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Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzed one billion sex-related search terms as research for their 2012 book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts. They found that cuckold-related searches rank #2 among most searched for sexual content on the internet. Ogas and Gaddam drilled down even deeper. After gaining access to the database of a popular cuckold erotica site, they identified the following as the most common two-word search phrases: Black Cock #1, Black Man #2, and Big Black #6. Cuckolding and interracial sex are separate fetishes but they are often intertwined in sexual fantasies and, as the data suggests, very popular.

The distinction between interracial relationships in general and interracial sex as a kink should be noted. The former refers to people falling in love without regard to ethnic differences. The latter sexualizes and eroticizes ethnic differences and is the focus of my exploration. The interracial sex fetish flows both ways and isn’t only the sexual fetishization of black men by “some” white people. There are also “some” black men that fetishize women and wives of other ethnicities. Each derives added sexual pleasure from the interracial layers of these sexual liaisons.

My interviews are intended to uncover commonalities and differences in how people perceive and experience the cuckold and interracial sex fantasies, separately or together.

Carol Ann on the Black Mystique

Carol Ann - 3

Carol Ann is a 33 year-old, white female married to a doctor that is several years her senior. Carol Ann once wrote about an affair she had several years ago with a young black man. Based on how cuckolding is practiced as a fetish, Carol’s story isn’t really cuckolding since it wasn’t something she and her husband shared. However, it does shed some real-world perspective on the allure of black men to some women and opens up my exploration of the psychology behind the black mystique. I was fascinated by her story and reached out to see if she would be interested in sitting through an interview to discuss the allure of interracial sex and The Black Mystique.

Michael: Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Carol Ann: Sure. I’m nervous but interested in talking with you about this. You seem well informed on the subject already so I’m not sure I can tell you much that you don’t already know. I’m hoping it may clear some things up for me though.

Michael: You are very kind. The thoughtful perspective of women on this topic is something that is missing in the larger discussion of cuckolding and interracial sex. What you share will be an important contribution.

Carol Ann: We’ll see.

Michael: I understand your husband is a doctor. Most of us would imagine you have a nice standard of living and enjoy the comfort and luxury that comes with it. What was missing in your life that led to your affair?

Carol Ann: His work takes so much of his time. He spends long hours from home at his clinic, in the hospital, or traveling for medical conferences. Whenever he is home, he seems exhausted and has little energy left for me. I felt emotionally and physically neglected.

Michael: Unfortunately, far too many women can identify with this. Did you ever talk with him about how you felt?

Carol Ann: I did, but he only dismissed my feelings as silly and immature. He points around the house and tells me how his work has provided for everything we enjoy and a lifestyle beyond what we ever imagined. It provides vacations for us all over the world and will allow our children to attend the best universities and secure their futures. For all of this, he tells me I should be more supportive of him and more attentive to what he needs.

Michael: How does it make you feel when he says that?

Carol Ann: He has given me a lot, and I do appreciate everything he has done. I take care of the house and children and don’t ask him for much. I try to do things for him and be sexually available to him. He’s just not interested in sitting and talking with me and certainly not interested in sex. The thing is, I’m a person too and I also have needs…social, emotional and sexual needs. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to touch me or seem to need sex. I wish he saw me as beautiful and desirable. What am I supposed to do?

Carol Ann - 8 copy

While I don’t know Carol Ann’s husband, I suspect this is a classic example of the cognitive dissonance he finds in the contrasting pull of the Hestia (goddess of the hearth) and Aphrodite (sexual goddess) archetypes. He wants a wife that raises their children, tends to the home, and takes care of him – Hestia. He doesn’t want to see his wife as a sexual being – Aphrodite. Carol Ann wants to be Hestia but also wants to embrace her sexuality which is being repressed. I discuss this in more length in Hestia vs. Aphrodite – Cognitive Dissonance.

Michael: Trust me, you are a beautiful woman and have really taken care of yourself. Your erotic mind is spectacular too. He is definitely missing out. If you don’t mind me asking, how often do you and your husband have sex?

Carol Ann: Thank you, Michael. Flattery will get you everywhere! The feeling is mutual…

Michael: Now you are making me blush, thank you.

