It’s a bit too late in the evening, but I message Sienna about reaching out to Jalen for our play date…our first cuckold experience. She had already fallen asleep but wakes up to chat a little. Just knowing she was asleep and now feeling so dreamy makes me feel warm and loving inside. I can imagine the sound of her cozy, sensual voice, and the heat of her sexy body. I let her know I’m thinking about the countless times I lifted her hair to kiss her neck and the sensual moments where I savored lingering kisses on her temple and eyelids.

Ahhhhh Michael, I love your lips! I want to suck on your bottom lip…I love, love, love your mouth!!!

I’m suddenly feeling a bit mushy and decided to lighten the moment by teasing her about snoring. This perks up her real fast as she furiously denies my accusation but then asks if she really does snore? I let her know I’m just being playful and ask her to imagine snuggling back into my chest.

OK, I’m here now!!! Mmmmmph! In my spot… I’m giggling now… You make me so giggly like a little teenage girl wanting her first kiss.

Sienna can be a very naughty girl, but I adore her sweet, sensual side. She mentions feeling like a teenage girl anticipating that first kiss. Young love is magical…new love is magical. I love the way she feels about us and the way she makes me feel. Time has flown by since that first night she fell perfectly in against my chest and into her spot. I want her more today than ever before. 

I DO feel that way and am so turned on by you! Baby, I so naturally fell into your arms and we found our spot!

The energy flowing around us has me in such a dreamy state of mind. It moments like these where I sometimes question my sexual kinks. Why would I ever want another man to fuck Sienna? Even the question makes my cock start to rise. It is because I love her so deeply that this desire burns like wildfire within me. Interestingly, she hasn’t really commented on my message about reaching out to Jalen. I do like these moments where we are dialed in on “us” and our loving, sensual energy.

Sienna is feeling sleepy and needs to go but assures me she is excited about reaching out to Jalen in the morning.

Baby, I will be drifting off tonight thinking of you preparing the perfect moment for US as you provide your girl with the Big Black Cock we have both been dreaming of me experiencing. I think about you, our love, and our fantasy in complete synchronicity as we share the intimacy and rush of another man joining our pairing. My heart races as I envision the swirl leading up to that moment and the thrill we will both feel when it is upon us. As he positions himself between my legs and spreads me wide open before him. My legs weaken as I open myself to him for the taking.

Mmmm, I imagine how hard, wet, and straining your little cock will be seeing your girl handled and positioned like this by another man. My pussy will be engorging by the second and spilling out silky wet goodness. A gush of silky wet goodness spills from my dripping, swollen pussy. The full, deliberate parting of my lips is near. This is a moment I have always fantasized about but one I never thought would happen…until I met you. Yet, this man is only here for the physical experience and the added mental rush of our experience. The love and special emotional bond we share is only for Us.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mmmm Baby!!!! I am so hot and wanting for my man!!!!! Missing and loving you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My casual reference to her excitement was clearly an understatement. Her loving, naughty thoughts are breathtaking. I am witnessing the awakening of my girl’s wild primal desires as she opens her mind and prepares to open her legs to the full potential of her sexuality. My sweet angel is perfectly swirling in her wanton desires within our dreamy, hot, loving space and has me approaching my version of cuckold nirvana.

Feeling my lover’s genuine arousal and anticipation for experiencing another man – a more endowed man causes me to throb and drip with desire…for her. Our fantasy works on us like an erotic elixir. Her craving for another man lights my erotic flame which, in turn, makes her even hotter for me. It exists as a burning ring of fire flowing between us.

This gets me so on fire ❤😘❤😘❤😘  My pussy is wanting and wet as I think of my yummy, sexy man! xoxoxox I want to feel ALL of you Baby!!!! All your hard yummy masculinity heating up your girl to the core!

Our cuckold experience is now set in motion. The feeling is intense. My legs are unsteady, I’m feeling shaky, and my heart feels like it is going to beat right out of my chest. The general awareness over the past few months that Sienna might one day sleep with another man has been hot. Now, it is real. The woman I am head over heels in love will now be actively seducing and being seduced by another man. The vague impression of a faceless, nameless man is now very clear. She isn’t craving “another man’s” larger cock, she is craving Jalen’s thick, veiny nine-inch cock.

I have had off and on erections throughout the day as I tried to mentally navigate my own erotic swirl. My cock is dripping and swollen from the daylong edging. Visions of Sienna spreading her legs for Jalen are swirling through my mind. I can feel the weight of my tight, full balls as I begin working my now straining shaft. I can hear her pleasured moans as Jalen’s large, plump head parts her lips. I stroke my cock purposefully thinking about her pussy closing in around his head…he is now inside her. My breathing is uneven, more pre-cum is spilling from my head. I squeeze and stroke my shaft imagining his thickness stretching her tight pussy as he slowly sinks deeper and deeper inside…far beyond any place I have reached. I slide up and down my straining shaft thinking about him driving her deeply over and over as she comes all over his huge dark shaft…again and again. My own hips arch to the thought as I blasts multiple thick, creamy ropes along my stomach.

