Boarding the plane, it must look to others like I am making a business trip, but this outward presentation hides my true purpose. This is no business trip. I’m visiting Sienna and, for the first time, will watch the love of my life moaning from the touch of another man. Tonight I will see her soft, silky folds stretched wide and wrapped tightly around another man’s large cock. I’m trying to remain steady but the rush of erotic energy swirling within me is disorienting and the world is coming at me in vibrant flashes.

Settling into my first-class seat, I glance at fellow passengers as they pass by. What do they see when/if they look at me? How would they react if they knew I would soon be watching, filming, and taking photos of my lover fucking another man? Who among them would suspect that tonight I will be licking another man’s cum from my lover’s well-fucked pussy? These behaviors seem so contrary to the polished, professional image I hope to project. I am, figuratively, wearing a mask (one symbol of Dionysus) at this moment as I transition from one world to another. My immersion in a current of Dionysian energy – the psychological sensations of duality, inversion, and transition – is intoxicating.

I wonder if this erotic rush flows from a sense of inversion – becoming what one is not? I see myself as a highly capable man with a strong desire to excel. Not tonight. Maybe the erotic rush is more about duality – that I am what I aspire to be, and I am a cuckold. Perhaps the erotic swirl comes from the tension between these two different worlds and self concepts. Indeed, maybe it isn’t about one side of the mask or the other. It is the mask that separates the two worlds and it is the mask that offers liberation from societal constraints. While this feels like a new revelation in my personal journey, it is one the ancient Greeks were well attuned to and celebrated. They associated this psychological energy with Dionysus , a liminal god – a god that straddled two worlds, thresholds, doorways, and gates – the liminal spaces. Dionysus is the mask.

Everything about this present moment and trip to see Sienna is a gateway between two worlds. And, by the time, I lick Jalen’s cum from Sienna’s sweet pussy, we will be both be in a world very different from the one we currently reside in. So many thresholds and gateways will have been opened wide and entered.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. The trip itself was in doubt until just a week ago. Jalen (the other man) had been so good about engaging Sienna in the first weeks of our build up and keeping her worked up. Recently though, he had become more distant and Sienna’s excitement was fading. I think she was putting up a wall to protect herself in case he bailed on us. Oddly, I found myself spending more and more time trying to sustain Sienna’s anticipation for another man. We had vested a lot energy and emotion into this fantasy…and in trying to bring it life. I didn’t want to see my sexy girl disappointed and needed Jalen to come through.

Like a good cuck, I reached out to Jalen and shared some video footage I had recorded a few months ago of Sienna doing a sexy dance. I sent it to him as a reminder of what was in store for him…if he showed up.

Jalen never responded to me but sent Sienna a message which she eagerly shared with me:

Sienna – Baby!!!!! Hi! I got a message from Jalen. He was responding to a message and video you sent…HOT! Here is what he said….

Jalen – YOU HOT sexy Sienna!!!! DAMN, Michael sent me video of you shaking your lady parts and said your dancing was to get me excited…like I need a video to get excited over you! YOU… You are adorably Sexy 😀 I’ve never been so excited wanting someone so much as this. Sienna GIRL you make a man crazy! Still HARD to believe that you are gonna be here in my town – IN THE FLESH! I can imagine how HOT and WET with desire your pussy will be with the initial feeling of my girth penetrating your lips, mmm!

It felt surreal (and somewhat humiliating) reaching out to another man to make sure he was still planning to fuck my girl. It seemed to make right impression though, and Sienna was so excited to hear from him and feel his sexy energy. Simply put, she is really excited about fucking him.

Settling back in my seat, my thoughts turn to Sienna. How is she feeling as her day begins? She is such a beautiful woman…possessing that elusive, magical blend of sensuality and naughtiness. Hard to believe she will be nestled in warmly against me tonight with another man’s cum inside her.

Michael – Good morning baby, when you wake up at this time tomorrow you will awaken to a new reality. You will have kissed another man and had a big black cock in your hands, sexy lips, and tight little pussy…

Sienna – Baby!!!! Hi!!!! Yes Baby, I am so hoping that is the case!!!! I may…and I will be wanting MORE! Can’t wait to see you Babe!!! xoxoxoxo

I settle in for the flight feeling confident that everything is on track. Time is passing in slow motion as I drift in the liminal space. Right now, Sienna sees me as her soul mate and as the man who has provided her with the most amazing sexual experiences of her life. I’ve touched her heart and body like no one before. By the end of this day, it is likely that Jalen will hold that place of “best sex ever”. She has downplayed the possibility of this ever happening, but I believe it will become our new reality. I find this possibility extremely arousing, and the wet spot between my legs reveals my truth.

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