Welcome to another edition of the Cuckold Corner. I want to acknowledge up front that some may doubt the authenticity of what KC will share in this interview. His revelations – fantasy or reality – still offer us unique insights into a cuckold’s innermost desires. In turn, this may help deepen our understanding of cuckold psychology and its variations. I appreciate KC sharing his experience with us.

Cuckold Corner with KC

Michael – Thank you for your thoughtful engagement around a few of my cuckold articles. I appreciate you taking some time to chat with me about it.

KC – Thank you. As a cuckold in a five-year relationship and now engaged to the woman who cuckolds me, I can tell you that much of your posts on cuckolding ring true to me. 

Michael – How about we start first with your current relationship? Give me a little taste of what your relationship is like with your fiancé.

KC – We are deeply committed to each other emotionally, I treat her with respect, and our relationship is a very loving one. Open and honest communication, trust, and respecting one another’s desires is so important. We are open to exploring one another’s fantasies and may even try some of them. But, if neither of us are happy about it we won’t do it again. Also, we aren’t looking for anything with other men outside of the bedroom. It’s just about sexual play. I would add that we have taken breaks too and it isn’t an all-the-time lifestyle. Sometimes we will go for months without any form of cuckolding in our lives. At other times, we are very active and she may be getting fucked by multiple men in the course of week’s time.

Michael – The emotional connection and strength of the cuckold couple is often ignored so I appreciate you setting this foundation up front. Couples sometimes struggle with keeping passion’s flame burning over time but sharing fantasies is one way to keep things hot. How was the fantasy introduced into your relationship?

KC – We were in the middle of pretty hot sex and I asked her to tell me her deepest, darkest fantasy. She shared that she wanted me to tie her up and have another guy come in the room and fuck her while I watched. I was excited as I had always wanted to watch my woman with another man. We both came so hard that night after she shared her fantasy. Hearing your lover openly confess to wanting to fuck other men is one thing but actually watching it happen would be another. I wondered if I could handle the “mind-fuck” of actually seeing it happen.

Michael – Yes, fantasy and reality are different realms. Your lover has an intriguing fantasy for how she wants this cuckold experience to play out. Sounds like she has submissive desires and the “taken by a stranger” fantasy. Do you see your fiancé as sexually submissive?

KC – She never really talked about it with me or acts that way. As I have now watched her with other men, I see how she loves to be dominated and overpowered while being treated roughly, fucked hard, and feeling them cum inside her. She loves showing off for me, being slutty, and dressing up like a whore. It is surprising to see how VERY sexual she is in these moments.

Michael – It is interesting to see the sexual transformation she goes through during your cuckold play. By allowing and even encouraging her to embrace her sexuality, you are providing her with an erotic gift. Well done!

I wrote a post called Cognitive Dissonance – Hestia vs. Aphrodite that looks at the struggle women go through when trying to balance being a good wife, mother, and worker along with their sexual desires.

KC – Thank you. You see, I’ve been cheated on in a previous relationship and it’s emotionally devastating. Horrific. Having been cheated on before, one might logically ask why I would want to marry someone who not only wants to fuck other men, but wants to do it in front of me while I watch? There is a HUGE difference between someone screwing around behind your back and the cuckolding lifestyle.

Michael – I’m so very sorry about your lover’s infidelity and the pain that brought upon you. Your callout on the difference between being cheated on and being cuckolded is absolutely spot on. This is actually something that women need to process as well when first considering cuckold play. She may feel like she is cheating on her lover by cuckolding him. As you suggest, cuckolding is ultimately about the couple’s experience and both of them are turned on by it. Cheating is a different situation all together.

Betrayal or significant emotional events can lead people to eroticize something that feels dangerous to us. In KC’s case, this would be cuckolding. By encouraging his lover to be with another man, he gains control of a situation that could be hurtful by eroticizing it and then actually facing his fear in a way that is exciting to him. I discuss this a bit in the post Erotic Humiliation.

Did you harbor this fantasy before your wife cheated on you?

KC – I had the cuckold fantasy for years in other relationships but none of these women had any interest in being sexually adventurous and wouldn’t even talk about fantasies. So yes, the idea of cuckolding DID turn me on and has been a long-held fantasy. Personally, I don’t believe that women are biologically designed or meant to have sex with just one man. Having said that, it IS a choice. As a choice, it’s one that a woman has control over. In my case, I don’t believe my fiancé would continue with our cuckolding lifestyle if I asked her not to.

