Lilah - Fuck Toy 2-1

Note: This post is backdated and hasn’t yet been featured as a “new release” on my blog. This particular story is about Lilah’s submission to another man – her Dom – and Him taking command over her orgasms. As I uncover notes from my journal this may evolve into several posts and also needs digital art. However, this early iteration is still very hot. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael  

Lilah had been watching some of the videos I sent of our last time together. She was wet and naked on bed preparing to please herself when I made contact with her. I didn’t mean to be a downer but reminded her that she needed to have permission from Mr. Stone and wanted to know if she had taken care of that? I could tell from her response that she wasn’t happy about my reminder or needing to get permission from her Sir to cum.

Lilah loves submission when she’s in that mind-space but even then it is edgy for her. As she and I have discussed, it is this edginess that actually makes it hot. As a strong, independent woman, being submissive is not her natural state or the way she wants to live her life. She can do it in moments but not as a lifestyle. Yet, Mr. Stone seems to draw this desire out of her and makes her want to submit to Him. Lilah craves this submission as much as I desire being cuckolded. It works wonderfully for us and each kink feeds the others desires.

As her lover, I have encouraged Lilah and been supportive of her exploration and journey into submission with Mr. Stone. As a cuckold, her submission to another man provides an intense erotic experience for me as well. While Mr. Stone is a great Dom, there are certain things I bring to the table which Lilah desires of her full-time lover. It’s not much of a stretch to say that if I didn’t stoke the flame occasionally, push on her submissive hot buttons, and remind her of all the hot fun she is having with her Dom, Lilah may have been done with her submissive journey long ago.  

This is one of those times. She is feeling rebellious and frustrated that she can’t cum. She wants to just do it and not tell her Sir. I encourage her to comply with the intent of Mr. Stone’s direction to feel the fullness of the submissive experience. Denial can be as hot as permission. I add that while there may be moments when she wants to be a rebellious sub, she just needs to remember how good it feels for her Sir to take her from behind with his big cock and fucks her deeper and deeper into submission like he did from that very first night and ever since. I add that He earned this ownership of her pussy and her compliance only enriches her erotic experience by living this new reality. She agrees and doesn’t want to mess things up by being a rebellious sub.

Of course, for a woman like Lilah with such a high sex drive, it is impractical to ask every single time she wants to cum. I suggest that she reach out to her Dom and request permission to cum in certain time blocks or for a specific number of orgasms. I know this will make Mr. Stone turned on by reinforcing His command and ownership of my girl’s pussy and also demonstrates her submission and acceptance that her pussy is owned.

A few hours later, Lilah reaches out to let me know her Sir gave her permission to cum with me. She isn’t happy about the whole process but admitted, “I can’t deny that I’m soaking wet right now!” Psychologically, she is experiencing cognitive dissonance. She wonders how she can be so fiercely independent yet become become so turned on having to ask a man for permission to have an orgasm. Her dripping pussy reveals her truth. Lilah then shared some screenshots of the conversation.

Her Dom was also curious if His little pussy was still tender from a couple nights ago.

Lilah – It is feeling okay…still hurts a little.

It is still amazing to me that Lilah’s pussy is often tender for two to three days after an evening with her Dom. She will often tell me that she may feel a little tender in the evening after we are together but her pussy is never sore by the next morning. With Mr. Stone, it lasts for days. Mr. Stone also wanted to know if she had a good time and if I liked hearing about her naughty night?

Lilah – Yes, very much! I had such a good time with you and I want more! My bf loves how good you make feel and it makes him so hot! He especially loves my submission to you. 

Lilah’s Dom praises her and calls her a “good girl”. He then asks what she means by wanting “more”?

Lilah – More of You! I want more spankings and more of you taking from behind with your big cock!

Mr. Stone loves holding onto her tiny body while she is gripping the sheets below as he fills her up like never before, pounds her little pussy, and fucks her senseless. He also like hearing it from His sub.

Lilah –  I love it to and I’m hoping you will do it again on Friday night! You are addicting me to big dicks! In the meantime, Sir, may I please have permission to cum with my boyfriend this week? 

Mr. Stone is in an agreeable mood, “Yes you may, my pretty fuck toy.”

Lilah – Thank you, Sir.

Mr. Stone goes on to clarify the conditions in which Lilah is allowed to have orgasms. She can ask Him for permission to cum with me on a weekly basis. If granted, she is allowed to cum with me as much as she wants. I like this one. Now when I’m chatting and getting hot with my lover, she is free to cum with me as long as her Sir gave her permission for the week.

The second stipulation deals with other men. If she is getting worked up for one reason or another (outside of me) and wants to cum, she will need to ask Him for permission each time. If there is no reply in a reasonable time, she is allowed to cum. I think this one is fair as well. Since Mr. Stone owns Lilah’s pussy it seems reasonable that he should know if another man is making her hot and wanting to cum.

While Lilah is exploring her submissive edge, each step she takes deeper into submission also deepens the erotic rush of my cuckold experience. It is a lot just to have the woman you love having sex with another man. Even this is too much for most people. It goes to another level of “mind fuck” when the woman you are in a loving relationship with has given ownership of her pussy to another man. Knowing my girl has to ask another man for permission to cum is dizzyingly erotic.

Later in the day, Lilah has another chat with Mr. Stone. Knowing she is going to coming over the next few days, he encourages her to scream the same way she does when coming on his cock. Lilah admits this will be impossible. “My touch just isn’t the same as yours, Sir…even with my vibrator.” She attributes this to his unique abilities, Dom skills, and big cock. “Plus, your overall size is overpowering. It scares me in a hot way…like when your threatened to have me spread out and restrained so fast if I didn’t spread my legs open for the crop. 🔥🔥”

Lilah is still being feisty with her Sir though and reminds him that submission is not her natural state. He wants no part of that nonsense from His babygirl. “When you are pinned down by me, submission IS your natural state.” That line makes Lilah sooo hot! She wants to fight it but her submission to Mr. Stone so compelling and erotic. She continues with her Sir. “You put me in a trance. My boyfriend does too but not in the same way you do.”

As our day winds down, my balls are full and my erection is straining for release from the erotic tension of the day. Lilah’s pussy is wet and juicy with arousal and she is desperate to cum. Our bodies are speaking our truth as they have throughout this hot, erotic journey. We hop on the phone and drive one another into intense orgasms. One powerful creamy release for me and multiple orgasms for Lilah. After all, she has to get them in while she can. Her Sir gave her permission to cum…with me.

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