Coming into our relationship, Sienna’s sexual fantasies centered around being submissive. While I have many fantasies, cuckold play is a personal favorite. Nothing makes me hotter than imagining my lover being taken by a well-hung black man. Despite our fantasies appearing to be in conflict, we eventually merged our individual fantasies into a shared and wildly exciting fantasy for both of us.

As we were moving from fantasy to reality, Sienna sends me an email describing her vision of our cuckold fantasy from a submissive woman’s perspective. 

My Submission is to You-1

Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective

I LOVE you, my amazing sexy Man! And, I LOVE your cock…MY cock! My sweet little white cock. Daddy, this is why we are perfect together. Well, it is one of many, many reasons but one of the physical reasons. Your little cock fits my little pussy and tight space [ass] so PERFECTLY!!! Yet, you make me want to explore and yearn for more…a bigger, longer, thicker, and darker cock! Of course, this yearning is only for the contrast and our naughty fun.

Sweet Love, it is important to me that the other man knows how much I love, adore and respect you. I want him to know that you are not “less than” in my eyes. This is one of the big reasons I’m so uncomfortable about having some random black guy with a big cock taking me. Yes, he will fuck me and it will be hot, but it isn’t about me and him. It is all about OUR experience…it’s about you and me!

This is why I’m so, so, so excited about Jalen [a black man we are engaging with to bring our fantasy to life]. He knows how special and amazing we are together and what all of this naughtiness means to us. He has read our love stories and understands our deep connection. He knows and understands the passion, lust, and love we have for one another. It’s so important to me that the other man knows this. You are my Daddy, and I am YOUR girl!

In living this, I submit to YOUR desire for me to be fucked by a muscular, hung black man. I could have experienced this at any point in my life before you but didn’t. Now, I want to experience this as an act of submission to you for US. It makes me so hot thinking about you telling me to take out his cock and the other naughty things that you will tell me to do or direct to have happen. Whether I am sucking his big cock or he is fucking me good, I am submitting to your direction. I do it for you, not for him. I do it to him, to please you. You are in charge of my sexual pleasure even if you bring in another man to give it to me!

My deepest form of submission is to you, Daddy – you are the man I love with all my soul! You are the one directing and telling your girl that you want me to have a bigger, thicker more fulfilling-sized cock and are allowing another man to stretch and fill my pussy to the max! To please you Daddy, I am allowing a black man to thrust and bury his long, thick black cock deep in my pussy and give me more than I have ever experienced before.

It’s an exhilarating rush of naughty submission that I never imagined possible as you push my submission and sexuality to new limits. This is such a naughty contrast to my reality. People me would be SHOCKED to know I have such naughty dark cravings and something about that makes me so hot! Experiencing a bigger, darker, thicker cock is also such a contrast to your beautiful but smaller white cock. Just thinking about it makes me gush with silky wetness! 

Sienna - Black Dress 6 v4

I don’t think I’ve shared this with you before, but there is another erotic twist in this fantasy that is such a turn on.

The hung black man will think he has it all and is controlling the scenario. He knows he can provide me with the deep, physically fulfilling pleasure I seek. He will think he has his sexy white girl now. He might even see himself as the center of my universe and believe you will become nothing and inferior in my eyes.

Yet, the impetus for me is what it is for US! It’s all about OUR pleasure seeking for US! He plays a role that is not about the intimate, adoring love, and deep connection we have. He’s only there for our fun, captivating naughtiness. What can’t be taken and won over is the deep, heartfelt, and connecting love we have fostered and treasure. Mmmmm, this is my secret and real depiction of our fantasy and our true love, Daddy!

Looking Back in Time

Sienna’s love and commitment evident in this writing. She did a wonderful job capturing the essence of our fantasy and how she sees herself as submitting to me within the experience. As this was unfolding, it was the first time I was in a D/s-like relationship. I had some experience as a “Bull” and even elements of Dom play with another couple. But, I never had this dynamic in my primary relationship.

I’m going to shoot straight with you – I was struggling trying to balance out my conflicting desires and emotions. I am a sensual man at my core and having a lover that inspires a dreamy, sensual space in my mind is important. Sexually, this translates into aspirations that feel more like erotica than pornography. Beyond my sensual core, I have my sexual kinks – interracial cuckolding (wanting to see my lover with well endowed black men) and erotic humiliation (specifically, small penis teasing).

