When I originally posted a version of this on the old blog I shared with Sienna (Sensual Shadows), it was an exciting moment. I had share many nude photos of Sienna, but it was the first time I appeared nude. I wasn’t sporting an erection, but the photos were plenty erotic. As a man that enjoys a lil’ exhibitionism, it was huge turn on to finally do this.

At the time, I was feeling that Sienna was neglecting me a bit…perhaps taking me for granted. She had checked out from our blog and wasn’t keeping up with comments or contributing. Beyond this, her messaging and phone calls had been fading as well. I wanted to show her that I was more than capable of continuing alone and generating heat with photos.

About The Comments

My blogging friends from that period really supported me, and we had a lot of fun in the comments. I’ve imported their comments below. They show up as more recent comments but are actually from ~ 2014. Reading them today still makes me smile and is a fun reminder of that hot moment from years ago. I suppose this post (as it stands today with no photos) is more about the comments and tapping into your imagination. I do plan to create some digital art for this post in the future.

Love, Reign O’er Me

Sojourns to the center of one’s mind can be exhausting. I need a drink of cool, cool rain…

Only love can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers layin’ in the fields

Love, reign o’er me
Rain on me, rain on me

Only love can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

Love, reign o’er me

Rain on me, rain on me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back Home to cool, cool rain

I can’t sleep, and I lay, and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool, cool rain

Love, reign o’er me

Song recorded by the The Who, lyrics by Pete Townshend

51 thoughts on “Love, Reign O’er Me (Michael Poses Nude)

  1. Damn, Michael! You need to prepare me before you go and post something like this!! I almost swallowed my tongue! And dropped my laptop!

    1. Sorry about that! 😃 Just trying to quench my fire…so glad you liked! ☺️

      1. I sat down to write but needed some added inspiration, so back I am. 😊 Of course it sounds like Tis and Sofia have everything well under control!!! But I did read that there would be more pics of you? You really know how to make the women happy, Michael – with your “wisdom” and “compassion”, of course!! Yes, this visual was just what I needed to finish my next poem. Thank Sienna for sharing the love!!

        1. Mmmm, wisdom and compassion often lead to inspired thoughts…among other things. 😉 I do have more to share just feeling a little bashful. I’ms sure the interest will soon fade and this post will be forgotten. Thanks for coming back for a second look…at the lyrics. ☺️

          1. Oh, and what lyrics are you talking about??????😉

  2. OceansWater

    We’re talking about the sexy pic Michael!!!! Damn, if I had that at home, I would not be out looking…whew…and I have to do today.

    1. Mmmm, super-hot comment! 🔥 Thank you for stroking my…confidence 😉

  3. AND I am officially wide AWAKE! Hold fuck Michael!!! Fuck me and everything that is Holy…WOW! Tis just told me I needed to skip over the posts I hadn’t read and go straight over here but like the good girl I am, I waited. Can I say I love the reward for being patients! 😋Thank you!

    Oh and Michael, you should know Tis and I are texting and gushing over your smooth hairless yummy body right now…. Mmmm, so delicious! Le sigh 😊xox

  4. Michael, I’m still composing myself and have not yet had a chance to articulate something of value to your…words here… Fanning self! Uh huh! Yep, that’s what I’m doing with my hands I promise.

    Where was I?

    Yes, I was expressing to Sofia how mesmerized I am by your hairless body and was wondering if maybe you would like a couple extra hands or four getting cleaned up?

    1. Yes, the more hands the merrier right? I am ready! xox

      1. Yes, I am of that opinion too! and ready I am!😊xoxo

        1. Damn, I’m supposed to be getting in a run right now but can’t step outside in this pressing condition… I may need to find another way to release the building pressure of the day…

          1. May I request more pictures, please….😊
            Greedy Sofia

          2. Mmmm, such a hot request and not greedy at all 🔥There is always another wave to come… I just need to pace myself and ensure proper buildup 😃

          3. Are you doing that on purpose? Pressure, buildup, release? Mmmm, hmmm!

  5. Oh my fucking God!!! Sienna, how on earth do you ever leave the bed!?! Michael. Whew! That’s all I’m going to say for now. Whew..WOW!

