I’m finding it hard to focus today as I constantly check my phone for a message from Sienna. She told me this morning that she is going to reach out to Jalen and try to pin down a date for us to meet him in person. We have been interacting with Jalen from a distance on our blog, and he knows how much she loves me. He also knows she has naughty fantasies about another man with a big cock. I imagine Jalen will experience quite a rush knowing my sexy, sensual Sienna is now lusting after him.

At this moment, Sienna and I are making the move from fantasy to reality. Sienna – the woman I am head over heels in love with – is actively seducing and being seduced by another man with a much larger cock, and she is very excited about fucking him. I am now being cuckolded, and the feeling is absolutely intense. I’m feeling shaky and my legs are a bit unsteady. I have moments where it feels like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest.

Each minute feels like an hour as I wait for a message from Sienna. Finally, Sienna excitedly shares that she has a date confirmed.

Sienna – Baby, we are set for the nights of August 14 and 15th. I can’t believe this all coming together!!!! 

My mouth is dry and my mind is swirling. Whew, we are really going to do this. In about one month, Sienna is going to be on a bed with her sexy legs spread wide and taking another man’s bigger cock. Just setting the date is enough to feel really mind fucked. But, Sienna has more to share.

Sienna – I asked Jalen if he had any thoughts and here is what he said…I’ll send the message:

Jalen – My thoughts? Oh geez, where to start? I’m thinking whipped cream and cherries that we can both lick off of each other’s body. I’m thinking massage oil that leaves our taut bodies all slick and glistening…the scented, edible kind of oil that makes our already tasty bodies that much more delectable! I’m thinking about firm spankings on your hot ass – the tingling kind that will warm your white ass and have you begging for this black dick! I’m thinking extended oral sessions, where our mouths/tongues get acquainted with each other’s skin…lots of licking and sucking along with strategically placed bites and nibbles. You may want to even wear some cute boots and a cowgirl hat while you ride this black bull like the bucking stud that I am! I cannot begin to describe the things I want to do to/with your delicious body! All I can say is set aside plenty of time….

I take in the messages as my heart, mind, and soul are enveloped in the cuckold burn. It is surreal to have another man talking to my lover like this…and to know she is excited about it. It goes against everything we are “supposed” to believe. Adrenaline courses through my body and my cock is rock hard and straining. The emotions are disorienting and tough to manage but it is wildly exciting. This is the cuckold burn and erotic swirl gathering energy. I’m a bit put off by Jalen mentioning that he will spank Sienna’s ass. She only wants me to handle to her this way, and I will make sure this is clear to Jalen.

I praise Sienna for how well she is working up her Bull and encourage her to share more of the sexy messaging, if any, with me. Soon, copies of their conversation begin to drop into my phone.

Sienna to Jalen – I have a crazy hot visual as I think about this. I am on top of you with my hands on your muscular chest as I lower myself down ever so carefully and s l o w l y. I take in only as much of your thick, long, succulent black cock as I can manage. My ass dips down and little by little, your huge dark shaft disappears inside me. Then, I spin around in a reverse cowgirl and my ass is now in your hands as you guide me. You call me your Black Cock Slut and tell me to take MORE, MORE, MORE of your dark thick cock inside my tight, white pussy! You grab my ass and give me a little spank as you guide me up and down…wow! And, when you shoot your full load deep inside your well-ridden cowgirl, stand me up with a gentle smack on my ass. Mmmm, I want to feel your cum dripping from my pink lips…all the way down my long legs and into my sexy boots!

Oh god, Sienna’s reply to Jalen is intense. I’m shocked that she proactively suggested that he spank her ass. She also encourages him to call her “his” black cock slut. She hates that word – slut. Their first visions of being together are already diverging significantly from the fantasy Sienna said she wanted to experience. This, to me, is important because they are setting expectations for what they want to experience together. Seeing Sienna tell another man she wants to feel him cum inside her and then feel him running down her legs makes my stomach ache. At the same time, I’m so turned on I could almost cum without even touching myself! I’m feeling very cuckolded and sooo turned on! Another message drops in.

