Continued from Unveiled (Part I)

Kneeling before another man, Sienna tells him that it is his bigger cock that she wants to feel penetrating her wet pussy lips. I feel incredible erotic tension between the consuming love I feel for her and the primal lust she releases by expressing her desire for another man’s larger cock along with the temporary denial of my cock. It ignites an erotic wild fire within my mind and body.

Yummy XO!  Mmmm Baby, you know this erotic desire for a bigger cock is a temporary and fleeting pleasure that is superficial and not at all what totally fulfills me. The pleasure this gives you is the true pleasure for me. The pain and uncomfortable forcing of another man’s bigger cock inside me will turn to pleasure and eroticism because of the true arousal I know you will feel watching…

After building our fantasy to the point where Sienna has sucked another man’s cock and delving a bit deeper into my small penis teasing kink, I am wondering if Sienna has had enough for the day? Sienna is on fire though and, as always, she wants more…

Baby, knowing you will be giving me to another man and with me being submissive to you is so fucking hot!!!!! Even as I feel somewhat reluctant, your firm voice and reassurance makes the possibilities even more intriguing. You command him to fuck me like I need to be fucked so I can feel the full pleasure of his this man’s big, strong cock! 

Sienna is the quintessential blonde goddess, and he is ready to fuck this sexual goddess like she needs and deserves to be fucked. Laying her down on the bed, I run my hands along her inner thighs and spread them further apart and expose her tight pink to our guest. I run a finger between her swollen lips to gather a little taste of heaven – my girl’s scent is intoxicating. My smaller cock strains unattended as another man prepares to open up my girl’s little pussy. Is she really ready for this moment? Is she ready to spread her legs wide and welcome another man deep inside her secret garden? I move closer and spread her pussy lips wide…

So hot that you open my lips for him!!! I get sooo turned on knowing you are ultimately in control of everything. I’m soaking wet from all the visual and mental stimulation.

Tracing my way up her body for a kiss, I signal for our guest take his place between Sienna’s legs. He rubs his meaty shaft and large dripping head all over her wet pussy.

You kiss my mouth as he starts to push it in. Baby, I’m a little overwhelmed by his size…I feel so tight for him as he forces his Big Black Cock inside me! Initially, out of respect for you, he handles me gently. Yet, as he becomes more turned on, he begins to get a little rougher. This is a turn on for you but you keep a close measure of the situation to ensure I’m safe. 

I love the commanding presence of Michael. He is confident, protective and assertive. I am always aroused by how he handles me with a calming, yet commanding spirit. He loves and protects me. ~ Sienna

As he enters Sienna, I feel her arch her back in acceptance and pleasure. I hear and feel her moans on her lips as another man’s cock enters her body. I look deep into her lust-filled eyes…

Feeling this big thick cock work into me and fill me fuller then I’ve ever been while my Man watches is such a turn on! I am uncomfortably taken and experience the ecstasy of being completely filled and taken so deeply!!!  All the while, I’m looking deeply into your eyes!  He starts to get carried away as his instincts take over… You hear me moan and whimper… Your mouth is on mine. He’s pushing in hard and the moment takes him away. My body is being rocked back and forth as he take me deeper and deeper. This story is Hot!!!! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!

His excitement is evident as begins to give my girl the harder, deeper fuck she has craved! His deep, powerful thrusting causes our kiss to part as Sienna’s body begins to rock from his deep thrusts…

His cock makes me feel so full and gives me such a different sensation! It’s a different feeling and uncomfortable but evolves into a deeply fulfilling sensation…

I can see my lover’s lips stretched wide and tight trying to accommodate his thickness and absorb his length. The intense, constant pressure all along her walls is causing her to focus on the sensation of him driving deeply in and out. Sienna is moaning loudly and her eyes are rolling. Her chest is flushed and heaving, nipples are rock hard and straining. He’s fucking her so good!  She is losing control as her orgasm builds and soon she will come all over another man’s cock. I whisper, “Show me how much you enjoy this lover, allow yourself release all over his manhood…

No Baby, no…I only want to cum with you!

The feeling is building within her, she only needs permission. “Tell him you want him to come inside you after fucking you so good! Tell him you want to feel his cum in your hot, little pussy! Tell him that you don’t want tonight to be the last time he fucks you, tell him you need him to keep giving you this full sensation! Cum baby, cum on his big cock!”