    1. Thank you Mel, this was such an awesome comment! I think I might actually be blushing! 💫 I do what I can to keep Sienna in bed and so glad you find it worthy of her staying there 🔥

  6. Angel Morals

    Wow! Now I really need to keep up with your blog!

    1. Thank you Angel, I was hoping the lyrics would have an impact… ☺️

  7. GEEZ Michael! I’m thinking you might get the boot from the LoveSmallPenis blog after that “outing”. But, I will reserve judgement until I see the “fully erect” pictures. They are coming soon…right?😊

    1. I would at least enjoy and honorary membership, ha! Hmmm, the fully erect photos? Perhaps I should at least leave a “little” something to the imagination. 😉 It is tempting though… 🔥

  8. ErrantSatiety

    What’s hilarious for me, after reading the comments, is that the words were all loaded on my phone when I first read your post earlier… I popped into comment and your photos loaded this time. I completely forgot what I was going to say! Now I have to go and dance tango in 8cm heels and not sure my weakened knees can hold me upright, let alone dance! 😊

    1. That IS funny, ha! You seem to write and enjoy more subtlety and nuanced writing…I was hoping this wouldn’t be too much. I had several underlying reasons for the timing of this post in the context of the larger story we sharing so I felt like I needed to do it. That aside, glad you liked the photos and I love the visual of you dancing tango in those heels. In fact, I feel the need for another shower coming on ☺️

      1. ErrantSatiety

        Not too much at all, Michael. You are a work of art. I had a fabulous dance too. My knees held up well and I think I had that little bit of extra spark in my step. 😉Anymore showers and you will be the cleanest (or dirtiest) man around! Thanks for sharing the photos with us 😊

  9. I should have known you two would be in here conspiring to corrupt Michael.😊 Beware Michael, they are sirens! They’ll cause you to drive your ship onto the rocks then eat you up, bones and all. Or, was that “eat you up boner and all”? Shit, I don’t remember. Anyway, they are a bad influence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Us corrupting Michael? You can’t corrupt what’s already corrupted. 😊 Case in point, when you met me.

    2. Uh! A bad influence? Now I know you aren’t talking about me. I’m nothing but a good girl with a shy smile and witty disposition. 😉

      1. Hmmm, I can agree with the witty reference! You should add hilarious to the description because being a “shy, good girl” is damn funny! 😛

        1. You liked that did you? Glad I could make you laugh Michael. 😀But just so you know, I’m a very good girl, just not saying at what 😉

    3. Haha!! Thanks JK, this was supposed to the song and being bathed in and ruled by love…see what they did?! 😃Such naughty mischievous women!😉

  10. Mmmm, this is so hot!!! You and Sofia have me all flustered over here…wasn’t anticipating this, lol! “Fanning self”…I like that visual! 😉 If I was to step into that shower right now (after reading these comments), my cock would not be resting peacefully over my full, smooth, heavy balls… Still, as you know…not sure I have enough to keep four hands busy… 😉 Tis, such hot, naughty comments, thank you! :-)

    1. “my cock would not be resting peacefully over my full, smooth, heavy balls…” Oh my… the visual this brings to miy mind… with your comment and ‘Tis on text I am so out of here to “take care” of a couple of things. 🙂 xoxo

      1. WOW!!! Please excuse me not responding to your comments on the other posts first, ha! You should see the big smile I’m sporting right now…among other things! 😉 You know JK is going to spank you for being soooo naughty! Hmmm, it’s good all the way around! Whew, to see those naughty texts… Instead, I’m tortured AGAIN by you and Tis teasing about playing together…in a shower–fuck that is hot!!! Story and hot steamy shower details, PLEASE!!! Oh, and photos! Seriously though, thank you for amazingly flattering and hot comments…truly appreciated!!!

        1. hehehe to get a WOW and a rise from you is making me smile so big. I am sure my imagination will do quite well thinking about your “among other things” comment. 🙂 
If I was to get spanked for my online “naughty” behavior I hope it will be the kind of spanking I love. 🙂 

    2. Well the flustering is mutual Michael. 😉 I mean really, now you are just playing with us talking about your smooth heavy balls. Who’s naughty now? Huh?
 and trust me four hands could keep you plenty busy.

