A week out from our visit with Jalen, the messages between Sienna and Jalen are getting hotter and hotter as our anticipation builds. Sienna shares a few of the messages with me so I can also savor the erotic buildup.

Sienna – JALEN!!! One week from today I will be on a plane flying to see you! I find myself a little  weak in the knees as I fantasize about our first encounter. I feel like a little girl counting down the days before Christmas and can’t wait to open my hot sexy awaiting present!!!! This is all so crazy…good crazy! Wow, we are slowly closing the gap to our meeting and I can’t wait!!!!  Jalen, I’m sooooo craving your sexy, hot black cock!!!! – xxxx Sienna

Sienna - Christmas

Jalen – Yeah I know. This is all so crazy, right? We went from blog buds to…lovers? Sex friends? Lust-crazed fuck denizens? Speaking of closing gaps – cannot wait to OPEN yours! I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the closer we draw near…the less ‘poetic’ I get and the more direct I become. But, that is You bringing it out of Me. My day is already caffeine fueled and hard charging!

We’ve come a long way to reach the point where my sweet, adoring Sienna is openly lusting after another man’s cock. This is intense! Beyond this, she is also engaging in small penis teasing in a very real way. Last night she was chatting with Jalen and he suggested that while Sienna loves me and my cock, she is now craving a more substantial man to fully satisfy her sexual cravings. She doesn’t deny this.

Sienna – YES!!! I can see how your “direct” explicitness has evolved. We LOVED last night’s email! DAMN, all of the carefully crafted and descriptive scenarios has me captivated! I have equally as much “adoring passion” as I do steamy HOT erotic cravings. I presume you’ve already learned this about me from the soulful depth our blog and even more so since we’ve connected. This deep connection is why Michael and I are so perfectly matched. Well, at least 99.9% matched and this is where you come into the picture – to fill that void. Jalen, I am savoring the comparison of you to Michael, and I’m craving your big, sexy, hot black cock!!!!

Jalen – FUCK Sienna you are so damn delicious! I swear, I can taste your mouth even right now as we go back n forth in this email! That being said, you must weigh what – between 115-120lbs? Seeing as I routinely do biceps curls with up to 130 lbs, I imagine you weigh nothing more than a ‘Fuck Doll’s’ worth of flesh which I find fascinating! I can scoop you up and plant you firmly on my cock, bounce you up and down with your tits banging off my chest while standing – that just sounds fun! Hell, I could probably even spin you around while holding you and fuck you from behind while standing! Hmmmm….this gets juicier and juicier the more my mind wanders! Gladiator fucking. Gawd, I you are so delicate – just makes me want you MORE. Your Ebony Warrior is crazed with lust for You.

Sienna – Okay, so your earlier message about me being “a fuck doll’s” weight and spinning me around? I’m trying to visualize that and have a fucking crazy Hot visual! I am on top of you and lowering myself down ever so careful and s l o w l y…taking in only as much of your thick, long succulent juicy cock as I can manage. My ass dips down and your dark shaft disappears little by little. Then, I spin around and my ass is now in your hands as you guide me little by little. You are calling me your black cock slut and telling me you want me to take MORE, MORE, MORE of your dark thick cock inside!!! You grab my ass and give me a little spank as you guide me up and down…. Mmmm, Wow!

Jalen – Mmmmm YES! A ‘fuck doll’s weight’ is one of my better lines. I will talk to you and call you my ‘sexy little slut’…my hot little Fuck Doll…hear you confess how you fucking luv this big black cock!  You are so fucking sexy and gorgeous and will be addicted to my Black Cock! You will crave it and dream about it…wanting me to cum inside of you as this black snake pumps your white pussy! Say it…. I wanna hear u say it. Tell me how good THIS cock feels inside of you! You’re a black cock slut, aren’t you? You love this black cock. Say it. Say ‘This is MY Black Cock’. This is MINE. Only MINE!’

I feel such a rush seeing Sienna tell another man his manhood is much more substantial than mine and confess how much she is craving his big black cock. She increases my erotic burn by letting him know it will make her hot for him to call her his black cock slut. “Slut” is a word Sienna once found incredibly offensive and something I have never called her. Now, she wanting another man to call her that and make her his black cock slut. Where she had once been strongly against another man spanking her or handling her in a dominant way, she is now sharing vignettes with Jalen that involve him spanking her ass.

As I go through this journey of being cuckolded, there are things I find incredibly arousing about this moment in time and some that feel a bit unsettling. We had established boundaries early on our journey to ensure we experience the fantasy on our terms. For the most part, these were boundaries Sienna wanted to establish in order to make the fantasy feel hot for her. One by one, her boundaries are falling by the wayside. I am okay with her redefining her boundaries but want to make sure she is thoughtful about it. If she gets swept away in the heat of the moment, there might be things that she regrets later. While all can be forgiven, there are some things that can’t be undone.

One of the aspects that was most important to me centered around the importance of my presence and role during the experience. Throughout all the fantasies we have explored, Sienna has repeatedly emphasized how important it was for me to be there controlling things and how her submission to me drove her arousal. As I read her messages, I’m not feeling this. In fact, she doesn’t mention me at all. It is all centered on her and Jalen. While hot, none of this aligned with how “we” wanted to experience this. I send Sienna a message that captures her thoughts but also weaves me back back into the erotic scene.

Michael – Sexy girl, your man’s cock is hard and dripping as I read the cravings you shared with Jalen, mmmm! I can see your lustful vision so clearly. Your pink lips are stretched wide as you try to accommodate his manly cock. You are moaning and telling him you love his big cock. Riding your Bull’s cock, you feel such a hot rush being handled like you are his Fuck Doll and black cock slut. I imagine your excitement is intensified knowing the man who loves and adores you is watching as you confess your slutty cravings in front of me? You experience is heightened as you look into my eyes as another man makes you his personal black cock slut. 

Sienna calls me and we talk about my message to her and her messages with Jalen. I focus on how she is setting expectations by what she communicates during the erotic buildup. I point to her initial message to Jalen – “In one week ‘I’ will be on a plane coming to see you” – as an example. My presence has been so absent from their fantasy dialogue that Jalen actually asked her if I was even coming. Wow. As I have done several times before, I ask her to work me into her fantasy talk. I want Jalen to know that my presence and involvement is also a big part of this experience for her.

Sienna assures me that my presence does add to her excitement. “This is OUR fantasy! It seems so wrong, but it is so damn HOT! Without you, none of this happens! ”

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