Both of my kinks are too often portrayed as desires held by “pathetic, beta males” or submissive males with a Femdom fantasies. That is not remotely close to what I am or what I fantasize about being. Being dominated by a woman isn’t my thing. That said, I’m not a stern disciplinarian type personality one might associate with a Dom. I don’t find intrinsic pleasure in dominating a woman like a sadist might. But, I do enjoy being in control and female submission.

I have these conflicting feelings swirling all around me and I wanted to make sense of it. I ended up discovering the concept of the Daddy Dom and it fit like a glove. Being a Daddy gave me freedom to explore my desires perfectly and also met Sienna’s submissive desires. Sienna was a little uncomfortable with the term Daddy because of how it might be perceived in a vanilla world. But, she identified with “girl” phrasings and being playful and submissive. She was able to experience naughty things as a way to please her Daddy and it kept our vibe very sensual and loving. It was something we would continue to define and refine over time.

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  1. I can really get a sense of what Sienna was going to get out of this event and how it would fulfill her desire to be submissive to you. It’s interesting to read her words to you on it as well as see how she was able to feed your particular kinks and erotic yearnings even if they weren’t initially her own. Fascinating to get taken back in this way.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and blessings for a bright New Year! 💋

    1. Thanks for checking this out, Kristi😊It’s kind of hard at times going through these, but I still find myself very turned on as remember how it felt in the moment. Hopefully, I will do this story justice and arouse a few folks along the way🔥☺️ Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday😘

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes when I revisit older pieces and am taken pack to that time or person in my life it brings back all the feelings and sometimes amplified. And you are doing it justice at least from my end anyway. Oh, you don’t have to worry about not arousing folks Michael. That has never been a problem for you. 😘

        1. Arousing others is something you certainly excel at, sexy one ☺️🍆Hope you will share some of your naughty adventures and fantasies in 2017😘

          1. Mmmmm, we will see. Just need to find more time! 😘

  2. I found this deeply touching and arousing. Her love for you is very clear throughout

    1. Thank you, she was an incredible lover… I still find it surreal to read her thoughts about being with another man and how sensually she was able to still express her feelings for me at the same time…such a turn on. She was special.

      1. The line about you being in charge of her pleasure, even though another man was providing it got me hard, I don’t mind telling you

        1. I like it when you share… I enjoy knowing what turns people on and how it matches up with my erotic spots. A loving, submissive cuckoldress is definitely in my erotic sweet spot.

          1. Also there’s a voyeuristic element that is also arousing

          2. Great call, it’s like our personal erotic movie playing out in real time. We get to watch and they get to be exhibitionists…

          3. And you get to play later

          4. Yes, not as tight but even more delicious…

          5. I wonder, how would it feel if there was a third man involved?

          6. I always enjoy these conversations

          7. Thank you, my friend…I really enjoy the interactions with you too.

          8. Looking forward to reading your next post

  3. Lovely written, very arousing!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this. There were several fantasies merging here that may appear to conflict at first pass but it ended up being hotter than either of us ever imagined. Thank you for the reblog, my friend!

      1. I re-blog when I read something that I feel is genuine and real……and more people should be able to read it…..bringing you a wider audience……when a voice is something to be heard and pondered…..thank you for sharing so honestly……

        I have thought about this issue of cuckolding from both sides….I have seen my ex with another man in the past and been so incredibly aroused….and yes it was a bit of a “cuckolding” experience…..but I’ve had a few “relationships” where I was the bull as well…….this issue can be be very conflicted… arousing to see your wife being satisfied so completely……and then the danger of losing who you both are…..been there done that…..

        1. I hope you will share some of your cuckolding and bull experiences. I’ve done a bit of both myself. As long as it is framed as sexual play and boundaries are respected, it is all good fun. But, as you suggest, people are emotional and unpredictable…everything can’t be controlled like a lab experiment.

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  8. Absolutely Delicious! I am so jealous of her!

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  9. Gorgeous girl

    1. She was a very sexy woman and, perhaps, never looked hotter than when she knelt before him in a pose similar to this as I snapped photos.

      1. It’s a really pretty pose and lovely lady, really is

  10. Great!!!!!

    1. Thank you Rick, so glad you enjoyed this. It still makes me hot every time I read it. 🔥

  11. Very intense!!!

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