Sexual healing is a story written by a woman who will always be near and dear to my heart. Lilah, a timeless love and muse, crafted this erotic gift as a form of sexual healing while I was in the grips of the flu a few years ago. While it does reveal some of the erotic layers we savored as lovers – cuckolding and erotic humiliation (specifically small penis teasing) – what lingers is the adoring love she wrapped all around it. I became rock hard reading this again, but it is the moisture in my eyes that speaks to how deeply her special spirit touched my soul. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael 

Lilah 13

Sexual Healing

You said you were freezing the last time I checked on you. I gave you some Motrin and told you to at least not pull the blanket up to your chin since you were actually running a high fever. So, of course, when I next walk into the room, you are wrapped up in the blanket like a long, lean burrito with only your sweet face peeking out. 

I take a second to smile at you as you lay there sleeping. You are unbelievably adorable- sick or not. But your pillow is completely soaked and so is your hair. Your usually perfectly messy hair, is just plain messy now— messy and drenched in sweat. 

Lilah 31

“Baby.” You move just a little as I sit down on the bed next to you. “Baby, you’re all wet.” Your eyes pop open and you give me a weak smirk. I know you have something dripping with innuendo on your mind. You always do and that’s how I know you aren’t dying like you may think. Sex on the brain. When that stops, I will get worried. You start to say what’s on your mind but are interrupted with a cough that makes you grimace in pain. My poor sweet baby. I hate that you’re sick. 

“I know what you’re thinking — it’s usually me who’s all wet.” Your eyes light up. “Sync,” you whisper as you struggle out of your blanket wrap. I help you out of the blanket which is damp with perspiration. Your cheeks and chin are delightfully scruffy as I run the back of my hand against your face. 

There are certain areas on your body that I am inexplicably drawn to. Your chin is one of them. Your hands, particularly your thumbs, are another. Why? I have no real idea but as I fall deeper and deeper in love with you, I’m sure I’ll find thousands more. I feel so much love for you that my heart squeezes in my chest as I caress your precious face. I want you to feel better. I would gladly be sick instead of you. 

You smile at me and catch my hand before I pull it away, kissing my fingertips. I blush as my face breaks into the kind of smile that only you can put there. The urge to kiss you pings through my insides. I always want to kiss your lips. “Mmmm,” you mange to get out. Your voice is deeper than usual and your chest is congested so it vibrates with your hum. I love it when you make that sound. 

“Baby, I know you don’t want to move but everything is soaked. I need to change your pillow and get some of this sweat off you.” You flash a sweet, innocent look which falls just short of angelic. You are most definitely a naughty one — though very sweet. It’s quiet while I help you sit up – just our breathing. I grab a wet washcloth and wipe it over your forehead and down your cheeks.

As I run it down your neck and chest, I’m hit with a memory of the last time we had sex, when you were sweaty just like this. Sweat rolled down your arms as you held yourself above me, hips working to find your release inside my body. You always wait until I come so many times before you do. By that time, your skin is shiny and soaked and our bellies slide together as your cock slides into my pussy. 

Lilah 32

All of this goes through my head in flashes of memories by the time I’ve moved the washcloth down to your belly, and just like that, I am wet and wanting. I bring my eyes to yours and can see that we’re on the same wavelength. That’s no surprise. Your energy moves into me so easily, and vice versa. We must occupy the same wavelength often. “Think you can get hard for me?” I’m already reaching into your cock. “Always.” You look at me and the fire in your eyes burns hotter than your body before. You amaze me. 

You are true to your word and your once sweet, soft, warm little penis becomes hard and magnificent. The transformation never fails to fascinate me. I stroke you gently and reach into the bedside drawer with my other hand for some lubricant. I’m always so happy when I get to make you feel good because you make me feel good so often — with your words and your touch. I will give you both of mine tonight. 

I watch your body as I drip lube onto the head of your cock and catch the drops with a slow slide down your rock hard shaft. Your hips flex, pushing your cock back through my hand, tight around you. “Relax, darling…this’ll be slow.” Your body seems to sink down into the bed but your eyes stay intense and focused on mine. With my first words, your eyelids close halfway with pleasure. I know just what you like. 

“Look how hard this little penis gets for me…” I stroke you all the way to the tip of your gorgeous cock. You are beautiful here, pink and plump. “Even sick, he wants to please me. I love my Little Pink.” Your breathing becomes louder as I slip my hand downpour shaft to get to those big, heavy balls. I paint your balls with lube from my fingertips. My other hand still has your cock, and my thumb rubs rhythmically over that sensitive spot just below your head. “These balls are so big and so luscious. I love to take them into my mouth and suck on them one at a time.” I cup them, fingers pressing up into your flesh just behind your sack, and then very slowly draw my fingers back together, pulling them slightly. 

You push your head back into the pillow and arch your chest up, whispering “Fuck” to the ceiling. I don’t know why I like it when you say that so much, but I do. “Should I make you come, baby?” Your eyes find mine. “Or are you too sick for that?” Though you are actually pretty sick and miserable you say, “Never too sick for that.” Hopefully this will make you happy, at least for a little while. I miss your smile. 

