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NOTE: Listening to this 3:00 audio clip with ear buds truly enriches the sound. If you play it on your speaker, keep your hand close to the volume…it gets really loud at points and especially towards the end. 😉

It has been 30 days since I made love to her for the first time and 30 days since I last saw her. We talked and wrote every day during that period and got to know one another on a deeper level.

We were both filled with anticipation for this visit. She wore sexy knee-high boots as requested. She posed as I snapped dozens of photos while she confessed to the naughty thoughts she had while I was away. Anticipation dripped between her legs as I strapped her long sexy legs and wrists down to the bed.

I have to admit, having this lovely goddess strapped down with ass up and pussy exposed was very intoxicating. I spanked her ass good for her naughty ways. I even spanked her naughty little pussy too. Something about spanking a woman’s pussy is mesmerizing and it made her so hot! Then, I undressed and fucked her into submission. She needed it. She deserved it.


In the original posting of Press Play: Again and Again, I never provided a name for the woman orgasming in the audio. Her name is Sienna and you can find our stories with links here – Sensual Shadows – Chronology.





130 thoughts on “(Audio) Press Play: Again…Again

  1. This had, as I’m sure was intended, a very arousing affect.

    1. Guilty as charged. I was hoping for a tingle…a daydream perhaps…a little moving around in chair and deep breath or two. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

      1. It may have been the sofa rather than a chair. 😉

        1. The visual gets better and better… 🙂

  2. Tosha Michelle

    Michael, I think you could give E.L. James a run for her money. Bonus. You can actually write.

    1. Thank you, Tosha…I always enjoy getting a comment for you and this was no exception! You are such a talented writer and this means a lot.

      1. Tosha Michelle

        You’re welcome and likewise. Hope you have a great day. xx

  3. Still my favorite audio clip of all time. More aroused now than the first time I heard it. Smiles.

    1. You and me both! 😉 I had to take several intermissions as I prepared to post this, ha!

  4. I think I use the term “wow” with every comment.. But!! Wow 🙂 Michael, you amaze me more and more. I love that you have music playing during this. I always play musis during (ahem) those times too 😉

    1. I have to admit that I’m imaging you in “those times” right now! 😉 Ummmm, I forgot what post I was in or even what I was going to say. 🙂 Visuals, visuals… You were listening closely to get the music…I’m glad it was there. I love, love, love music and it is truly the soundtrack of our lives and take moments to even higher levels.

      1. Haha..Humbled 😉 ahhhh.. I was listening very closely. 😉 I love music… I listen to it 24/7. Truly I do.. I go to sleep with it on and wake to it playing. I have a playlist to everything I do. I change it up all the time. music moves me in ways nothing else can do… This audio moved me in ways too… 😉

        1. Mmmm, that’s sexy…I’m thinking about a playlist I would like to hear, ha! 😉

  5. Michael, you do know you make me laugh so hard. Thank you ❤️

  6. TiffanyBeingFree

    So yesterday, I started a soundtrack list for this year. Earlier today, I created a soundtrack list for Part II, which I have not yet written…but there is a complete list. I’m again in awe.

    1. Tiffany, you have me blushing…again and again! 😉

  7. That was so hot. I blew a load listening to it.

    1. Hell yeah–that is hot! Glad you enjoyed it. She was so crazy hot that evening she would have welcomed that load inside her! 😉

      1. Oh really, I wish I was there then.

      2. Do you plan using anymore audio in your posts? It’s really hot.

        1. Thanks Vinnieh, it is hot knowing you are enjoying this particular post. I have plenty of audio (and video actually but need to protect the women) from girls I have known over the years. It isn’t imminent but I’ll dig into the archives and see if I can find one that reaches this caliber. 🙂

  8. Miss Agatha Armstrong

    Sir, how is a girl supposed to behave and just go to sleep … Well she won’t…

    1. Miss Agatha Armstrong

      Miss Agatha, I had a feeling this one might strike a chord with you. It is my hope, that you will misbehave all night…and share the experience. 😉

  9. Oh my, thank you for that. Now I need to change.

    1. Thank you Nicci, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to comment ☺️🔥

  10. I need you to post more of these! I love the sounds of sex. And when there is ass slapping, all the better! Are there any more that I’ve missed? This is incredibly hot! I liked your breathing in it. Man sounds…mmmmm.