Jalen to Sienna:  Oh babydoll, you have no idea how much potent seed your virile black stud is carrying inside these powerful black balls! Just be prepared to feel the fullness of my joy juice spurting deeeep inside your precious pink and drenching the inner walls of your tight white pussy–jolts of excitement shooting thru your body and gripping you in pure ecstasy–before my seed drips heavily from your wet, opened petals.

Whew, this is all A LOT more than I was expecting today. They went from 0 to 100 mph in one exchange. Sienna seems to like Jalen’s Black Bull/Cowgirl analogy. She often describes riding me in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. Her rendition with Jalen though is laced with more references to his superior size and contrasting skin tones. I let Sienna know the visual of her white pussy stretched tightly around his thickness while riding her black bull is so HOT!

Sienna – That was so funny! I was not expecting all of that, LOL! He was all into the cowgirl riding scene. Baby, when I do cowgirl with you I feel you so deep. I probably can’t even do reverse cowgirl with him. His black cock is waaayyy too big!!! Yikes! Can you imagine his large black hands on my white ass and holding my hips as he guides me down on his huge black cock!? I would love for you to take a picture of that. It would be a crazy hot photo! Whew, hot, Hot, HOT!!!!

I wince at Sienna’s reference to the size difference between my cock and Jalen’s. As she anticipates the ecstasy of having this larger man inside her, she also anticipates my presence…as the photographer. My cock continues to throb and pulse with arousal as large wet spot forms in my slacks. I never really asked Sienna about the size of past lovers but I’m curious if she ever experience a cock like Jalen’s.

Sienna – OMG, NO!!!! Never!!!!

Mmmm, I like that Jalen will be her largest and it doesn’t seem like anyone before has been even remotely close to his size. Knowing she is anticipating and fantasizing about her biggest cock ever is such a turn on!

Sienna – Do you think he’s anticipating this just as much as we are?

Sienna asks an interesting question about Jalen’s anticipation. Is he anticipating this as much as us? It is a simple question but really jostles my frame of mind. I have been focused on Sienna’s physical pleasure and her desire for another man. Her question is about another man desiring her. I suppose I took his desire for her as a given. I assure her that Jalen is definitely anticipating this as much as we are. She is so sexy and any man would be beside himself with excitement when given the opportunity the fuck her. I make a mental note to not assume that she feels desired (by me and Jalen) throughout the buildup.

Sienna – I can’t wait to see you and talk about how it all plays out for us…”

Knowing that more messages will now being flowing between Sienna and Jalen, I take this as an opportunity to mention our boundaries and how we want to experience the fantasy. I mention the spanking and black cock slut references in the messages. The dialogue during the build up will create visuals and expectations in his mind. I emphasize that I want her to have a great first experience. Communicating what you actually want to experience is key part of setting the tone and expectations.

Sienna – I know, babe! We will talk and plan this out as best we can. We have an entire weekend together coming up soon and can talk through this. I love you Baby!!!!

As I head into the evening, I feel like Sienna has a handle on the sexting that will surely follow with Jalen. I’m feeling very inspired by the cowgirl messages today and decide to work on some digital art. I create a piece featuring a seated cowgirl with a large pool of cum spilling from between her legs and share it with her.

[Image Currently Being Refreshed]

Sienna – Baby, you are so sexy and talented! I love how you write, take such amazing photos, and now this art! Do you want me to pose for a photo like this for you? Is it your cum, Jalen’s, or another man’s seed spilling out of me? I want to do it! Mmmm, Baby!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

Michael – Thank you, love. Your messages today conveyed such excitement and anticipation about riding your Bull like a good cowgirl as he squeezes and spanks your perfect ass. You can easily take me to the base in that position, and it was very erotic to witness your doubt about being able to handle Jalen’s long, thick cock in that same position. Your sexy message about wanting to feel him shooting his cum deep inside you has had me on fire all day…so damn hot! This is my fantasy render of you posing after he has taken you. You are waiting for me with your Bull’s seed spilling from your sweet pussy….

