It has a been a long, erotic journey and interracial cuckolding was now taking center stage in our sexual fantasies. Sienna, once so sexually innocent, was experiencing a sexual awakening. An essential ingredient to this awakening was to provide my sensual girl with a space where she could embrace and explore her sexual fantasies within the safety of a loving relationship – free of judgement. She now felt free to openly express her once secret desire for black men and had the sexual liberation to quench those dark cravings.

Sienna writes from her hotel room:

This hotel is amazing…so historic, classic, and beautiful. My thoughts drift and I think about what it might have felt like to live in such a unique time and place. The service is fantastic too. The bellmen here are mostly black men (you know I notice, ha!) dressed in suits and wearing white gloves. They look so professional and are so attentive…and sexy.

When I first started coming here, I remember feeling like the bellmen were looking at me in a sexual way. It was a subtle gaze but always made me feel flushed and oddly excited. I was aware of the talk and comments my girlfriends would have around the endowment of black men. I’m sure this contributed in some way to what I was feeling.

While my sexual curiosity was present, I was innocent and would look away so as not to encourage them. Honestly though, these naughty thoughts would quickly pass and I would get on with my day. 

Sienna - Belle 2 v2

Then I met you and now everything has changed. Your fantasy of wanting to watch me with black men has awakened those dark taboo desires from deep within me. For me to want to fuck a man I don’t even know is so out of character for me. To be filled with such lust and desire to fuck a black man just because he has a big cock is something I would have never done before meeting you. To have these desires encouraged by the man I love and for you to want it to happen in front of you is so damn crazy hot! It’s such an epic “wrong” in my head but it makes me so damn wet! Daddy, this is an incredible gift you have given to me! It is so exciting and I love that this makes you hot! I want to completely fulfill all your needs, wants, and fantasies!

My passing interactions with black men are so crazy now. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I feel like I have become a magnet. It’s as if they somehow sense my dark craving and will go out of their way to say hi and flirt with me. Maybe they sense my eyes lingering on them in a sexual way? Like I mentioned, I used to always look away. Now I try to sneak peeks down at their pants in hopes of seeing the outline of what I am craving. I can’t even help it…I just have to look and see! The truth is, it is probably more accurate to say that black men are magnets for me. I find myself feeling so very attracted to fit black men! Well, just their cocks, ha! 

A couple of days ago, I pulled up to a restaurant for breakfast and a car pulled in beside me. I glanced over and saw a handsome black man in the car. I waited for him to get out just so I could watch him in my rear view mirror as he went in. He was athletic looking and well dressed. I just had to take a moment and savor the erotic rush that swept through me as I imagined what it would feel like to have him inside me. It is CRAAAZY to feel like this! You’ve changed me Daddy, and it is so hot and naughty!

Oh, and just last night…it was the craziest thing! I went out to dinner with my sister and a tall muscular black man entered the restaurant with his date. He sat near my table and kept checking me out. I caught him staring at me several time or maybe he caught me staring? He kept looking over at me and smiling. I did notice his feet were really large too… He even winked at me one time which made me smile and had my pussy tingling. My sister picked up on this flirting and laughingly asked what was going on!? I didn’t say or hint at anything because she still has no idea how I’ve changed. Nothing happened of course but this is another instance of “the vibe” I must be emitting now. Everywhere I go, I’m connecting with black men and your girl’s pussy is constantly soaked.

After getting to my room tonight, I was so feeling so excited and wet after being around all those men during check in and with the recent flirting I’ve experienced. My legs were actually a little weak and shaky! I lay back on the bed with you on my mind.

I imagined your warm breath on my neck and your hands wandering down to my sexy wetness below. You ask in a deep quiet tone, “Baby, do you want three fingers inside you so it feels like a thick black cock or would you like to feel Daddy’s little white cock sliding in first?” Thinking about you close and whispering in my ear made me even wetter as I anticipated the different sensations of your options.

Sienna - Masturbating 2

Daddy, you know I love and adore you but you know what your girl needs even better than I do. I slipped one finger and then three inside my soaked pussy. I wanted to feel the sensation of a black cock stretching me wider and filling with me with sensations Daddy’s smaller white cock can’t provide. Your girl was misbehaving and being so naughty! I thought about the man from the parking lot. I thought about the man smiling at me from across the room over dinner…and the lustful eyes of the bellmen. Daddy, I came so good! 

It feels so crazy to be so in love with you and yet my lips are constantly engorged and moist as I daydream and fantasize about having a big black cock inside me!!!! 🔥😘🔥😘🔥😘💋

Michael Muses:

I remember how intensely erotic it was reading this for the first time and being in the moment. It was so hot to think about Sienna being alone in a hotel room and immersed in black cock fantasies – so desperate to cum. I was always very aware of how she sexually repressed she had once been and it was such a rush to see her sexually blossoming before my eyes. I loved how free she felt and how even day-to-day experiences were filling her with heat and adding new excitement to each day.

Even now, her writing and thoughts excite me. Sure, the layers of interracial sex, cuckolding, and small penis teasing are erotic hot buttons for me and she definitely pushed them. I also enjoy and appreciate how sexually liberated Sienna felt with me. I created a safe place for her to fully explore her fantasies and sexuality within our loving relationship. Her writing to me about having orgasms while thinking about other more endowed men is a great example. Even though she genuinely craved big black cocks, our love was always most important.

Of course, such naughty, decadent behavior can’t go unpunished…and it didn’t.

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  1. Amazing and hot. I made the mistake of reading all of them in one sitting and its got me feeling some kinda way tsk tsk. You have by far made reading your blogs on of my favorite things to do on WordPress along with our interactions of course 😉 You might have inspired a few things in the works, behind the scenes of course. We’ll see

    1. Such a sexy and very naughty little girl! What do you think a Daddy would with a such a naughty girl reading BBC stories… 😈🔥

      1. Hmm maybe he’d find it hot maybe he’d need to punish me for being such a naughty girl. 😈 Hard to say….

        1. I think that is exactly what he would do as you confessed your thoughts. And this would be just the beginning of the fun 😈💞

          1. If this is the beginning I hope it never ends 😈

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