Baby, I can hear your voice but can barely talk because he is fucking me so hard and making me scream! I do as you command, Lover. He is fucking your Girl so good and I need to feel him release inside me. He can fuck me any time you want to see him take your Girl! I am feeling stimulated in an overwhelming way and it’s only your words and demands that throw me over the edge… As I show my Lover the fulfillment of this deep fantasy, I feel this huge cock thrusting deeper and filling me fuller and my pussy is pulsing. Ready to cum…I release and am over the edge…he’s coming with me…I can feel his creamy hotness spilling inside me…

Knowing Sienna just came on another man’s cock and that her pussy is filled and overflowing with another man’s sperm is a mind-bending erotic moment. I come quickly to her side and kiss her deeply as another man seed spills from her swollen, well-fucked pussy.

This is my ultimate pleasure! You fill every emotional, physical, intellectual sphere of my being as you hold me, love me and communicate with me…loving and adoring me like no other. Your affirmation ignites a fire inside me that cannot be extinguished!

As Sienna trembles with the emotional and physical intensity of what has just happened, I know she needs to feel me reclaim her and connect on a deeper. As I move between her legs, I am acutely aware of my hard and throbbing my cock. There is nothing like the “reclaiming” erection. Glimpsing down, I am amazed at how full and open Sienna’s lips are…his white cream spilling abundantly from her well-fucked pussy and onto the bed.

F F F!!!  Baby this is hot!!!  I want you to fuck me…I’m so excited to finally having you fill me! Baby, I whimper to you… I need you…I need to feel you!!! The sight of your hard cock coming for my pussy has me so high with passion! I’m so wanting and begging for you at this point! Baby, tell me I’m still your girl and that you own my pussy and are going to fuck me so good!

I’m used to slowly easing my way inside Sienna and giving her time to adjust. Today though, I press my body close against her and my cock sinks in all the way with no resistance…soaked with the cum of another man. The openness of her pussy is wildly exciting to me! As we kiss and soul gaze, I imagine Sienna must swirling and confusing thoughts running through her mind.

After being completely filled like never before, Sienna is now struggling to feel my cock. She feels my body weight and pressure on her clit…but that is all.

Baby, I moan as we connect deeply! You begin to fuck me hard and deep. I start to feel my pussy return to feeling you as I tighten around you…so turned on by our connection!!!  This so turns you on, and I’m now squeezing tight around your cock!

Mmmm, Sienna’s sweet, sweet pussy feels so good! She has had two men inside her back to back and has been so naughty. I love it! I start fucking her hard and she is moaning…now it is time for us to show him how we fuck!

Baby, fuck me harder! This stimulation is over the top and it’s different than before. With you, I will have a full orgasm both internal and clitoral and I’m starting to feel it build.  Fuck me like I love to be fucked! Show him how my Man fucks me good! Baby, I’m moaning and into our rhythm. My hands are grabbing your sexy ass and pulling you into me deeper…I want more baby, more baby!

Sienna grabs my ass trying to get me in deeper like the cock before…craving that same size sensation but with our emotional connection. Damn, she looks so beautiful and I love fucking her hard! “I want you to cum, Lover! Show him how your man makes you cum so good!”

This so turns me on! Your naughty girl loves her man’s cock deep in her pussy fucking her good!  Baby, can you feel me squeezing you tight pulling your cock in deep into me? I’ve been naughty Baby! You need to punish me with your cock and fuck me good!

Sienna is giving me a top-shelf, mind-fuck. She HAS been naughty! It fills me with such crazy lust and makes me want to fuck her even harder! The more she tells me she enjoyed it, the harder I want to punish her naughty pussy with a deep fucking!

Baby! Yes! You need to teach me a lesson, because I did get fucked so well by another man and his big cock filled me up like never before! You penetrate me and fill me with such a deep wanting and desire to cum deep.

Every fiber of my being is dialed in on fucking my girl as hard and deeply as possible…wanting you to cum with me.

Yes Baby!!!!! Fuck me baby!!!! Mmmmmm!  My moaning is intense and building as my breathing increases to the height of release…. Fuck me baby!!!! Fuck baby!!!  I feel you coming in my pussy…Yummy!!!!!!  Omgosh!!!! Baby…I just came, I really just came!!!

Our bodies are covered in sweat and our hearts pounding as one. A deep emotional connection, sexual chemistry that is off the chart and naughty fantasies.

I’m so crazy about you, Love! I love this feeling as our entire bodies are wrapped in one unified physical and emotional sphere! Our bodies mesh together as WE melt into oneness and drift off into OUR afterglow… ❤ 

I feel the heat and light of our deep emotional connection and off-the-charts sexual chemistry as we drift into OUR afterglow. ❤

We said almost the same thing!!! This is so crazy, and you are sooo dangerously fulfilling!!! ❤

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