Carol Ann: You are humble and confident, I like that in a man. Okay, sex with my husband? We usually have sex only after I complain, which isn’t often. Even then, it feels very perfunctory and devoid of any passion. Honestly, it is barely worth complaining about. Maybe once or twice a year. I think some years have passed without us having sex at all.

Michael: Sorry to hear that. This puts you in a tough spot. Human touch, intimacy, and feeling desired is something we all need. So, time passed as your disappointment rose. Then you met DeMarcus. Tell me about this young black man.

Carol Ann: Oh DeMarcus, he is such a dear, delightful young man. I met him while we were both doing some volunteer work. He played football for the local college, and I was often volunteering at these events too. He exuded such vitality, spontaneity, and virility. DeMarcus was so full of fun and always made me laugh.

Michael: So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am exploring the psychology around interracial sex as a kink. People sometimes eroticize ethnic differences. For example, a white male may eroticize Asian women and vice versa. The same is sometimes true of black men and white women. Do you think you were drawn to DeMarcus in a unique way because he was black?

Carol Ann: Oh my, this is uncomfortable.

Michael: Take your time. This question is really gets to central point of inquiry for this interview.

Carol Ann: I don’t know, this is hard. I’m feeling rather flustered right now having your attention and talking about sex.

Carol Ann - 9

Michael: So perfectly naughty aren’t you? Going back to that moment in your life, do you think it would have felt equally exciting to have the same attention from a young white man at that point in your life?

Carol Ann: I’m being vague, sorry dear. I just have so many thoughts and feelings about all of this and sometimes they feel like they contradict one another. To answer your question – yes. I found it immensely exciting to have a black man flirting with me and making me feel sexy, appreciated, and desired. I would have still been flattered with another man but the whole dynamic changed with DeMarcus being black.

Michael: Tell me more about this “dynamic”?

Carol Ann: I’ve been thinking about this since you first contacted me. So, I was feeling a lot of things but I can’t deny that if felt very taboo and it made everything extra exciting. Throughout my life, it was made very clear to me and all my friends that it was unacceptable to date black boys. This admonishment would follow with a list of negative attributes to include them being over-sexed. We were told that what they really wanted more than anything was to sexually ravage us and ruin us with their over-sized sexual organ. If we were to ever allow this to happen, we would be cast away and left to fend for ourselves. Having sex with a black boy would change our lives. It all felt very scary as a young girl, but it also made me curious. In some ways, it made me want to do it even more.

Michael: Wow, this is great insight you are sharing. I appreciate the transparency. Give me just a moment to take this in.

Carol makes an interesting point here about the “taboo” of interracial sex between black men and white women. Personally, I believe there are a handful of additional psychological drivers behind interracial sex which I will explore in the future. She touches on a few them throughout the interview. Without going into it, I think we can recognize the shameful origin of how this came to be taboo. While fading, the taboo nature of it still lingers for some. In some ways, the rising popularity of interracial sex is a sign that the times are a changing and a rejection of old beliefs. Additionally, sexual repression of women has been going on for centuries. The notion of sex being a sin, shameful, or something good girls don’t do is a behavioral expectation that isn’t applied equally to men and women. The “taboo” unification Carol Ann speaks of is, in a sense, rebellion against artificial societal constructs. Rebellion and liberation from societal oppression and structure is the realm of the ancient Greek god Dionysus – the archetypal energy of my blog, The Dionysian Experience. It is this archetypal Dionysian energy that calls for the oppressed to be free, return to nature, and to embrace pleasure and ecstasy in all its forms.

Dionysus - Ecstasy v2

Michael: So, as you were growing up you perceived black men as being more sexual and possessing larger….cocks.

Carol Ann: Yes, we felt like they might split us in two or at least ruin us for any potential white suitor.

Michael: As you think about this now, how do such childhood tales of caution stand up over time?

Carol Ann: That attitude does seem like a relic from another era. I will never have such conversations with my daughters. I can’t even imagine saying such things. I only want them to be happy and it doesn’t matter what the boy looks like as long as he loves her and takes care of her. This was true even before I began having sex with black men. I think things like this are still said in some homes but, overall, it is fading with time and the passing of each generation. Younger people are more open minded these days and better informed. 