I feel momentarily ashamed that I came thinking about another man fucking Sienna, but this feeling passes quickly. I want it for her, and she craves this too. As I clean myself up, I consider that this may very well be the way our date with Jalen plays out. He’ll be plowing my girl’s tight pussy and filling her with his creamy load while I am likely sitting off to the side in a chair stroking my cock and coming in a tissue. Damn, this is going to be intense.

To be continued…

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27 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: For The Taking

  1. I love fantasies and yours paints a picture that is sensual, playful (I adore this because it captures the bonds of the relations and the trust it takes to invite someone else into your bed.), and sexy. I do wonder if some of that shame after blowing his tiny load is from not cuming without her.

    As always, love the piece.

    1. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Your comment about “blowing his tiny load” was breathtakingly hot! It gave me an immediate and pressing reaction and will likely inspire another 😈🔥 Also, I do genuinely appreciate you sharing what resonated with you. Your assessment makes me feel like I was able to capture the different layers of the moment (especially the sensual framing)- thank you for that gift 🙏 Shared orgasms would have been a more ideal ending and less shameful along with a more modest assessment of “his” release which you clearly envisioned as the actual result. You are so good! 💫

  2. Mmm so fun, love the sense of shared pleasure here

    1. Thank you, Candy! The anticipation between both of them…and me (as the voyeur) was very strong. 🔥

  3. Sienna is back at it! 😊

    1. As often as possible…😈

  4. TYFranklin

    Just incredible!

    1. Thanks brother, it was intense to have the woman I love expressing her desire for another man so openly 🔥

  5. Super hot render and love your writing! ^^:love:

    1. Thank you, Bart ☺️ Sienna is a gorgeous woman and always exciting to create art celebrating her 💫 She has a way with words too and sexy mind.

  6. S-Incubus

    Oh she’s truly CRAVING that big black cock 😀

    1. Yes, her craving was genuine.😈 I was the one that first opened up this fantasy in our relationship, but Sienna reacted to my revelation in such an erotic way. Seems it was a fantasy she was secretly harboring. I made it safe for her to explore and experience it because she knew she would pleasing me at the same time. 🔥

      1. S-Incubus

        And she soon became addicted to it I guess 😀

        1. We made some good matches early on and these experiences were even better than she had imagined possible. Yes, she would eventually become hooked.🔥

          1. S-Incubus

            The next best thing after fucking her yourself must have been watching another fucking the hell out of her 😀

          2. So true and definitely loved seeing how she responded so wildly to other men – it was so erotically intense 🔥

          3. S-Incubus

            Showing you how much of a slut she can be? ;P

          4. Love this comment 😈 When we were first exploring our fantasies I used the word “slut” and she got all bent out of shape and asked me not to use it. That would change. The first time she cuckolded me, just was bent over doggy style and our bull was spanking her ass as he fucked her and asked if she was a BBC Slut. I didn’t know what to expect from her at that moment. She just pushed back harder against him and said that is exactly what she is…she moaned and repeated the phrase several times as she released one of the many orgasms she had that day 🔥Afterwards, we used “slut” much more often and she loved it. 😈

          5. S-Incubus

            Hahah! Yea it must be one of the hottest things witnessing a prude woman turning into a dick loving slut while she’s being ploughed 😀 😀 😀 Hahah! Would have loved to see the moment 😀

          6. I wouldn’t say she was ever a prude, ha! I get your point though. She had her boundaries and it was extremely arousig seeing another man expanding those boundaries along with her pussy in ways I hadn’t previously been able to do.

          7. S-Incubus

            See, I wouldn’t be able to make my peace with that fact 😀 It’d eat me alive LOL Another man satisfying my girlfriend in ways I never could… Drawing pleasure from watching it is just beyond me 😀 Funny how that works in such different ways 😀 Now, since I don’t know her, and don’t have any romantic feelings for her, I’d love to watch her being fucked her brains out 😀

          8. I appreciate you that you come at these memories from a different perspective. It is refreshing (for me) to have these intermittent back and forths with a man that isn’t into cuckolding. It helps keep me grounded in the reality that many (probably most) men aren’t into cuckolding.

          9. S-Incubus

            As an aspiring wannabe writer I find it horizon-broadening and appreciate your honesty. I might not be into cuckolding myself, but trying to understand the appeal of it for someone who does is a fascinating dive into kink in general. I want to understand it so I can write satisfying stories for everybody 🙂

          10. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how your cuckold stories emerge 🔥

          11. S-Incubus

            Heheh me too 😀

  7. Welcome back! Also, quite hot! :3

    1. Thanks Heath, it is great to be back 😊 Glad you enjoyed this and hope you’ll enjoy some the new pieces I’ll be sharing. Hope life has been treating you well!

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