Settling in to sleep, my thoughts are on Sienna and our quickly evolving cuckold adventure. I can’t believe it is actually going to happen. Jalen, the gentleman that will soon fuck my girl, sent Sienna a photo of himself covered by a towel yesterday. She asked him to “drop the towel“. It seems like a rather modest moment, but I have been hard all day long knowing my sweet, sexy girl is feeling turned on by another man and wants to see his cock…actually asked him to show her his cock. A couple minutes ago, I came heavily with my girl’s lustful request in mind.

Drifting off into dreamland, I know there is a good chance Jalen will fulfill Sienna’s request. She will finally see the cock of her erotic dreams…a cock destined to be inside her tight, little pussy. I awaken to an excited message from Sienna.

Baby, can you talk?!!!! Jalen sent me a picture…BABY!!!!! Holy crap, wait until you see…I’ll send it to you!!! 

You will need to break me in a little to help prepare me for him but, then again, I know your little cock won’t help much.😘 I love you Baby!

It seems the BIG reveal happened last night and my sexy girl is in awe of Jalen’s cock. Her excited energy over seeing another man’s cock has my own cock and balls instantly loading with fire. Sienna even suggests I might need to have her first just to prepare her for his larger cock. This suggestion mind fucks me in the very best way. I can’t even believe we are finally in a place where Sienna would suggest she needs my cock to help prepare her for a much larger man. Sienna’s sexual energy around this experience is swirling strongly.

After we speak, Sienna passes along the messages she and Jalen exchanged after the big reveal.

Sienna – First of all…. WOW!!!! I am humbled by your physique and amazing presence! WHEW! I will have to prepare myself to be able to handle a man like you. I will be like virgin white pussy for you!

Jalen – Oooomg…Sienna! ‘Virgin white pussy’ – Mmmm! Yes!

Sienna – Mmmmmmm, you have such a big, thick black cock…soooo what I’ve imagined. Wow! It may take a some time to get my little white pussy open and ready for ALL of you. My silky lips are drenched now as I can imagine that first piercing of my pulpy engorged lips and what it will feel like to be opened up by you…

Jalen – Yes baby, this thick black cock is wanting your pretty white girl pussy so bad! I’ll have to taste your velvety, fleshy peach first to get her ripe and wet – ready for me. Sienna baby…I can already feel your velvety pink eagerly opening up – your long legs spread wide…waiting for every dark, vein covered inch of me to slide deeeeeep inside you… Damn Sienna, I really want you now!

Sienna – Mmmmm Yes!!! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and the moment you describe ….you… ME….wanting and craving MORE!!!! Yummy! Imagine me looking up and beckoning you to have your virgin pussy. All of the anticipation and my knowing that you will give me ALL I have craved but that which my man is incapable of giving me. Mmmm, more and deep rich, dark fulfilling BBC goodness to satisfy and please! That which I can only have and receive from my Black bull…

Jalen – I will say this from first-hand experience observing a white woman’s reaction to having me inside her. There is nothing more pleasurable than that initial feeling of my long, hard, throbbing member entering that tight love tunnel as her velvety folds open up to invite something larger and brand new inside. I will love watching you adjust to the size—the length and girth—and the reaction on your face and look of wild excitement and we settle into our groove and you enjoy your ‘shiny new black toy’!

Sienna – Mmmm, I’m so anticipating and imagining that first penetration… At first I will feel the tip pulsing and being engulfed by my swollen, tight, juicy pussy lips. Then, you will feel me gushing and coating your manhood as you begin to slide in and out. Mmmm, my white pussy will be gushing out and all around your dark, eager throbbing cock as I beg for More, More, More! It will be like that WP audio post where I was begging Michael and wanting to be fucked hard…again and again and begging for MORE! XOXO – Sienna

