In the afterglow of our first time together, Sienna and I are now a thousand miles away, geographically. It will be a month before I am able to have her in my arms again. I suppose the benefit of this physical separation is that we spend a lot of time talking and getting to know one another on a deeper level to include sexual fantasies. In 30 Days (Sienna’s Fantasies), my angelic Sienna opened up to me about her fantasies and, in doing so, revealed her naughty side. Now it is my turn.

My stories of Sienna are no longer really about her. I share them now as erotic dreams for you to step inside. What would you do? Could you do it? What aspects would be different and how would put your own stamp on certain situations with your man. I may never know your erotic thoughts but I hope these stories inspire them…and I especially hope they make your juices flow.

The fantasy I was most nervous about revealing to Sienna was my Big Black Cock (BBC) fantasy. My desire to release and witness the erotic inversion of my sweet angelic lover – seeing her taken by a hung black man – was already lighting an erotic tempest within me. It seems the stronger I feel about a woman, the more intense this fantasy burns within me. It is a strange realization, but I am aware of it.

Having the fantasy is one thing but sharing it with a woman I am falling for is a delicate dance. Is it too much to reveal? How shocked would she feel to know the man she is falling in love with wants to see her taken by another man? It might be a complete turnoff and make her question our relationship all together. Or, it could become an erotic force that drives both of us towards transcendent ecstasy.

There is a duality of conflicting emotions running me and I know this is a risky revelation. I don’t want to hide this part of me. I need to be free to express my erotic desires. It is a lot to ask of woman, but I need this edge. I ache for the transcendent whirlwind of romantic love against the disorienting inversion of cuckolding. Can Sienna weather this erotic storm?

Dionysus - 7

The question before me now is how to share the fantasy? The erotic stories we spin during phone sex or messaging have been amazing so revealing my fantasy as part of an erotic story may be the best approach. It is a beautiful sunny day as I slip out of the office for lunch and into my car for a little privacy to call to Sienna. Typical of these early conversations, she is in a private place where she can speak freely and touch herself. We catch up on things and then slip into some sexy talk.

I describe how amazing it feels to touch and hold her close, whisper deeply how beautiful and sexy she is, and speak of the energy swirling around me when I’m in her presence. I’m loving her and ensuring she knows I feel like she is the most amazingly sexy woman in the world. Every single word of it is true and comes from my soul.

Working through a sexy vignette, I introduce a dildo into the scene. I describe its size and make a point of mentioning it is much larger than my cock. This larger cock is a gift of pleasure from me – the man who loves her. I want her to savor and accept this gift of pleasure free from any guilt or shame. As the story evolves, I take it up a notch. “Baby, imagine this dildo is actually another man.”

Sienna is tentative but slowly eases into the story. She is now rubbing her pussy and whispering sweet naughty things about how crazy hot and exciting she finds the fantasy while lacing her reactions with how much she adores me. She is managing a delicate balance as well – sharing her desire for another man while reassuring me how much she cares for me.

She is enjoying the thought of experiencing the fullness of another man’s larger cock and this is filling me with fire. I open up my shirt and pants and grip my hard slick shaft. Time to turn up the heat even further. My heart is pounding as I pump my cock a few more times to edge my building orgasm. “Sexy girl, this man…this other man with a larger cock for your pleasure…he’s black.” I pause. There is silence. This is the moment of truth.

Slowly, I hear Sienna’s breathing becoming deeper and heavier. “Baby, you want your girl to have…a big black cock?” I’m surprised she knows the phrase. I answer her question by describing how sexy she would look lost in ecstasy with her little pussy stretched tight around his thick, black cock. I go on about how much I want to see her cum on his big cock, how he is aching to fill her pretty white pussy with his seed, and how turned on she is making me. Sienna’s breathing becomes more pronounced and erratic. The sound of my voice and thoughts of a large black cock filling her pussy are swirling through her mind and soon drives her through the orgasmic threshold.

Sienna - Blacked 10

It excites me to no end knowing this beautiful, sweet girl just came while thinking about me watching her fuck another man. Now she wants me to cum and continues the story. I run my hand up and down over my rock-hard cock as her sexy, sweet voice transports me. “Baby, I want to satisfy your every desire and it makes me sooo, sooo hot thinking about you watching me being stretched wide and filled so deeply by big black cock. I will do it…for you.”

She will do it – for me. I am lost in the dream and completely mesmerized. The mind fuck is intense. All too soon, I blast multiple creamy ropes up on my stomach and share my passion filled release, vocally, with my sexy girl. Sienna is playful and laments how she wishes she would have been with me so I could have cum in her mouth. Mmmm, I must be dreaming. How can a woman seem to embody my every desire on so many levels? Awash in fiery burn of early romantic love, I am beginning to think Sienna is perfect for me in every way.

Beyond the Big Black Cock fantasy, I would eventually reveal a few more sexual fantasies which included: satisfying her wildest fantasies, D/s, exhibitionism (by Sienna), spa naughtiness, and small penis teasing (erotic humiliation).

How would Sienna respond to my early sexual bucket list?

“Michael, I am so drawn in to your fantasies. I love, respect and honor your fantasies, my Love. I will be your Hestia AND your Aphrodite!” ~ Your Loving Sienna

Sienna - 30 Days 1 v3

Our burning ring of fire was now ablaze.

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  1. I have to be careful where I read your stuff cause damn. You think I would learn, so hot and amazingly written. You make me lose words and I’m usually good with them

    1. I’m flattered (and aroused) that you find this exciting to read. 😘 I always feel a bit uneasy sharing this fantasy…and it usually doesn’t go over very well. But, here it is. ☺️

      1. And here we are. 😘

      2. gulp.. yes

  2. Let me know if you ever have an Average Size Old White Guy fantasy and I will be more than happy to help out. Sexy read, btw.

    1. Appreciate the comment Eliot…so glad you enjoyed my revelation to Sienna. I’ll keep you in mind for the Average-Sized Old White Guy fantasy 😊

  3. Omg this was so hot wow I think I need a shower and take my toy with me lol great content mmmm wish my writers was good as you

    1. Mmmm, if this inspired shower AND toy time, I am flattered 😈🔥It’s hot when other find heat in these experiences. It is a gift that keeps on giving 💫

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