    1. Aurora, you are delicious! :-* As for my man sounds, probably not my best. Perhaps I can find some where the moment is more focused on my audio, ha! I haven’t posted any other audio yet, but I do have plenty to share. 😉 Thanks for checking it out. It was exciting to know you were coming to listen…

      1. Omg, if you can find one more focused on you, I will definitely come and listen again and again! 😉😏

        1. Now we are both craving more audio, ha!

  11. Yes!

  12. That was so incredibly hot and inspiring. Isn’t copy-catting the sincerest form of flattery?! That was such a turn-on…purrrr!

    1. The purring is making me crazy of here, ha! I hope your message means you’ll be sharing a similar post soon…please! 🙂 If you enjoyed this one, you might also like Divine Bliss. Thanks for stopping by and the awesome comment!

  13. Oh…my…lord….Want!

    1. Mmmm, what a delicious reaction! 🙂 Thanks for visiting and so glad you enjoyed this. Hope you’ll return one day to listen to it again…and again. 😉

      1. Mystic Misfit

        I just might have to…..

  14. Sexual Reminisces

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  15. Sexual Reminisces

    Indeed a captivating story, awesome works, my time was well spent.

    1. Thank you for the reblog, I’m flattered 🙂 Truly appreciate you taking a moment to share your reaction.

  16. Christ Michael! Damn this is one hot audio I have ever listened to. It knocked me sideways and left me feeling too hot for the environment I was in (college lol). I literally have no words, and thanks for recommending it. I sure won’t forget this anytime soon and I might come back to listen to it again.

    Hell its arousing just thinking about it haha

    1. Mmmm, glad you liked it! 😀 Samantha, you seem to have a way of creating delicious visuals in my mind… The thought of you, a sexy school girl, listening to this at school and feeling hot is a HUGE turn on! :-):-* Mmmm, the thoughts running through my mind right now…. Hope your classes are going well! :-*

      1. Well after the audio I wasn’t really concentrating that much in class haha, and I am glad I get to give such visuals

        1. Well, I must admit I was feeling wonderfully distracted too after your sexy comments 🔥😘

  17. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    I love how unrestrained she felt in your presence. Inspiring.

    1. Mmmm, I like knowing you listened to this one🔥Her vocals and orgasms may have been unrestrained but not her wrists and ankles😉 YOU, pretty lady, are inspiring 😘

      1. CarlyQuinnAuthor

        I’m just peeking around, a little more out of my shell than the first time.

        1. I like it…I’m always wondering where you will leave a sign you have visited. I’m sooo enjoying your thoughtful and sexy exploration🔥😘

  18. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    I’m shyly getting around to the parts I find most fascinating but am reluctant to comment on. Perhaps reluctant isn’t the correct word, more embarrassed to show my ignorance or misunderstanding. Don’t worry, you’ll drive me slowly into that corner where I’ll just have to ask or burn from inside out with the curiosity of it.

    1. I’m sure you know more than you imagine. And, I am also learning from you in this journey and now you have me burning with curiosity🔥☺️

  19. Do me like this?? 😘🤤
    I love listening to your grunts 💧💦🍆🍑

    1. Mmmm, I like the thoughts your emojis have spinning through my mind, sexy girl😈🍆😘 So, you like this? I think you deserve even better treatment and for much longer… I can’t wait to be deep inside Vegas as you elicit those sounds from me…so deep, close and warm against you, mmmm!🔥🔥🔥Sorry, I’ve been out of touch…a brutal stretch of work but coming out of it soon😊

      1. Email soon lover 😘

  20. Creeped back into your blog…again…I love your grunts. I needed a little something to think about after my long day. Thank you…again 😘

    1. Love knowing you are around and finding some savory distractions for a little stress release💦 It is such a turn on knowing when you do this 😘🔥

  21. I have never been so aroused by sound alone. This is so damned hot, I am pretty sure I will be revisiting when I can listen at full volume and experience the finale WITH Sienna!!! Damn, what a way to start the morning and enjoy midday and conclude at night ——- again, again, again!!! You guys are awesome!!

