Sienna 88 (closer)


Baby!!!! I’m dripping for you!!!! I want to feed you my milk!!! Yummy Daddy! I want to feed you my breasts and give you my love… Drink me in!!!!! Drink my yummy, erotic love❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can feel you nibbling, biting, sucking and the tingling sensation now!!!!!! Mmmmmm, this is so yummy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ – Sienna


Sienna’s milk is an important part of my diet and has important health benefits:

Glowing Skin – Milk has nutrients that help to exfoliate and smooth skin as well as key moisturizers. I have found that drinking from my Lover’s bosom always give me a glow. This glow ends often ends with an afterglow that includes a creamy skin moisturizer.

Healthy Bones – Milk is a great source of calcium which is essential for healthy bones. I can say without reservation that Sienna’s yummy goodness gives me the hardest bone ever!

Muscles – Milk contains protein, which helps to rebuild muscles. Sienna always makes me grow big and strong. Milk will also help to keep soreness at bay while replenishing fluids lost during a workout. And, after a night with my girl, I have a lot of fluid to replace! An extra benefit is that I also spill a lot of protein during these workouts and Sienna is always there to replenish me in this time of need.

Weight Loss – A serving of milk can reduce the craving for food between meals. I have also discovered that taking of my girl’s breasts tends to encourage more physical activity which also promotes weight loss. While wonderful between meals, I must say, Sienna’s breasts are feast worthy in their own right!

Less Stress – Milk is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day and is said to soothe frayed nerves. Taking Sienna’s nipples into my lips and teeth is indeed a great way to end the day!


15 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows – Drink My Yummy, Erotic Love

  1. As for Sienna’s milk… I can see how it does your body good… very good! xox

    1. Thank you, Sofia! 🙂 And, thanks for noticing the nourishing effects of Sienna’s milk ;-)

  2. A tasty treat for sure!

    1. Thank you, Larry. Truly a woman to be savored…in many ways! ;-)

  3. LMAO!!!! Okay, the spilling of the milk so to speak has me rolling. To funny! Love it!

    1. I’ll drink to that! 😀

  4. CPMandara

    MMm being fed…. just MMmm.

  5. Well DAMN Sienna!! I’m with Michael, I ALSO want to lick, suck, slurp, and drink you alllll up! :D

  6. FUCK…. Sienna you have no idea how that image sends me flipping out of my seat! Just so natural and soooo damn erotic. Urgh! Such a simple thing causing a HUGE ‘uprising’ over here lol – I’m picturing Michael ravishing your body as he has his fill of your nutrients… and then, well….I’d have to assume the role of the pervy neighbor, watching fervently from the sideline – my black cock swelling to ungodly proportions (surely from lack of sufficient Sienna- vitamin intake) – greedily hoping that there is enough for two 🙂

    1. Brother, I know…OMG!!! This drives me CRAZY! Pervy neighbor, lol! 🙂 There is definitely enough for two…I would imagine having her milk flowing from both nipples feeding two hungry and growing men would be a very erotic experience. There is also a tight, little space that might be able to accommodate that large swelling cock…or at least try too! ;-)

    2. You are both being so naughty!!!!! Whew! This is so HOT and intriguing! Michael Baby, I love this visual…. “Feeding two hungry men…” Yummy!!!! xoxo

  7. Angel Morals

    Wow.. very hot and erotic that is all I can say… Wow…I knew my milk could have been used wisely…hehehehehehe…

  8. Angel Morals

    BTW…I sent you a email. I am hoping you recieved it please let me know… I want to be able to give you that post you asked about Michael.

  9. Errant Satiety

    All you need now are the cookies. Milk and cookies are delicious pairing…just like you two! 🙂

    1. Mmmmm cookies and milk…. Yummy Daddy! Your milk is waiting! 

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