It’s a cozy weekend morning and I am snuggled in close with Michael feeling so dreamy and content. My thoughts momentarily drift to the naughty fantasies I have been having…fantasies that have made me cum so many times in recent weeks. I know I need to confess, but I’m feeling so bashful.

Michael gazes deeply into my eyes and senses something is on my mind. “What is it, sexy girl?” I blush and squirm a little as I try to hide my face against his chest. I know my confession will make him hot, but it still feels awkward for me. How do I tell the man I love that I have been fantasizing about other men fucking me? It is still hard for me to wrap my thoughts around this since I am so deeply in love with Michael. Still, I can’t deny that I am having these fantasies and how they make me cum so good.

Michael pushes me over onto my back and whispers deep in his sexy “I’m going to fuck you good” voice, “Come on sexy girl, tell me.” He pushes my arms back over my head which immediately makes me feel submissive. He then slides lower with his sexy mouth and tongue seeking my nipples…licking and sucking. I can’t deny his request. “Sir, I was a bad girl while you were away. I had so many naughty fantasies.” He grips my breasts more firmly and I can feel his urgency rising. “You are being vague. What were you fantasizing about – other men? Tell me, sexy girl.”

“Yes Sir, I was sitting in my car and being a good girl when a black man pulled up beside me. He glanced at me and we smiled at each other. I looked away at first but looked back over at him a few more times, and he caught me looking every time! I was so embarrassed, but  it’s crazy…my pussy was instantly tingling with excitement.”

Michael squeezes my breasts in a very commanding and lust-filled way as he bites on my nipples. Mmm, I love this sensation! Even more, I love the dark heat that swirls around Michael when I talk about other men. He knows there is more for me tell. He takes each nipple between a thumb and index finger and squeezes firmly. “Tell me more, sexy girl.” I arch my back as my hips begin to rotate. Fuck, it feels so intense! I am so needing my Man’s cock! Michael is impatient and increases the pressure on my nipples even more. “Tell me!”

My hands go to his wrists to release the pressure but he’s too strong and won’t budge. I’m breathless and unable to speak until he slightly eases the pressure.

“Sir, your girl was being good and not wearing any panties just as you have requested. I was imagining the full sensation of that man’s big cock inside me and was so wet! Right in the middle of a busy parking lot, I pulled my sexy little dress up over my hips and slipped two…then three fingers in my pussy. Baby, I came so hard thinking about that man taking me!”

Sienna is describing a moment we touched on briefly in the story You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream… (link coming soon). What she forgot to mention that day was that she fingered herself in the parking lot afterwards. She has indeed been a very naughty girl.

I know Michael is going to punish me for being such a naughty girl. He disappears under the sheet and moves between legs. I feel so free and open with him…it feels almost primal in the way I so easily spread my legs wide open for Michael. Even though other men may have me, I am HIS! That thought makes me so crazy wet!

I feel the warmth of his breath between my legs. I’m lost in the sensation of his soft kisses as he take my lips and pulls them through between his pillowy lips and works magic with his tongue. My soft moaning quickly heats up to wanton, passionate begging. He has me so wet and ready! As Michael works his way back up my body, my clit is swollen with anticipation of feeling Michael plunging deeply inside me. He teases me though, only offering the tip of his cock to barely part and brush against my swollen, dripping petals.

He brushes the hair from my face nestles in close with mouth close to my ear. I feel his fire against me as he whispers in his low sexy tone, “Baby, are you ready for my cock?” I’m pleading, “Yes, Baby! Please, I need you inside me! I need you to fuck me good!  Baby! Please, now!!!” He resists my lustful begging, and I’m stomping inside! He digs for more confessions as I writhe breathlessly beneath him. “Hmmm, I don’t know. I think there is more. What else did you do, naughty girl? I know you have more to confess!”

“Yes Sir, there is more. I was so naughty, baby. When I got home, I took out the toy…gasping at the size of that big black cock! Still, I wanted to feel it inside me. I was aching for the stretch and fullness it provides and quickly eased the thick shaft between my lips and deep inside my tight little pussy…over and over. Baby, I came so hard! I came all over that black cock so many times! I felt so guilty fantasizing about another man but just couldn’t stop! I was too ashamed to tell you about it.”

This is another little pearl Sienna “forgot” to share in our Ice Cream story. I certainly emptied my heavy balls that night and figured she might have had an orgasm or two as well. What I didn’t know was that she was plunging her little pussy with a 9″ black dildo thinking about the young Bull from the parking lot. Naughty, naughty girl.

He lifts off of me and wraps one strong hand around my throat. I feel so owned when he does this to me. With his free hand, he slides a finger between my gushing pussy lips. I push my hips into his hand aching for penetration – I am feeling absolutely tortured! I NEED my man’s cock! Instead, he smacks my pussy…HARD! I flinch and let out a painful scream but he only grips my neck tighter. Oh…my…god! YES!!! I needed him to spank my pussy. My pussy has been so naughty! It is such a rush to be handled like this! He knew from that first night that I needed this. He spanks my pussy again. FUCK! My hips arch up. I’m so turned on I am fucking the air! I am dripping with desire and needing my man! I’m begging him to fuck me!!!

