Sienna and I explored many things sexually and interracial cuckolding was one of our favorite fantasies. For the hundreds of you that visit my blog each day specifically for the cuckold content (but are too embarrassed to comment or click the like button), this post is for you. It includes links specific to my cuckold(ish) experiences with Sienna for your viewing pleasure. Some of the stories don’t yet have links but I will add those links once I release the stories.

Sienna - Black Dress 6 v4

I’m in the process of retelling our story and all of these posts are backdated. Consider this a sneak preview. Hope you enjoy.

The above posts are specific to cuckolding, interracial sex, and erotic humiliation but our relationship was about much more. It was a love story.

Suggested Readings:

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  • Cuckolding – The Essentials – My core cuckold content focused on the psychology of cuckolding to include interviews with other cuckolds and the women who cuckold us
  • Lilah – My loving, erotic journey with Lilah and our extremely hot cuckold stories


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  1. Excellent, Michael. I enjoy your texts. Intelligent and very arousing 😘🔥😘🔥


    1. Thank you Christina 😘 I thought some folks into that are into cuckolding might enjoy these real-life experiences buried deep in my archives. 🔥

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