As it always does when I am with Sienna, the world around me disappears. We are in Washington D.C enjoying dinner but seated across the table from one another. Every minute with Sienna is precious and, after being apart for a month, even this distance feels too great. I take a seat beside her to soak up as much of my girl as possible.

Midway though dinner, Sienna grabs my leg and smiles. The waitress had just given a fluttering heart gesture, smile, and wink to Sienna. She could see and feel our love. These moments always fascinate me. It reminds me of the time we were walking side by side when a woman, seemingly out of nowhere, steps right into our space and says, “Love”. Then, there was the time a guy walked by our table and said, “Man, you are living the dream”. I’m not sure what we are doing or how we are behaving with one another that compels someone to step forward and share their feelings with us.

Time passes quickly. The restaurant which was once packed is now closing down and we are the last two there. Our moments together are timeless but the restaurant hours aren’t. During the stroll back to the hotel, I feel like I am floating on clouds and my feet never touch the ground.

I remember that evening so well and our walk back through the streets of Georgetown! It felt as if we were gliding together through the air and hovering above the people around us. Mmmm baby, I need my Man! I miss you so much, love!!!!❤ ~ Sienna

D.C. is a great place for sightseeing and, back at the hotel, we are settling in for a little one-on-one sightseeing. Sienna reaches into the night stand drawer to grab a bag of goodies from her recent trip to the toy store. The first item she shares with me is an anal plug.

Her mischievous look suggests the toy may have several uses and one of them might involve my tight space. I smile nervously. She has been so open to exploring my fantasies, and I’m not going to deny anything that might turn on my sexy girl. Who knows, I love having her tongue there so I might enjoy this sensation too.

Setting the toy aside for a moment, Sienna kisses me. She explores my lips for a few minutes before taking a warm, languid trail down my body. I almost always take the lead in our foreplay but Sienna resists this time. She wants me to sit back and relax. It’s hard to give up control, but I know she has plans for me tonight. She tweaks my nipples and covers them with soft, wet kisses. My stomach and sides tingle as she glides her hard nipples across my body. Lower and lower she slides. She teasingly kisses and softly licks my straining cock, before taking me into her mouth.

The tempo and emotion of her pleasing me varies with our moods. This is one of those times when I feel like she is making love to me. Her attention is sensual as her mouth and hands flow across my shaft and heavy balls. She then places a pillow under my hips to lift me up a bit. Lifting my balls, Sienna slides lower until her tongue finds and begins exploring all around my incredibly sensitive tight space. She pushes my legs up and back much like I do when going down on her. Slowly, she begin working her tongue into my tightness. Ohhhh god, it feels so damn good.

With my legs up and spread, her hands grip and spread my buns to open me up even further as she explores me fully…tongue fucking me with such passion. I want to pinch myself to make sure this isn’t a dream. Sometimes I just can’t believe this woman is my lover. She’s such a sweet, gorgeous, and incredibly sensual woman. And, here I am in a hotel with this goddess burying her tongue in my ass. I am one fortunate man.

Michael, my sweet love, I want you to have all you need and be completely fulfilled. You are sooo LOVED! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Relaxed and incredibly turned on, her sensual fingers slide softly and rousingly across my bottom. I can feel myself tightening but Sienna is coaxing me to relax. While I have encouraged more than my fair of women to relax in a similar situation, it is more difficult than I imagined. Each sensation causes me to tighten. Slowly and surely, Sienna caresses and calms me as I open up to receive the finger she wants inside me. She continues to work it inside me with her tongue swirling around the sensitive edges.

At this point, I am dizzy with pleasure as she takes a moment to reach for the lube inside her bag of naughty goodies. Yes, she definitely has a plan for me tonight. I can see the excitement in her eyes as she lubes up the toy and then applies some to my opening.

My eyes are glassy and I’m feeling a bit nervous as she takes my cock into her mouth and massages my full balls a bit before gently working the toy inside my tightness. I am once again experiencing new levels of pleasure from this all-consuming, sensory overload. Fuck. It is so intense to be getting a blowjob while being entered down below. I can’t even imagine how I could ever feel more stimulation. However, it wouldn’t take long to discover that there was another level of intensity awaiting.

With the plug firmly buried inside me, Sienna once again reaches into her bag of tricks for one last surprise. It is a package of  three different sized cock rings – a small, medium, and large. Sienna looks at me with a mischievous smile and says, “Hmmm, I wonder which one is the best fit for my man?” I am rock hard when she slips the big one on me. It falls loosely and easily to my base. She is somewhat amazed. “Wow baby, this is a tight fit for some men but so loose on you. Maybe I should start with the little one.” She slips the small ring over my head and then works it down my lubricated shaft. Because I was already hard, it takes a little work to get the small ring on but she eventually gets it placed around the base of my shaft.

