About this post: This erotic story was penned by the lovely Sienna many years ago while she was away visiting family during Christmas. At this point in our relationship, cuckolding (her sleeping with other men) had taken center stage as our favorite fantasy. In fact, she had already cuckolded me with several men by this point and her desire for more was ever present in her naughty thoughts (and mine).

Naughty Santa

Baby, your girl is missing you!!!!! I’m craving my Man’s yummy little cock! As I begin my day, I wanted you to know I will be thinking of you all day and also having some naughty Santa thoughts like this…

I awaken in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to the sound of something stirring downstairs. I should be frightened but there is a magical sense of calmness engulfing me. I know everything is okay. I know Santa is here in our home and I’m so excited! I quietly sneak downstairs to see a tall man in a Santa suit putting packages under the tree. The warmth of his presence heats up the room and my body. I feel a sense of relief knowing Santa still thinks I’m a good girl and is leaving me presents. I was almost certain he had put me on his naughty list for lusting after black men the way I have this year.

Santa senses my presence and turns around to face me. I’m shocked! He is dark as coal with a strong muscular build. My dark Santa greets me with a deep “Ho, Ho, Ho!” He smiles and says, “Naughty girl, your dark chocolate Santa has brought you presents. I have one in particular that needs to be stuffed in your…stocking…if you know what I mean? Ho, Ho, Ho!” My face reddens with embarrassment and my tiny pussy gushes with anticipation as I confess my naughty ways. “Yes Santa, I have been a naughty little girl. I’ve been dreaming of large chocolate cocks topped with bulbous plum-like heads. These visions dance in my head throughout each day and night! Mmm yes, this is what I want and what I need stuffed in my stocking!”

With this, Santa opens his robe and he isn’t wearing any pants. Between his legs swings the most delightful stocking stuffer I have ever laid eyes upon. Baby, it is exactly what I have dreaming of and wanting for Christmas…or any day for that matter!

Sienna - Naughty Santa 2

I jump up and down with excitement! His cock is dark and velvety looking with thick veins spiraling across it length and girth with a thick plumb topping so ripe for the taking. Daddy, my dark chocolate Santa is so much longer and thicker than I am accustomed to. What is a girl to do?

As my dark Santa presents me with his stocking stuffer, it exerts such an overwhelming and powerful presence. I do what any naughty girl should do…I drop to my knees before him, right where I belong. His plump head is wet and dripping as he is eager to plunge into my tight, white-girl pussy. To a man of his stature, my pussy will feel virgin-like to both of us. Mmmm, I will be so yummy for my dark chocolate Santa!

As I rub, stroke, and suck my dark Santa’s Christmas delight, I’m aware of your commanding presence on the stairs. My sexy Man is watching and, with camera in hand, taking photos and filming all of my Christmas cheer. I know Daddy is pleased to see me receiving the biggest wish on my Christmas list. My chocolate Santa is going to stuff my stocking and leave me overflowing with his Christmas magic.

I see your little white cock dripping with excitement as I marvel at and struggle with Santa’s north pole. As you can see, Santa’s gift is quite succulent, and I tend to him with such lustful indulgence. He gives with abundance and has plenty to spare.

Dark Santa will, no doubt, be filling the stockings of many naughty and very happy girls tonight. Sated and touched in places inside your girl only known by large black cocks, I am now anticipating an even more exciting part of the night.

Daddy, I was a bad girl and deserve to be punished! I know you are going to spank me and teach me a lesson. Fuck Baby, I’m so longing for my Man now and craving your little white cock!!! Put me over your knees and spank my ass while a black man’s heavy cream spills from my opened and very naughty pussy!

Teach me a lesson Daddy…redden my ass and spank your naughty girl’s cum-filled pussy! Sink your little cock in my stretched pussy and soak it in my dark Santa’s creamy delight. Use it as lube and take your girl’s ass…fuck my ass and fuck me hard! Punish me with your cock for being such a Black Cock Slut! Mmmm, I love it Daddy…this has me so hot and wanting you!!! I’m longing for you tonight and every night! xoxoxoxo – Sienna

Christmas Blues

The decorations are down and the tree is naked. Christmas is over and my pussy is barren. I long for my DARK, tall, chocolate Santa. I am longing for a cock so thick and long. Please Daddy, find me another one! Your girl is wanting and needing to be filled!!! I’m overdue and needing to be filled again by big black cock and fucked so good!!!!

Mmmm Daddy, I love you! I will be craving you as you put me over your knee and punish me for craving a BBC!!!! Xoxoxoxo – Sienna

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20 thoughts on “Naughty Santa (Sensual Shadows)

  1. I don’t care for the guy’s cock or the guy in general. XD Do you have a picture of just the girl?

    1. This one was inspired by the story. Glad you think she is attractive…I will have quite a few works featuring her alone.

      1. So she’s Sienna?

        1. Yes, a naughty angel among us in the world. The model I use to illustrate her has changed a little over time as I try to more accurately capture her essence. But, all version give the gist…blonde, buxom breasts, tight body, and amazing ass.

  2. So kinky. I care for the guy and his cock! Glad he’s there. 😃😉Fantastic scene, well put together.😃

    1. Haha, thanks Cheryl!😃Danny was so dialed in on what he wanted it was as if he thought I should be creating art to solely satisfy his cravings. Women have visual needs to…and I’m glad you liked what you saw 😉🔥

      1. I love what I see. So sexy!

  3. Wonderful Holiday themed scene and quite a narrative to go with it. I am sure all three had a very enjoyable experience! Did I say, that I like Sienna?!

    1. Sienna…oh man, she was a pistol! It is so rare to find a woman that really connects to this kink given how men experience it in so many different ways. She was special. Glad you enjoyed to the story and the scene. 😊🔥

  4. Wow! Delightful vignette! 😊

    1. Thank you brother, it was quite an erotic gift to receive and, now, it is one that keeps on giving.🔥Glad you enjoyed it 😊

      1. I did indeed!

  5. Can she write or what? This is hot I’m on fire!🔥💞

    1. Oh my goodness, my computer is on fire, ha! Love these burning emoji and your reaction!😃🔥Yes, she had quite a talent for capturing her thoughts and pushing my hot buttons as well as her own. She totally got off on this kink.

  6. Amazing work! I guess her real x-mas present will arrive in 9 months…

    1. Funny you say that. The thought of that is something that actually made Sienna really hot. I will be sharing a story about this soon that features Sienna describing why it makes her so wet. I hope you will enjoy it… 🔥Glad you liked the artwork too, thank you😊

      1. That sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it 🙂 I don’t blame Sienna for getting hot!

  7. A big black dick. The best christmas gift😜I would love to see more of this guy ♠️

    1. Mmmm, you came at his one with zest!😃🔥I think he would make a nice “stocking stuffer” for you…and I would love to watch 😉

      1. Maybe Sienna could share something 😉 I would love to play with this fat black cock! 😃

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