Michael: I totally agree with this assessment. You mentioned having a curiosity about the size of black men. Can you describe the appeal of a large cock to you?

Carol Ann: Gosh, this is so embarrassing. Before I married, I dated a couple of other boys. I wanted to have sex but felt like I had to make each of them wait for a long time. It was what a good girl was supposed to do, right? If I had sex too early, they would think badly about me and I would get a bad reputation. That would have been the most shameful thing ever. Even when I finally did have sex, it was always disappointing. They would get on top of me and orgasm rather quickly. Then, it was over. They all basically had the same size penis and I guess I began to associate sexual satisfaction with penis size. These men disappointed me, and I wanted more. Everyone was saying that black men were over sexed and had big genitalia as if this was supposed to discourage me? No, it is exactly what I was craving! I couldn’t though for fear of being banished from my family and friends and losing all hope of ever getting married.

Michael: The theme around societal pressure and sexual repression is coming through loud and clear. These young men had to wait a long time and I’m sure they were very excited when you finally said yes. Unfortunately, you had a few bad draws with those guys. Did you ever talk to them about your needs?

Carol Ann: No, I didn’t feel like I could. I wasn’t supposed to be a sexual being or want sex for the sake of pleasure. Sex was an act of love and not about pleasure. This is how good girls are supposed to be. I was interested in finding a husband and these men wouldn’t want a woman for a wife that was so focused on sex. They wanted to marry a good girl.

Michael: This tug of war between the “good girl” and “sexy girl” is something men and women struggle with. I wrote a bit on this in a paper called Hestia vs. Aphrodite: Cognitive Dissonance. This is very real and tough for women (and men) to successfully navigate. Earlier, you mentioned earlier an association with penis size to heightened sexuality. You have obviously seen DeMarcus nude, were you happy with what you found?

Carol Ann: Oh yes, wow! The first time I saw DeMarcus naked, I was absolutely mesmerized. I felt overwhelmed yet so appreciative to have the opportunity to be in the presence of such a magnificent specimen. DeMarcus didn’t have a penis, he had a large, strong, veiny cock with a plump purplish head possessing a large ridge. My heart and my lady parts tingled with desire. His rich, dark cock commanded my full attention and desire!

Carol Ann - 10

Michael: Mmmm, that was a really hot visual. Tell me more about sex with DeMarcus?

Carol Ann: That turned you on? Good! I have to keep reminding myself that these things also excite you. I would actually love to interview you sometime, ha!

Michael: You are so sweet and sexy, thank you. As you have seen, I write plenty about my thoughts on this topic and cuckolding throughout my blog. There are a lot more men and women than you might suspect that are turned on by this subject. Why don’t you indulge us all and share a bit your experience with De Marcus.

To be continued – Carol Ann – The Black Mystique (Part II)

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  6. Very hot. I’m the offspring of an interracial marriage. But Asian and European. Not black and white. I do have a white (Australian) husband! So… there’s that I guess? Lol

    1. Thanks so much for the visit. Relieved to see a comment from a woman that this was hot. I’ve been hesitant to post this as a new release (instead of just backdating it and burying it in my archives. So, really appreciate it! 🙂 Your blog looks great…I’m a new follower now or I guess a new member of the cult of Kim.

      1. I love that You are one of the earliest of followers. I have a thing with names and Michael is a name that holds great significance to me.

        1. Thank you, it is a treat to follow you. And, I am honored that you are here.

  7. This was very interesting. I especially liked the part about good girl and sexy girl. That is a difficult hurdle for women to overcome

    1. So true. I think it is confusing for men too as we have conflicting views about what we want in a lover or in how a woman wants to be treated. Communication is an obvious answer but these topics aren’t always the easiest topics to discuss and puts us in a vulnerable position if we experience rejection or are shamed for our desires.

      1. My husband also found himself divided. He could not understand his desire to see me with black men.

        1. Early on when this desire was just taking hold, I felt ashamed every time I came thinking about. It is amazing now to realize the popularity of interracial sex and interracial cuckolding in the world of kinks.

