog. Hope life is treating you well 😘

      1. Oh yeah!!!! I forgot about that! Hahahaha I was so dumb then 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ smh
        Life is doing well. We outta do a virtual coffee or something and catch up. hope you’re well!

  40. Ahem… well then! 💦

    1. Tara, I’ve been away for a few months but slowly emerging. I like the effect this had on you, and it is causing a chain reaction here… 🍆💧🔥

  41. I remember this one

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...