Being cuckolded has long been one of my favorite fantasies, and I’ve been fortunate to actually experience it. If you are a woman or man that is curious about the lifestyle but are somewhat turned off by the seemingly extreme content found in fictionalized cuckolding, you have come to right place. What I share in these “Essential” writings is based on cuckolding within loving relationships where cuckolding is explored in a way that adds erotic fire to the couple’s relationship.

Not familiar with Cuckolding? Cuckolding is a loving relationship where the female is free – even encouraged – to sleep with other men. The fantasy is experienced in a variety of ways. While my psychology-centered cuckold posts can be quite erotic reads, their purpose is to focus on psychology and erotic layers of this fantasy. Why are some people drawn to this kink and why is it so damn erotic? Because cuckolding can be complex and plays out in many ways, I try to tease out the specific erotic layers in the fantasy and devote one post to each layer. What follows below are brief descriptions and links to what I consider “the essentials” for men and women wanting to learn more about this increasingly popular sexual kink:

Cuckolding: An Introduction – A casual internet search of cuckolding will probably shock even the most sexually open-minded person. Don’t be alarmed, what you will find isn’t really cuckolding. In this post – An Introduction – I explain the core pillars of cuckolding in a way that couples can actually experience the fantasy in a loving relationship.

Cuckold: Mind Bender – Cuckolding is sometimes referred to as the intellectual fetish. Mind Bender explores the erotic layers of the cuckold fantasy and the importance of mental stimulation in the cuckold’s erotic pleasure. For some me, there may also be a level of psychological masochism (the “M” in BDSM) at play. The cuckold’s arousal comes from the intense but very pleasurable mental and emotional burn of watching his lover with another man.

Sperm Wars: Seeding Passion’s Flame – It is a somewhat uncomfortable to admit that it really turns me on to think about my lover with another man. The emotional burn, intense mind-fuck, and physical arousal is like nothing I have ever known. Knowing another man is fucking your lover induces a biological reaction known as sperm competition. Measurable effects includes increased arousal (hardness), increased sperm volume, higher sperm motility, increased thrusting, and deeper penetration. Explore the possibilities of sperm competition to reignite the passion in your relationship.

Sienna - Blacked 6-1 copy3 v

Video: Naughty Angel (Dominant Cuckold) – Dominance and submission are erotic layers sometimes at play in cuckolding. Typically, the cuckold is seen as submissive but this isn’t always the case. Check out this video for a visual exploration of the Dominant cuckold.

Lilah - Naughty Angel

Cuckolding vs. Femdom – Cuckolding and female domination (e.g., Femdom, Mistress, Goddess) are separate sexual kinks often co-exist in male fantasies but they are not one in the same. Join me for an exploration that teases out the differences between between cuckolding and Femdom fantasies.

Erotic Humiliation – When working through the differences between cuckolding and FemDom, it became clear that another kink was flowing through the dynamics. Erotic humiliation is psychological masochism and is not uncommon is D/s relationships. It is also a form of sexual play that many cuckolds enjoy to varying degrees. Small penis teasing is one example. Cuckolding is another popular example which is sometimes experienced as a form of erotic humiliation. Explore the psychology of erotic humiliation and see how and if it plays in your fantasies or those of your lover.

Cuckold Corner – The Interviews: Cuckold Corner is a series of interviews/discussions that I have had with men and women who are interested in this kink. This link will take you to my interview index which includes brief descriptions and links to each interview. Topics include: interracial sex, small penis teasing, how each person visualizes or experiences the fantasy, etc. They are hot, interesting reads.

Cuckold Corner Vol 9

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  2. Love the erotic nature on the Naughty Angel video.

    Your words are beautiful and gentle.

    1. Thank you Cassandra, that is one of my favorites. I am drawn to the sensual, loving energy flowing through even the most erotic moments. I don’t always capture it but it came through in this one. I’m happy it also resonated with you. 💫

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