          1. My husband also felt very ashamed in the beginning. Now he’s proud of wanting me to be intimate with black men.


    2. I also found myself divided between the good white wife and the dirty white woman.

      1. Which do you prefer. You probably have days wanting one and other moments desiring to be the other.

        1. Yes, I do. Some days, in fact most of the time, I am the good wife. Fortunately me lets me have sex with a black man who gives me what my husband can’t give me.

          1. Consider yourself lucky. Not many women have that opportunity.

          2. Thanks for saying!! I can’t be reminded too often about my luck. I have been very lucky to have a man who really loves me. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, but now I have found true love. I am very grateful!

          3. Very happy for the two of you.

          4. Thanks! It’s much appreciated!

        2. Both things are parts of me. I am both person. And I have come to love the “bad girl” as well. Thanks to my husband who supports me all the way.

          1. Great that he supports you. This is an opportunity to take your love and connection to a whole new level.

          2. You are a wise man. It’s great to meet understanding and open minded people. I appreciate your kind words very much. Thank you!

          3. Yes, it is good to meet people who are open, Thank you

      2. I wrote a non-cuckold post about this called Hestia vs. Aphrodite. These were Greek gods of the home and sexuality, respectively. Women have these two callings within them and they often appear to be in contrast. Cuckolding allows for a women to fulfill both callings.

        1. You’re right. Cuckolding was the solution to the problem in our marriage.

          I just Googled Hestia. I don’t think that I heard about her in high school.

          I find it great that you use mythological figures as archetypes

          1. Society reveres the Hestia archetype and, in many countries, denies Aphrodite. The ability of a woman to release her inner Aphrodite is a special gift.

          2. I would call is true blessing for me AND for my husband. It’s great that we can leave the normal world and go to a place where we can just enjoy and play. It’s freedom.

  8. Naughty just in time for Christmas 😉
    Steamy good post and I liked it,

    1. Yes, I’m still trying to move my blog to this location (I have it in two places right now). WP really jammed me when closed my blog. Sorry in advance for all the posts that may be dropping in here. I’m working hard behind the scenes and being a little inward focused. Look forward to catching up on your writing in the future…be patient with me. 😘

    2. She has a serious craving doesn’t she? Do you have a thought on this topic, sexy girl that you are comfortable sharing? 🔥

      1. I think is very interesting topic I mean that in a good way. I think people be able to be honest enough with themselves and a lover with what their desire is. And I do believe their are many who feel like they cannot because they feel pressure to be a “good girl or Gentleman”.
        Also I found your post relatable in a way. I have never been watched niether watched anyone but I do like hearing the sounds other people make, and I don’t mind if people hear me. I think it’s very erotic.

        1. You have a very sexy and open mind. I suspect this good girl/sexy girl dilemma is something you may have had to struggle with over the years. Personally, I think your sweetness and sexiness is blended perfectly 😘 I sitting here thinking about hearing your sounds…seeing you make them. ☺️🔥

          1. Well thank you kindly I’ve leaned to balance the good girl/sexy girl in me. 😊
            As far as the sounds well man noises during a sexy act makes it more sexy. Hearing a man growl is nice too. 🙈
            And Mr. Michael you are a naughty man in a good way.

  9. Very interesting read. For me as a white married woman who is very fascinated by black male sexuality, it’s great to hear how other white women describe their attraction to black males.


    1. It is rare to get a such a candid glimpse inside the mind of woman who has this desire. I’m sure there was plenty she was holding back, but it was still fascinating and very hot. Too bad she couldn’t share it her husband.

      1. I agree. Many couples are missing out on some very beautiful experiences due to the lack of trust and intimacy. It’s a pity because I love and respect my husband even more because he’s a cuckold. This takes a lot of courage that probably most men don’t have.

  10. By the way, I love your amazing pictures. They illustrate the subject very well.


    1. Thank you Christina, digital art is a passion of mine and love trying to bring my writings to life with these visuals. ☺️✨

      1. Please post more IR digital art. My husband would like to post it on, but if he adds a link they are going to block him.

        1. I would prefer that my art not be shared without a link. I work hard on these and don’t want them flying all over the internet.

  11. I forgot to say this: I love the emphasis that you put on embracing “pleasure and ecstasy.” Your goal is to liberate us as sexual beings. Thanks for working on this.

