Sienna and I are about an hour away from meeting Jalen and having our first cuckold experience. While tonight will be a shared emotional experience and incredibly hot for both of us, Sienna’s path to pleasure is clear and tangible. She is the one that will be getting fucked. In contrast, my experience is mostly void of physical pleasure and almost entirely driven by the mind fuck. Our erotic stage needs to feed both paths of stimulation.

I suggest to Sienna that we go down to the hotel bar for a drink. It’s a simple but purposeful request. The hotel bar, lobby area, and bar where we plan to meet Jalen will all become part of the erotic stage and my mind fuck.

Sienna is striking even when wearing the most conservative outfit, and her sexy outfit has an exponential effect on the attention meter. Exiting the elevator, I feel the eyes upon us as we walk through the lobby towards the hotel bar. There is a hot dynamic swirling through me. Typically, I feel a lot of pride in moments like this. I know the guys and girls are checking her out and making positive assumptions about me too. I have won over the love and adoration of the goddess. 

The staff is polite and engaging. “Are you here for work or pleasure?  Where are you guys from? Where are you going tonight?”  The questions and potential replies swirl around in my mind. It will become clear soon enough. Sienna is more expressive and already in performance mode as she replies, “We are definitely here for pleasure and hoping it is a big night…very big!” She looks at me, “Right, baby?  You’re giving me a big night?” I smile and nod in agreement and the tension swirls within. The bellmen are checking her out with lustful eyes and the male bartender is captivated. First impressions are registering.

These early moments set the stage for my mind fuck. In a couple hours, I will be walking through this same hotel with the same staff around and they will experience a very different second impression. Next time, Sienna will be in the arms of a large black man as we retrace our path through the hotel.

After finishing our drink, we head across the street to the pub to meet Jalen. We are about 20 minutes early and this is also part of my plan. I want to engage with our server while Sienna and I are seen as a the typical couple on a date. Sienna has often fantasized about this very scenario and once shared with Jalen.

The buildup, anticipation, and crazy wonder is finally here! Michael and I are waiting at the bar, and each time I see someone enter the bar I look and wonder if it’s you. My back is now towards the door as Michael and I share a toast and a drink. My lips touch the rim of the glass as the soft silky underside of my bottom lip slides across the glass. I love the feel of a slippery cock as it glides across my lips. I imagine feeling this sensation under your plump, slippery head. Startled, I jump as I feel the embrace of a large encompassing hug! I look down to see the large dark hands around my torso firmly under my eager tits! Michael squeezes my thigh as he sees my body rise with the anticipation of our 3rd party pleasure…

Sienna has always been drawn to the scenarios I’ve created around us meeting her Bull in a public location. She is excited by thought of us being on a date when a black man enters our space and begins to handle her in a sexually playful manner. It makes her pussy wet knowing that everyone around us recognizes we are a couple and this black man is going to fuck her. This moment is going to be humiliating and so very arousing.

We are able to get a good seat out on the patio. We pull our chairs close together and are very touchy and loving with one another. Our waitress is friendly as she goes about taking our drink order in what must feel like a routine interaction. She has no idea how this will soon change.

We are about to experience some spicy moments here in the bar and our waitress is about to become part of the erotic tapestry I have been been weaving. Being cuckolded in private is intense. There is an extra layer to the experience when others become aware of it. Tonight, our waitress, the bellman, bartender, and hotel receptionist will all become witnesses to my cuckolding. It is part of my erotic humiliation – my mind fuck. Sienna’s anticipation is also building. She leans and whispers, “I am so wet…my panties are soaked!” 

Time passes. We have our drinks and the waitress checks in on us a couple times. I get a text from Jalen that he is close. Sienna shifts in her seat with excitement. I see a tall, muscular black man approaching the pub. Sienna squirms even more. I squeeze her thigh and kiss her cheek before standing up to go meet Jalen at the patio entrance. We exchange a bro hug and a few pleasantries before making our way to tonight’s featured attraction – my girl, the lovely Sienna.

