Sienna and I are on a trip to Vegas and enjoying a relaxing morning before getting into the day.  I have been taking some photos of her posing with her new favorite toy (a black dildo) and the words “I <3 BBC” written on her ass. I enjoy writing naughty things in marker on my sexy girl’s ass and little pussy. We both get a rush from her walking around with these naughty notes hidden under her clothes. I pause for a moment to place an order for breakfast and then continue snapping away with the camera. A naughty idea flashes in my mind.

I have written quite a bit about my fondness of exhibitionism. A couple of those posts focus on the psychology driving this kink but most are based on actual experiences. These moments also extend to the fun rush I feel when showing off my lover and getting her into the kink. You can find those stories here – Exhibitionism.

Since meeting Sienna, I have gotten her into exhibitionism. While I do enjoy “basic” exhibitionism like sharing nude photos (and seeing those of others), what I enjoy most is staging scenes for “accidental” exposure. Basically, I’m exposed but it doesn’t appear that I’m aware of it. I certainly don’t want to offend or scare anyone by doing this try to be very sensitive to this possibility. My hope is to inspire an erotic swirl in the mind of the other person they can enjoy during the day.

Over time, I have cultivated Sienna’s appreciation for exhibitionism and the erotic swirl she can create in someone else’s mind when exposing herself “accidentally”. Massages have been a fun way for her to do this and, as we will soon discover, room service offers a great opportunity too. I suggest to Sienna that she should pretend to still be sleeping when room service arrives. We’ll allow the covers to float low on her legs…exposing her ass and pussy along with the naughty phrase on her ass. Sienna squeals and initially acts like there is no way she can do this. I can be very persuasive though.

Sienna 65 (exhibitionism) v3

There is a knock at the door and we scramble to get her setup. Our hearts are pounding with adrenaline but we are both trying to keep cool like this is any ordinary room service delivery. I open the door and the server greets me loudly. I raise a finger to my, “Shhhhh. Please, we need to whisper. My girl is bundled up sleeping in there…late night.” He nods in complete understanding, “Sure, yes, yes. Happens a lot here in Vegas.”

At this hotel, the servers go to great lengths to set up the meal in your suite. The create a nice table with cloth, poor drinks, open up the dishes and on and on. It isn’t a quick in and out. I walk into the room ahead of him and focus on where I want the table set up. I am careful to keep Sienna to my back so that he fully appreciates I have no idea she exposed. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him scan the room and rest his eyes upon her nude body.

Whew, he is experiencing an eye full as he rolls the table into the room! Oh yes, he had a nice long look at my little girl’s ass and pussy. He stammers a bit and fumbles with the table cloth, plates, and utensils. I can’t blame him though. It probably isn’t every day that he sees a beautiful woman asleep and naked in bed with “I Love Big Black Cock” written on her gorgeous ass with a large black dildo laying beside her. Should he bring it my attention that she is exposed? If he thinks I don’t know, he should recognize I will realize it as soon as he leaves. Maybe he will just let it ride and pretend he didn’t see anything.

As he goes about his work, I take the check to keep myself busy but watch him stealing one glance after another at Sienna. I know Sienna must be dying…trying to act like she is asleep while a complete stranger is looking at her wet pussy. He and I are both struggling to keep our composure. I swear, it seems like he was in the room for at least 10 minutes.  As it turns out, he forgot part of our order and will need to return.

Once he leaves, I jump on the bed with Sienna. We are laughing and hugging while going through everything we were feeling. Wow! What a hot rush! We knew the server’s next trip would be fast but wanted to keep the swirl alive. Plus, Sienna wanted to look into his eyes and see the man that had been checking her out. Sienna gets up and puts on a robe…sort of.

By the time he returns, Sienna is in her robe sitting on the couch. It makes sense right? I woke her up because breakfast was ready and best to eat while everything is hot and it is very, very hot. He enters the room and respectfully greets her…protecting his secret. Mmmm, the tension. She engages him in polite small talk.

It is making me so hot thinking about what he had seen while she was “sleeping” and now she is awake and talking to him. God, I love that tension! Sienna allows her robe to open just enough so he is able to glimpse her full breasts and perky nipples. She tops it off with a couple accidental flashes of her hot, little pussy for good measure. That wasn’t part of the script, but I like it!

Sienna 73 v4

After he leaves, Sienna and I are so alive with energy and laughing. She really enjoyed the whole experience needs some reassurance that I’m pleased. I praise my sexy girl for her performance and place her hand on my hard, dripping cock as evidence of my enjoyment. “Mmmm Daddy, I love making you hot!”

What a special way to start the day. I’m sure the server would agree this was a special delivery.

Sienna and I originally shared a version of this story on our blog – Sensual Shadows. I’ve imported comments from the original posting as well. Even though the comments show up as 2020, they were made in 2014.

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9 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows – Room Service In a Flash

  1. That was the best black coffee morning ever!

  2. CJRiordan

    What a wonderful, mischievous way to start the day! *applause*
    (And Sienna is indeed a truly beautiful sight to behold!)

    1. Thank you for the flattering comment! 🙂

      1. CJRiordan

        Well deserved and you’re welcome. 🙂

  3. Great post, great exhibitionism. Sooo hot. I bet it was such a challenge for that room service man to remain focused and not just stop to stare. He’s taken a good story home with him to tell his buddies.

  4. I did that with Sofia once, covering her ass with the sheet but having her read her book laying face down but up on her elbows, exposing side-boob along with her whole torso. She calmly read her book while he nervously set up the meal at the foot of the bed. If only I could see into his thoughts, as she lay there half naked, partially exposed, only two feet away from him.

    1. Yes, that is indeed a hot memory of Sofia! Both servers received a hot little “mind fuck” and imagining what they are thinking and feeling in the moment is such a rush!

    2. I’m sure this was equally HOT and a turn on for Sofia… For me it’s about what it does for Michael and the “mind fuck” of the innocent bystander… It’s sexy as hell to expose and bare one’s impeccably kept self to an outsider

      1. And although Sofia also gets a rush out of it, she does these things because it pleases her to do them for me, knowing they turn me on so much.
You ARE impeccably kept, and even if you weren’t, it’d still be sexy as hell.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...