  11. First, let me just say I love The Who and Zeppelin and Floyd and pretty much anyone from that era… But Who the FUCK really cares about any of them when you post a picture like this Michael?
Seriously? Are you intentionally trying to get all the women hot and bothered? Cause you are doing a mighty fine job, IMHO of course.
and I know I mentioned it above, but I have to ask do you wax all over? Is that a prerequisite at the ASS Modeling agency? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

    1. Oh, I am rolling with laughter right now!!! 🙂 Thanks for noticing the song…that was an important part of this post…the rain and the shower, yes?! Regarding the waxing… mostly between my buns but indulge in other areas occasionally. Love when the esthetician applies that hot wax right in there, whew!!! The other areas maintained in several ways but always soft and smooth to the touch… 😉 And, to the other question…a man can always hope for his reaction but I wasn’t sure. You ladies share some sexy photos and the men around here love it! I wanted to share the love too!

      1. Glad I could make you laugh. You most definitely brought a smile to my face as well. :D
You keep writing the way you do, showing your love for Sienna as well as the fact you have a brain and a sense of humor and I can guarantee that you will always get a positive reaction from the females. 
Oh and thanks for sharing the love. :D

  12. Michael, you’ve outdone yourself. I’ve always envied men with lean bodies like you. I’ve always been built like a rugby player. Like I said, you’ve got just the man’s body I need for the shots in my imagination. For these shots, I need you to be my body-double. Sienna, can I borrow him? I promise to send him back in one piece, mostly.

    1. Thanks JK, truly appreciated! As for the rugby physique, it’s great look and you wear it well, my friend! 🙂 My wheels are turning on the photo shoot too with the thought of Sienna joining…that would be quite the naughty adventure! ;-)

      1. Oh, you can guess my imagination’s run wild about the possibilities. I swear, we’ll return Sienna to you also in one piece, mostly. 😉 Well, that is if I can keep a leash on Sofia.

        1. But Baby I like leashes… Or at least the few times you wrapped the scarf you bought me around my neck and… 😉

      2. Where is Sienna? I am sure I am not the only one that misses her. xox

        1. Thanks for asking 🙂 She has had some very time consuming projects to manage…and WP has been one of things she had to give up temporarily. I do expect her back soon! It isn’t nearly as fun playing alone in the shadows :-(. We are still in constant contact outside WP and all is great! I saw her briefly last week and will again next week–very excited!!! :-)

          1. Awww I am sorry to hear that work is keeping her busy but glad to know she is well. You get to see her next week? *Happy Dance* 🙂 xox

    2. JK, of course you can borrow him….. But damn, working my ass off, gone for a few weeks and BAM…. It gets crazy in here!!!!!
      Don’t let the “shy, bashful” comments fool you… He is perfectly capable!, ….land deserves to be punished for his naughty, “bashful” behavior with the girls! Hmmmmmm,……. I’ll have to solicit some ideas for a deserving punishment!

      1. Sienna, welcome back! Your presence is much needed. Michael can be quite the handful when left alone for too long. ;)

        1. Well, may a little handful, ha! ;-)

        2. LOL Tis!!!! I know he IS a handful!!! I’ve been buried in work and would rather have my Sweet Love buried in me! I feel I’ve been so “out” lately… It’s been a crazy few months… But never the less… I miss my WP friends and banter and can’t be leaving “MY MAN” alone for too long in here!!!! Ha! Thanks Tis! I’ll be back! xoxoxoxo

          1. Errant Satiety

            Sienna! I hope you are enjoying your current challenges but we miss you and welcome you back with open arms and keen ears for the tales you have to share… xo

          2. Mmmmm YES and we will!!!!! We have some HOT naughty weekend stories to share and another ensuing this week!!!!! Can’t wait to have my HOT sexy Man all to myself for some uninterrupted sexy, naughty fun and sweet Love!!!!!!

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