    1. Just an addendum — I took matters in my own hands while listening again and again and it left me wanting more and more. 😉

      1. Whew!!! When posting something erotic…you have given us the highest form of flattery! 🙂 We’ll be watching…ahem, listening for the audio version of that! 😉 Sienna and I had video images floating through our minds as we pulled this together and were hoping that the audio alone would convey power of this moment . Based on your hot comment, I think it did!

        1. Oh, it certainly allows my imagination to wander!!

    2. Wow, Desiree! Thanks for the super hot comment! 🙂 I felt the same way as I experienced and later watched this. It was the sound…Sienna’s passionate expression and release that trumped any visuals. It also allows the mind to wander…creating the perfect visual. I hope you do watch it again and again…I am probably around my 100th listen and I want more! 🙂

  22. Mr. Modigliani

    That is exactly the way to do it Michael. Take it all aggressively. And, Sienna, you know what I think.

    1. Thank you Mr. M! At times, Sienna is a naughty girl and needs her man to dominate her and fuck her hard…this was one of those times! 😉

      1. Mr. Modigliani

        Yes she does! 😉 I have to say it is damn bold to record it. It reminded me of last Friday (deep sigh)

  23. I hope to see the video that matches this. Wow, Sienna!! 😉

    1. I agree! Michael, the video needs to become a priority. The Fan Club is impatiently waiting. We need MORE, just like Sienna!

      1. We promise to watch again, again, again, again… 🙂

        1. If Michael and Sienna aren’t careful, they will be receiving numerous audio files of us all in the throes of ecstasy.

      2. The Fan Club, you’re too kind! 😉 Love the “MORE” reference…that was such a hot segment in that clip! My Baby was on fire…insatiable, mmmm! This is such a fun, hot chain of comments!

    2. Thank you, Mel! 🙂 I feel the same way about Sienna–WOW!!! The video will be fun to share. We just need to think about how to present it in an erotic way that also communicates what can’t be seen…the hidden layers of fantasy fulfillment and the love surrounding this moment.

      1. I seriously can’t stop listening. You guys are so hot!

  24. I enjoy porn like most every other man enjoys porn. This piece is so much more erotic than any internet porn because it’s unquestionably real, and it so effectively delivers the listener to his/her own memories of being in such a place, enjoying such pleasure. It also delivers us vividly to your bedroom where we might imagine ourselves watching, mouth agape while we touch ourselves in a trance-like state, observing such an arousing scene. Thanks for this, you two.

    1. JK, there is much I love about this comment! The erotic vs. porn distinction is something I personally think a lot about. You and I have often mentioned “the layers” in our communication. I feel like we move towards erotica to the degree we are able to capture the thoughts and emotion of those layers. Like you and Sofia, our experience is sensual, loving, layered and erotic…worlds away from a superficial pornographic experience. It is hot that this was able to tap into your memories and also allow the freedom to wander into our room…the possibilities…

      1. Oh, the possibilities, they make my head spin.

  25. Michael, as I listen and remember that night…. Mmmmmm!!!! I can still feel my body reacting to your amazing command over me which illicited that raw outburst of passion “again….again…again”! The power of this audio alone takes me back there in an instant, our bed of passion, edgy pleasure, blissful lust and adoring love! I love you sweetheart ❤️ Your Sienna

    1. And… I was so happy to surprise you with the new sexy lingerie … At least there is one photo… Because it didn’t stay on long! LOL

      1. Your lingerie was VERY sexy…and that is exactly why it didn’t stay on long! 🔥😈

  26. Sex in Chocolate City

    AGAIN….AGAIN…love the clip and the intensity!

    1. Thank you brother, though limited to audio…glad the passion came through.

  27. Larry Archer

    Wow! You be da man Michael, I know that Sienna has been a bad little girl and you did a good job punishing her. But watch out those women are tricky, they will do something wrong so you are forced to punish her again.

    Love a girl who can come over and over!