Sienna stands up and gives Jalen a big hug. She is flushed and we are all smiling. We have been blogging in the same circles for a over a year with frequent interactions and, more recently, a lot of steamy emails. We’ve shared a lot and feel like we know one another. After all the buildup, it is amazing that we are all actually together in person, finally.

Taking our seats, Sienna moves her chair away from mine and centers it between me and Jalen. The conversation flows easily. The waitress stops by and takes Jalen’s order. It still looks pretty innocent – a couple having a drink with a friend. Jalen is completely dialed in on Sienna. Before his drink even arrives, he has pulled her chair next to him. He is signaling to Sienna, me, and everyone out on the patio – “Tonight, this white girl is mine!” He staked his claim and Sienna eagerly complied. My face feels flushed and my cock is about to rip through my jeans.

When our waitress returns, I can sense the confusion in her eyes. She fumbles a bit as she places Jalen’s drink. Jalen and Sienna are close and whispering…his hand on her thigh. Sienna is smiling and giggling in her sensual, naughty tone that I know so well. I seem to be the only paying any attention to our server so she naturally turns to me and asks if this should be on one or two checks. “No, please put it all my bill.”

Sienna and I had actually discussed having a fantasy moment similar to this. Sienna felt like the waitress would be envious of her in such a moment. Sienna wanted another woman to anticipate the pleasure she was about to receive – pleasure I was providing Sienna through the bigger cock of another man. Personally, I would have paid money for the server’s thoughts at this moment.

Sienna and Jalen are close and talking in whispered voices. It’s okay. This is really about them connecting and making sure they both feel comfortable taking the next step – going to our hotel room. His hand is higher on her thigh and I think she is touching his thigh. Judging by her reaction of surprise followed by a hot, dirty look…I think she may have squeezed his cock under the table.

I watch as Sienna maneuvers around in her seat and slips a hand inside her pants. Then, she feeds a finger to Jalen. Fuck, did she just dip a finger inside her pussy and allow Jalen to taste her pussy? Jalen leans in and kisses her…right there in front of everyone on the patio. I’m sweating with embarrassment as I subtly scan the room. People are watching. My erotic humiliation deepens. Sienna breaks from the kiss and gives me a naughty, almost surprised look and says, “Wow, okay, I’m ready to leave!”

Even the simple act of paying the bill is hot for me. I’m paying for another man’s drink – a man that is about to fuck my woman. After paying, we begin our walk to the hotel. It seems to naturally end up with me in front and leading the way with Sienna and Jalen trailing behind. His hand is at times around her waist and at other times gripping her ass. They are now posing as the couple, and I am the third wheel. I’m so turned on seeing her being handled by another man.

Everything feels surreal. It is like sticking your face out of the car window while driving fast on a cool summer night. My eyes are blurry, my heart is pounding, and everything feels so alive and wired. The bellmen greet me. “Welcome back, sir.” The erotic swirl deepens. The ladies at the reception desk greet me. “Well, that was a fast evening?” I respond, “No, the night is just getting started.”

I can only imagine the thoughts rushing through their minds. They had all seen this gorgeous woman in my arms enjoying some romantic time with me. Now, a black guy has her in his arms and is groping her ass as we walk through the hotel lobby. Everyone knows she is about to be fucked by a large black man while I watch.

I push the elevator button and wait impatiently for the door to open. The erotic swirl is intense. Behind me, Jalen and Sienna are still making out and I can tell she is really into him. She had once been so adamant about not wanting to kiss another man. It is interesting how her feelings have evolved around this. I scan around and people are looking at us. The rush of embarrassment and humiliation that I experienced at the bar and here at the hotel is far more intense and deeper than I had anticipated. I may be hitting my limit. What I want more than anything in this moment is to get into the elevator and behind closed doors.

They continue to kiss in the elevator and are tightly connected as we make our way to the room. My hands are shaking with excitement as I reach for the key and open the door…

To be continued

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