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When Yumi – Deep Inside ended, I was sitting up on the side of the massage table with Yumi pulled back against me. My cock was sliding between her legs along the outside of her soaked pussy. In this moment, I am absolutely immersed in a wild bestial surge. My cock is so full and heavy…dripping and pulsing with the arousal.

My intention was merely for Yumi to feel my shaft sliding along her lips and leave her filled with anticipation for our first meeting outside the spa. I was sooo looking forward to FINALLY being inside this gorgeous woman. Then, it hits me. As I slipped my cock between her legs, Yumi had no idea what my intentions were. All she did was slightly part her legs to give me access. The realization is almost shocking but the reality is burning hot before me. Yumi spread her legs and is ready to be taken…now.

The buildup to this moment has been like nothing I have ever known. Yumi has become a goddess in my eyes. From the first time I rested my eyes upon her, I was captivated by her beauty and sensual spirit. I could also sense her sadness early on in our interactions. As a little girl in a far away eastern world, she had dreamed of love. As a woman, trapped in a marriage with a man that treats her like a servant, her dreams of romance and love have faded.

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Over the course of my visits – over two years – there seemed to be a rekindling of light in her eyes that flickered with innocence and sexual curiosity. While it has been has been extremely frustrating at times, Yumi was too compelling to walk away from. She was a journey I absolutely had to take. I had to know how it ended and it didn’t matter how long it took. Now, she is ready.

This moment is a big step in our journey. Yumi’s hand is down between her legs and massaging my dripping cock. I am at the gates of heaven but feeling quite devilish. Her hot, silky juices are soaking my shaft. I didn’t think today would be the day but any notion of self restraint has left the room. There will be no waiting until next time to claim my Asian flower. No, I’m going to fuck Yumi…in her spa…right now.

I wrap my left arm around her waist so she can’t pull away while easing my hips back and pressing my swollen head upward into silky petals. Oh god, my heart is pounding! I feel the heat of her lips and the resistance of her tight pussy resisting my invasion. My head compresses against her hot gates followed by a popping sensation as Yumi’s temple accepts my first offering – a plump, flaring head. At long last, I am inside Yumi…and beyond just being aroused. This is intense for me. My body is shaking and my mind is bending.

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Suddenly, my heady sensation is met with an abrupt *smack!* as Yumi’s right hand grabs my hip. I’m startled! Did I read this wrong? Is she grabbing and bracing or is she saying no? Her hands move around frantically as her nails dig into my stomach and hips. Is it too much for her? Does she want more?

I grab her wrists and pull them up against her chest as I hold her close without moving any deeper inside her. I can feel her shaking and her heart is pounding. “Shhhh, shhhh, shhhh…eeeeasyyyy. It’s okay Yumi. It’s okay.” I continue to hold her close as I begin gently working my head and more of my cock inside her. “Are you okay? Do you want this?” Yumi gives me clarity, “Yes. You so big. Gentle for me, please.”

I don’t walk around in the world thinking I’m hung like a bull. Each woman has her own history of sexual experiences and pussies, like cocks, come in different sizes. Clearly though, I am not what she used to. As this moment is unfolding, I have already been sharing Yumi’s story on my blog and I know there are men and women who feel some connection to Yumi and her journey. Random thoughts flash through my mind about how you—my friends—would react to this moment. Would you be sad Yumi finally surrendered or would you be happy and excited for her? Would I live up to expectations and create a moment worthy of the Yumi’s surrender and a moment worthy of the energy you have invested in journey?

Assuring me that she is okay and wants this, I stand up from where I had been leaning against the massage table. I want take Yumi to places she has never known – to make her feel the lust, passion, and overwhelming emotion that once existed only in her wildest fantasies. I want to fulfill the promise of the rose for Yumi.

I spin Yumi around and bend her over the massage table. Her sweet little ass is arched outward with her pussy stretched around the tip of my straining cock. Her hips, ass, and thighs…OMG…the view is divine! I can barely believe this is actually happening. Yumi’s pussy is sooo hot, wet, and tight. I cannot believe how hard my cock feels.

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I squeeze her ass and hips as I ease more and more of my throbbing manhood inside her. Her head is turned to the side, her eyes are squeezed closed, and her mouth is open wide as if in shock by what she is feeling and doing. Is it pleasure or shame she feels…maybe one feeds the other? She quickly extends one hand back against me again and presses desperately against my hip and lower stomach to control the penetration. She had always been so worried and often teased that I would “break her”. This concern may have been real because she is struggling. Of course, this only makes me want to fuck her harder. Oh god, I want to fuck her so hard!

I’m still in control though…barely. I place my hand over hers and try to soothe her. Yumi is dripping wet and obviously excited, but I’m sure she is scared and feeling very emotional. I lean in close from behind and kiss her cheek and temple. I whispering adoring reassurances and promise to go slow and be gentle. Holding her close from behind, I slowly and steadily work my shaft deeper inside her. Deeper and deeper I sink into the sacred depths of Yumi’s garden. I’m touching places her husband will never reach…opening up spaces and sensations deep inside her pussy she never even knew existed.

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I’m really not even fucking her at this point, just trying to open her up and get the fullness of my manhood inside her. Then, I feel the sudden pulse and surge from my heavy balls. Oh hell no! I quickly pull out to avoid coming so fast. Fuck! Are you kidding me? I keep my hands on Yumi’s ass and back away while trying to gather myself. I have NEVER had a problem with coming too quickly. Never! Why now?! I insert myself back inside her and my cock is on fire again! I pull out. OMG! Seriously???? I shake my hands in the air trying to calm down and rub my face as I try to get a grip. Wow! Oh fuck, it is so good! Damn it! I feel embarrassed after all this buildup but damn! Yumi has magic pussy! I should have known.

To be continued…

The remainder of this experience is completed and available (along with the entire Yumi series) here – Yumi Chronology

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  1. Tease ❤️ Super hot and sweet

    1. Hot AND sweet…I like that combination and would use it to describe you ❤️I think a magic-type reference would apply to you as well 😈

      1. Me? A magician? Maybe a little. But a magician never reveals her secrets you know.

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