    1. Thanks Larry, it is a bit of a catch 22. The more I punish her being my Naughty Girl, the more she wants to be naughty! And…I like it 😉

  28. Astra Traveler

    Dearest Michael & Sienna,
    Thank you Sooo much for sharing your experience. @JK said it best. It’s Sooo Arousing now I have to go “rub one or many out”. Looking forward to your posting the video.
    Your Friend,

    1. Anastasia, thank you for such a hot comment! 🙂 The thought of you responding this way…feeling this arousal…is such a turn on for us! It is exciting to feel the sexual energy we are sending out flowing back to us in such a hot way–chain lightning! 😉

      1. Astra Traveler

        Dearest Michael & Sienna,
        Decided to build on the energy, and waited for Hubby to come home from work….It Was Fan-F*@%-Tastic, and Multiple 😛
        Your Friend,

        1. Anastasia, your husband was struck by chain lightning it seems. Honored to have been a part of the electricity and loved hearing about your electrifying afternoon, so hot!!! 😉

  29. FUCK YEAH! Insanely hot as always! 😀 😀 – hey, is it cool if I envisioned her muffled moans of pleasure due to a thick 9-inch black cock in her mouth? 😉

    1. Jalen, we do have this fantasy of you and your big black cock! As you can tell though in this post, Michael was giving me MORE, MORE, and MORE than enough!!!

      1. Oh hell YES! but I must know…was he fucking your pussy and or stuffing your tight little ass? 😀

        1. I have a feeling you enjoyed this one! 😉 Hot reading about the thoughts surging through you as you listened and envisioned what was happening, what could happen…. For now, we’ll leave this question unanswered and you can “fill in” as you see fit! 🔥

  30. oh yes. i love the little teaser pic that you’ve put up with it, too. outstanding.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Michael chose the photo which he took earlier that night…I had forgotten about it, we thought it was a great intro! Thank you for your comment 🙂

    2. So glad you enjoyed… And the “teaser” pic… Ha!! This was actually moments before the “audio candy” was recorded! Thank you for the comments 🙂

  31. Well fuck me 10 ways to Sunday that was so sexy hot you guys!

    1. Tis…Hi! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the “audio candy” … Always excited to see your comments! 😊 we plan to post the video somehow in a WP PC way… I’ll leave that to Michael’s amazing creativity! xoxo

      1. Audio candy! Perfect way to describe it! 🙂xo

  32. !ay Dios mío!
    You both are making me speak Spanish.
    That was so sexy, sensual, so erotic…. Definitely aroused over here.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you MariMar! 🙂 Excited to hear the sensuality and erotic vibe came through as well…even eliciting a reaction in Spanish!!! 😉

  33. Ohh man!! Amazing Audio!! Michael… I cant imagine the energy levels Sienna bring out in you. You must be at full speed at all times.. it probably carries on in your professional endeavors and you must be excelling.

    1. Thanks Rollex, glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂 As you have probably seen in the galleries, Sienna is smokin’ hot with such a sexy attitude. She is also incredibly bright and definitely inspires me to be a better man every day!

  34. So hot that you posted audio-only at first! You gave me the opportunity to put myself right in the middle of the scene. My imagination went wild!

    1. I imagine you and Steve have created a lot of hot moments that fill in the visuals nicely for this audio! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your reaction and the hot comment!

  35. I love this site. I’m gonna go all hippy on you guys and say ‘Thank you for spreading the light into this world’ 😉

    1. BK, I feel and identify with the hippy vibe. 🙂 So glad you came across this post…it is one of my favorites! I love the spectrum of light Sienna and I are able to move within…feeling the vibrant and sometimes subtle hues of one another’s fantasies, flowing within them, owning them, living them, and the magical warmth of our afterglow. My greatest fantasy is for Sienna to always know and feel that no other woman in the world is loved or adored more than she. At times, this means strapping her down, spanking her hot little ass, and fucking her hard as she comes again and again! 😉

      1. You’re a poet at heart, Michael. Lead us toward the gates of glory.

  36. OMG, I loved this post…ok, I read it but the sounds of you two fucking made me so wet and I had to listen a fee times.


    1. Hi Mel ☺️ So glad you liked it!🔥The thought of you being wet and listening to it again…and again has me feeling rather inspired at the moment.🍆😉 The post is just filler…the audio is certainly the feature.

