Continuation of Yumi – It’s Magic

After fighting off that initial and surprisingly overwhelming need to cum, I am finally able to stay inside Yumi without blasting my load. She is struggling too. Her hands are clutching onto anything she can grab as I slowly fuck her. I’m not balls deep yet but aching to feel the sensation of being entirely buried inside her.

I pull her up off the table while grabbing a breast in each hand as I pull her in tight against my body. I hold her firmly as I arch my hips inward and upward to give her my full measure. She grasps desperately at my forearms. She gives me a muffled, “Oh My God!” I like how some phrases translate so easily in English. I thrust upward and into her even harder…I want her to feel my cock in her chest!

Yumi 305

With each thrust, I have the distinct sensation that the base of my cock is causing her body to rise off the floor. I hear her heels tapping as they touch the ground between deep thrusts. Yumi reaches up with one hand is now frantically grasping at the back of my head and clutching my hair…grasping for anything to release the tension she is feeling. “OH MY GOD!! Michael!” Her other arm reaches up and is also grasping at my head. This is the moment of her complete surrender. My cock feels so long, thick and powerful and I am so deep inside Yumi.

Yumi is going crazy. I’m not far behind. Her hands are everywhere frantically gripping at my hands, arms, and head. I move one hand to her neck and softly grip her. She is losing control. I grip her neck more strongly. “Does that feel good?” “Yes,” she says. I squeeze her neck even tighter. I am absolutely devouring her and she is loving it. I whisper breathily in ear while gripping her neck, “Your pussy feels so good, Yumi. You like my big cock deep inside you, don’t you? Cum for me Yumi…cum all over me.”

I continue to lift her off the ground with each upward thrust. I then hold her in the air like a hot little fuck doll while swirling my hips and bouncing her up and down on my manhood. “Cum for me Yumi, cum!” Her entire body begins to shake and spasm. She begins to talk, “I’m doing it…Michael…Michael…it happening….oh my god…OH…MY…GOD!!!” She falls quiet and limp in my arms.

I ease her down and bend her over the massage table. She isn’t done. Well, I’m not done with her. Her eyes are now closed but her mouth remains open as if in a fixed sigh of pleasure. “Look at me Yumi.” Her eyes open as I continue moving inside her. Her long lashes float like dreamy butterfly wings. Her eyes are moist, sparkling pools of quiet fire. I look deep into her eyes, “How does it feel?” She struggles to speak between my slow thrusts and her eyes are slightly rolling, “Soooo….sooo…so good. You so amazing!” I ask, “Do you want me to cum inside you?” She moans weakly between my steady strokes and nods, “Yes… Michael…push inside me.”

Having survived that initial surge to cum so quickly, I’ve been in good control since then. I know our time ran out long and I need to wrap things up. It won’t take long to cum after giving myself the green light to release inside a woman like Yumi. I feed my own naughty thoughts as I work toward my crescendo. “I own Yumi’s pussy now. Mine!”

I grip her hips and fuck her tight little pussy like I do own it. Her sexy ass is all there for me to squeeze, handle, and savor as my soaked and glistening shaft drives powerfully in and out of her magic pussy. Physically, visually, and emotionally…the moment is transcendent for me. I grab her ponytail and push down on her back as I stroke her. My legs begin to shake as my balls load. “Yumi, I going to cum.”

Yumi holds my hips as if preventing me from backing out. “Michael…Yes…push inside me.” She wants to feel my cock explode inside her. I ease my thrusting, clinch my ass, and bury my cock as far inside her pussy as I can fit. With legs shaking like crazy, I erupt! White lights flash before my eyes and the room begins to spin. It feels like I’m about almost pass out from the sensory overload and I pump so many heavy long pulses of cum inside Yumi.

As my eruption subsides, I collapse completely emptied and spent on top of Yumi’s back and nestle my face in beside hers. I’m gasping for air and notice her mascara is running a little and see tears streaming out of her eyes. I now feel her body softly shaking…she is crying. “Yumi, what is it? Are you okay?” I have to wait for a reply while this wave of emotion washes through. I hold her close and caress her as she cries. Finally she says, “Yes, so sorry. It soooo good. So good. Oh my god, so good.”

Yumi isn’t alone in this moment and this wasn’t just run of mill good sex. Our journey had been special and this moment had deeper meaning. She is overwhelmed and brought to tears of joy. Yumi had also achieved transcendent ecstasy. The whole experience seems to have overwhelmed her and brought her to tears. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but it isn’t my first encounter with such an emotional release by a woman. Today, I kissed Yumi’s soul and fulfilled the promise of the rose.

Yumi and I briefly savor our special afterglow but we are running very late. She grabs a paper towel and wipes between her legs. After the emotional scene moments before, this strikes me as a slightly humorous moment. I’m not sure I ever imagined seeing her naked in heels and stockings with her legs spread as she wiped my cum from her pussy with a paper towel. Somehow, she even makes this look sexy.

She looks at the towel and then me, “You did so much!” I laugh. “It’s your fault. You may need a real towel for that. I’m going to be dripping out of you for days.” Yumi smiles and says, “Days? Years, I hope!”

Yumi turns on the light and puts herself back together as I dress. Before we walk out the door, she comes over and places her hands on my face. She pauses and looks deep into my eyes as she takes a deep breath followed by slow releasing sigh. Her eyes are twinkling and never leave mine. Yumi smiles and kisses me on the lips. “Michael, you a dangerous man.”


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  1. She isnt wrong. You are dangerous and addicting. I’d be lying if I said I’m not the slightest bit jealous of her right now ❤️

    1. Dangerous and addicting – I will say the same of you young lady. 💖 You may recall that I do try to write these in present tense but they are from the past. I certainly envision you in such a situation and often do 💫🔥

      1. Present or past tense regardless your writing and experiences are super hot. As for the envisioning me? I’m curious, you caught my interest.

    2. Well said miss ladie..

      Michael is definitely that and much much more

  2. Well Michael.. I’m kinda lost for words..
    But it was definitely worth the wait..

    Your descriptions of the whole encounter was so good. And very detailed…Didn’t leave anything to the imagination.. it’s like watching you both..

    Yumi was everything you had hoped for and more….

    Sex was the best it ever was..

    1. You’ve been along for so much of Yumi’s journey, and I wanted it to feel like you were in the room…perhaps even the one parting your sexy legs too share your gift…

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