Jalen – Before all of this, I want you to suck, slurp and savor every sweet juicy inch of my black cock! Trace your tongue across all my protruding veins. I want your delicate hands wrapped around my monstrous cock. I want to feel that pretty little tongue swirling around my meaty shaft and mouth fucking me. I want to feel a thick trail of your lusty drool sliding down my cock, all over my balls! Your eager mouth trying your damnedest to take as much of my heft inside your throat! Baby, I want you so cock hungry for me – trying to coax my loaded balls to explode in your mouth. And, the whole time I will be massaging your wetness, getting her ready to FILL. HER. UP! Ride me baby. Climb on top and ride long and ride me HARD. Feel this wonderful dark cock deep in your womb, stretching you open and hitting spots deep in your white pussy that you aren’t even aware of! 🙂

After reading their exchange and the lingering vision of Jalen’s dark cock buried deep in her womb, touching places she didn’t even know existed, I am at a loss for words. This was so much more than she had revealed when we spoke only minutes before. I’m a little surprised but also very turned on by the sexual intensity of their interaction. It seems to have gone from mild to wild in a split second. For the first time, Sienna is looking at another man’s cock and fantasizing about it…fantasizing about him. I have a front row seat to watch her being seduced by and seducing another man as the fire of new man begins to blaze within her.

It seems like she is very turned on by it all, and I want to affirm and make her feel emotionally safe. I assure my girl that I find her exchange with Jalen amazingly hot, and that she is bringing my greatest fantasy –  our shared fantasy – to life. I also want to ensure that she enjoyed it and that Jalen wasn’t too crude for her sensual tastes. I want a lot of things but my top priority is ensuring Sienna enjoys herself.

It is kind of weird that he called me ‘Baby’. I’m YOUR Baby and your MY Baby!!! I couldn’t write anymore to him last night, but he was really cranking up the heat! Omgosh, I was shocked!

It bothered Sienna that Jalen called her ‘Baby’ because that is a term of endearment we use for one another. It is special to us. This will be an easy fix though. I am more focused on his tone and how he talked to her. These early messages will set the tone for future communication. Was it too harsh or too explicit?

His messages were over the top but it was hot, whew! I was engaging him, but he took off and was totally into it. I wasn’t prepared for it all. He was very descriptive of me sucking his BBC and that made me so hot! It is a little overwhelming…so BIG, yikes! I wonder how much I could fit in my mouth and down my throat? I’ll have to work on my gag reflex!!!

Like most of my reactions today, I am a little surprised but very turned on by Sienna’s reaction. It made her hot the way he talked about her sucking his big dick. The only thing that felt overwhelming was imagining how much of his cock she could get down her throat. Of course, her response has my smaller cock throbbing and dripping wet!

Baby, he wants my little white pussy!!!! I’m so glad we talked yesterday before I had these messages with Jalen. You had me all worked up and this helped me respond to him. It was just all so quick and my thoughts just came out.

Sienna seems to realize that perhaps she was a bit over the top herself last night with Jalen and this morning with me. She attributes her reaction to conversations we were having yesterday that had her worked up. At this point, my own erotic wheels are spinning wildly. I paint word pictures for Sienna of his long, thick manly cock and how challenging it will be to get his thick head and even several inches inside her mouth…how she will have two hands wrapped around his shaft with more than enough left to give her a mouthful of black cock.

Mmmm, yummy!!! That’s what I’m thinking and hoping! It will be amazing! He is the prefect fit for what we are looking for. It isn’t every man that would give his girl such a gift of pleasure. My Sexy Man…I love you! I wanted you to have these messages. Just remember what you said, Michael. “WE are moving from fantasy to reality.” WE…it is about US!

Sienna loves these visuals and it is exactly what she is craving. She also makes an important shift to our loving sensual layers that mean so much to me. Jalen’s big cock, as much as she is craving it, is a gift of pleasure that I am providing for her as her man and lover. I understand the words she writes and even why they exist. WE envisioned this fantasy and these words that she is now breathing life into. Ultimately, this fantasy is about us and our loving, erotic journey.

To be continued…

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