Sienna – Baby!!!! Mmmm, yes! 🔥💋🔥💋 It is so hot for me to know how you love and anticipate this moment. I am imagining how it will so turn you on as I’m waiting for you with his cum rushing out of me and flowing everywhere in a large pool, mmmm!!! I love the thought of you having me after…again and again!!!!!!!!! 🐃🐓🔥💋❤️ Your girl is craving you so much right now!!! Wanting to feel you and share our fantasies…wanting your touch and erotic vibe… I can’t wait to have you Baby!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 I love you!

As the sun fades from the day, our fantasy is becoming reality. Mentally and emotionally, Sienna is already cuckolding me and she will soon do so physically. Today’s exchange is a great example (I believe) of cuckolding in a loving relationship. It is our naughty adventure together as a couple, and the buildup is providing an erotic backdrop for fun and incredibly arousing interactions between us. Sienna’s final message shows how all of this is actually fueling passion within our relationship and captures her excitement and desire for me.

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16 thoughts on “Cowgirl and Bull (Sensual Shadows)

  1. So fucking hot. Sensual, arousing and loving, I really look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you my brother! I think you may be the only one that enjoys this blog besides me, ha! I’m glad the sensual aspect is coming through with most of these posts. Sienna was a special girl. It is fun digging through my archives and remembering the hot times through these posts. Thanks for checking them out.

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  3. Ohhh my god that’s so hot! I love your messages back and forth and how you just feed off each other. Mm, so much energy and fire between you. I like how you focus on the love too. I can see it in your concern that she get what she wants- making sure she’s thought about how she wants him to handle her. You haven’t forgotten your role as the actual alpha, you’re still there protecting her. I like it. The art is beautiful too. You have a knack for setting a mood through it.

    1. Wow Lola, this is such an amazing comment☺️🔥 It was a fascinating and hot space to be in for a guy where the woman is so free to express her secret, naughty desires in such an open way. To share this in a more public way creates another of arousal…tapping into the psychology of the erotic humiliation kink. She tried to downplay this element but it was there then and here now as I share it. Appreciate your mention of the love flowing throughout and how I haven’t forgotten my role as the real alpha…one that is just playing a role as something else in a sexual fantasy. 😈

      1. another hot one!!!!!!!!!

        1. Oh yes, this memory still makes me ache with excitement!🔥It was so fascinating to seeing a woman like Sienna breaking free from societal constraints and fully embracing her wild desires…😈

  4. This is a great story! I just need to find the next chapter. I think that the mention of how the woman can easily reverse cowgirl him but probably not her new stud lover is really HAWT!

    1. Thanks Giz, really appreciate the feedback! She was definitely pushing some erotic hot buttons when talking about the size difference.

  5. Yeah. Intense. Seriously.

    1. Ah, you did check this out. Yeah man, I was dying with angst and excitement.

  6. Wonderful piece of erotic writing. I really appreciate the idea with the text messages, along with everything they were about, and with the render. The thought of having Sienna’s ass spanked is very much enticing.

    1. You know, this one really wrote itself…or I should say Jalen and Sienna wrote it. My contribution was to keep track of two months of hot texting and emails between them during the buildup and to sprinkle in a little context and how I was feeling. Glad you liked how it all came together and the subject matter. She definitely enjoyed having her ass spanked before, during, and after being fucked hard. Even though she enjoyed cuckolding, she remained a submissive girl at heart.