      1. The audio is delicious and has been listened to and enjoyed countless times by me. 🙂 ♡♡

  37. Still one of my favs. We still need to do this 😘

    1. Yes we do young lady.🔥 You just need to stay in one place for a little while, ha! Seems you have been quite the nomad lately. Hope life is settling down a bit😘

      1. Lol! Well AZ is home for now, and for a while. I promise. I’m always down to travel 😘 lol.

        1. I’m making a “note to self” 😘🔥I travel AZ on occasion.☺️

          1. 😘😘🤞🏼

  38. […] here? If you enjoyed this story and are curious about how it might have sounded, check out the 3:00 Press Play: Again…Again. If you want to read more about cuckolding, I have a category devoted to it with several posts […]

  39. Ha…have to admit this did make me blush🙈🙉👌

    1. Hopefully, you didn’t haven’t it on speaker in public ☺️I hope it was a good blush…things can get a little rowdy in here at times.😊🔥

      1. Lol…no it was with my headphones but was in public while I was waiting for an appointment…it was a good blush… more exhilaration experience 😉 my imagination went a bit wild that for sure.

        1. That funny!😄 I have had moments like that where I am in public listening to something naughty (on my earbuds). My face and ears begin to flush a little and I feel certain that everyone around me can hear what I can, ha! I’ve missed you and feel very pleased to know your imagination drifted into the wild for a stroll.😘🔥

  40. Red and speechless,
    This definitely makes pulses race🙈
    that was something…..😊

    1. I was going to suggest this one last week but thought it might be too much for such shy ears…☺️ It seems you found it though. More than blushing…red and speechless 🔥I can’t help but wonder if you experienced any other sensations… Pretty lady, the thought of it having a certain effect on you is causing me to have a increasingly pressing reaction at this very moment☺️😘

      1. Michael you naughty man
        I have read some very hot posts but I believe this one takes the lead it was more than spicy,
        And it does cause quite a sensation 😊
        Like racing pulse lip biting heavy breathing,
        And I can’t say what else.😄 but a nice cold glass of wine is needed.

        1. Mmmm, I like when you call me naughty 🔥”More than spicy” is high praise coming from you, sweetheart 😘 Since you have been visiting some of my stories, I must confess that I have thought about you in such a situation… ☺️😘

          1. Michael you are a naughty man to think such a thing, I don’t mind though it makes me blush
            I am very bashful I hate it but it is me, and yes your posts are always a little more than spicy. But, very interesting based on the ones I have seen and the shirtless artwork 🙈😄

          2. If you could see the reaction your comment caused me to have, you would be very red right now 😃🔥Perhaps, you might even be feeling other sensations…☺️

          3. I most likely would be😄

  41. What would I do, to be the woman screaming your name. And I would…over and over until it hurt so good and so deep. I miss you so..🔥

    1. I’m returning here soon… I wondered if you would come across this one and listen…insert yourself into the scene. I think about you having been a naughty girl and deserving to be spanked and taken deeply as it hurts so good. Over and over, you squeeze and release all over my manhood as you call my name and confess your naughty desires…🔥😘

      1. Michael…

        Breathing deeply…

  42. mmmmm fuck yes! Love the spanking. oohhh and hearing your voice just a little, mmmmm ohhhh yesss. Would definitely like to hear more. A man’s voice in passion, fucking hot. Now excuse me while I fan my flames a little higher and move off into fantasy, dripping moaning fantasy.

    1. Whew, you have left a fire on my computer (well, pushing against it) with your reaction to this. I seemed to have underestimated the effect of a man’s voice during sex… I will need to dig into my files and find one thats bring it our a bit more… Whew, your message is hot I’m actually having a hard time keeping my hands on the keyboard…thank you for that☺️🔥

      1. Why keep your hands on the keyboard? I wouldn’t. And yeah, find some more clips with your voice. It’s fucking hot. Spanking and talk? oh my! Or listening to a man howl out his orgasm, Fuck! Shit. I gotta take care of this again….

  43. Hot hot hot Michael. 🔥 Definitely stroked the fires today

    1. Thank you, sexy girl…always a pleasure to stoke your fire 🔥😘

      1. And now I’m blushing 🙂 😘

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