The biological drive KC mentions is something I explore in Sperm Wars from the male perspective as we compete to father offspring.

Michael – Your fiancé set out her fantasy in great detail about how she would like to experience it. Tell me about your first cuckold experience.

KC – I tied her arms tied behind her back and blindfolded her. Our Bull then entered the room and fucked her from behind as I stood by and stroked my cock. Actually, watching another man stick his cock inside her and fuck her had my heart racing and pounding! It was such an unknown space, but I could tell she was really enjoying it and that excited me even more. This became a regular part of our play and we often fucked afterwards. So, it was with my fiancé that I actually experienced cuckolding and now we both love it.

KC – I will also add here that I saw some gay porn on her computer and asked her about it. She said it turned her on and she fantasized about watching me suck cock. I came out to her as having some bisexual experiences in my past. She encouraged my bisexuality and wanted me to have sex with men. Our love for cock is something we both share. It brought us closer, even if I was and still am somewhat uncomfortable with my bisexuality, she loves it.

Male-male contact may happen in cuckold play and I believe cuckolds fall into three camps on this. 1) Straight men with no interest in male-male contact 2) Bisexual men 3) Men that will play with other men as a form of erotic humiliation (e.g., being “forced” to suck the Bull’s cock). Outside of the erotic rush they feel from this humiliation, these men aren’t interested in male-male contact.

Michael – You mention of bisexuality is an interesting topic that I haven’t written about in much depth. I’m surprised by the number of women that find it hot seeing two men together. So, you’ve mentioned a couple times how she enjoy having you watch her and now for her to watch you. You guys are always together during your cuckold sexual play?

KC – Almost always. It is important to her that I am there to watch. I think part of this is for safety reasons but she also wants me to see how much she is enjoying herself and how much the other men enjoy fucking her. It’s part of what turns her on about it. Each time she gets fucked, she glances at me to see if I’m hard or stroking my cock. She is always very aware of my presence and wants to know I’m enjoying myself.


Michael – Yes, I see these themes a lot in cuckold fantasies – especially the eye contact. Some cuckolds derive great pleasure in having a “hot wife”. It turns these men on to see how hot the wife can make other men and how much they desire her. In a way, it is a badge of honor and source of pride for the cuckold, ”She’s so amazing and she’s mine!” Many cuckolds also derive great joy in enjoy seeing their lover experiencing sexual pleasure. The more she enjoys herself, the hotter the experience is for the cuckold. Both of these come through in your fiancé’s desire to have you present. What type of man do you guys look for when selecting a bull?

KC – As far as her preference, her biggest thing is that they be hung (larger than me). More recently, she exclusively limits our potential candidates to black men.

Michael – Ah, interracial cuckolding – the black mystique. What is it about black men that makes this even hotter for you two?

KC – Well, it’s just a preference. Being a white couple, I do enjoy the contrast of black and white skin. She is a sexual woman but never had sex with black men prior to our relationship. She grew up exposed to a lot of racist beliefs running through her family and they would not have approved of her dating black men. She was curious though about the sexual myths. With me, she can spread her legs free of judgement for as many black men as she wants within the privacy of our marriage.

KC first describes the contrast in skin tones which does seem to be visually striking and arousing for both white couples and the black men that enjoy this type of sexual play. He mentions his fiancé’s excitement around violating something that was considered taboo in her childhood and is, in a sense, the rejection of racism. There is also a mention of the “mythology” around cock size and sexual prowess as part of the allure. Female submission and erotic humiliation were/will be described earlier in this interview. Also, in my interview with Carol Ann – The Black Mystique, she expressed similar themes around her attraction to black men and how she wanted to be handled. Sexual psychology is complex, but it is something I am slowly trying to untangle. When it comes to interracial sex (as a sexual desire), the erotic energy flows both ways. I will attempt explore the allure from the perspective of black men that enjoy this type of sexual play in the future.

Michael – So, you have been able to incorporate some cultural diversity into your lifestyle?

KC – Definitely! She absolutely loved her first big black cock! I mean she went wild! She was blindfolded and rode his cock and orgasmed like no tomorrow. I love the contrast of seeing a black man’s large, dark cock going in her white pussy. After a few experiences, she decided she only wanted black men for our cuckold play. She confided in me recently that she has now had more sex with black men than white men in her life. All of this since we have been together.

Michael – That is a hot statement for her to make.

KC – Yeah, she has gotten into this black cock-only thing. 

Michael – You mention that she is submissive with her Bulls. Are you guys into her dominating you or humiliation play?