    Thanks to interracial cuckolding I have found out and come to accept that it’s OK to be horny as a married white woman. It’s OK that I desire to be fucked in rough way by a masculine, very well endowed dominant black male. It’s OK to be a “dirty” woman. What a relief. I don’t have to try to be someone that I am not. I am OK as I am. That’s an amazing feeling.

    My husband loves me even more because I embrace my own strong sexuality.

    He says: “I admire you because you have the courage to be who you are. You have the courage to be the real Christina. And I love your strong sexuality, your lust for big black cocks.”

    Thanks, Hans. I love you!

    1. “Pleasure and ecstasy”…yes. 🔥Dionysus was the Greek god of ecstasy and the Dionysian experience is something we too often deny ourselves. As you said, it is okay to have these primal desires to reach transcendent ecstasy. It calls to each of us in different ways and yours in the form of a masculine dominant black man. I share that same desire for women to experience that pleasure… 😈🔥Hans is a good man to embrace the journey with you.

  12. “Pleasure and ecstasy”…yes. 🔥Dionysus was the Greek god of ecstasy and the Dionysian experience is something we too often deny ourselves. As you said, it is okay to have these primal desires to reach transcendent ecstasy. It calls to each of us in different ways and yours in the form of a masculine dominant black man with a big black cock. I share that same desire for women to experience that pleasure… 😈🔥Hans is a good man to embrace the journey with you.

    1. I remember Dionysus from high school 😊 It’s a pity that our modern western world tries to fight this wonderful part of our nature.

      I love Hans very much because he embraces the Dionysian parts of my nature. He says that he loves to see a true white Greek Goddess with most handsome extremely well equipped black man. He says that he ADMIRES and ADORES me because of my beautiful sexuality. And because I have the courage to do what WE want instead of what society tries to dictate.

      You can imagine what my husband’s unconditional love and support means to me.

      1. Hi Christina, thanks so much for this comment. I try to keep my works balanced in the true nature of Dionysus as an archetype. Our sexual kinks take many shapes and most are beyond what society deems appropriate behavior for polite society. Cuckolding is one form but there are others as well. The Dionysian nature is in all of us…men and women. It is about pleasure, ecstasy, joy, love, and transcendence.

        1. It’s great that you use Greek/Roman mythology. After all cuckolding is an intellectual fetish 😊 In the beginning I was somewhat ashamed when I let go of any form of control and just enjoyed my Dionysian parts. My husband is a very caring and loving husband who makes love to me. My black boyfriend uses me, he takes me, he fucks me, and that makes me squirt a lot. Fortunately my husband and my boyfriend both find it very hot that I squirt a lot. Therefore I have learned not to be ashamed of myself.

          I work as a teacher and I am glad that neither my colleagues nor my pupils know anything about me cuckolding my husband. As you put it, this is “beyond what society deems appropriate behavior”.

          I talk to my husband about our conversation here, and he can see that it does me good to communicate with like-minded people. He likes your philosophical approach.

    2. PS Is there any mythological figure that could symbolize Michael, my potent, well-endowed black boyfriend?

      1. I have something that I’ve been using but don’t have my mind fully wrapped around it yet. I need to think through it a bit more. I used it in my Dionysus video – Thoughts Inside a Dream.

        1. Just take your time 😊 We are looking forward to seeing more interesting texts from you.

          It’s a relief to read intelligent things about cuckolding. That has certainly been a desideratum.


      2. I have been reading your posts as a young black bull and all I can say is your black lover sound like a lucky man! I currently have a new cuckold couple (white) as I find there is nothing more sexually satisfying a married white wife it’s almost primal like!!

        1. It does feel very primal 🔥I hope there will be many white wives that get to experience the sexual satisfaction you provide ♉️

  13. Neither my husband nor you are the typical weak, poor losers who are normally portrayed in the stupid cuckold porn. You’re highly intelligent, well educated gentlemen. People should read more about this real aspect of cuckolds.

    1. Thank you for this comment. I am on a mission to portray cuckolding in its true light as a kink that can be enjoyed by couples already in a loving, passionate relationship.

  14. That’s a very beautiful mission. I hope that a lot of couples will seek information by reading your blog.

    There are few good blogs. My husband and I miss Jinxypie.

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