I walked excitedly towards our hotel room. Sienna was already there and waiting. Coming through the door I am immediately swept away by her beauty. I know she is a beautiful woman. Still, I am not prepared. The sparkling of her eyes upon me and a smile that says, “You are my Man!”  My pulse quickens as I take Sienna into my arms. The fit is perfect.

I have this overwhelming sense that we were created with the sole intent of being joined together–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Holding her close, my hands trace down the small of her back and along the sides of her waist, just above her hips. It is a bit of self-teasing for me as I indulge in the sensation of her tiny waist…knowing her perfect ass awaits. When the self-imposed torture becomes too much, I slide my hands down across her ass and, with the firm grip of ownership, pull her into me.

After being apart for so long, there might be the temptation for a bit of chat as we ease into one another and process actually being together again. I’m not having any of this. I remove her clothes and quickly toss her onto the bed. I roll her over on her stomach so I can get my hands on her ass while burying my face in her soft, silky folds…inhaling deeply the intoxicating scent of my girl. I grab her ass firmly and, before long, my tongue is exploring the edge of her ass…softly at first before working my tongue deeper and deeper in her ass. I have a real thing for Sienna’s ass and could tongue her there for hours!

I am unable resist taking my sexy girl for another second. I quickly shed my clothes as she waits chest down against the bed with hips arched for the taking. The vision is perfect.

Sienna gently swirls her hips in a beckoning way as if I needed more encouragement. I get back to the bed as quickly as possible and mount my girl.

There is great tension in my movement as I struggle to contain my thrusts and allow her time to adjust. Her moaning and squirming beneath me doesn’t help my cause. I am overwhelmed with the sensation of wanting to immediately fuck her hard and deep. Fighting my urge to cum is going to be a real challenge. The weeks and weeks buildup have been intense, and I was already on edge before entering the room. The pressure swelling in my balls is even more intense after entering my girl’s pink silky folds.

To prolong the inevitable, I roll Sienna over and move inside her while we are facing one another. It feels amazing to have her body against me. What initially felt like a deep primal lust morphs into the beauty and magic of making love. Looking into her dreamy eyes, her spirit seems to flood my soul. This sensation isn’t mere words serving as window dressing in a story. When we are body-to-body like this, and I gaze into her eyes, it is like I am looking into a portal and enter another realm. My body temples and I struggle to breathe. I am enveloped in a sensation that feels deeply spiritual. It is perfect.

Sienna’s sweet little pussy wraps tight around my cock and pulls me in deeper. Our fit is perfect. Once again, Sienna brings me to the brink of orgasm. I pull out to keep from coming. After this pressing urge to release has passed, I move up to Sienna’s face and offer my cock to her pouty lips. In her dreamy, flowing movements she sensually works the head of my cock and shaft with her mouth and hands. My girl knows what I like and always gives plenty of attention her man’s heavy balls. Cupping my balls, Sienna slips one finger underneath to tease my ass. Slowly, she eases one finger inside me.

She feels my excitement building and responds by sucking my cock with even more urgency. She wants to taste me. Sienna wants her man’s creamy release. I thrust deeper and steadily into her mouth as she continues to hold my balls while working a finger inside me. My entire package is in her control…my release is close. Sienna is moaning hungrily on my cock as I get harder and harder and begin to let out those deep sounds of a man about to cum. The room is beginning to blur and fade away as my legs start shaking. All worldly awareness is replaced by the divine, relentless motion of her hands and mouth. I am completely under her spell.

With legs trembling, my release hits hard as rope after creamy rope floods her wanton mouth. Sienna grips me harder…so greedy to get every last drop of her man’s essence. She succeeds except for one small spill that escapes her lips. I slide down to lick my cum off her lips and return it to her with a deep, passionate kiss. Pulling her tight in my arms, we both know we are home again. This is where we belong. The moment is beautifully perfect.

Baby!!!!! OMgosh!  I just read this and it is just that…PERFECT!!!!!! It is just exactly as I remember the beginning of our night! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I absolutely love and adore your amazing words!!!’ This is artistic, poetic and so amazing as it clearly exemplifies the moment for me!!!! I Love You! ❤❤❤❤❤ – Sienna

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