  7. Ohhh mio dio è così caldo! Adoro i suoi messaggi la Cowgirl e il modo in cui ti nutri sua passione. Mmmmm, ce così tanta energia e fuoco tra di voi. Mi piace pensare che un giorno magari anche mia moglie eccetera di farmi bagnare ed eccitare in quel modo. Vorrei che lei ottenga ciò che vuole e che si merita vorrei che un altro uno la faccia godere come merita e vorrei godere alla vista di come viene scopata, ormai é da tempo che cerco di convincerla devo dire che non mi ha mai detto di no e quando gliene parlo intanto che facciamo l’amore lei tutte le volte si bagna e gode in un attimo….Mmmm non vedo l’ora di fare ciò che fai tu anche solo in minima parte, ciao e grazie delle tu storie ed esperienze che condividi con noi. Mi piace anche la tua l’arte è bellissima. Hai un talento fantastico per creare uno stato d’animo meraviglioso ed eccitante attraverso di esso. Un grade ciao dalla Svizzera

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for reading this and sharing your hot reaction. 🔥 I believe we share similar desires. One of the things I enjoy most about your desires is how you think about your wife’s pleasure and how cuckolding can work in a fun, sexy way within your relationship. It sounds like you are making some progress with your wife. I’m glad she enjoys hearing you whisper naughty stories in her ears as you are making love. Being able to express your desires and excite your lover at the same time is always magical. As for Sienna, I was very fortunate to have a lover like her…together, we brought one another’s wildest fantasies to life and I am looking forward to telling the full story and hope to create more art that adds an extra layer of eroticism 🔥❤️

      1. Ciao Michael, si infatti io amo tanto mia moglie e ormai sono 30 anni che stiamo assieme da quando avevo 14 anni e ho sempre pensato al suo piacere, mi dispiace solo di non essere mai riuscito a condividere prima con lei le mie fantasie. Ho cominciato solo 4 anni fa, più o meno, e devo dire lei non ha mai detto che non le piacerebbe, anzi come ti ho scritto si eccita sempre quando gliene parlo. Ti racconto, una volta eravamo in piscina a casa nostra e gliene ho parlato mentre la massaggiavo abbracciata a me in piscina, lei godeva parecchio, poi ho preso un dildo nero non ti dico quando lo ha visto….,ho chiesto a lei se lo volesse, lei mi ha solo detto: si infilamelo tutto dentro fino in fondo, WOW, ti dico, quando glielo ho infilato nella figa….ha goduto come non l’ho mai vista é stata una delle migliori volte…., si sia alzato pure il livello hihihihh dell’acqua in piscina….. Sai io credo il suo problema sia che crede di non poter piacere ad altri uomini visto che lei é paraplegica, e si fa tanti problemi in questo senso. Secondo me é solo questo il motivo che la preoccupa, io glielo ho già chiesto ma lei evita sempre a dirmelo, da parte mia cerco di rassicurarla, infetti lei é una bellissima donna e secondo me non mostra nemmeno la su età, se vai sul mi sito in wordpress la puoi vedere come mamma l’ha fatta sono, delle foto che ha fatto per me e che mi ha lasciato pubblicare, guardale e dimmi il tuo parere. Sai io ho una fantasia di poterla portare in luna di miele, (che non abbiamo mai fatto), con il suo vestito da sposa metterla su di un bel letto in una meravigliosa suite d’albergo con vista sulla spiaggia, e poi lasciare che un bel uomo, magari di colore o che sia anche bianco ma ben dotato, e lasciare che la spogli le tolga le mutandine bianche e la scopi facendola godere come si merita e che provi finalmente un cazzo più grosso del mio. (Non che io abbia problemi con il mio, sono nella media), lei é stata una mamma fantastica ma ora vorrei solo che si diverti un po anche lei come mi diverto io con le mie fantasie “per ora”, voglio vederla godere e voglio che ci eccitiamo insieme come non mai. Vorrei poter fare anche solo la meta di quello che fai tu con Sienna.
        Va be finisco qua e ti faccio ancora i complimenti per il tuo bellissimo Blog e non vedo l’ora che che scrivi nuove storie aspetto con Anzia. Ok ancora una volta Ciao dalla Svizzera (Spero si capisca la traduzione in inglese visto che io scrivo in italiano)

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