I remember taking out the package that had three cock rings inside. I had been thinking about them off and on since the moment I bought them. It was so odd see the available sizes and realizing the small one was probably the size my Man would wear and it fit you perfectly! I still kept the large one…you know, just in case we have a guest join us one day. ~ Sienna

My cock is soon bulging like I have never seen before with maximum length and thickness. Stretched and filled so fully, I am extremely sensitive to her touch. With the toy still buried inside me and stretching my little hole, Sienna straddles me and worked my newly enhanced and highly-sensitive manhood inside her tight pussy. I am breathless even now as recall the overwhelming sensation I felt in that moment.

She has one hand behind her on the toy while her other hand is moving across my chest and abs as she rides my throbbing cock. My cock is sooo engorged it feels like a balloon that is about to explode! I am completely overwhelmed with stimulation. The visual of Sienna riding me is overwhelming all by itself. It goes to another level given my love for her, the feel of her hand on my chest, her sultry moans, the fullness inside my tight ass, and the building pressure in my absolutely aching cock. I can feel her pussy like never before along my now larger and highly-sensitive shaft with my plump, full head being compressed deep inside Sienna’s sweet, tight pussy. Sienna is feeling it too as she rides me through her own string of orgasms.

Baby, I want you to wear the cock ring next time. It makes your cock bigger, and I can feel you so much better…especially after you have fucked me with the big black dildo. ~ Sienna

The experience is transcendent, and my orgasm comes on quickly. My balls tighten as I begin to thrust harder and deeper inside my girl’s pussy. Sienna hold her position…riding her man and fucking me so well!  With each swell of my building orgasm, my ass contracts and tightens around the toy. The sensation of wanting to close fully and not being able to is amazing! The stimulation rocks me to the core as I unleash what is certainly the most intense orgasm of my life!  It seems to last an eternity as I empty rope after heavy rope of creamy cum deep inside my sexy girl! I continue to fuck her deeply until my spent cock slowly fades from her pussy.

Sienna slowly removes the toy as presses closely against me as we lay breathless in one another’s arms. Our bodies are hot and slippery reflecting the perfect passionate mix of our elements – fire and water. With my seed spilling heavily from her silky lips, she slowly rotates and slides her hot little pussy against me…coating my stomach and spent cock as we slip into our simmering afterglow. Of course, she will have her own experiences later in the night, but that is a story for another day.

This is how my Man completely satisfies me, it is all over my face ~ Sienna ❤❤❤❤

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9 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Lord of the Rings (and Plug)

  1. I love it. I love how you are sharing your fantasies and vulnerabilities with us. This is exactly why I started writing, to be able to explore and release all the emotional and physical going ons in my life and it is so great being reading others do so as well and to share in the journey. Thank You!

    1. Thank you, there was definitely a lot of exploring and releasing in this one, ha! We have a lot of fun sharing our experiences and also reading the adventures and emotional experiences of others. Your blog is full of such great stories and we always look forward to your posts…and comments 🙂

  2. I am so envious and grateful of Sienna’s fortune to have a partner so willing to explore fantasies together. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment.

    1. Thank you for taking the time comment, Desiree. Loved the mention of exploring fantasies together…we so feel that way. Some may not work out or end up as a funny moment instead. It really doesn’t matter, it’s all about the journey…together 🙂

  3. Pushing Limits

    So curious about cock rings, but no idea where to even start with that experiment!! Michael, anything I can say or do to make my Sir less nervous about toys??

    1. Take him with you, make a date of it… Go to the Toy store together, explore, flirt, whisper and laugh with each other, ask questions (most shop employees are very knowledgable)… Play out your fantasy and the possibilities together as you learn about all the fun “play things”! He will surely be turned on! This is what Michael and I do… It’s fun and sexy as hell! :)
How could any Man resist this?

    2. Sienna beat me to the reply and what she said is so true…very hard for a man to resist his sexy Girl being flirtatious, naughty, and full of sparkle in a toy store, mmmm!!! Also, the cock ring is AMAZING! The sense of stimulation becomes much more intense…physiologically, there are several elements at play but I’ll leave it at “Whew!” It is at least worth a try to see (with your help) if it does give him the most powerful orgasm of his life! There are some that are really stretchy where it is one size fits all. Others come in packs of three sizes…for some guys, this may create some size anxiety if the large one is too big. However, since these don’t stretch much as the man fills the ring, the sensation of fullness and sensitivity is that much more intense! I would rate it as “thumbs up!”…way up! 😉

      1. Pushing Limits

        Thanks you two!

  4. Good job Sienna!!

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...