Michael then slips a finger down below to my ass…my tight space feigns resistance but he pushes through. He then sinks his thumb into my pussy.  I’m rocking into and fucking his hand…desperate to come. I can feel his fingers against the wall between my ass and pussy. He commands my body like a master artist commands his medium. His naughty girl’s pussy is wanting and lush with silky slippery wetness, gushing for my Man’s beautiful hard cock! Even my tiny space is craving more! I’m crazy with desire and wanting  to him to fuck me so badly! He stops abruptly and hops off the bed.

“That’s enough for this morning,” he says with a smirk. “Care for some coffee?”

“Oh my god, NOOOOOO! Please baby, fuck me! Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass…take me, all of me…pleaaaseeeee!!! I need to be punished with my Man’s cock!!!!!!”

He stands there in his commanding way that always makes me feel a little intimidated. He’s so damn sexy when he flashes that pearly white devilish grin!

“Well, Miss Bashful. Look at you on the bed with a soaked pussy begging – and I do mean begging – to be fucked. Baby, I will always give you what you want…eventually. This morning though, you are going to get what you deserve and need. I’m going to spank your ass and then fuck it!”

He’s right, any sense of shyness, dignity, and decorum has vanished for me, but I don’t care! I want his cock in my ass…need his cock in my ass, and do deserve to have my ass fucked deep and hard!!!  I flip over as he commands and present my ass to Michael. I know how much he loves my hips and ass. I’m dying with anticipation and swirl my hips for him. “Take me Daddy, fuck your naughty girl’s ass…it is YOURS!!!”


Mercifully, he comes back to the bed. He firmly rubs and grips my ass to warm it up before delivering several sharp smacks and marking me. I whimper and lower my hips. He yanks me back up! Then, he spanks my pussy! Goddd, my mind has a white out when he does that! I can’t believe I am in a space where it makes me absolutely dripping wet to have my little pussy spanked. I never ever thought I would like this, but I LOVE it!

He continues to spank me into submission before mounting me from behind. Michael slowly presses his beautiful plump head against my tight space. I clinch at first to resist his invasion. Gripping my hip more firmly with one hand, he guides his commanding battering ram against my closed gate. Slowly, I begin to yield to the constant pressure and surrender…slowly enveloping and wrapping around his head. He is so good with this and how he handles me gently but firmly. Open and adjusted to his thickness, I welcome his straining manhood deeper inside me. Deeper and deeper he invades my inner sanctum, a place – a place only known by Michael.

I feel the pressure and intense pleasure of his deep thrusting and lose control of my breathing. He spanks my ass while fucking me harder and deeper…still even harder and deeper. My arms are shaking and weak as my chest falls to the bed. I am lost in the erotic swirl and engulfed in the sensation of being dominated and fucked into submission. I may fantasize about other men with bigger cocks but this is still just part of my naughty fun with Michael. Nothing will ever compare to the way Michael makes me feel. With my ass arched high and hips in his firm grasp, I surrender…all of me. His cock feels so amazing! I needed him to have me this way! I slip a hand underneath and begin to rub my needy clit. “I needed this baby, I needed you to take YOUR ass!” He continues to pound my little ass into submission and dominate me. “This is what it is means to have your ass owned!”

His deep voice is such a trigger for me. “Fuck! Yes Sir, it is yours! My tight space, my pussy…my heart and soul. All of me belongs to you!” Orgasmic waves are rocking my body while I’m being fucked in the ass and even that thought triggers additional waves of even more intense gushes! I’m trembling and desperate to feel my man cum inside me and mark His spot deep in my tight space! I know how to make my man cum hard…

“Daddy, I can’t stop thinking about having a big black cock inside me! I want it baby, please make it happen. Your girl needs to feel a bigger cock stretching and filling me in ways Daddy can’t. Pleeeeaassse baby, your girl needs more!” I push my hips back hard against Michael to remind him that I am taking everything he can give me. “I want more baby, give me MORE!

I can feel Michael’s leg shaking with excitement…we are soaked in sweat and Michael is filling the room with man sounds. His rhythm is strong and building with intensity. I can hear and feel his big, heavy balls slapping against my gushing wetness below. I’m slippery wet and tight as I clinch tighter around his swollen cock. “Your girl may become a black cock slut, but I’m YOUR black cock slut!  Fuck me, Baby! Release your hot cum in my tight ass! Baby, I love you…come deep and strong inside your Girl!”

His LOUD, deep moans and strong thrusts trigger another orgasm for me as he erupts! I love, love, LOVE the sound of his deep moans as he comes so hard inside me!!!!!! I can feel my Man flooding me with his cum…one of those times when I literally feel his pulsing release so deep. I am flooded with his creamy essence and claimed…flooded with his love, passion, and adoring care as we tumble entwined in one another’s loving arms.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...