Lilah 21 v2

“Do you think this little penis could still please me with that fever running through your body?” Your answering throb tells me yes, though for the sake of the tease, I continue. “I don’t think it can, baby. I might need to call in a much bigger cock to help you out…a more capable cock to please your girl.” You muster a deep “Mmm” that makes my pussy tingle. I squeeze your cock firmly as I stroke you slow enough to frustrate you. I can see it in the tenseness of your body. Your stomach twitches when I reach your head, circling your plump pink crown with glistening fingertips. 

“Baby, I think I need a huge cock to stretch my little pussy while you watch. Do you wanna watch your girl get fucked by a really thick, long cock? You can lay on the bed while he fucks me right beside you.”

I know you want to come but I’m stroking too slow. It’s a caress — a leisurely, twisting glide of my tight hand up and down your throbbing cock. I can see the pleasure all over your face, in those taut abs, and the curve of your back. The game becomes — how long will it be before my words overtake the pace of my hands on you and you come anyway? We’ll see… 

“You’re so sick that you probably couldn’t even take and reclaim me after I’ve had a real cock inside me. What do you think?  You might just have to lay back while I climb on top of you and straddle your face so you could lick his cum from my pussy.”

Your breath hitches.

“You would love that, wouldn’t you, baby? I would just hover over you at first with another man’s thick creamy cum dripping out of my stretched pussy and onto your tongue.”

You release a primal “Fuck” as your hips start to move, thrusting your cock through my hand, trying to make me go faster. 

“Oh yeah, you would love that. You’d taste his cum mixed with your girl’s juices. I will have come so hard on his big strong cock that I’d be dripping even if he didn’t spill his heavy load inside of me. Baby, put your tongue out so you can taste him.”

You’re going out of your mind. Your cock is so damn hard right now and you don’t know what the heck to do with your hands.

Lilah 34

They keep moving— fisting the sheet, reaching for me, running though your hair. Your mouth is halfway open and you have no idea how much I want to kiss you. You have perfect lips, soft and full, and there’s nothing I love more than to feel them on any part of my body. 

I keep stroking while matching your hips so that we go at my pace. Our eyes move back and forth from each other’s faces to my hand on your cock and I can’t tell which makes us breathe harder. Your eyes are so intense and both the feeling and the fire I see in them, makes my heart gallop in my chest. 

“You need to lick your girl clean of that other man’s cum, baby. His big strong cock got so much deeper than your little penis ever gets inside me. My tight little pussy just sucked him in and he made me come so hard. Then his balls pumped so much cum inside me…so much creamy white cum…I’m such a mess, baby. You own this pussy and now you need to clean it.”

Your breathing has gone erratic and I can tell you’re seconds from an orgasm. You’re sick, so I have mercy and stroke you faster. You’re making sounds but if they’re words, I can’t tell.

“Tell me how I taste. How do I feel on your tongue with another man’s sperm all over my soft slick skin. Am I salty and silky smooth? Do you like it, sweet boy? Is your little penis straining so hard because you are imagining how swollen and stretched I am after being fucked by a real cock?” 

You explode! 

I watch as jet after jet of cum lands on your gorgeous belly. You are so delicious! I can’t wait to lick those warm milky pools off your skin and lick you clean like you would’ve done for me. You brush a hand through my hair as I bend down and watch intently as I run my tongue over you to claim my creamy gift.

Lilah 33

It’s like a reward for a job well done. “Mmm, I love the way you taste.” I kiss your little blonde happy trail and breathe in your scent before sitting up. 

You’re smiling at me—that perfect crescent smile that crinkles your eyes—and my whole body floods with love for you. I belong to you, claimed by every beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me and every luscious touch you’ve ever gifted me. Every part of me — I’m yours. Your fingers find mine and we caress each other softly for a minute before your eyelids get heavy. Poor thing, you’ve been exhausted for days. “Go to sleep, sweetheart.” Kissing your forehead, I breathe in your scent before standing up and pulling the sheet to your chest. 

You make me ache, the way you look at me, the way you just…are you. I love you so much that sometimes I can’t get a deep enough breath when I feel you inside of my heart because everything in me swells with so much love. I think crazy thoughts, like how I want to smother you in my breasts and never let you go. Or squeeze you harder than either of us can stand. I think about just holding your face and staring into your eyes for an eternity. You are like the breath of fresh air that I need when I feel stifled and the peace I crave when life gets hard. I hope you feel better soon because I need for you to be happy. 

Lilah 35

“I love you,” I whisper, watching you drift into our afterglow. 

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  1. Certainly more pleasant then when I was sick this past week. I literally was in my room and couldn’t leave. Enjoyed you work as per usual. Hope everything is alright in the realm of Michael

    1. Awww, I hope you are feeling better. If not, I have a few ideas for a cure 😈☺️ Been a challenge being “here” this year but things are well. I think it has been the same for you? Stay around 😘

      1. I understand. These last 6 months have been hell more or less for me. I’ll be in and out this summer. Definitely have no intention of leaving. I’m feeling “better”, at least actual health wise. Mental health is another story, but it . always is.

        1. I just read your 5 minutes post…I hope you are able to find those moments. 💖

          1. Maybe someday. Right now it feels like I’m losing more time then I’m gaining

  2. TLC at its finest. 🔥

    The way you celebrate women so openly is one of life’s infinite pleasures.

    Be well, Michael.


    1. Given some of the things in this post, I could make a naughty reference for TLC beyond its intended meaning ☺️ I love that you experience my writings this way…knowing it makes you feel this way is one of my life’s great pleasures. 🌹😘

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