KC – I wouldn’t say that femdom is in our relationship. We don’t experience humiliation like you see in some cuckold stories where she is explicitly speaking to me in a negative way. It is more indirect I suppose. She doesn’t tell me I have a small cock even though I’m below average. Instead, she will tell him how much she has been thinking about him and wanting HIS big cock. It IS humiliating watching your woman being fucked by another man – moaning, screaming, and coming on his bigger cock – and absolutely loving it! All the while, I know he is pleasuring her in ways I can’t. Afterwards, when I am eating his cum from her pussy, she will tell me how much she loves his big cock. It is all humiliating yet so very hot! I am totally okay with this…it works for US.

Michael – I can see how emasculation and small penis humiliation are being worked into these erotic moments.

Humiliation is a form of psychological masochism (the “M” in BDSM). I break down the nuances of Femdom, humiliation play, and cuckolding as distinct sexual fetishes in posts: Cuckolding vs. Femdom and Erotic Humiliation. These fetishes can exist independently but are often intertwined in male cuckold fantasies. KC enjoys cuckolding and humiliation but not Femdom.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

KC – Yes, I LOVE creampies! We have experienced a lot of sex with other men. Eventually, I got into fucking her after they came inside her. I became so addicted to that feeling. The lube of another man’s cum and the feeling of it was insane. I especially love going down on her after another man has cum inside her. It is VERYYY humiliating but also incredibly exciting!

Michael – I totally get the creampie fantasy. Getting sloppy seconds after another man has stretched your girl’s pussy and cum inside her is a keystone moment for many cuckolds. I have certainly indulged in eating more than my fair share of cum from a lover’s freshly fucked pussy.

The “creampie” is another experience that is frequently mentioned in cuckolding. Similar to male-male contact discussed earlier, this act has a spectrum for how it is experienced. At one end, it is simply experienced as part of the sexual experience. This might be especially true for men that consider themselves bisexual. At the other end of the spectrum, it is experienced as a form erotic humiliation. This is typically experienced by men who do not consider themselves bisexual. As a straight man, eating another man’s cum can be an act of submission and definitely a form of erotic humiliation.

KC – One more thing. People often ask me about jealousy.  Am I jealous when she is being fucked and enjoying it? I wouldn’t call it jealousy. It feels more like envy. I’m envious that I don’t have such a huge, hard cock. But, at the same time, when it’s all over, he will be the one leaving and she chooses to be with me.

Michael – Well said, my friend. In the end the journey belongs to you and your lover. This is the ultimate power of the cuckold.

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  1. I think this is a very insightful piece. I find the dynamics in this kind of relationships fascinating

    1. Thank you, that makes two of us and I appreciate the comment. 🙂 I backdated this one and haven’t yet featured it as a “new” post. Glad you found it though and enjoyed it. I think this interview may help people understand the variations and psychology driving driving the fantasy.

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  4. […] KC – Currently engaged and in a 5-year relationship that involves interracial cuckold play. […]

  5. […] Interview with KC – KC describes how he and fiancé got into and enjoy interracial cuckolding […]

  6. […] Interview with KC – KC describes how he and fiancé got into and enjoy interracial cuckolding […]

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  8. There were a couple of things in this that really caught my attention. The first was the bisexual bit. It’s interesting when you talk about the different ways it can fit in to this kink, because I always think the only way it could is with FemDom. I like how easily you put that to rest and point out other ways it can be explored. The other thing was her wanting him to be in the room. From a safety point of view, as the woman, I like that a lot I wouldn’t want to do it without him in the room. It adds a layer of security and peace of mind and just comfort I think to the situation. A key part for me would be being able to see his face and his body and his reaction to what was going on.

    1. Well young lady, you are digging deep into the archives for buried treasures.😃I backdated a lot of these so they were never a “new” release. These are more for the ghost cuckolds that hit my blog quite often and never leave a sign they were here…other than in my stats. Regarding bisexuality, I’m often amazed how folks try to make such absolute statements like – “If you suck a cock it means your gay”. Humiliation play doesn’t even cross the minds of some. I just wanted to shed a little light around it. I have a post called Erotic Humiliation where I go through the same thought process of a man licking another man’s cum from his woman’s well-fucked pussy. You wanting your man in the room is why you will be a great Mistress and/or Cuckoldress. The safety makes sense of course. And, to you, a big part of the experience is the pleasure you’re man derives from the experience. That is best judged if he is present and makes it more about your experience as a couple…even if another man is having his way with hot sexiness🔥

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