When we last left off with Lilah, she was in bed with another man and I was excitedly waiting to hear about her naughty experience. But, before I reveal what happened, I want to share a bit more context around our relationship. It will make the rest of story even hotter for you, I hope. Daddy’s Little Girl is a three-part flashback to the early months of our relationship. As this unfolds, we have already fallen in love and the time is rich with fantasy discovery, revelations, and exploration.

Daddy’s Little Girl (Part I)

Lilah and I had chatted for several months and built a strong connection before finally meeting in person. I still remember the first time I laid eyes upon her and how gorgeous she looked. She was like a powerful force of nature appearing before my eyes. I knew she was sensual and somewhat innocent in terms of experience. And, I knew her naughty mind and how she ached to experience things she had long repressed. She was the timeless flow of primal womanly energy flowing directly towards me and I felt it. Damn, did I feel it. I’m sure I stammered a bit incoherently in those first flashing moments.

Lilah & Michael 9

I remember when I walked up and you were standing outside the door in your blazer and jeans. You said, “You’re hot!” Those were the first words you ever said to me in person.☺️✨ – Lilah

Then, there was our first kiss. It is a moment of passion seared into mind and soul forever. Lilah was standing before me with our lips sooo close but not touching. I couldn’t breathe. The energy was electric and sparking between us. I didn’t kiss her though. I wanted to try and wait just a few seconds longer to feel the power of it all flowing around me like a divine force.

Lilah & Michael 8 v2

Omg, I still think about that split second before our lips met and it makes me breathe deeply. You were so close, smelling so good, and torturing me by not kissing me. I hadn’t planned on kissing you so fast but felt completely immersed and pulled in by this crazy energy. I reached upward wanting to taste your lips. Your lips are perfect! I was nervous but that first kiss made me so hot that all my nerves vanished and were instantly replaced with desire. The electricity of that moment is unmatched in my life. It was truly unreal! 💋 – Lilah

Our first night, which I will write about in the future, was nothing short of magical. 

I knew I liked you and thought the sex would be good, but I wasn’t expecting the intensity of the feelings and emotion, how quickly I felt so connected to you, or how fulfilling it would all be. It was surreal! So dreamy, sexy, and beautiful! I wanted more! – Lilah

After that first time in one another’s arms, our relationship deepened and we began exploring our sexual fantasies to include some D/s play and…cuckolding. Yes, while I was, my sweet little girl has actually fucked two other men. It’s okay though, I wanted it too. Lilah’s sexual liberation and freedom to explore are so important to me. The very last thing I want to do is place chains around a woman’s sexuality. Our journey has been wildly arousing and fun for both of us.

With my next visit quickly approaching, I’m excited to see Lilah and know it will no doubt be intense…and probably loud. Based on our most recent time together, I need to ensure she isn’t quite as loud with her screaming as she was last time. We will be staying at a rather elegant hotel, and I don’t want to disturb the other guests. Tapping into a little erotic humiliation, I suggest to Lilah that screaming shouldn’t be a problem with my little cock. At most, she will savor a steady stream of pleasant, satisfying orgasms.

Lilah bristles at this notion. Ha ha! Suuuure… Baby, your cock makes me scream and come so good! Your cock is amazing for me! You can put your hand over my mouth or, better yet, you can muffle me with your cock anytime I get too loud!” I must admit, Lilah offered some compelling options for noise control.

After several more days of tortuous waiting, I finally arrive at the hotel. My thoughts are filled with taking care of my little girl’s needs in every way to include her arrival. I speak with the bellman about handling her parking, the tip, and escorting her to my room (elevators require key access).

I always feel so taken care of when I go to see you. You have thought of everything I need and could want. You set up the room so beautifully. You think of every detail. The care you put into our visits makes me feel cherished and so loved. – Lilah 

Checking into my room, I set about ensuring everything is set. A red rose is present symbolizing my pure intent and adoring love – The Rose.

Michael - Rose 1.jpg

There are candles flickering and casting dancing lights into the darkness. The dancing shadows will be dreamy and slightly disorienting once the erotic swirl sets in upon us. I turn on my carefully selected playlist for tonight. It will add layers of emotional and auditory stimulation throughout the evening. Wine, mixed fruit, cheese, and crackers round out my room setting. I suppose this is something of a ritual as I prepare for a Dionysian experience. Now, I wait.

Finally, there is a soft tap on the door. I cannot wait a single second longer to feel her energy…to share mine. Stepping into the room, I pull her in close and wrap her tight in my arms. Whispering my deeply held love, I run my hands through her hair to release Lilah’s scent as my nose trails along her neck…deeply inhaling the scent of my woman. Her scent courses through my soul and ignites the primal spark. In this space, our bodies are already on fire when, at long last, we kiss.

It was so amazing to see you again after we fell in love. Walking into your arms, inhaling your scent, feeling my body against your body. And then the absolute torture of your mouth skimming along my neck and my hair when I wanted- needed- it against my mouth. But that buildup of energy feels like a force winding through my insides, and it just gets more intense when we finally kiss. – Lilah 

Our time together is like a kaleidoscope as it takes on many forms and colors. I could easily fall into bed with Lilah for some intensely passionate, wet, slippery love making that leaves us both wrecked. I would love to do that, but I won’t. No, Lilah has been a naughty little girl by fucking other men and I can’t let that slide. Filled with lustful fire, I break from our kiss and direct her to go change into her naughty girl outfit. Daddy has plans and discipline that needs to be administered. 

In these moments with you it feels like I am absolutely overtaken with electricity and it is out of this world amazing! Rarely does anything exceed my fantasies but you do – it is fucking magic! Your mouth is amazing- the things you say, the way you kiss, and lick, and that deep noise you make. I need my man’s scent all over me! 🔥🔥Mmm! So good!! 😘💋💋 – Lilah

To be continued…

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