If you have been with me for a while, you may have noticed I enjoy creating the artwork for my posts. Periodically, I pull some of these works together into a theme-based digital art gallery. This particular gallery is a collection of “magazine covers” I created for the Cuckold Corner.

The Cuckold Corner is an ongoing series on my blog (The Dionysian Experience) containing discussions with men and women interested in cuckolding or erotic themes often found in cuckolding. During these interviews, I try to keep things real with the sexually curious female reader in mind and share my thoughtful perspectives on this increasingly popular sexual kink.

Most of these interviews, with the exception of Carol Ann – Black Mystique, were backdated at initial publishing and never “featured” as new releases. However, I’ve enjoyed the creating the digital art and wanted to feature the collection. If you are interested in reading some of the interviews, I’ve included links to each article. If not, I hope you enjoy the covers ~ Michael

Cuckold Corner –  The Covers

Cuckold Corner, Volume 1 (Carol Ann – Black Mystique) is a two-part discussion with Carol Ann focused on the allure of interracial sex. While married, she is neglected and found what she needed in the arms of a younger black man…and his friends.

Cuckold Corner Vol 1

Cuckold Corner, Volume 2 features a discussion with KC about his journey into cuckolding. I want to acknowledge up front that some may doubt the authenticity of what KC will share in this interview. However, the importance of his revelations is not really about whether they are factual or fantasy. Rather, it gives us insight into a cuckold’s innermost thoughts and fantasies.

Cuckold Corner Vol 2 (v2)

Cuckold Corner, Volume 3 is focused on one man’s journey into cuckolding with his fiancé. Joshua is a 30-something, white American male that wants to see his lover with a well-hung black man. He describes why the fantasy excites him, how he introduced it his lover, and how he made her comfortable with the fantasy…eventually desiring it herself.

Cuckold Corner Vol 3

Cuckold Corner, Volume 4 features a discussion with Henry and, once again, is centered on some rather outlandish beliefs. Henry’s cuckold fantasy is driven by his status as a “beta male” and the surrender of his lover (and her womb) to the more dominant and physically superior black “alpha male”.  Henry desires to be subservient to both his lover and her new man.

Cuckold Corner Vol 4

Cuckold Corner – Amanda on the Black Mystique In this edition, Amanda, a 30-something white female discusses her sexual curiosity about black men and cuckolding.

Cuckold Corner Vol 9

Cuckold Corner – Amanda on Cock Size: Step inside for an extended discussion with a 30-something woman on the topic of cock size, small penis teasing, big black cock, and erotic humiliation.

Cuckold Corner Vol 10

Cuckold Corner – Sienna’s Black Cock Sensations: In the afterglow of my first interracial cuckolding experience with Sienna, I have the great pleasure of talking to my own girl about how it felt to experience a Black Bull.

Cuckold Corner Vol 11

Brian’s Interracial Cuckold Confession  Brian opens up about his desire to watch his lover with black men and his own desire to submit to those men. It is a fascinating stroll through the mind of a cuckold as he opens up and shares his most secret, decadent desires.

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16 thoughts on “Digital Art – The Cuckold Corner

  1. I always enjoy our artwork as much as your actual writing. Nice to see those talents being put to good use haha

    1. Haha, I’m trying to sell some magazines 😛I’m glad you like the art though and hope to be worthy of this praise with future creations. Would be fun to do a version of you but I would put her (you) in such naughty situations… 😈🔥

      1. I’d buy some lol. Would you now? I’m intrigued

      2. Random restumble on this comment haha

  2. Wonderful artwork Michael!

    1. Thank you ☺️ I imagine a few of these “articles” are in your erotic wheelhouse 😈

      1. For sure 😉 hehehe

  3. Mmm, the women on your covers are beautiful! And this makes me crave my Bull’s big black cock… Lovely images and article titles. 🔥

    1. Mmmm, what a sexy comment Miss Violette 🔥I’ve been enjoying your blog and wondering if you were a woman that has experienced this…so hot to know you have.😈 Glad you enjoyed the artwork and how some of the titles spoke to you. ☺️

      1. I have indeed experienced this, but surprisingly it’s not the hottest thing we’re exploring right now… I’ll get into it soon on my blog. It’s been an incredible and incredibly hot journey with my love. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

        1. I’m sure I will and looking forward to it 🔥

  4. These are amazing! Which software do you use? I’d have been thinking of getting into digital 3D as well.

    1. Thanks brother! I use DAZ Studio. The system is free so and comes with starter material so it is easy to download and get started. They make their money on content purchases you make later but they have plenty of sales so it is all rather affordable.

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